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    Crimson Tide: The Devoured Sun (August 21st Eclipse RP. Violent)
      CHAPTER 1:
      The Devoured Sun

      At first, the ship was barely noticed.

      At 9:06, the eclipse began, barely noticeable at the time. Eyes were glued to the heavens, people gathering in hotspots to get the best glimpses of the solar event. The roads were choked with cars as it proceeded to be covered more and more. Some people happened to glance the strange, wooden vessel drifting without visible crew down the Columbia, but just as many completely missed the news, even as more and more of the news coverage began to juggle between the ship and the eclipse.

      Around half an hour later, the ship arrived at the Interstate Bridge, a solid barrier between any more progression. However, the sky was darkened by then, moreso then it should have been even with the eclipse, and a figure strode out from below deck, turning the wheel to run the ship aground on Hayden Island, just north of the city of Portland.

      The man turned to the shore to see dozens of human reporters and a number of police waiting, snapping pictures and holding megaphones.

      "Sir, please step out of the ship!" one of the officers yelled into the megaphone.

      The man just chuckled darkly, the sound somehow loud enough it seemed to echo across the island.

      "That's no way to speak to your superior, is it?" he said coldly, before drawing the gleaming white sword from its sheath, holding it aloft. A blinding flash of light, made even harsher by how dark it already was, shot off from the sword. Those with cameras yelled out in pain, the light strong enough to fry their cameras, as the officers began opening fire.

      As they did so, all of the doors on the ship began to open, black smoke beginning to drift out as pale faces and lupine forms began to emerge onto the deck.

      "People of Midgard," the man said, his voice echoing out with impossible volume. "I am Vlad Dracula Tepes. Scourge of Wallachia, and terror of London. And now I have come for you. Pray to whatever gods you may have...none are listening."

      With that, the dark swarms began to leap onto the shore, the assembled humans falling almost immediately as claws and dark magic tore them apart. Some were bitten by the assembled vampires, and as Dracula strode onto the shores, he held out a clawed hand, the slain men and woman seeming to stitch back together, rising up into a horrifying mockering of their living bodies...undead held together by Dracula's powers.

      "GO!" he bellowed. "Leave nobody alive!"


      Kevyn was sitting in a local burger joint, a place called Burgerville, sitting around waiting for the eclipse totality as he listened to music on his iSkald. The burger was pretty good, but something still He tried to shrug it off, turning up the volume of 'Black Hole Sun' as he finished up his food. He'd gotten some strange looks for the sword and spear strapped to his body, but in the wake of the eclipse, it seemed that nobody had called the police on him for having the weapons...yet.

      As the clock struck 10:00am, he began to hear a panic out on the streets, loud enough it snapped through the music coming through his headphones. As he pulled them from his ears, he could hear something down the street, the sound of what sounded almost like a herd or stampede rushing down the nearby highway.

      Pulling out Nothung, the black blade's blue runes glinting in the darkened light, he began to rush through the door, just as a bloodied body was hurled down the street, slamming into the building near Kevyn.

      Down the way, rushing forwards and attacking the fleeing people, was a herd of what looked like small, hideous creatures, like somebody had combined a goat with some kind of mosquito or vampire bat, flanked by large, hulking gargoyles.

      Filled with a strange kind of terror, Kevyn immediately activated his Luma Key, aura flames licking around him as he conjured a Shadow Arm of his spear Lateralus, hurling it with great force into one of the gargoyle's chests, before pulling out his recently occurred pistol and firing a few shots, aiming for eyes as they rushed closer.

      He had no idea what was happening, but he was going to put a stop to it, or die trying.

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    • Blair Reyonds never thought the apocalypse would happen in her lifetime. Technically she was right considering technically she was dead.

      Despite being overtly religious and supertisious, if you had told her that the apocalypse would start in Oregon by Dracula, she would have smacked you for being so stupid. Yet here she was, watching the news on the television, of the devil essentially waltzing in and telling people they were going to die.

      Once again, a nonissue for Blair, but once she saw the horrible magic of bodies being stiched together by demonic magic, it became fucking personal.

      You must be joking, she thought, the glass breaking as hell spawns started swarming the library. Yet as a demon came barralleling toward a child, it was blown back by a strong force. Blair looked at it, refusing to let it come closer.

      "You will die," it snarled, spitting at her.

      "You're welcome to try."

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    • The funky glasses were on Robin's face when the announcement from Dracula initially came, as she was trying to figure out why the eclipse was in complete totality despite not being in totality range. However, she noticed the sheer amount of darkness as she pulled the cardboard piece off of her eyes, looking around. Adapting to the strange new atmosphere had been a struggle at first, but she seemed to blend seamlessly into the crowd despite wearing a heavy jacket to hide her armor.

      However, she drew her sword in anticipation of the oncoming swarm, the batting wings reaching her ears and the grunts and growls of the lupines echoing down alleyways as people fled for their lives. She was terrified herself, but stood her ground.

      The first lupine dived out of the alley with some of its buddies, noticing her right away and charging straight for her. Poising herself, she lunged at them, hoping to keep them busy enough as the civilians around her kept running from the sight.

      The scent of blood traveled through the air around everyone, sickening everyone in the vicinity as Robin slashed through the first rounds of lupines.

      She was going to have to get help, no way she could battle the horde alone.
    • As the beasts swarmed down the roads, the more hulking behemoths moving destroyed cars to the sides of the 1-5 corridor, Dracula rushed down the streets in the form of a large, black wolf, before shifting back into his humanoid form as he saw Hljod standing with a force of vampires, looking distressed.

      "We already have reports coming in, my Lord...armed resistance. I thought your provider said the gods couldn't interfere during the Devoured Sun!"

      Dracula sighed, breathing heavily.

      "The gods themselves cannot, my dear, or Liesmith would be here himself," he said simply, walking onto the barricade and looking around at the ensuing carnage. "Tell me, has Clearwater reported in yet?"

      Hljod looked perturbed, but nodded.

      "Just to the east there is a medical center, with a vast store of blood...she and her squad have left it for you, but there's a herd of chupacabra nearby that might try to take it before you do."

      Dracula just smiled slightly, starting to break into dark mist, drifting towards the hospital.

      "Just continue our push, my dear. I'll see to the blood bank."

      Just twelve blocks south of the Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, Kevyn had been forced to retreat back into the Burgerville, the serving staff stuck in a mix between screaming for help or trying to assist him in fighting off the chupacabras surrounding them. Most of the gargoyle demons had been felled already, but the small goatlike monstrosities just wouldn't stop coming. The fight to get into the Burgerville itself had blown open most of the windows, and Kevyn growled slightly as he sliced one of the small cryptids in half, bellowing loudly.

      Overhead, in the darkened sky caused by Dracula's dark powers and the eclipse, storm clouds hurriedly began to gather, sheets of rain coming down as Kevyn's eyes glowed gold, flashes of lightning illuminating the chaos.

      Just fifteen minutes by car to the northwest, Mara Clearwater and her pair of freshly-turned lackies rushed quickly towards a nearby library, demonic creatures breaking the windows as they strode up, Mara grinning.

      "Still some survivors in here, right?" she said, none of the gargoyles answering as she sighed, going up to the doors.

      "Well, buds, if old Drac's not going to let us into that hospital, we'll need to make due with some bookworms."

      On the inside, Mara could spot one girl in particular, seeming to be in a position of power over one of the demons.

      "...Starting with that one," Mara chuckled, readying her black claw weapons before rushing forwards, a distant shout ringing across the buildings as rain began to fall.

    • Blair, surprisingly, was typically non-violent. She didn't exactly enjoy chaos and bloodshed, nor did she consider war a glorious dance which it had been idealized as. Yet right now she couldn't help but think-

      I wish I had a gun.

      The other patrons were in the back, sobbing. Their exits had been cut off and it seemed the only thing between them and certain death was a homeless looking girl who with apparent superpowers. Some part of the teenager wondered how they would be reacting if they learned she was one of the hordes of undead as well. Stabbing the demon which danced near with the tip of a flag pole, weilding it like one would a bayonet, she couldn't help but wonder if she should be feeling patriotic right about now.

      Glancing over, she saw a blonde woman rushing her, a black claw protruding from where her hand ought to be. Barely having time to blink, the claws ripped through her flesh and more importantly, her clothes. Blood - though not much as there should be - dripped down and splattered on the floor, but Blair remained standing as the long claws pierced her neck. Yet she felt no pain.

      "Ow," she said dully, and raised her makeshift American bayonet and stabbed her attacker.

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    • Mara was pushed by slightly by the flagpole stabbing into her chest, flinching slightly. She had to extend some of her focus to make sure the wound didn't bleed...that'd be a problem if she managed to hit her again.

      Despite that, Mara grinned slightly.

      "Oh! You a vampire too? How's it feel to be on the losing side?"

      "Vampire?" Blair asked, wishing this stupid thing was made of silver or she had a cross on her. After all, despite being undead, it seemed the blessings of the Lord didn't make her shrivel away like the sun did.

      It was the one comfort she had in all of this.

      "Don't take me for a heathen who dances with the devil." Using her telepathy, she forced the woman and those claws away from her. Just because she didn't die didn't mean she wanted to go down now; there were people who could die relying on her.

      Once again, the irony was not lost on her. The only thing from keeping these people from becoming undead monstrosities was, well, one herself.

      "Now begone! The Lord is with me! Our Father Who Art in Heaven, hallowed be his name!"

      Mara just laughed more, even as the powerful force started pushing her away. She was going to have a lot of fun with this one.

      Unfortunately, using Convert on her two companions had burnt through almost all of her Bloostones, leaving her about 100 pints to use.

      Chuckling darkly, she burned through the rest of her Bloodseal as her body twisted into a gigantic bat-like demonic looking form, baring her fangs in a mocking smile as she launched back at Blair.

      Blair, however, merely tilted her head. There was still light in the room, making herself able to go incorporal.

      Not that she had time to as the teeth dug into her arm, though the only reason she knew it was happening was screaming from those watching and the fact she found herself staggering backwards, using the flag pole to steady herself.

      Looking over she could see at this rate she would have to take time to reattach her arm if she let it go any longer. Which would be irritating. Using her free arm, she used the flag pole to stab at the vampire again.

      "Your kingdom come. Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven," she continued the Lord's prayer without missing any beats. "Give us this day our daily bread; And forgive us our trespasses , as we forgive those who trespass against us;
      And lead us not into temptation,
      But deliver us from evil. Amen."

      Mara was struggling closer as the flagpole managed to push her back slightly. She had enough strength to break it if she tried!

      Her eyes were like dark pits of hate, focused purely on Blair, before she bellowed in pain. One of the other patrons of the library, obviously injured by a one of the gargoyles, had managed to fire a shot from her pistol into Mara's shoulder, causing the vampire to lose concentration. Nobody'd ever managed to shoot her before, and the pain was agonizing.

      Blair took the opening and stabbed deeper into the vampire's flesh. She was used to the look of hatred - she had it on her own face, and seen it on others in the past as well.

      It was an ugly emotion.

      "Return to Hell and lick the feet of the devil, dog," she said coldly. "You will not be able to go past me."

      Mara just breathed heavily, the injuries and blood loss starting to get to her. If she'd had more blood...if she hadn't converted those two others...

      She paused, seeming to realize her two companions hadn't joined her. Turning weakly, her mind starting to cloud over as the blood loss caused her to "die" for a time, she could spot the two lesser vampires had turned and started to flee after seeing her being defeated.
      [1:37:45 PM] Mals: Blair, however, wouldn't let them. Holding her hand out -the non-injured one - she "grabbed" one and slung it into the other.

      She didn't believe in killing, but these weren't humans. They were demons. Letting them live would only add to the blood count.

      Stepping over the fallen vampire, she began to pray again

      "Hail Mary, full of grace, our lord is with thee."

      As Mara slipped into the closest thing she had to sleep, her body shifting back into its humanoid form.

      Over by the door, the injured woman who'd fired the shot was obviously not long for this world, and as Blair got close enough she could see her, she held the gun up to her. Some ammo was laying next to her as well.

      "T...take it..."

      Blair paused and frowned in her prayer, kneeling down and doing the sign of the cross, mumbling the last rites she could remember. Which wasn't much but more than nothing.

      "The Lord will watch over you in heaven," she said softly. "May your soul be at peace."

      The woman smiled slightly at that, before drifting away. As she died, a bolt of lightning from the growing storm illuminated the scene, the sounds of demons swarming nearby and in the distance clear.

      Blair took the gun carefully and once again turned toward the demons. Grasping the nearest one she brought it toward her and raised the gun up to its forehead, pressing the metal against its skin.

      "May the Lord have mercy on your soul," she said pulling the trigger as a crack rang out.
    • "PICK UP THE GODSDAMNED PHONE, KEV," Robin snarled as she sprinted toward the freeway, trying to get a hold of Kevyn as she went to go see just how bad this new plague of monsters was. Skittering over to the Hawthorne bridge, she looked over the river and noticed the huge ship, her heart sinking. This problem was a lot worse than she had anticipated, but now the area was deserted aside from a few creatures still crawling up from the cold water below, who hadn't noticed her yet.

      The phone was still ringing, and she seemed both annoyed and anxious as the other end finally seemed to pick up. She could hear the telltale sounds of crackling on the other end.

      "Bit...busy..." Kevyn's voice came in, sounding garbled, the sound of something screeching in pain making its way through as Kevyn grunted slightly. "Where are you?"

      "Hawthorne bridge," she said, grunting slightly as she tried to focus on what was being said on the other end. "Where are you? I'm on my way-"

      Something screamed out, a small goat-like demon hurtling towards her, just barely missing as it hit the edge of the bridge, getting dazed.

      "Bur....Burger place," Kevyn replied. "Buncha...goat things..."

      "Yeah, one almost just killed me," she said, looking a mix of disgusted and horrified as she watched the creature started falling back into the water. "Doesn't...In...Insta-whatever have a tracker thingy in it? Maybe turn that on-"

      "Already is!" Kevyn replied, yelling loudly to be heard over whatever was happening on the other end. Robin scowled slightly, pulling her phone away long enough to open the Instagram app. She barely knew how to use the phone that Kevyn had gotten for her, it was a wonder she had figured out how to call him at all. Sure enough, when she opened the map markers, she could see his location.

      "I'll be there in a few minutes!" she told him, hanging up the phone and starting to sprint off in the direction he was in. She just hoped she wouldn't be too late.


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    • Inside the normally sterile halls of the Medical Center, Dracula strode with purpose into the stoarge area, the cold hitting him as he approached all the stored blood. As he walked up, raising his hands, the storage opening as all the blood drifted through the air, being absorbed into his skin. As it connected, he began to laugh.

      Outside, a swirling cloud of darkness began to surround the building, a red, blood-like haze settling around as he did so, settling in as Dracula's ritual intensified. A similar aura began to circle around the eclipse itself, and as it did, a few of the felled monsters began to twitch and reconstruct, many of the slain humans becoming similar undead to the ones he'd made by the ship.

      Inside the hospital itself, Dracula sighed in contentment as a figure with black, snake like skin moved up, the black pits where his eyes should have been reminding Dracula slightly of his provider.

      "...Demidicus, tell your siblings we're ready," he said, his voice commanding. "We ride for Ontario when the Blood Moon fades."
    • It was dark out. Darker than the Southern belle had ever seen before in truth. Even though it was the middle of the day, the harsh rays of the sun didn't burn at her skin, though for once Blair would welcome the horrible pain.

      Above her, creatures of the night flew around, the screams of the innocent surrounding her. Despite dying - countless times - Blair had never been to the afterlife, but she was certain that hell had somehow found its way into the human world. At her side, the gun she had been given felt heavy in her hand, and she still dragged the flag pole with her. After all, she had a limited amount of bullets and she didn't have time to get used to the gun. It was better to use her make-shift bayonet.

      Honestly though, Blair wasn't sure where to begin. There was so much pain. Destruction. Loss of life. It was like she needed to be everywhere at once and she didn't know where to turn first. She had left the people in the library after making sure they kept the doors locked and lights off. She wasn't sure if it would help, but they were marginally safer than those who remained on the streets. At least those still alive ... and unturned.

      What do I do...?

      However, that's when she noticed a demon - who seemed to be run over by a car - starting to twitch, not unlike a spider still struggling to life after being killed. Furrowing her brow, she marched over and stabbed it before noticing the reflection of the moon in the broken windshield. Except, something wasn't right.

      Her head snapping up, her dull eyes widened in horror as she saw the moon itself seem to be painted with the blood of the innocent.

      "No..." she whispered before something else caught her eye. A black cloud was circling one of the buildings. If that didn't scream, 'go here, this is probably an important place,' Blair wasn't sure what did. Turning on her heel, she began to sprint toward it, not sure what she would do once she got there, or who she should be looking out for, but that was something to think on later. Now was time to act.

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    • Burgerville was absolutely swarmed with beasts when Robin finally made it there, and she began hacking away at all the goat demons to get to the front entrance. Despite having a map and a tracker, she had still gotten lost, something that was pretty common for her in this world.

      Inside the building itself, Kevyn was breathing heavily, standing on top of the counter, firing at the creatures around him as the kitchen staff who hadn't fainted in fear or gone to hide in the freezer were standing around, slashing with knives if the things got close to them, one of the particularly brave ones seeming to be collecting frying oil from the kitchens and hurling it at the monsters. Robin took the opportunity to assault a few of the stragglers that were focused on them, eventually cutting them down and making the place quiet once more for the moment. She keeled over, clearly already exhausted.

      " everyone okay?"

      The cook with the oil nodded, breathing heavily as Kevyn collapsed to his knees, clearly running on fumes.

      "'s of the city?" he asked.

      "Not good...there's beasts everywhere...people are getting slaughtered left and right," Robin answered, the mere thought of what she had witnessed making her shudder out of fear and disgust. "There's no way we're going to take care of this by ourselves, Kev. We need help..."

      Kev breathed raggedly, his Aura flickering on as he used Heal on himself, seemingly using it to get some of his energy back.

      "The baby...the baby's on Yggdrasil, right?" he said shakily.

      "Yes, she is. No way I'm going to risk bringing her here to begin with, definitely not after all of this starting..."

      Despite no longer having that burden to carry, her body was still not in the best shape after all of that. Giving birth was a rather complicated process for her, the many complications having required surgery. Surgery she wasn't exactly 100% recovered from.

      " should run..." he said. "T...there should be...ash trees near here."

      He stood up shakily, looking through the busted windows at the swirling mass of darkness north of them at the Medical Center as what looked almost like a flock of dark owls took flight from the roof as Kevyn readied Nothung.

      "Shut up, you're not going to convince me to leave," Robin told him, her key activating. The new level of focus she gained from that alone was more than enough to let her focus intently through her pained haze, and she stood at the ready as the creatures swarmed together.

      Kevyn didn't seem overly happy about that response, but rushed forwards at the gargoyles as a swarm of owls seemed to gather around them, some threatening to tear into Kevyn as he tried to push through. Robin, of course, ignored his reaction. She focused on getting through to the gargoyles quickly and attacking them swiftly.


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    • Providence Medical Center.

      A hospital. This swarm of black death was centered on a hospital.

      Fantastic, she thought, furrowing her brows, her lips pressing together. She wasn't surprised - a building filled with the weak and dying no doubt would be a prime target for the hordes of the damned. She wasn't sure how she was going to save people, or if there was anyone left to save. However, at the very least she could stop the death count from increasing.

      There were flocks of owls coming at her, clawing at her, though they were unable to touch her. And they wouldn't, as long as the moon blocked out the sun. After all, the Southern girl may not feel pain, but she didn't want to risk her body falling apart before taking on the Devil himself. So after carefully pocketing the gun - making sure the safety was on of course - and having the flagpole resting on her shoulder, she walked through the swarm, completely unable to be touched.

      She supposed she could fight the demons, but she had one goal in mind - cut off the Devil's head, and the rest of the body would crumble.

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    • THUNK--shffff. THUNK--shffff. That was the punctuated shuffling sound that back made as she slowly chased down her latest meal. Not a mortal, but a nightstalker that some mortal had already run through. Giggling inanely, she would have sounded like she was sobbing if her face hadn't been split with a grin from literal ear to ear.

      He tripped and fell on broken debris in the alley street, losing more blood from his punctured stomach, fingers slipping as they tried in vain to hold it all in. Her braces rattled as they found their way over the same debris. THUNK--shffff. "B-back, Lynede!" he begged, his face a rictus of fear. His eyes caught hers. It was too late. "This isn't what the Dark Lord wan--" the vampire's voice cut off as she caressed his face. His eyes twitched, then his cheek, and then she snapped his neck.

      "We are Legion," Lynede stated imperiously. "You will not be missed." Fingernails digging into his undead flesh, she ripped the weaker vampire's head from his neck, and drank from the fountain of overly dark blood that bubbled out. Then, she dropped him on the ground. Vampire blood. Stale, though it worked in a pinch, but she craved more.

      She looked out from the alley, across the street. She was close to... a burger joint? With people inside. Lovely.


      * * *

      Putting one owl on the ground, Demidicus watched as another owl flew directly through this new plaything. This wouldn't get him anywhere, but he knew who could. The parliament took to the night air in synchronous flight, their wings beating as one, looking down on the hospital from above. A hospital. How perfect for her.
    • As Kevyn and Robin moved closer to the hospital, Kevyn could feel a sense of unease growing. No matter what he did, no matter where he turned, he felt like something was watching them...something malevolent, and to some strange extent, almost familiar. But no matter where he looked, he couldn't see anything.

      That was, until he saw the case.

      Something was dragging itself towards them, a horrible grinding metallic sound ringing out from the concrete. Kevyn was frightened it might be a human victim, but...there was something off about it.

      Readying his sword, he glared where it was.

      "Sis...if it comes at us, try to freeze it."


      Back at the library, the Blood Moon's effect flooded over Mara, causing the vampire to wake up considerably faster then usual, flinching. Her chest hurt from all spears, but as she stood, she could only glance around, confused.

      The library had gone dark, and although she could sense the humans near her, she could also sense something else...somebody was nearby, just to the west, and she could hear the demons screeching in terror as whatever it was got closer and closer, the hordes running past the library windows in the opposite direction.

      "I don't need to ask..." Mara said, quickly slipping out of the library and moving along with them, desperate to avoid whatever was moving towards them.


      Dracula strode onto the roof the hospital, looking around and breathing in deeply, looking out over the city, only to pause.

      "The hordes are...heading this way?" Dracula said, confused. "Why are they turning back?"

      As the hordes moved, Dracula looked down, spotting Kevyn and Robin and pausing slightly, before chuckling darkly, having spotted one of the siblings was moving for the pair. .

      "Oh...they're here, then..." he said, looking the other way to see Blair moving closer as well. "This...should get very, very interesting."