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    Love and Appreciation Thread - All you need is love
    • Lady Sunshine wrote:

      Lol I got posts for my birthday in here in march I forgot about that debacle.

      Came in here to drop a note to @JP the Neurotic and @Dark Miku Reigns who I know I've posted love for before but just to reiterate these last couple months have been a lot and anytime I didn't know what else to do opening up to them has made me feel like things were going to be okay so.. just want to say thank you. You two really make me feel special and not alone.
      You are too sweet. You know I'll always be there for you even though we are hundreds of miles apart.

      You're stuck with me for life kiddo.

      Sig & Avvy by Lady Sunshine, the most wonderful girl in the world
    • so i'm stuck at work for a few more hours and while i'm waiting on this upgrade to complete and on pizza to arrive i'm gonna do this.

      Yo. @Colu .


      THIS DUDE GIRAFFE. IS THE COOLEST. the colu-est? idk

      You're super-chill and I love that I just shitposted on your wall one day and you just ran with it. You're so cool and energetic and lively and it's so easy to talk to you!! (and it is not always easy for me to talk to people)

      We've been talking, like, pretty much nonstop for a week or two now and what amazes me is that we also start talking about otherwise really mundane shit (what's the weather like? what are we doing right now?) and it's... fun to talk about??? It's enjoyable talking about how cold and rainy it is or how much we have to do at work today, and that's never anything I've cared to really talk about at length. And it means a lot to me - it's been a long time since I've had a friend I can talk to so easily and so often and not have it get stale and it's something I've missed (and not always for lack of trying). I really appreciate how we've clicked so well and so easily.

      So tl;dr you're awesome and even though we haven't even known each other that long you're already one of my closest friends, and I'm proud to say that. Also know that I'm 10000% letting you know if I'm ever in your corner of BC - then you and Andy can experience firsthand what a bad singer I am (':
    • @Malia

      So I’m not really sure where to begin with this wonderful woman. Like I could list all the wonderful adjectives she is but I’m not really sure if that would do her justice. Even then I know I’d forget something. But I need to start somewhere so I guess I’ll start from the top.

      I think the very first thing which stands out is how compassionate and protective she is. Liah is always willing to fight for what is right and stand up for not only herself but others as well. She makes sure people are included and even the quietest voices can be heard, speaking up for them when they may feel like they can’t or are unable for whatever reason. If someone wrongs one of her friends, she is ready and willing to throw down, and will sit those she cares about down and is more than willing to give them tough and gentle love when it’s needed.

      That’s something I genuinely love and appreciate about her. Like just that outpouring of love and aura of courage and protection. Almost like a paladin one might say.

      She is also incredibly funny and quick witted. I mean I am sure I am preaching to the choir for anyone who has interacted with her in any capacity or seen her artwork (another thing of which - she is incredibly talented not only artistically, but with the written word and ability to spin a story). Yet she can go from making you laugh to being flustered in a moment because she always recognizes people and small things about them.

      OK, so yeah, I’m talking about her talent in more than an aside. Like everyone knows she is an amazing artist and I wish I knew how to express that in more than a way of pointing and going “pretty, me likey!” but I don’t, so… BUT I CAN GO ON ABOUT HER WRITING AND STORYTELLING SINCE I KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. Like all her characters for starters are engaging and incredibly interesting. The way she crafts them just makes you want to know more about them - which any writer can tell you is incredibly important. And if her character backstories aren’t a good enough clue to how well she can spin a tale, just ask anyone in her campaign Aliana. I just can say, you lucky fucks you are in for a roller coaster of emotions. Like just for her first DnD game I already see other people copying what she has introduced for DMing - myself included. That’s HELLA impressive for a first time DM and I think that speaks volumes on Liah’s talent and abilities.

      There are so many different ways I can express what Liah means to me, and I don’t think any of them capture quite perfectly the warmth she radiates and how excited I am to see her and talk with her. So I guess I’ll just say I’m so very thankful that you’re my friend Liah <3 You’re a fantastic woman, friend, and everything else I can possibly think of.

      :heart: Rinn “Arwyn” Nailo drawn by Liah :heart:
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