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    • "Destroy target resonator" varies from 1-7, depending on restrictions, side-effects, bonuses, and whether it comes with a body. (the 7 is a 20/20 body, for instance). More relevant perhaps is this card from the last set.

      Interestingly, the only other Light uncommon from this set which has been revealed so far (which isn't multi-attribute) is an Aura I mentioned earlier.

      EDIT: I had an inaccurate line here about the cost of "Destroy target J/resonator" effects as well, but found out that there isn't really a consistent cost to it, and certainly not as cheap as I had stated (2-3). As cheap as 0, under conditions and removing all the counters off a multi-use entity, but as expensive as 8 on a 20/20 as an automatic ability triggering on attack or block. The effect alone was first seen costing 4 in a set known to be underpowered, but was later 5 in a normal set or 4 in multiple attributes.

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    • Yeah, it's hard to imagine the 2-drop seeing constructed play while the 1-drop is legal, unless you want an absolute ton of these effects :/

      Magic Pro Tour this weekend. Reasonably excited, because I'm getting more involved in standard than I have been in a long time.

      Arena closed beta is entering its endgame next week, with every standard legal card available on line from that point, BO3 gameplay in all competitive modes, infinitely available drafts, and hundreds of free cards for every player. It's probably only going to last 4 or 5 weeks, but those'll be 4 or 5 weeks of a game which usually has a multi-hundred dollar entry fee available, complete, for free. Something of a desperate measure, I think, but one I'm happy to take advantage of ;P
      Although postsocratics like St. Augustine and Judith Butler explored a diverse set of ethical and metaphysical ideas, their unifying feature as a movement was a principled refusal to speculate upon which of the four elements the world was made out of.

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    • So, I've got the thing I was working on now. To preface: In three sets over the past two years, FoWCo has decided to in each create exactly ten non-mono (or void) cards, encompassing all of the possible dual attribute combinations. With this many datapoints, I figured it would be interesting to compare and contrast how they have (or have not) used each attribute. I will as normal write a small list of context points underneath, but I'm avoiding putting in too much, partially because I want opinions (and if you want to give opinions on individual cards, feel free. Although I think I've shown a couple of the ones on the middle row before.), and partially because it's 30 cards. >_>

      6MB image here

      * The top row was from a set where you are guaranteed to get two of each card, plus I think 8 of each basic magic stone. Every card was full-art, and foils were in a separate pack with ten different random cards (including one basic and one special magic stone) out of the 85 cards of the set (including stones) inside.
      * The middle row came from a cluster wherein there was a lot of dual-attribute cards, although not in that set (but rather the two before it). It released at the start of June last year.
      * The third row is from the set releasing on Friday next week.
      * Taegrus Pearlshine is a Light ruler.
      * Spirit Magic is a chant trait which can have part of its Wind (or void) cost paid for by a particular ruler by way of removing Elementals from their graveyard. There is plenty of support in this cluster for this mechanic.
      * Reiya is a Darkness ruler.
      * Kirik is a Fire ruler.
      * Shaela is a Water ruler. (these last two were probably fairly clear, based on their full names, but I just wanted to be equal when naming the rulers here. :/)
      * Gill is the Wind ruler who works with Spirit Magic.
      * Reiya is the ruler who works with Mystery counters.

      And finally:

      * No, I don't know why the order of the attribute symbols is different for several of the cards on the bottom row. The colors behind the title are still the same as previous sets would have them be. :/

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    • A few too many cards at once? I wouldn't blame anybody. >_>

      The ones I was most curious about opinions of were on the bottom row, or more specifically (with images that aren't stupidly big) these three:

      Display Spoiler

      Context for the first card: Most J-rulers have no more than one of those keywords, although in this cluster...

      Display Spoiler
      Frayla (Fire/Dark) can get Swiftness
      Faerur (Wind) can get Barrier
      Reiya (Darkness) has Flying
      Gill (Wind) has Barrier
      Ayu (Water) can get Flying, First Strike & Precision
      Welser (Fire) can get Swiftness & Precision
      Taegrus (Light) can get Flying
      Scarlet (Fire/Dark) has Swiftness, Precision & First Strike
      Scheherazade (Wind/Dark) has Flying
      Kirik (Fire) has Precision
      Alhama'at (penta) has Flying and can get Swiftness & Precision
      Time Spinning Witch has Flying & Barrier

      There are also free or cheap ways to get any of these abilities onto any J-ruler except Drain or Barrier, depending on the cluster.
    • So, hey, I hate to break the flow of continuous Magic: The Gathering discussion, but it's time to discuss cooperative card games! More specifically Sentinels of the Multiverse which I've mentioned before but never really gotten in depth. As such, allow me to introduce you too it so as to entice you to try it to.

      Sentinels of the Multiverse is, according to the rulebook, the worlds greatest cooperative, comic-based, fixed-deck card game. In it you play various superhero characters and take down villains. There are some simple ones such as Legacy and Tachyon and sime complex ones such as Absolute Zero and the Argent Adept. And, of course, there are your typical character archetypes. For example Legacy is a buffer who can take a lot of damages and bunker is a damage dealer. Most of the characters are based off of various heroes and other comics but have their own personalities, gimicks, and histories that make them different. For example, Tachyon is the flash and Legacy is superman. Also, for the minority crowd, there's some good minority representation.

      In the game you take turns with the villain deck, representing the villain you're fighting, going first. Then each player takes a turn, in whatever order you like, and goes through three phases: their play phase, in whoch you play a card, their power phase, in which you use the power listed on your character card or on any other card you might have played, and your draw phase, in which you draw a card. Finally, after everyones gone through their turn the environment deck, which represents where you are fighting, goes. The environment deck can either help or hinder the heroes.

      The game can be checked out Here.

      It also has a video game version which is the same as the card game but it's a video game so you don't have to buy the physical products and wait for them to arrive and then have them take up shelf space and then never play them because your friends aren't interested.

      If you don't want to buy the card game or have bought it and want to know about the lore of the game check out the podcast Here. It's made by the game's artist and ewriter Adam and Christopher (respectively) and tells you a lot about the story behind the game. There's actually a hella lot of lore.

      Finally, there will be an RPG coming out based on the card game that takes place in one of the two timelines that branch off after OblivAeon which is the final expansion of the card game and is about the end of the multiverse. There is also a tactics game with a base set that takes place in the other timeline but hasn't had any other expansions come out due to it being heavily reworked.

      Additionally, there's a forum for the game Here.

      Thank you for reading this overly long post and I hope that I have enticed you because this game is great and I love it and I'm sure you will too if you try it out.

      Sig by TruEdge67, Glorious Newbie Overlord

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    • Sorry for not keeping up with the thread much recently!

      It's not cause I'm not playing games - in fact I'm playing a ton. Arena has an enormous amount going on right now and I'm trying to enjoy as much of it as I can before the closed beta ends and everyone's collections get wiped.

      Not much card game knowledge out of E3, except for the confirmation from Bethesda that the new client for TESL is gonna be out before the end of the summer. I'd really love to see TESL bring more people into online CCGs cause I think it's an amazing intro product with a good hook in the fanbase, but most of the E3 reactions I saw were "Oh that card game still exists???". Too bad, really.
      Although postsocratics like St. Augustine and Judith Butler explored a diverse set of ethical and metaphysical ideas, their unifying feature as a movement was a principled refusal to speculate upon which of the four elements the world was made out of.

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    • Foo wrote:

      Imagine you had a game where players had two different life pools - life pool A and life pool B - and 99% of cards allowed you to attack one life pool or the other but not both. You lose when /either/ life total is depleted.

      It would be incredibly stupid to build a deck that attacked both the A life total and th B life total. Drawing into a B attacker when your opponent is already near dead in A but healthy in B would be the worst feeling in the world.

      So there would be A strategies and B strategies and that would all be well and good, assuming that that game devs could keep them fairly competitive. No issues.

      But then let's say you want to design a card that allows a play to pay life for an effect.
      You can't let the player choose which pool they pay from. They'd just always pay from pool A when playing against a deck that attacked pool B and vice versa.

      So you specify, this card draws life from pool A. If the card is good, and sees play, decks that attack pool B are going to be worse. When you attack pool B your opponent can spend life out of pool A for free, getting all the benefits of the good card with none of the drawbacks.

      This, again, *can* be balanced by trying to have a bunch of good cards which draw from pool A and bunch which draw from pool B, but now your design is incredibly constrained. You need equally effective win cons in A and B, you need equally usable "pay life" effects in A and B, and you need to accomplish this in a way that doesn't devolve into rock-paper-scissors and suck all of the play skill out of the game.

      In practice, this isn't worth anyone's time. Just don't have the two pools to begin with. No TCG tries to do this.


      Playing incremental mill is an attempt to artificially turn your opponent's deck into their B life total. Concerns about opponents who might actually *want* to flip their deck into their discard pile aside, this runs smack into the wall that was built when the devs decides it was *life* and not cards-in-library that players would be paying for their effects.

      We see that the most played cards in modern magic are fetches and shocks. Further we see that there are no equivalent cards that let you remove the top 5 cards of your library to fetch or the top 10 cards of your library for quick access to two colours of mana. That's a conscious design choice on WotC's part and all other devs are priced into making similar choices, but the alternatives are untenable.

      When you decide to play mill instead of burn you are always going to immediately and immensely disadvantaged by this.
      Posted this almost a year ago, lol, but there was a game streamed from GP Vegas yesterday that makes this point incredibly well and I'd thought I'd share it to back up the earlier point:


      The Jund player is spending 75% of their life total on effects every game, and with the efficiency boost is comfortably ahead of the mill. Had the mill player been attacking the primary win condition with the same efficiency they were attacking the library - that is, had they been playing burn - the Jund player would quickly be dead to their own effects, or else would be playing slow enough to be overcome.
      Although postsocratics like St. Augustine and Judith Butler explored a diverse set of ethical and metaphysical ideas, their unifying feature as a movement was a principled refusal to speculate upon which of the four elements the world was made out of.

      boxes is the best human and I am going to get her a kitten or 2 kittens

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    • If anyone is looking for some *truly* nerdy entertainment:

      This weekend was designated as the "official" 25th anniversary of magic (we're about two months early but whatever) with events around the world including three major tournaments in Vegas. The final event of the weekend was a Rochester draft of 24 packs of beta - magic's second print run in 93. Each unopened booster, as a collector's item, has a value of around $2,000 depending on its condition so this is a $50,000 show.

      Beta draft is not (at all) an interesting competitive experience in the abstract, but given the stakes and the incredible excitement on display from a bunch of 30-40 year old nerds it's a ton of fun to watch. There aren't many games that you can almost certainly play once and only once in your life, and it's cool to see people experience that.

      The whole thing was streamed on twitch and the vod is here.
      Although postsocratics like St. Augustine and Judith Butler explored a diverse set of ethical and metaphysical ideas, their unifying feature as a movement was a principled refusal to speculate upon which of the four elements the world was made out of.

      boxes is the best human and I am going to get her a kitten or 2 kittens
    • Suddenly community controversy!

      So when the 25th anniversary schedule for magic was announced it included a mysterious "silver showcase" - a 150k tournament to be played at the fall Pro Tour in order to make that magic's first million dollar tournament weekend. In the months since there was a distinct lack of news about the "showcase" and people were tarting to lament that it was being quietly dropped.

      Turns out no.

      It's an 8 player invitational tournament. The first four invites are the top lifetime pro-point earners from Europe, the Asia-pacific region, North America, and Central/South America. Considering that list includes two of the consensus top five players ever and two other really great players/showmen/human beings it's a great start.

      The next four invites are going to two former magic players who left the game for hearthstone, a hearthstone player, and the player on the PT most generally recognisable to non-gamers.

      So it's obviously a publicity stunt. WotC is taking four names with big viewer draws outside of MTG and mixing them up with some people who can actually represent the game well and hoping that the result is a big viewer draw. Cool, that's there prerogative.

      The problem is that the tournament proper is going to be an extended nostalgia-driven Rochester draft: like the beta draft I talked about above, but with twice as much historic magic product being opened. The result is that the tournament (a) is probably going to be less than perfectly interesting to new players, given that it's the sort of event where quality gameplay takes a back seat to nostalgia and the card collecting experience and (b) is the kind of event that actual, invested magic pros feel really, really bad about being passed over for in favour of publicity draws.

      Like, the excitement of the magic community surrounding the beta draft in Vegas - before, after, and during - was insane. Players, commentators, even the guy opening pacts and turning over the cards called it the experience of the year and as silly as it is to get that excited over cardboard I'm happy to get a contact high off of nerdy enthusiasm.

      For Amaz - no offence to the guy - the silver showcase is going to be a work weekend. For (for example) Kai Budde or Gabe Nassif - the concensus second and third best players of all time - it would be a life highlight. Who would I rather watch?
      Although postsocratics like St. Augustine and Judith Butler explored a diverse set of ethical and metaphysical ideas, their unifying feature as a movement was a principled refusal to speculate upon which of the four elements the world was made out of.

      boxes is the best human and I am going to get her a kitten or 2 kittens

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    • is this the same amaz from hearthstone? idk why you would even want him there, dude is annoying as shit and has no game sense. Type of gut who defines a card as overpowered or unplayable, there is no between. watch his hearthstone spoiler reviews and you can see how lacking his knowledge is :/

      edit: just saw the link and lol it is. but hey at least kibler is going, and that dude is world class(even if hes basically retired from playing).
      im not a kibler fanboy shh

      why would trump support the vikings

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    • Yeah. It's not Amaz' first special invite - he's played on the PT on WoTC sponcetship - and I totally buy that he can bring in a unique audience and that's fine.

      But this is just such a terrible place to use him.

      And I like Kibler. I like Cifka and Dave too. You can't argue that these guys aren't magic fans (Dave's daughter *is* named Lillianna) but I still think the wrong singles are being sent here.
      Although postsocratics like St. Augustine and Judith Butler explored a diverse set of ethical and metaphysical ideas, their unifying feature as a movement was a principled refusal to speculate upon which of the four elements the world was made out of.

      boxes is the best human and I am going to get her a kitten or 2 kittens

    • Spoiler season began today, and hearthstone has 2 new named mechanics~

      Magnetic is a minion keyword, this minion acts as normal unless you place it on the left side of a friendly mech in play. If you do, they fuse all stats and keywords. This is the example they've given us.

      Omega causes minions(?) to be buffed or act differently if you have reached 10 mana, our example was this card.

      We also have 'projects' which are a type of symmetrical spell (give both players 2 mana crystals is one) and new legendary spells. One we saw was for rogue, costs 5 mana and draws your entire deck.
      That's p cool.

      I like the flavour for this expansion, it's dorky and fun, it focuses on deckbuilding in less obvious ways than last time. I like when tribals matter beyond 'all murlocs have +1 attack' or whatever else, magnetic i think is more likely to encourage diverse decks than mech-heavy decks. I kinda explain why below. I mean I don't. But it's still interesting.

      Display Spoiler

      The Curator is a really good example of making tribals matter without making it exclusive to a tribal archetype. The curator wasn't played in dragon decks, murloc decks or beast decks. It was played mostly in combo/midrange decks which made use of thinning or looking for certain cards.

      Hypothetically, you're playing a slower hunter deck. You want to make use of Hunter's really strong spell library, their late game combo cards and you just ripped Deathstalker Rexxar. It's b-tier at best but no one is going to expect it so ideally you will win a lot based on your opponents misinformed plays. The biggest weaknesses you face are running out of steam without card draw(eternally hunter's problem), big single targets and token decks. You put in Primordial Drake as your only dragon, and you might put in Ironbeak Owl as your only beast so that it tutors for both aoe and silence.

      But then you find that aggro is playing a lot of 3 health minions, and the meta provides few silence targets. So you put in Stampeding Kodo as your beast to slow down the aggro, and Carrion Drake as your dragon to tackle those big stats which are impervious to silence.

      Like this is super simplified. In this I am assuming that the reliability of The Curator tutoring Primordial/Carrion is more important than the value of running multiple dragons like Emeriss. The Curator is still drawing cards regardless, and sometimes your deck wants all these dragons to function at it's best, so instead of being a tutor it operates more like a draw engine. That's fine too, maybe all your dragons serve a similar purpose but you always want that silence tutor.

      I find this deckbuilding exercise so interesting, because it goes beyond obvious basic synergies. Deckbuilding is always a zero-sum game, but this adds further depth to the process and makes success more rewarding. It also heavily hurts netdecking, which i really dislike lol. I think netdecking removes a lot of the joy and skill of playing card games, and it's frustrating when all you need to hit legend rank is going to and knowing to swap in obvious tech cards like MC Tech and Hungry Crab.

      fwiw The Curator is currently not in standard, and it's sequel is seeing little to no play, but i think Magnetic is going to be praised similarly to The Curator and will have a similar effect in deckbuilding, which is why i've spoken about all this.

      why would trump support the vikings

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    • Magnetic is a minion keyword, this minion acts as normal unless you place it on the left side of a friendly mech in play. If you do, they fuse all stats and keywords. This is the example they've given us.

      But, like... if I'm spending two cards I'd muuuuch rather have two 2/2s with independent death triggers than one 4/4 with a single, doubly effective death trigger. The 4/4 is easier for my opponent to deal with efficiently and the combined trigger is easier to play around.

      There are obviously cases where I might want to combine creatures - generally, if one of the two has text that gets better with high attack strength like an evasive ability or "when this deals damage you gain that much life" or whatever - but even then it's only after a rather troubling cost/benefit calculation.

      My gut evaluation is that, fun and interesting or not, the "magnetic" rider isn't worth even half a mana: at the competitive level you're going to play a magnetic minion if and only if you'd play the same minion without magnetic.

      Omega causes minions(?) to be buffed or act differently if you have reached 10 mana, our example was this card.

      Interesting. Shadowverse and TESL have both done this to different extents, and I liked related designs from both games; don't doubt HS will pull it off well. Regardless, I'm gonna predict a subset of people really hating the mechanic. The feel-bad level of occasionally having to play a guy like this on 9 for whatever reason is hiiiiiiigh :P


      What's up in card games? Uhhhh….

      I'm still playing 1-2 hours of Arena most days, now anticipating the release of M19 onto the platform. Still mostly sure that the game is going to fail to gain any traction as an esport, and will accordingly won't last more than a few years before Hasbro move on to the next scheme, but I'm enjoying it for now.

      Related to the previous discussion around the Silver Showcase, Kibler makes a solid PR move by declaring he's playing for charity.

      In terms of actual magic gameplay, all the big news right now is in Legacy, which is the format I know about and care about the least so meh.

      Gwent's latest meta report is pretty much what everyone predicted two months ago: with all but one of the Tier-1 decks nerfed there's now a one deck metagame. Rate of play is way down and there's still months until the next content release. On the other hand, I saw a guy with a Gwent shirt proudly walking down the street yesterday so... there's that >>
      Although postsocratics like St. Augustine and Judith Butler explored a diverse set of ethical and metaphysical ideas, their unifying feature as a movement was a principled refusal to speculate upon which of the four elements the world was made out of.

      boxes is the best human and I am going to get her a kitten or 2 kittens
    • I still haven't put any money into Shadowverse (and knowing my stubbornness, I doubt I ever will), but I did recently get a nice booster pack. It contained a Legendary which gave me an alternate leader to use for a particular class (in this case Portalcraft, which I haven't actually touched yet.)

      (Context: Each set, certain legendaries will give one or more of: an avatar to use in game, a card back, or a alternate leader. I don't know if these are purchasable by buying the cards separately, although some leaders not available this way are available to buy via a different method. Most require real money, but one set of seven (one of each class except Portalcraft) can be bought with in game currency. Occasionally a leader will be available by some method during a limited time promotion, which has included so far several Fate characters.)
    • Display Spoiler
      yknow, people complain constantly (no seriously constantly) about blizzard not doing enough for the customers on a f2p model. Like pre-orders only giving you a dollar a pack (effectively half the price of a normal deal), or how your daily quests only give you half a pack. The pre-orders have promotional cosmetics locked behind a paywall and that makes blizzard sinners etc. etc.
      (oh and the meta is the most varied it's ever been and pretty cheap compared to history but still moanign)

      but yknow what, i do think blizzard could do more. I play hs semi-regularly in ranked mode, one day hoping i have the motivation to reach legend or w/e cause otherwise pre-orders and smart use of my dust/playtime gets me every card i want or need. But if blizzard did events like pre-release, i'd be so game.

      Ignoring the obvious easy access of combining pre-release events with already existing fireside gatherings, you could still do remote pre-release. If you pre-order, you get access to all your packs early and can play a seperate ranked ladder with only the cards from the new set.
      I already want more variety in gamemodes mind, i live for tournaments like challengestone or batstone which play with the rules. They are way more exciting than standard meta, because standard meta is all i get and wild(legacy) meta is a mess.

      Challengestone 1 for example required you to build 3 decks with 3 different classes which you would use throughout. You could only use minions with an odd value attack, and spells with an even cost. This meant off-meta cards or bad cards were so much more important, it meant the best spells were unplayable which in turn had it's own lil tierlist of heroes in this tournament. Batstone involves allowing the community to vote on a banlist. Tempostorm tried their own tournament which worked like sealed draft, but i think ran into issues because people aren't willing to pay an entry fee for packs when they don't get ot keep the cards on their own account.

      All of this is stifled because blizzard has a tournament eveyr weekend. Every. Weekend. All year round. (i'm exagerating but it's at least every other weekend). No one wants to run a tournament because there's rarely a free weekend to run one, and even then there's so much fatigue regarding competitive hearthstone that viewership would be poor.

      Lol so this rant effectively culminates in how either blizzard need to relax their constant competitions (most pros say keep the competitions, but don't live stream/shoutcast every single weekend) or create variety in their own right because i'd play more. The value of collecting more cards is lost on me and i'm not even a whale, just a semi-regular player who usually pre-orders. If i ever do find time to play more than 4~ hours a week and hit legend rank, then why do i as a player stick around with no goal? The only people bringing this up are streamers/professionals, who in turn play so they can pay rent lol.

      tl;dr the vocal playerbase complains about stupid shit meanwhile i think they have real issues retaining players like me and the only people voicing similar complaints are the same people who make money playing hearthstone which kinda undermines their point.

      why would trump support the vikings

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    • Blizzard just announced they're doing pre-releases in the way i briefly mentioned above. Which is to say they're gonna be nonexistent in the uk because the only pre-release event is in london but hey hoo it's still an improvement.
      (now just do it remotely like i suggested in that same paragraph)

      that said, it was possible in the past to spoof your phone's gps location to appear in fireside gatherings.. Maybe it's worth trying it this time.
    • Anyone following the latest commander 2018 spoilers in mtg?
      I'm excited for Aminatou and Estrid decks.

      the Bant deck with enchantments appeals to me because of my own Traft commander deck. I'm looking forward to seeing what individual cards I can nab from it and work into mine.

      Aminatou looks pretty cool. I'm curious about how the deck is gonna look. Her art alone is what drew me in- I've been aware of McKinnon's work for a bit and recently started looking more into his influences- turns out they're some of my own favorite artists. He has his kickstarter going on to finance a film project and I threw some money down.

      I'm hoping we see some Lorwyn/ Shadowmoor work its way into her precon as other planes have with the other commander decks so far-- her artwork totally matches and the deck's focus (top of deck dependency) aligns pretty well with some of that block's mechanics (Kinship and Clash). Plus we're getting retrace back too.
      Hopefully that signals a full return to the plane. ;)

      On that note, I reworked my Fae deck a bit.

      @Foo I really responded to you mentioning back when I first made it that t would match up well against the Merfolk/ Golbin decks. It under-preformed against another of my decks last time I played it but I'm determined to get some use out of it!
      The goal was to counterbalance it another deck I put together- effectively making it more of a duel deck scenario where we wouldn't need to worry about one deck getting steamrolled:

      I made a companion deck for it, Lorwyn Elves.

      Whereas Faeries focus on Flying and Flash, the elves make use of those top-of-deck matters mechanics like Clash and Kinship. A fair number of Elves from the block focused on Vigilance but I avoided those since it would be useless in a matchup against flying cards. Instead, I included some cards with Reach and Lys Alana Bowmaster, which seemed like a balanced hate card against the Faeries.

      In terms of changes to Faeries, I broke down and picked up Mistbind and Vendilion Cliques. I took out a Quickling- its protective element is nice but not what I want out of a 2 mana creature since it can be a dead draw if I don't have another Faerie out. The Cliques seem like better on-curve creatures. Mistbind can shut the opponent down for a turn *and* bounce back a Faeries for protection/ reuse its effect, and Vendilion can prevent important cards from even hitting the field.
      I opted for more on-theme alternatives for my Instants. If I was gonna balance this against a specific deck anyway I figured I had the room to do this.Mana leak is out: for just one more mana, Faerie Trickery can't be worked around (spending 3 mana late game didn't seem like a big problem for Elves, and Spellstutter Sprite seems like more of a good Early-game counter anyway- I felt like I needed a hard late game counter) and as an added bonus works well against the few graveyard-recursive spells in the Elves' arsenal.
      Similarly, I cut Doom Blade for Violet Pall. 3 more mana is VERY steep but I thought it would still be fine against the Elves. Peppersmoke works well as a low-cost removal spell anyway, able to take out a lot of the smaller threats.
      Oona's Grace was taken out in favor of Advice from the Fae. For just one more mana, Advice from the Fae gives a deeper draw and possibility of getting an extra card.
      With all of those changes, I changed up the mana distribution- it now has more islands and dual lands.

      Overall I'm happy at this initial pass- the decks seem to have fun interactions with one another-- Gaea's Herald can shut down a huge portion of the Faere deck's strategy, but can die quickly to Peppersmoke. Likewise, Scion of Oona can protect his Faerie kin from the more offensive-oriented elves and Lys Alana Bowmaster, but can be sniped out with Hunt Down or Gilt-leaf Ambush.
      In the Elf deck, Clash offers some pretty great effects and as an added bonus for both players allows them both to scry, helping the overall consistency of both decks.
      Lastly, I like how well the "boss creatures" work against the opposing deck: Dwynen can shut down the Faeries before they go too crazy and still act as a finisher late game, and Oona's effect is much stronger against a mostly monocolored deck.

      SO, even though it looks good to me on paper, all this could change in playtesting. What are your thoughts? Anything jump out at you immediately?
      If I'm gonna make change, I'd rather do it to the elf one- they seem to have many more options and I haven't bought the pieces of that deck yet, so it's a lot easier for me to change! =)
    • Plenty of Gwent fans around these parts, physical game or no. I'm not playing these days cause MTGA is the new hotness but I've done pretty alright for myself historically. Not sure if Vynrah is playing much right now or waiting until Homecoming. I'm "LeFoo" on GOG.


      I have been casually following the C18 spoilers, ES. It's a funny season because lands matter (Windgrace), Enchantments-As-Masks (Estrid) and Top of the Library matters (Aminatou) are all themes I used in my last mtg homebrew, so it's fun to compare and contrast.

      My favourite designs so far have been the spells that grow with your commander tax:

      In the attrition-style games that always come out of the commander precons (due to their lack of true win conditions) I always struggle to find places to actually build permanent advantages. PW emblems do the trick, of course, but setting off a string of 'walker ultimates is easier said then done. These are an elegant solutions (at least assuming the rest of the power level of the red and black ones).

      Agreed that Aminatou is a great piece. The high res, for general reference:

      You might have seen, but Lorwyn won Rosewater's latest "plane to return to" contest on twitter. The last Lorwyn block came after a major story time skip and I'm really holding out for another skip of that size after the spring 2019 set. Fingers crossed we can get a real trip back to Lorwyn soon.

      (I'll take a solid look at the decks in Xmage tomorrow; just off to bed here!)
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      boxes is the best human and I am going to get her a kitten or 2 kittens

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    • DAMN. I'll need to take a look at that thread in its entirety tomorrow myself- standalone custom magic cards are cool enough, but making an entire set-- complete with proper rarity distribution, themes, mechanics, and color balancing-- that's a whole other level.
      I remember seeing a western set someone made, complete to the point where it had all of its artwork properly sourced and placed on custom templates. The cards were intended to be printed out and placed into sleeves and be fully usable. That was so cool! I know its tough, but I'd like to see that happen to your collection as well.

      Great work!

      if you ending up recording any of the Xmage tests, I'd love to see any footage! I'd love to see how the decks play in the hands of a pro. To see how they're best played. Thanks for looking into them!

      Lastly, I think I finally managed to find the Lorwyn/ Shadowmoor novels for cheap tonight. Can't wait to give them a read.

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