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    Breath of the Wild Weapons, Bows, and Shields
    • Hey folks. As you all know, Breath of the Wild is chock-full of Weapons, Bows, and Shields, and we need help making pages on all of them. To that end, I thought a sort of guideline would be helpful for people unsure how to start.

      Auspiciously, the format for Weapons, Bows, and Shields are all pretty much the same, so you don't need to learn any conflicting norms for how to approach them. You can practically copy+paste and replace choice details and people would be none the wiser. This page and this page are both good examples of how a page should look like.

      Beyond the simple format of the page, the content is quite easy. All you need to consider for the Location and Uses section are:
      • Does the item have any narrative use or interesting detail? (Be sure to check the item's description.)
      • Is the item used for anything other than attacking or defending?
      • Does the Magnesis Rune work on it?
      • Is it metallic? Is it made of wood?
      • Is it flammable?
      • Does it float in water, or does it sink?
      • Does it behave differently when thrown? (Surprisingly some items are actually Boomerangs, and some don't even leave your hand when you "throw" them.)
      • In the case of Bows, does it zoom in when you aim, or does it shoot multiple Arrows per shot?
      Get creative when testing things out, you might find something new. Also, you can see a Weapon/Bow/Shield's strength and durability as well as their description on each listing page that I've linked above.

      That's effectively all you really need to do for a page, apart from adding the necessary templates and categories, which you can see on the examples above. If you have any questions, we're available to answer them. Hope this helps!
    • That is annoying, but for the sake of Search Engine Optimization, it's better to have redirects in place than nothing at all. We also weren't initially planning to give each weapon its own page.

      This might help though. I made a list of all the redirects to the Weapons listing. If you spot any there that you'd like to make, feel free.

      List of Redirects to the Weapons Listing

      • Ancient Battle Axe
      • Ancient Battle Axe+
      • Ancient Battle Axe++
      • Ancient Bladesaw
      • Ancient Short Sword
      • Ancient Spear
      • Boat Oar
      • Boulder Breaker
      • Ceremonial Trident
      • Cobble Crusher
      • Demon Carver
      • Double Axe
      • Dragonbone Boko Bat
      • Dragonbone Boko Club
      • Dragonbone Boko Spear
      • Dragonbone Moblin Club
      • Dragonbone Moblin Spear
      • Drillshaft
      • Eightfold Longblade
      • Feathered Spear
      • Fishing Harpoon
      • Flamespear
      • Forest Dweller's Spear
      • Forked Lizal Spear
      • Frostblade
      • Frostspear
      • Gerudo Scimitar
      • Gerudo Spear
      • Giant Boomerang
      • Golden Claymore
      • Great Flameblade
      • Great Frostblade
      • Guardian Spear+
      • Guardian Spear++
      • Guardian Sword+
      • Guardian Sword++
      • Knight's Claymore
      • Knight's Halberd
      • Lizal Tri-Boomerang
      • Lizalfos Arm
      • Lynel Crusher
      • Lynel Spear
      • Lynel Sword
      • Meteor Rod
      • Mighty Lynel Crusher
      • Mighty Lynel Spear
      • Mighty Lynel Sword
      • Moblin Arm
      • Moonlight Scimitar
      • Royal Claymore
      • Royal Guard's Claymore
      • Royal Guard's Spear
      • Royal Guard's Sword
      • Savage Lynel Crusher
      • Savage Lynel Spear
      • Savage Lynel Sword
      • Scimitar of the Seven
      • Serpentine Spear
      • Silver Longsword
      • Silverscale Spear
      • Spiked Boko Bat
      • Stone Smasher
      • Thunderblade
      • Thunderspear
      • Thunderstorm Rod
      • Vicious Sickle
      • Windcleaver
      • Zora Spear
      • Zora Sword