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    Love and Appreciation Thread - All you need is love
    • Welcome to the revival of the Love and Appreciation Thread! <3

      This thread was quite popular in past years on ZU, and for good reason!
      This thread is meant for members to post about their love/appreciation for other members and groups here on ZU.
      I stole this revival idea from our lovely administrator @Pietro because I think it's a great thing to bring back (and I got too excited to wait.)
      This should be a feel-good place for everybody, and I think our community needs a place to spread positivity and happiness.

      Usual note: Please no trolling, flaming, disrespecting or posting anything negative. Typical ZU etiquette applies, as always.

      You can find the previous thread here.

      :heart: Now, let's spread the love :heart:

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    • looool i remember the last two of these threads, and they were a sickening thing to read through again. also to remember so many old times and members! i am glad that this thread has come back because it was always such a nice thing to be able to read up on.

      All o' y'all above me ain't doin' this right. I'll show you how it's done, short and sweet:

      @Holden when I came back to ZU and saw you posting about and as the Farore co leader I was really happy. You're one of my best friends and I talk about you with the highest praise even to people IRL who may never meet you. I am convinced you are an amazing human being and think you will do much good on this planet. I hope that beyond the embarrassment this kind of attention brings you, you feel sincerely loved by myself and dem boys who all feel the same. Much love<3

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    • So I felt this would be a good time to post this before I've let it go on too long:

      I wanted to thank the ZUers who I was able to meet in Europe - @FoxHound @SacredSturgeon @Silver
      You were all fun, helpful, and accommodating.

      Foxy - you drove me and Sturs like, an hour, through detours and the lot, right after coming from work so I wouldn't have to take the train back home. You also like, knew your way around (or pretended to) and made me feel comfortable being somewhere unfamiliar. Plus I've been friends with you for a while, so meeting you was long overdue. You're so much fun, and made me laugh the whole time we hung out.
      Sturs - You can to meet me from like, far away Dutchland, and kept me feeling safe in a new place. That meant a lot to me. You're a sweetheart, and I don't think I'll ever get over how tall you are :p I'm sorry you missed your train back home -_-;
      Silver - We've met before but I was so glad I was able to see you again, even for just a short time. Thanks for coming to the train station so I wouldn't have to try and find my way around without any help. Now we have to meet up again before Symphony!

      While I've talked to all three of these members before this trip, there was one ZUer I'd never had the pleasure to speak to or meet really ever before we met up. So I want to address him properly: @Luka
      Dude, you helped so much. Without your directions I would've been hopelessly lost. You were so kind to offer your help and to meet us at Euston. You carried my suitcase for me and gave me the opportunity to see Buckingham palace before I left. You made me feel like I wasn't an inconvenience, even when I felt like one. I'm also so glad we got to meet up. I think you're a really fun person, genuine from the inside out, and I literally felt like I'd known you for years. Plus, now I get to see pictures from all of your adventures, and constantly annoy you for more.
      But really, thank you. It may night seem like a big deal to you, but for me in a new place, with all the stressful things that had happened thus far on that trip, it really was a big deal to me.

      (Also @Keith I didn't forget you, I just want to write a separate post, ygm)

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    • I remember the various versions of this thread. It's always been cheerful and uplifting, so I'm in :)

      @Bartimaeus Sex

      I don't remember how or why we started talking any longer, but Brian is one of my oldest (and best) friends here. A kind fellow with an interest for plants and nature in general. Though it's been in waves, how often we've talked, it's always a pleasure. Since I don't use Skype any longer, it's become almost more like a letter friend with occational updates and perhaps some pictures. But I sincerely hope we never lose contact.

      In later years, we've both become more interested in fitness and have that to talk about as well. I remember we talked while we played Mario Kart together once^^

      I really like that you're a down-to-earth kind of person who seem able to appreciate the small things in life.

      I'm sure that we'll get to see each other eventually, and I'm looking forward to that day. Hopefully it will be a time when I can show you around a bit here and go into the forest to have a little fire and enjoy some mead until we see the stars clearly above us.

      I want you to know that I'm very fond of you and wish you all the best in your life :)
    • I appreciate @zoraluigi --

      Dude has probably been my closest friend on ZU for multiple years. Like, legit, when we first started talking I never imagined that... what, six years later at this point, we would still be talking? Shit's insane man, haha. Started off in Jaime Lannister's (then, Gamzee) Land Wars, a kingdoms, where we sat on a continent together but separated by another person's kingdom. He got shit on by one player's overpowered weaponry; I got shit on by someone else, and later on we bonded over our experience because we were both mad and had a lot to complain about.

      He still complains about it to this day =P

      After that we mostly stuck to Land Wars, playing it I mean, but over time we've really just come to be really good friends beyond that. We've gravitated towards being in an alliance every single time we've played together since that first game; most games we literally stay aligned the entire time and form the most powerful bloc of players in the game because we're just epic like that. We crashed a party on Zelda Dungeon for lulz, which was even funnier because the party was something that was specifically made to get away from us in Land Wars xD

      I don't *quite* remember when we started talking about non-Land Wars related things, but, we did at some point. I bother him probably daily at this point. Whether I'm telling him to post in Din, whether I'm talking about DnD, a video game, a TV show. Whatever. We have a pretty similar taste in games/shows/movies so we have a lot to discuss (or, more accurately, I have a lot to spam into his inbox on Facebook or Discord LOL), and it's just been pretty chill.

      We've also run several events together and I honestly find working with him to be awesome. Like, he's super great to work with. He has great ideas, and he gives great feedback as well when he's not dying from a day working. From Land Wars game creation, to our actual alliances, to our DnD game, it's pretty neat to have all of those things to be able to do them with someone that you click with.

      Also don't leave ZU or I will hunt you down. I know where you live. O_O
    • @Chloroform abwuh I was not expecting something so nice (nor in rhyme) when I saw I'd been tagged here ;-;

      You're pretty great and I don't actually know why I don't talk to you more. We should fix that. Right now.
      (Also #TeamMafia2017 from BSD mafia <3)

      also you have discovered my love for the muppets and this pleases me and i think there is a whole thread for things that please you and your post should be in it.

      I'm so bad at threads like this. But there are special mentions for @Kaylin and @Zachie for being awesome and @Zeldax3 deserves everything ever for making me feel like a real part of the family. I'll come back at some point maybe.

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    • @Ruki is a great friend. She's intelligent, funny, and such an interesting person (as one would expect from a purveyor of FAKE NEWS). Even when she's singing about waffles. :P She's also great at D&D, both as a DM and as a player. She's slept on my sofa, the mark of true friendship, and she is always welcome back to visit. :)

      I was going through a rough patch a few months ago, and Ruki was one of the only people to reach out to me. She may not even realise how much that meant to me, but it truly helped get me through it. She cares about others, even worthless assholes like me. It really means a lot.

      Next time we meet up (not if, but when), whether it's in NYC or somewhere else, I'm going to get her something Digimon-related. Whether she likes it or not. ;)

      I suck at this kind of gay shit but the tl;dr is that Ruki is amazing and dammit you all should know that.

    • Silver stop calling yourself worthless and putting yourself down. You are a great guy and you deserve more credit than you give yourself credit for. You are a sweetheart who honestly cares about people well being, and I'll fucking fight you again over buying stuff. I'll win like I did last time.

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    • Ruki wrote:

      Silver stop calling yourself worthless and putting yourself down. You are a great guy and you deserve more credit than you give yourself credit for. You are a sweetheart who honestly cares about people well being,

      (man, that Digimon character even somewhat looks like me lol, minus the clothes)

      The more you praise me, the less worthy I sound. Like, seriously, I don't know what you or anyone else sees in me. Though your words do mean a lot, coming from someone as great as you are.

      Ruki wrote:

      and I'll fucking fight you again over buying stuff. I'll win like I did last time
      We'll see who wins. Hint: it'll be me.
    • @myself - oh BBD, where have you been? You are like a vapor caught upon the wind - or an odor too swiftly flown...

      I <3 ZU for all the great memories - where is the ZU Chat?? Miss mIRC. That program got me through many a long fortran compilation process.

      Ode to my post count: you were once WELL OVER NINE-THOUSAND. ;0)

      The end.
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