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Avalon 2 - Camelot is in Danger! (Arthur Wins!)
  • I went back and reread everything...Here are some moments I found interesting.

    Mordred wrote:

    Alright, so, my setup will be:
    Mordred (the player, meaning me)
    Bolero of Fire

    Kaylin wrote:

    Hmm, okay sure. We can roll with that.

    I'd like to make a point that anyone who doesn't vote today will be under scrutiny tomorrow. Whether that be under scrutiny by me, or by someone else. >:3

    @Linkara, since you chose the last selection, what are your thoughts on the majority reject? Why did you reject your own setup? And how do you feel about the proposed team?

    The last question goes for everybody - what are your thoughts on the new proposed setup?

    I personally believe that approving today's setup will be in the best interests of all Loyal Servants of Arthur.


    If Kaylin is Merlin, that question acts as trying to get reads on people. She would obviously know the two of us were minions and wants to draw out responses to get the ball rolling.

    HarmonicalHero wrote:

    Cool! :DD

    Alrighty, so how do people feel about me, DLR, and Triforce of Link going on another mission together?

    Linkara wrote:

    I suppose I have no reason to say nay. Of course it only gives us a read on one person and there's only three people going on a four person mission.

    HarmonicalHero wrote:

    Good point.

    Who wants to be person #4?

    Kaylin wrote:

    Incredibly questionable, but a'right then. Don't question the umpire I suppose. -_-;;

    Based on my own personal reads, I'm somewhat wary of the proposed setup as it stands currently.

    Kaylin wrote:


    I don't trust at least one of these people. :3
    Because....she knew already.

    Kaylin wrote:

    kodachrome wrote:

    Sólsetur wrote:

    If the crown gets passed five times in a row, then there is enough chaos in Camelot to declare the minions of Mordred the winners of the game.

    A "passing of the crown" is defined as a majority reject, since this is when the crown (i.e. the ability to select a team for the given round) is passed on. :v
    We have not rejected a single mission as a whole. It's not our fault if the GM gets cranky and doesn't allow the designated team leader select their team. Nowhere in the rules does it say that the team leader may "pass on" their selection to the next player, nor would it benefit said person in any way - I have the physical copy of the game, I think I'd know if it did. >_>
    She seemed to get a little but hurt at Sol. I know when I have a position of power, I feel a responsibility for my side and I care a lot more about the game.

    Kaylin wrote:

    And Pav, I'd like to make a point of stating that I trust you. But LMAO, I can't approve that selection under any circumstances.


    Kaylin wrote:

    epicstorm wrote:

    @Kaylin Please tell us why you don't approve of the team Pavlova has put together. So far, we only know you don't trust me or anyone I put on my team because I seemed like I was trying to hard (even though I asked for everyone's opinion more then once), but your post made it sound like you had more then reason to object.
    I don't trust Linkara. I've given him more than enough opportunity to prove me wrong on this. :cookiemonster:
    I'm currently indifferent on you (@epic), but this is something I'm fairly certain about.
    Once again, the team consisted of minions.

    Notice, she tries to act neutral towards Epic. She doesn't want to give away the fact that she's Merlin too easily.

    Kaylin wrote:

    Shit this. I can't stand it when people make me look stupid. >_____>

    We can't let the results of the last round fool us - there are multiple reasons why a quest may return all succeeds.
    • Scenario A), everyone on the previous quest was good.
    • Scenario B), there were multiple evil on the the quest and they failed to co-ordinate their votes so that one played a succeed and the other played a fail.
    • Scenario C), there were multiple evil on the quest and they decided to use this as an opportunity to gain trust for later rounds.

    There's also a scenario D, in which there was only one evil was on the quest. But tbh, if that were the case then that player's decisions are... incredibly questionable. I don't know anyone who wouldn't play a fail in that situation.

    @Tri Force, it's imperative that you take note of this.

    And for what it's worth, here's my reads list (in order of who I trust most to least):

    Tri Force
    HH & Bolero
    Notice that all the minions are basically in the bottom half. Now, she didn't want to throw us all in the bottom because that would make it too obvious....but it's still pretty darn obvious.

    Tri Force wrote:

    Oh, okay.

    I pick:

    Me (Tri Force)





    Reasons: Me because I'm good, HH because I don't think he has been on a mission yet. Linkara to see what happens. Pavlova because he led last team, and epicstorm to see what happens.

    Kaylin wrote:

    epicstorm wrote:

    Now, down to business. @Kaylin, you never did tell why you thought @Linkara was a minion of Mordred.
    Linkara failed to provide any form of reasoning for their votes/team selections. When I asked this of them on multiple occasions, they either outright ignored my question, or gave reasoning such as "I like this person" or "they showed me a cool meme that one time". >_>
    I also don't trust somebody who decides not to include themselves on a team during any team building phase after the 1st. As a vanilla role (i.e. the thing that everyone should be pretending to be), your own alignment is the only information you have at hand. You don't sacrifice that unless you have an alternate source of information, and thus, alternate reasoning for your selection. Which, more often than not is for evil reasons rather than good.

    Tri Force wrote:

    I was going to pick Kaylin, but if she is a minion then should could vote "fail" and blame Linkara.
    Oh how convenient, an "explanation" for your decision to team up to scumbuddy Linkara on the one round that you need a double fail... not. I'll at least give it to you that it is reasoning, but too little to late, guys. >___>
    It's almost as if anyone in that position could play a fail and call out another person that had undertaken the quest with them. Why is this so specific to me, in particular? What stops that logic from being applied in the other way around - is the hypothetical situation of Linkara framing me not just as plausible as the hypothetical situation you propose? What do you gain from defending Linkara? And, how is Linkara any more trustworthy than me at this stage in the game? (Reasoning provided above for why they most definitely aren't, but you know. :v)

    Dark Link Reigns wrote:

    I don't like that there are 3 people from the last quest on here, but I still think we will get some info from this.
    We don't have time for a trail and error approach to gaining info this late in the game. A good selection this round means that we win. Full stop. The double fail safety net of this round is the best chance we have at winning, and we only get one shot at it. If y'all wanna throw away what could be an easy town victory to the likes of Captain Subtlety™ and his loyal sidekick, then that's on you.¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Basically, just - DO NOT approve this quest if you know what's good for you.

    Rejected....because minions would have gotten the point off of this.

    Well...unless Linkara for some reason had decided to not fail the mission....


    Kaylin wrote:

    I choose:

    • Kaylin (myself)
    • Dark Link Reigns
    • Pavlova
    • kodachrome
    • epicstar


    We have to approve this round or it's an insta-lose for the servants of Arthur, re: five majority "rejects" in a row. You have been warned.

    EDIT: Sol is all knowing and I am not. I still strongly advise we approve this quest~

    Mordred wrote:

    Can you explain your choices a bit, please? I seem to remember you harping on other people for not doing that >.>

    Kaylin wrote:

    @Mordred, it's a process of elimination, really. I'm quite confident that Linkara is evil, and Tri Force supported him quite a bit. Going off the players in Linkara's selection as well as that one quest that failed, I was able to narrow down Oberon and the other "known" evil (as they only have three excluding Oberon - assuming that Sol's gone with the traditional setup, since you can mix and change to a point) to be out of yourself, Bolero, and HH.

    I know of my own alignment. And Pav/DLR have played a fairly evident town game, too. So then, taking the above into consideration, it was only a matter of picking those who were left.
    Honestly, either Kaylin has incredibly good reads or is obviously Merlin.

    If not...props on you for misleading us.


    Also, I think you are getting confused on the roles.

    Sólsetur wrote:

    Merlin and the Assassin

    Two of the loyalty cards dealt at the start of the game have special characters with unique abilities. One servant of Arthur will be Merlin. At the start of the game, Merlin will be told who all of the minions of Mordred are. Merlin is a problem for the minions of Mordred. So the minions have a backup plan: one of the players at the start of the game will be an assassin. If the servants of Arthur succeed in three out of five missions, the minions will reveal themselves and discuss who they believe is playing Merlin. After discussion, the assassin will pick which player they will attempt to kill, in the hopes of assassinating Merlin. If they don't pick Merlin's character, the servants of Arthur still win the game. If they pick Merlin's player, then the minions of Moredred win the game instead.

    Other Special Roles


    The dreaded Mordred himself is playing this game, and is on the team of his own minions. Merlin cannot see Mordred or his power, and thus Merlin is not informed that Mordred's player is a bad guy at the start of the game.

    Percival and Morgana

    Morgana is a minion of Mordred, while Percival is a servant of Arthur. At the start of the game, Percival will be told who Merlin and Morgana are, but Percival will not be told which role belongs to which player.


    The last minion of Mordred, Oberon does not know who the other minions of Mordred are, and they do not know who he is.

    I think you got mixed up with Percival.

    Merlin knew you were a minion the whole time. Percival just doesn't know if you are Merlin or Morgana.

    Sig by the ever so fabulous ~ Sólsetur

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  • A bow and arrow is leveled at Kaylin, sitting defiantly in her cage.

    The lights go off. Reinforcements for the captured group have arrived, and you know that if the shock of seeing Merlin dead doesn't distract them, you'll never get out alive..

    You hear the twang of the bow strings, a body hits the floor, the light comes on, and you are surrounded by soldiers from the Kingdom of Camelot.

    Kaylin was Percival.

    The three of you are placed in chains, your goal of seizing power, crushed.