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    Love and Appreciation Thread - All you need is love
    • Close enough to 2 years, I was going to wait but **** it.

      Want to give a shout out to the Health/Fitness thread and the people in it. I was somewhat active in it when @Brett (Spidey) first made it, but went inactive on ZU for a couple years after. No real accomplishments made during that time as far as fitness goes either.

      So I started working out for real in Jan 2016, and wanted some accountability because I knew how easily I can make excuses not to do something. @Rambo and @Winnie were the two major players I looked up to and for advice. @Moriquendi and @Takanuva I’d describe more as rivals lol, and seeing you guys (and @Katrielle, though for different goals) push yourselves made it impossible for me to quit working at my goals.

      My life has taken a complete 180 since I got started, and I firmly believe that getting involved in fitness has been the cornerstone in that. Just wanted to thank all of you for that.
    • Guinea wrote:

      Edit- Scratch that.

      @Tead is the ultimate, most awesome, coolest, overall freaking EPIC person of all time, in this dimension or any other. The universe should bend to his will, and all creatures must respect his powerful charisma.

      That is all.

      *throws Deku Nut and disappears*
      sounds like we've got a fledgling religion growing here. I for one would definitely become a Teadist.

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    • I'd like to share my love for @Bartimaeus Sex and @Moriquendi. I didn't think at first we could be described as rivals, but it makes sense haha. You guys pushed me to lose weight and get in shape, and I feel so much healthier and better now. I have a jawline now. I can run without losing my breath. And the most wonderful thing you guys have helped me with is I feel like I can actually love myself and my body now. I used to have some serious body image/self loathing issues, and both of you and the fitness thread have helped me with that a lot. Thanks for that, both of you.

      I'd also share my appreciation for Moriquendi - he's shown me I don't have to be afraid to indulge in my hobbies for fear of embarassment. I always love seeing his and his wife's pictures they post in the scrapbook of their reenactment that they do, and it's pushed me to follow my interests as well - and now I'm making scale maille armor, and I've found myself enamored.

      Having a hobby to wake up in the morning, and anticipate coming home purely for that, and having the drive and motivation to work on that is amazing. There are some nights now that I'm on winter break where I'm working until 3:00 am in the morning now, I just can't stop.

      So if anything, I appreciate and love all of you for showing me hard work, dedication, and helping me to learn how to motivate myself and work towards my goals. Thanks to ZU, as well as several other places like the BSA, and my learning guitar, I'm a completely different person than I was a year ago. I'm in shape, confident, I have actual drive and motivation, and it feels like I can actually be happy now, and healthy mentally despite what I'm facing. Thank you guys, I love you all.

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    • Linkara wrote:

      sounds like we've got a fledgling religion growing here. I for one would definitely become a Teadist.

      I believe I know @Tead’s heart, and he would want his religion to be part of the NameSigner’s Guild.

      Thus, the first schism began.

      I appreciate the Z-mods for rangling the theorists, myself included.

      @HollowmanOfEoL, @Evran_Speer, @Violetlight, @Dark Link Reigns

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    • Daylight wrote:

      I want to take the time to show my love for Daylight. He is always there for me, warming me up when I'm feeling coldest, taking care of me when I'm at my lowest and showing just how much he loves me, even with a simple smile. He also knows how to take a,persons breath away oooh wee.

      /begins photosynthesis
      dammit daylight!

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    • Deep Sea Miku wrote:

      A Link Between Hearts wrote:


      I haven't known you all that long, but it sure feels like it. I hope we'll be even better friends by the end of 2018.
      Don't mind if I swipe this from you, and use it as my own.
      But yeah. Chel is a pretty swell gal. Really easy to get along with.
      Glad you joined the forum!
      I will do le swipe. I have now swiped both of these posts as my own. I agree. Chel is an amazing person.

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    • I would like to mention a couple people.

      I know I have said this a couple times already, but you really do seem kind and friendly despite me not talking to you often. You always seem make sure you don't offend others which is really something you don't see often on the internet, and I appreciate that. Not to mention your son, Adam, is very cute! I hope to get to know you more as I continue to visit the site.

      I haven't talked to you personally in a while, but you always have this very friendly way of going about things. You always put a lot of thought into your posts too, and that is also something you do not see on the internet all too often either.

      You have good taste in cinema! Haha, I enjoy talking about movies with you, especially since not many who I know of share all too similar tastes with me. I hope to get to know you more as well!

      Ahh I wish I had more personal anecdotes to share. Just wanted to mention a couple people who I've enjoyed talking with for a small while for now and give them a sort of "shoutout," as they're nice. It is nice to read the stories that some people have to share about their positive experiences with other members though. :)
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    • So, I wanted to make a post here for a particular friend I made here on the site for being an absolutely amazing human being.

      @Xenovent, you have been nothing short of amazing, and even though I've only known you for maybe 4 months now, I feel like we've been friends since we were kids. And that's something that I can safely say I've never felt about with anybody. It takes me a very very VERY long time to be very open with people. And often times, I always regret being myself or being that open, and I end up just hiding more and more in that safe shell of mine away from the dangers of basically everyone. You are one of the extremely few people on this planet that I can talk to about literally anything at all and I know for a fact the conversation will be taken seriously and you'll reply calmly with well thought out sentences. Absolutely nothing is too ridiculous for you, and there are fewer still even more people who actually seem to have any kind of interest in anything I say or do.

      On top of all of these things, you were even a Philosophy major in college, like myself! You're a fantastic human being AND you had the same major as me!? And we can talk about stuff without stabbing at each others throats!? I'm still pretty sure you don't actually exist and you're just a figment of my imagination.

      And on top of ALL OF THAT, you even enjoy playing the same games that I do! Bloodborne, Monster Hunter...I've never met another person who actually cares about the other kinds of games I want to or like to play. I'm used to not having anyone to play all of the multiplayer games I own with, and yet you also enjoy those same ones too! You even introduced me to Armello which is an absolutely fantastic strategy game, and I frankly can't even believe we have the same game tastes. Seriously, the amount of hype for our Monster Hunter World sessions in the future are through the roof. I was already excited for the game, but having a great friend to play it with on launch day makes the hype that much more exciting.

      With most people, I frequently have inferiority complexes. I find that I just kind of introduce people to other people and then slink into the background and watch and never feel like I should interfere or speak with those people because they get along far better with each other than they did with me. It creates an awful spiral of self hate and loathing, and eventually those friendships fade over time. But talking with you never makes me feel that way. I always feel like we're equals and that our friendship is something of immense worth. And it's something that I don't take lightly at all. I'm really glad that I met you through this forum, Xeno. And I hope that in the coming years we'll be even better friends than we are now.
    • gamtos wrote:

      I want to give a big shoutout to my big buddy @Octorocker. He is a good friend underneath the many, many layers of Tsundere and we are friends.
      i am going to take this, like all the other weird people in here.

      We have had our differences, most tsundere rantings about timelines, clans, and you being a heathen squid. But underlying that thick cloud of tension, i love ya, you squid. You will not hear me say that, possibly ever again, I don't say it to many people.

      Actually scratch that, let's stay friends. You squid.
    • @Deep Sea Miku We share miku dna. it's the truth. We both got tested.....
      Seriously though, she is lovely and always has something nice to say about others and I like her gaming reviews/what she is playing at the mo opinions. A big gamer with a big heart.
      The least I could do would be to make her a home cooked meal, of my own creation, for all she has done for me

      @Tead Thought I was a lassie the entire time, which makes me laugh, but I get that a lot.
      Until I show my face lmao A kind soul and he explores peoples good sides and brings them out like no other. A mate to the end!

      @>:3 Just so kind and so warm and probably squishy like plushie squishie.
      Love this guy like my own bro. We're bros but, we share the same goals of being
      awesome and I respect him a bunch for that very thing.

      @Gay Ginger Cared about where I worked which most people never ask.
      That to me is a friend for life kind of deal. :)

      @A Link Between Hearts Fabulous and just I get a warm vibe all the while.
      And I think their love for their favourite celebrity, we should all take cue from
      it's very respectable

      @Chel If angels were people. She'd fit the mold and then some.
      Just pure awesome and contagious to talk to. you wanna spread it around

      @Shinji Kagawa New friend, but really polite and well spoken for.
      we came together from a poetry feedback and I think it will stand the test of ages

      @Linkle IDK where they are but I want to say cheers, for talking to me as long as we did
      I had a wonderful yarn for how long it lasted, so thanks again!

      Sorry if I missed anyone...
      and thanks for giving me this opportunity also.

      Cat girls are the bees knees
      I hope you agree!
    • Whoop, I decided to wait a while on this, but I've been meaning to post a big one of these for a while now, so here it goes.

      So everyone knows I'm big into Christmas, loving everyone, and all that jazz, so this is like, a combo post of everything form the past 5 months-ish? Yeah, let's go with that. /takes a deep breath.

      Starting from November: @Silver I want to thank you, for the uptenth time, for inviting me to spend Thanksgiving with you and your family. I was going through a lot, my family was going through a lot, and being with such a loving group really cheered me up and got me outside of myself. It also started me thinking about some things I needed to change in my life, which I ended up doing and put me in a much better place, so thank you for that as well. Also, your doggos are the best and the most adorable things. Andddd thank you for always thinking of me when going to any video game related event in the tri-state area. I love going and having an excuse to see you :3

      @Katrielle - Overseas shipping takes literal months. But it was totally worth it. Thank you so very much for this cute necklace. It's whimsical and reminds me of both Navi and Tael which is super cool. And this card is SO awesome, it's up in my room! I also want to thank you for being you. I've loved getting to know you, and seeing you over the summer was such a pleasure. I really want to finally play Mario Kart and Guitar Hero with you. I'm so happy for you and your upcoming wedding and I wish I could be there to celebrate with you and freak out over how gorgeous you're going to look. You're such a kind-hearted person and I'm glad we've become friends.

      @Kae Ohhh my beautiful Knight Hawk. How you make me swoon with your photoshop skills, snapchats, and Office quotes. You're one of my favorite people, and it sucks you live so far away (most back to the east coast man!). I love that we get to mod CC together and mess the place up, in our own special way. I want to thank you for letting me ramble on to you about the weird things going on in my life, and not making me feel like a total annoyance. Your mafia games are also my favorite things so play in, so don't stop GMing. I also want to come there and freak out about your dress and wedding too! Ahhh.. Thank you for your Christmas gift too!-- I've said this to you in private, but everyone should know. This candle smells like what I imagine the Dothraki plains smell like, and when I'm near it, it makes me feel like the Khaleesi I know I am. KHALEESIIII. Thanks bae, ily long time. Love, your dragon. (also your note was precious and it's also up in my room).

      @Hazel Dude. When I opened your gift I flipped out. This thing is the most badass.. awesome thing. So much so It's gone where my Keaton mask has hung for years (to be fair, the color scheme is way more fitting for my room). As someone's whose life dream it is to collect every mask from Majoras, this thing is just amazing. I will definitely be wearing it around proudly and I see it every time I turn the light on in my room. Your note with it was quite fitting, and that's also up in my room to read everyday. So thank you thank you, I can't express just how much I love it. I'm also so glad we re-connected in this past year of me coming back to ZU. Meeting you this summer was so much fun, and going to Coney Island was something I'd also never done so it was a cool and new experience for both of us. I really appreciate your friendship and your patience with me, as I know I can be a bit erratic and crazy, but you deal with that kindly and understand. And that means a lot.

      @Dark Link Reigns BIG BOX my parents were sooo confused. You basically gave me a giant Hugsy, which took me over two months to realize wooow #slow. I loved everything. That thesis thing both cracked me up and made me <3. This glass thing is epic af and sits on my dresser. The framed photo is amazing, though I will prolly use the frame for other things XP. I really just, appreciate the hell outta that. You know you didn't have to, and it just goes to show how kind you really are. I'm so happy we're such close friends. We've discussed this topic at length so there's no need to go off in here about it, but everyone else on this site knows it too. You're incredibly helpful, funny sarcastic, and really have a good sense of how to handle things. You've helped me so much on days where I couldn't help myself, and I can't tell you how important you are to me. Thank you for everything you do. And I'm sure Penelope is doing fine <3 Remember that I'm always here for you, for everything and anything.

      @JP the Neurotic - LOL I tried to tag JPineapple. Stop changing everythingggg. but DUDE dude, haha, you're awesome. We've only been friends since like, the summer or something? But I feel like it's been years. I love our low res skype Paper Mario calls, or calling when I'm driving and just yelling half the times, quoting vines daily (necessary for life) listening to you talk about video games when I have no idea what's going on since I haven't played them, talking about BoTW since you're the o n l y person who understands my criticisms with it (whyyyy don't I like it moree nooo), and laughing so hard I can't breathe (I swear its because I'm laying on my back) (thats what she said). But really, you're so easy to get along with, and you always cheer me up whenever I'm having a rough day. I know things haven't been easy for you, but I know they'll get better and if they don't I'mma come up there and fight everything. But seriously, you're one of my besties and I hope it always stays that way :') A potato flew around, my room before I met you...

      @Keith I still owe you a giant post but I feel like it would take days to type up ;; You're my oldest ZU friend, at least in my consideration. You're awesome, and fantastic, and hilarious, and I want to like, go off but idk where to even start. I'm messaging you now on WhatsApp about BoTW and other things. See thats the problem I can't even type up what we laugh about XD But I'll just say this: Slug-man confirmed, why tho, salutations. I can't help it. Our inside jokes are endless, and have me laughing for days. The amount of screenshots I have on my phone is kinda scary, from everything I've had to show you. Meeting you over the summer took way too long to happen, but I'm so glad I finally made it there. I had such an amazing time with you, and I think it's funny that I went on vacation to a new place only to lay in bed, eat take out, drink, play video games, watch movies, and like, sometimes walk around, for four days. #bestvacationer #moneywaster #makeitrain #seriouslythatfirstweekwashell #awesome. It was everything I needed then, though, and you know it meant the world to me. Also that movie with the vampires was amazing and it pops into my head weekly, for some reason lol. AND I MET PONGO. Achievement unlocked. But seriously. You're.. you're the reason I got back onto ZU. You're the reason I was able to get through my thesis program, and the reason I was able to put a stop to some really unhealthy things in my life. You did so much for me last year and I don't think I can truly ever thank you properly for that. Your friendship is invaluable to me and I think you're quite a special person, and I consider myself very lucky to have you in my life. And your christmas gifts! Man these were awesomeee. The necklace is like a butterflynavi combo, the chocolate is uh.. well its gone. I've eaten it all. What are diets? The dice are BADASS and I will win all my MTG games with them now. The keychain is.. on my keychain. Still waiting for the opportune moment to wear dem sox doe. Point is I loved everything, even the residual sharpie high from your note (seriously, woof that was a strong one). Thank you for being the person you are, I love you so much, and I hope we can remain friends for the rest of our lives.

      @Pennington Howdy. This one is hard. The pins you sent for Christmas are fantastic, and I get to see them everyday, and I should definitely wear them more. How we've gotten to this point is still a little beyond me. Something about PMing you about my favorite Paper Mario characters, if I recall correctly. Then silence. Then a PM like, months later, then more silence. JP can attest that we'd be talking and I'd randomly start cracking up, and it was because it was like, 2 am and you were randomly going off on slack about something and I thought it was legit the funniest thing ever. I would just be like "Oh, Pennington is messaging me, haha this is so RANDOM omg what even is this" I had no idea how to handle it except to keep talking to you. Sooo glad I made that choice. You're so freaking weird. It's awesome. You ramble about random things. That's also awesome. You're so much like me, and that is so random? Wouldn't have guessed just how many similarities we have, it's kinda nutso (note: please stop me from saying nutso, its weird and I hate it). It's hard to know how to type my appreciation for you, here. But in the last two months alone, you've gotten me through some awful days, emotions and experiences. Watching The Office, Arrested Development, and movies has been so much fun <--- see? worst word. And being able to get to know you has been more enjoyable than I ever though possible. You're a wonderful person in every way, and I hope I get to continue with the amazing friendship we've randomly managed to have. And yes, I have found domestically sombreros I like.

      Tl;dr I love my ZU friends. And I love this community. :heart:

      "Defense against the dark farts, am I right?" -Pennington
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