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    • Ok, tried to get on Xmage but had a hell of a time. Checked reddit, and apparently a recent Java update borked things for a lot of users and there's no stable fix yet. Lovely. Will try to get it up and running later.


      Let's start with the elf deck!

      Tribal elves is a pretty common early deck for many magic players, and there are a lot of good lessons to be learned building and playing with it. Elves is always a linear strategy: it snowballs its way to power. This can be very strong against an ill-prepared opponent because trying to play an attrition-based game against it - unless your using a truly optimised midrange deck full of rare and mythic cards - is a losing proposition.

      (In fact, many new players will often draw the conclusion that elves - and similar linear tribal strategies like slivers - are borken. They're not. The downside to these strategies, always, is that more focused decks in every direction all have good match-ups against a linear elven approach. Control decks can use a mass removal spell to reset all of the elf deck's progress and gain massive card advantage. Combo decks, against which mono-green rarely has any tools, will win before the elven plan comes together. Well tuned aggro decks, likewise, will often have the elf decks dead before they can do anything.

      Actual competitive elf decks are not tribal midrange decks, they're combo decks which use glimpse of nature and oddball mana-generating interactions to draw their entire deck on turn 2 or 3. You can watch PT Berlin back in 07 when elves was at its historic zenith and see what that looks like.)

      In the casual environment the biggest weakness of a base-green creature driven strategy, often called a "stompy" deck, is simply that the pieces don't come together. A green deck has very few ways to draw extra cards and even fewer ways to control the sorts of cards it is drawing. This ensures that mana flood and mana screw are more common problems than they would be for other decks, and the elf deck needs a really tight curve to compensate. *Especially* considering

      In your case, your curve is *very* 4-drop heavy, which is going to leave you mana screwed more often than you'd like. Yes, the addition of llanowar elves helps a *little* here, but the fae deck will quickly get in the habit of pointing peppersmoke at the mana elf asap.

      On the other hand, you're also very 1-drop heavy which is often going to mean that your draws will lack punch when you *are* rife with mana. Sylvan Echoes is somewhat cute when you get to play it on turn one but it's going to feel really, really bad to draw it on turn six. And as for cards like hunt down, have you considered what happens when your opponent has a removal spell ready or the creature you're sending in? It's a pretty harsh 2-for-1 blowout.

      I'm not saying don't play 1-drops: llanowar is a great opener and you could stand to add another copy. I'm not saying don't play 4-drops: masked admirers is a powerful card and the sort of engine your deck needs. But you really should try to consolidate a little more in the 3- and especially 2-drop slot.

      Take a look at the best mono-green deck in standard right now: only 6 cards in the main cost more than 3 and half of those 6 have a cost reduction mechanism which often drops their true cost down to 2. Of the secen true one drops (greenbelt rampager doesn't really count: it's a 3 drop in practice) four are mana-ramping elves and the other three are copies of the best combat trick in the format. This is the model you want to follow.


      I'm honestly really surprised your previous iteration of the fae deck had problems with merfolk and goblins duel decks! For one thing, I expect a turn two bitterblossom to almost always beat the fish deck on its own and while obviously that's not going to happen in every game it should at least be enough to swing the win percentage in your favour, given how the rest of the cards match up. Gobbos might've been a tougher match because in a pure race the red deck has an advantage, but I would think the fairies could set up enough profitable blocks to win that war.

      It seems to me like you're moving away from a more tempo-oriented strategy and towards something a little more attrition based. Mana leak and doom blade are *very* good cards when you're using them to punch through enough damage that the game will be effectively over before your opponent has the chance to pay 3 to leak or you have the opportunity to cast a strong violet pall. Nothing wrong with that move if the tempo plan isn't working out for you - lord knows I prefer the midrange approach myself, as a matter of taste - but playing a certain tempo strategy is something uniquely fae and it's a little sad to give that up.

      Right now, I still estimate that the faeries deck should play out more powerfully than any of the others in your meta, and it probably wouldn't do to add anything while that's true :P I will say that as you make the deck bigger and slower, and as the other decks catch up in power, you're really going to start feeling the relative lack of planeswalkers. Right now your deck is definitely in the position where it could massively benefit from the inclusion of an ashiok or an OG Tamiyo or almost any Jace or Lilianna.
      Although postsocratics like St. Augustine and Judith Butler explored a diverse set of ethical and metaphysical ideas, their unifying feature as a movement was a principled refusal to speculate upon which of the four elements the world was made out of.

      boxes is the best human and I am going to get her a kitten or 2 kittens

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    • Dr.Gazooks wrote:

      I know this isn't a physical card game, but I started playing Gwent today and I really like it. It's free to play so if anyone wants to play it with me just let me know!
      Gwent is fantastic! Like Foo mentioned, I am mostly sitting out until Homecoming but I am certain I will be back to my Gwent evangelizing once its complete. It is a ton of fun!!
    • All right, got XMage up and running and played through five games. Four with the fae deck and one with the elves. I recorded, but unfortunately without sound. I'll include the vids below but mostly just describe my experience:

      1) Fae vs Fish
      I open on the draw with island, island, swamp, secluded glen, peppersmoke, and one of each clique. Definitely a stronger hand, which I'm happy to keep. I put myself on the beatdown for this match-up, even though I don't have a 2-drop. By chaining my cliques together I'll be able to apply a lot of pressure without letting my opponent develop and I should be able to score a fairly quick kill.

      Opponent leads with island into tidal warrior, a 1/1 'folk with a tap ability to turn my lands into isalnds. I'm not going to be able to get around islandwalk this game - given my hand - so the ability is irrelevant. My initial assessment is that this dude isn't enough of a threat to take my peppersmoke while I still control no other fae.

      I draw an island and play swamp/go. My opponent plays island into Master of the Perl Trident. Interesting decision here. The master's ability will take the tidal warrior to 2/2, out of range of my peppersmoke. I'd still have the smoke as a good combat trick later but it won't be a true removal spell as long as this Master is going to stick around. I opt for average value now instead of the possibility of large value later and kill the warrior.

      I draw Oona's Gatewarden. Not a bad draw, given that it gives me something to do on turn 2 and nicely blanks the master. I use the Gatewarden to get the secluded glen into play - delaying my islands as long as possible against his island walk - and play the defender.

      Opponent plays a Tidebinder Mage (which is dead against me) and then attacks his master into my Gatewarden. This is probably a bad attack, but it also probably doesn't matter. I gladly take the trade.

      My turn. I untap, draw another gatewarden, and play an island giving me access to V clique. Standard operating procedure here (and for any instant-speed discard effect) is to play the clique on my opponent's draw step, after they've drawn their card for the turn but before they get access to their main phase. I see my opponent's hand is engulf the shore, tidal courier, merfolk looter, and merfolk sovereign.

      The Engulf is really bad against me: with all of fae's etb effects I'd gladly take a mass bounce spell. Looter is too slow to stop what I'm doing. Tidal Courier could be a roadblock, but if my opponent goes in that direction they're only delaying the inevitable. I take the lord. Opponent finds and plays a Streambed Aquitects and attacks. I take it gladly.

      I draw another V clique. A second copy of a legendary permanent would be troubling but I have the Mistbind to champion away V clique 1 so I can play V clique 2 no problem. No worries about being aggressive here - not only am I the beatdown, I'll be championing my tapped creature to give myself a 4/4 flyer to block with. I attack for 3, then mistbind my opponent on their upkeep to blank their turn, then follow up with 5 power of attacking fairies. I don't *need* another mistbind to win this one, but I draw it.

      This is generally how I expect the fish/fae matchup to go. You're both playing something of a tempo game, but the fairies cards are both more-dispruptive *and* better attackers.

      2) Fae V. Gobbos.
      Once again I'm on the draw with island, island, swamp, gatewarden, quickling, advice from the fae, glen elendra. I figure I'm going to need to play a far more defensive game here, so the t1 defender and the quickling are certainly a welcome sight. I keep.

      Opponent leads on mountain into goblin glory chaser and I respond with swamp into gatewarden. Swamp is actually the wrong land here: if I'd drawn running islands I'd want to be able to cast Advice on turn 3 and know I won't be able to. Ah well.

      Opponent makes a few tokens with Krenko's Command and then chooses not to attack and trade off his 1/1 for my 2/1. This is definitely an error. I draw a Violet Pall, and play an island readying my quickling.

      The the opponent plays a an ember hauler. This is interesting!

      I can quickling immediately and return my gatewarden no problem. With a 2/2 in play my opponent certainly won't have any good attacks this turn. I *will* be wasting the quickling's potential as a trick and I'll likely end up losing it to the hauler next turn. If I hold up quickling instead then I may be able to get my opponent to waste his hauler, but I'll also be constraining myself. With the Hauler in play, if my opponent has mana up, I can't play the quickling until something else changes: my opponent could hauler my only creature in response and then my quickling would be DOA.

      If I think I'm going to need my quickling any time in the near future it would be the safe bet to play it now. If I think I can hold out I'll get more value later. Ultimately, I consider the fact that my opponent *didn't* attack his glory chaser last turn and I expect similar behaviour now and decide I can wit on the quickling.

      Not a huge thing, but some good magic here!

      I draw oona(!) and play an island. My opponent plays an out-of-sequence hordeling outbust to absolutely flood the board with tokens, then attacks with his hauler. Because of his out of sequence sorcery I can safely bring in my quickling to blank the attack. I'm not interested in trading off with the hauler: I want creatures to keep that token army back.

      I draw island, thankfully taking my up to 4 mana, and now I've got decisions. My gameplan is to win with Oona so I need to draw lands. That rules out a flashed in Harbinger. I can either play Glen Elendra or I can double up with gatewarden and Advice. Gatewarden will be a better blocker if it comes in after Glen Elendra so I opt for the lord.

      Opponent sticks a goblin diplomats. Scary! If we're forced into a race here the tokens will take me down before I can fly over with the fae. I *will* have Violet Pall to deal with it if I can just find that fifth land though. Unfortunately, I draw Dire Undercurrents which feels really bad here. I play advice (finding faeire conclave) and the gatewarden, setting my defences in place and giving my access to violet pall.

      Opponent untaps and plays Krenko (!!!). That'll run us over quick. We have the violet pall, at least, but now the diplomat is going to be live. Things are looking a little dicey, but I like the way my board is growing while my opponent's is staying pretty static.

      We draw peppersmoke. Now we have a risk decision! If we pepper smoke a 1/1 gobbling and draw exactly a black producing ETB untapped land we can kill Krenko. If we draw anything else krenko will live a turn. Worth it? Nah. We just kill the Krenko. Opponent elects *not* to use diplomats, which was is possibly an error.

      Opponent plays an 8/8 flying battle squadron, which somewhat justifies their decision to not race with me. We'll be totally fine if we can hit land number six for oona. We draw another Harbinger, sadly, but peppersmoke then immediately finds us that last island. At this point the game is academic and I start rushing/playing kinda loosely to finish it asap.

      Again, this one played out as I expected it would. The gobbos never had a good combat step against us, which meant we could build to our win cons without issue, and we had enough disruption to keep their one serious threat at bay.

      3) Fae Vs. Elves 1

      I flooded out of black mana with a bunch of double blue spells in hand lol. I cut the recording half-way through cause boxes wanted my attention. I'll just say that it felt like if I'd draw at any point on turn 3-6 I would've won. Meh.

      4) Fae Vs. Elves 2

      I'm on the play with 4x island, sunkenhollow, peppersmoke, and mistbind clique. This hand is sketchy, buuuut peppersmoke is so important in this matchup and mistbind is a powerful card. I keep.

      I lead on hollow. Sure enough, opponent has T1 llanowar. I peppersmoke it turn 2, feeling better about my keep for a moment. I draw a counterspell. That's nice, but I'll unfortunately have shields down for a turn. Opponent takes advantage with a Wren's Run 3/3. This thing will go on to deal 12 damage to me this game. Rough.

      In the following few turns I flood out while my opponent gets manascrewed. I do manage to draw a quickling - which will turn on my mistbind when I hit 6 mana - and a faeire conclave.

      Championing the quickling is something of a desperation play. If the mistbind dies and the quickling comes back into play when I have no other creature then the quickling will immediate die to its own trigger as well. Luckily I draw out of that rough situation with the concalve, but yeesh it was close.

      Opponent starts making tokens while I continue to flood out for a bit. My quickling does a good job holding back the 1/1s thankfully. Arguably my opponent might've chipped in for damage here at the expense of their board but with so many lords in the elf deck that would've been questionable. I *know* there's a Dywnen coming: it was revealed to the Wren's Run 3/3 earlier.

      Just as the elf lord does hit I rip a Violet Pall. Finally I start to feel comfortable in this match. Yeah, I'm down to 8 life but my board blanks my opponent's token army pretty darn well and I soon draw a scion of oona to protect my against any second lord that might show up. I slowly widdle away at my opponent's card advantage before eventually drawing some cliques and finishing things.

      Had my opponent been able to play Dwynen (or any of their four drops) on curve I would've dead to my flood, but as it was the computer was stuck on 3 lands for too long and I won out. Even with a much, much poorer hand than I saw in either of the previous games against fish and gobos. Feel pretty confident saying this supports my worry about the elves deck.

      5) Elves vs. Gobbos

      Picked up the green deck at this point, and put the computer on goblins. I was on the play with 3x forest, plains, woodland guidance, wiltleaf liege, and hunting triad. That is, four land and three four drops >>

      I kept, not because I think this is a keepable hand but because I thought it might highlightmy concerns with the deck. I lead on on forest, and my opponent on mountain in to brittle effigy. I drew elvish promenade another 4 drop. Even though I had enough mana to play every card in my hand, it was going to take me a minimum of six more turns to deploy it all. Hard to call that an aggro deck.

      The rest of the game *was* fairly exciting, if not particularly interesting. The goblin deck applied pressure and I tried over and over to stabilize, taking chip damage all the while. Eventually, I was at a point where I needed to win a clash to put up enough blockers to survive another turn and didn't win it.*Had* I ever secured the board for a turn Evlish Promenade would've been great, but "I only I had one more turn" is how it always fails to lose on tempo.

      So yeah, I remain worried about the curve on this elf deck. No doubt it can do powerful things when the hands come together - an opener with two forests, a plains, two llanowar and two action spells probably beets any of the other three decks 70% of the time plus - but the consistency just isn't there with the curve you have I don't think.
      Although postsocratics like St. Augustine and Judith Butler explored a diverse set of ethical and metaphysical ideas, their unifying feature as a movement was a principled refusal to speculate upon which of the four elements the world was made out of.

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    • BackSet wrote:

      Colu wrote:

      I can't find the deck of cards at the moment (I think they're still packed somewhere, or maybe just gone), but I like to play Solitaire
      This statement is funny because this thread pretty much consists of magic geeks going on long winded deck show offs.
      yeah, it felt a little silly hahaha. But it's true, i like solitaire!
      I tried magic, but it just isn't for me. Really pretty cards though
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    • Solitaire is cool! And not totally unrelated to CCGs because it can help you practice good sequencing and undoing "knots". I'll admit I always enjoyed Free Cell more than classic Klondike solitaire. One suit spider has its charms as well.

      Although postsocratics like St. Augustine and Judith Butler explored a diverse set of ethical and metaphysical ideas, their unifying feature as a movement was a principled refusal to speculate upon which of the four elements the world was made out of.

      boxes is the best human and I am going to get her a kitten or 2 kittens
    • The reason I got into Force of Will was somewhat lore-ish. The first pair of decks I was shown were a werewolf Little Red Riding Hood against a human LRRH. (the former having Werewolf support, and the latter having Wizard of Oz-themed support), and part of the lore, I was informed, involved the real one trying to take back her story. There was even a card in the werewolf deck depicting part of it.

      ...It turned out that this was a pretty minor part of the lore, but it interested me enough to keep playing. Fairy Tales are definitely one of my favorite archetypes in the game, with this interest later extending to Alice of Wonderland-themed stuff and Kaguya with The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter (the former being classed as Fairy Tale in the game, and the latter as Myth).

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    • The MTG *narrative* is mostly crap, in the way that most mass-market fantasy is crap... although it's been crap in a lot of different, interesting ways over the years. The world-building, at least, is consistently average-to-good. Sometimes legitimately great, but its been a while.

      Also, although it's not an area I have any expertise in, the art and art direction seemingly ranges from solid to fantastic.

      Lore's tough! I think a lot of newer games in the rapidly flooding CCG market stand to ultimately be done in by the fact that they're tied into source pool of flavour elements that's ultimately too small (or at least too narrow) to support years and years of innovation. Magic's conceit of going to a different world every year has resulted in some duds, sure, but it's also allowed for 25 years of novel development.
      Although postsocratics like St. Augustine and Judith Butler explored a diverse set of ethical and metaphysical ideas, their unifying feature as a movement was a principled refusal to speculate upon which of the four elements the world was made out of.

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    • Honestly as long I have the time, a good group, and to some extent the finances, I'm down to try any card game- whether it be something like FoW or MTG/HS, or simpler games like Spider or Hearts.
      I also have a soft spot for Liars poker and Gin.

      Plus there are a number of fun "drinking games" that end up being really fun and not as easy as people may think.

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    • One card game I've always wanted to try is Once Upon a Time. It's a storytelling card game where someone acts as the storyteller and tries to gear the story in the favour of their cards while everyone else tries to interrupt or become the new storyteller with the cards they have
      Once Upon a Time: The Storytelling Card Game
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    • Backset used "recall post from the depths to show the new guy"

      BackSet wrote:

      So, hey, I hate to break the flow of continuous Magic: The Gathering discussion, but it's time to discuss cooperative card games! More specifically Sentinels of the Multiverse which I've mentioned before but never really gotten in depth. As such, allow me to introduce you too it so as to entice you to try it to.

      Sentinels of the Multiverse is, according to the rulebook, the worlds greatest cooperative, comic-based, fixed-deck card game. In it you play various superhero characters and take down villains. There are some simple ones such as Legacy and Tachyon and sime complex ones such as Absolute Zero and the Argent Adept. And, of course, there are your typical character archetypes. For example Legacy is a buffer who can take a lot of damages and bunker is a damage dealer. Most of the characters are based off of various heroes and other comics but have their own personalities, gimicks, and histories that make them different. For example, Tachyon is the flash and Legacy is superman. Also, for the minority crowd, there's some good minority representation.

      In the game you take turns with the villain deck, representing the villain you're fighting, going first. Then each player takes a turn, in whatever order you like, and goes through three phases: their play phase, in whoch you play a card, their power phase, in which you use the power listed on your character card or on any other card you might have played, and your draw phase, in which you draw a card. Finally, after everyones gone through their turn the environment deck, which represents where you are fighting, goes. The environment deck can either help or hinder the heroes.

      The game can be checked out Here.

      It also has a video game version which is the same as the card game but it's a video game so you don't have to buy the physical products and wait for them to arrive and then have them take up shelf space and then never play them because your friends aren't interested.

      If you don't want to buy the card game or have bought it and want to know about the lore of the game check out the podcast Here. It's made by the game's artist and ewriter Adam and Christopher (respectively) and tells you a lot about the story behind the game. There's actually a hella lot of lore.

      Finally, there will be an RPG coming out based on the card game that takes place in one of the two timelines that branch off after OblivAeon which is the final expansion of the card game and is about the end of the multiverse. There is also a tactics game with a base set that takes place in the other timeline but hasn't had any other expansions come out due to it being heavily reworked.

      Additionally, there's a forum for the game Here.

      Thank you for reading this overly long post and I hope that I have enticed you because this game is great and I love it and I'm sure you will too if you try it out.

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    • @Lady Sunshine mtg is my favorite drinking game =p

      I'm a huge lore fan myself, @BackSet. Whenever I make a magic deck myself I like keeping the the cards consistent- visually or largely from the same plane.

      Foo, wow! Thanks for all of your input and feedback. And for recording your matches. I hope they were fun.


      Yeah, taking out the more tempo-oriented cards was definitely conscious, they just seemed a little too stifling/ aggressive- especially early on- for my group. What I want out of the deck is longer drawn out matches. The idea of outlasting the opponent is more appealing to me. I don't want to just win-- I want big, flashy wins: I want Oona out; I want to devastate the opponent with Dire Undercurrents. And if I don't win, I want to put up a good fight and play my Faeries throughout the game. With my old iteration, I wasn't getting either one.
      The longer the game plays out, the more of an opportunity I have to accomplish what I want!

      At the end of the day though, a big deciding factor of replacing those cards was also simply to keep the deck's art/ theme consistent. I know the deck could be made a lot stronger with Planeswalkers and cards from other sets, but at this point my playgroup isn't at a place where any of that's necessary.

      In truth, I'm surprised at how MUCH stronger this deck is than the others. I think that's the beauty of seeing you play it. You have years of experience under your belt and know just how to use it. After seeing you play it, here are my thoughts:

      -I feel a lot better with the mana distribution. More islands was the right way to go- I felt like there were too many swamps originally and it was throwing me off.

      -Using Peppersmoke without having a Faerie on the field is something I never considered. I totally undervalued playing it turn one or two just to get rid of a 1/1 and not worrying about having another Faerie around.

      -I really feel good about the inclusion of the cliques- the disruption seems befitting of the deck and good on-curve. With Vendilion Clique, is there ever any merit in targeting myself if I have a bad hand?

      -I know more than I thought! I could see myself making the same plays. There were times that I felt like I would've made stupid plays and overextended (usually for the point of being showy, like playing Dire undercurrents that last round of the Goblin vid), but overall I get how the deck works and feel better about playing it now.


      It's funny- I had no idea just how 4-drop heavy the deck was until you mentioned it- and yeah, there were wayyy too many.

      I removed some of them in favor of more 2/ 3 drops, as you suggested. Since I'm staying mostly within Lorwyn/ Shadowmoor, I'm going more into 'top-of deck matters' cards. Gilt-Leaf Seer and Cream of the Crop are my immediate inclusions.
      I'm not sure how practical top of deck manipulation will prove, but it seems uniquely fun and interesting.

      I think it's important to consider that I threw this deck together to go head-to-head against my Faeries specifically (which explains some of the weird inclusions like Raven's Run Dragoon, Gaea's Herald, and the overabundance of creatures with Reach), but I could see reworking this into a general deck balanced against my others.

      I'm looking forward to reworking this. I of course want to keep the focus on Lorwyn elves, but could see myself maybe branching out a bit into Selesnya territory to get some more white cards.
    • EmptyStar wrote:

      -Using Peppersmoke without having a Faerie on the field is something I never considered. I totally undervalued playing it turn one or two just to get rid of a 1/1 and not worrying about having another Faerie around.

      Heh, well let me reference one of the oldest and most important tactical maxims in magic:

      Going back the full 25 years of Magic's history "Bolt the Bird" is a phrase identifying the fact that it's almost universally correct to use a 1-drop removal spell (even one of the most powerful, highest impact removal spells in the games history like lightning bolt) to kill a mana-producing 1-drop creature (even an entirely non-threatening mana-producing 1-drop like birds of paradise).

      It's certainly possible to get a whole "2 cards worth" of value out of peppersmoke - to kill a serious creature on your opponent's side and simultaneously get the card-draw ability to activate - and so gain card advantage over your opponent. It's even possible to do this in a game where card advantage is the central issue and it will be a major "victory" to score that 2-for-1. But that kind of great value will be rare and you shouldn't let yourself get tripped up looking for it.

      The last thing you want is for the card to turn in to "B: gain one life, draw a card" because you had nothing better to do with it then point it at a random attacking creature. That's just not a powerful enough effect to justify a card in your deck, even at 1 mana. "B: destroy target 1/1, draw a card" is a more respectable card if the 1/1 is actually relevant to the board state... but in many cases 1/1s are utility creatures or aggressive attackers that will already have gotten their full value by the time your in position to kill them *while* maintaining a fairie on board.

      The best case scenario for getting maximum value out of perppersmoke is catch the opponent in some awkward combat where the -1/-1 effect turns a battle between some big important creatures in your favour *and* draws you a card, but that situation just isn't going to come around every game even if you're purposefully looking to set it up. Your a tricky fairie mage: your opponents are going to be actively avoiding any combat that can be turned against them that easily.

      Far better to bolt the bird for guaranteed results than to chase down that hint of a possible big play.
      Although postsocratics like St. Augustine and Judith Butler explored a diverse set of ethical and metaphysical ideas, their unifying feature as a movement was a principled refusal to speculate upon which of the four elements the world was made out of.

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    • I played 2 games of magic yesterday!
      (Unfortunately no Peppersmoke came up so I didn't get a chance to use it to its fullest ability)

      Foo, I gave an attempt of a turn-by-turn below if you'e curious.

      round 1:
      Ixalan Vampires (me) vs BW Aristocrats
      Display Spoiler

      -I had a strong opening hand: plenty of lands, Duskborne Skymarcher, and TWO Mavrens. I kept. I play Skymarcher and end pass.
      -My opponent plays Zulaport Cutthroat and Windbrisk Heights (she would go on to play a second Windbrisk next turn)
      -My opponent gets out a Blood Artist. I forgot what happened to this but he stuck around for a couple of turns.
      -I eventually get around to getting Mavren out and attack with Skymarcher. I knew a flying card would be a great pair with Mavren against this deck; she could keep attacking without having to worry about being blocked, letting me rack up tokens with Mavren. Unfortunately she gets killed to an instant early on so it never comes to fruition lol.
      -My opponent plays Lingering Souls. Turns out Skymarcher wouldn't have fared so well anyway.
      -My field starts to develop: Viscous Conquistador makes it out and I get to play a bit more aggressively. I get some vampire tokens.
      -Oh, at some point my opponent gets out a Viscera Seer and uses it a few times in response to some of my removal spells. Not sure when it happened but thought it was worth mentioning in case you were curious. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      -I know Cuttroat will be a problem if left unchecked. I try to get rid of it with Anguished Unmaking and in response my opponent sacrifices it herself with Seer. At least its gone.
      -My opponent goes on the offensive: she attacks with her spirit tokens and something else, I tank the hits, she gets to use Windbrisk and gets Teysa, Orzhov Scion. Next turn she repeats this and gets the second Windbrisk trigger: this time pulling out some Sorcery that made Servo tokens.
      -My opponent gets rid of Mavren by sacrificing her spirit tokens with Teysa. I play my second Mavren.
      -I get out Sanctum Seeker and know it's time to go all out. A great pair with Conquistador and Mavren. Even if my attacks don't land I still reap the benefits of all of their effects.
      -Next turn I draw another Sanctum Seeker. Same deal as last turn, I deal a bunch of effect damage.
      -Next turn I draw Pride of Conquerors. Between tokens, creatures, and my lands, I have exactly 10 permanents. I attack with all and swing for game.

      Happy with the turnout. I got lucky by getting those dual Mavrens and Seekers.
      I don't know exactly what else was in the other deck: I know it had Cartel Aristocrat and Anguished Unmaking when my friend showed me the deck a few months ago. A shambling Vent turned up in our match, but it didn't make much of an impact.

      Ixalan Vampires are solid, if not a little boring/ too linear, as it proved today. Well of Lost Dreams and the Ravnica-era Orzhov proper cards with Extort spice things up though.
      Or maybe our decks were so similar it proved to be a bad matchup.

      round 2:
      Faeries (me) vs Flamekin
      Display Spoiler

      ((This match was lie 25+ minutes I think?))

      -Opening hand was Oona's Gatewarden, a nice mix of basic and dual lands, and Faerie Trickery. I keep. I start, play an Island and Gatewarden, then pass.
      -I play Secluded Glen next turn revealing Faerie Trickery and then cast Baleful Strix.
      -Two turns in, My opponent plays Smokebraider. I'm holding onto Strix to crash into a stronger creature but it dies to Bolt pretty early.
      -The next creature I play is Scion of Oona.
      -My opponent is playing a bunch of red dual lands that give her a life upon playing them. I know Horde of Notions is in this deck and I'm bracing myself- I want to be ready with a counter when it hits.
      - Over time, my opponent gets around to playing more Flamekin, and me more Faeries. She gets Incandescent Soulstoke.
      -My field eventually consists of two Oona's Gatewardens and Scion of Oona. My Opponent has a Mulldrifter which has Flying. I have a hand full of counters that I'm sitting on. I'm not willing to risk losing Scion to Muldrifter and my other creatures can't attack- and my opponent isn't willing to risk losing of any of her creatures to being blocked, so we find each other in a stalemate. I realize this game is going to be a long one.
      -With that in mind, I play Dire Undercurrents. Although my deck is already down 3 of the 7 dual colored creatures that most benefit, if I'm steeling myself for a long game, this will keep the advantage in my favor the whole time. It gets Remanded but I'm determined to keep it out so I play it next turn and it remains up through the game.
      -Horde of Notions made it onto the field at some points, I don't remember when. I wasn't able to counter it. It never attacked because of my strong board state with blockers, but remained on the field for the duration of the game.
      -Also preparing for a long game, my opponent plays Flamekin Harbinger tutoring out a card I had never seen before: Tyrant of Discord.
      -Next up I draw Faerie Harbinger, I figure the best thing for me to do now is bolster my creatures further: I want to make them as strong as possible so when they are ready to attack I can finish things in just one or two combat phases. I go for Glen Elendra Leige, who gives everything a boost and especially strengthens my Gatewarden defenders.
      -Harbinger is the only Faerie I feel comfortable attacking with, with the cumulative boosts it can get around Mulldrifter no problem- but my opponent keeps bringing it back with Horde of Notions. I'm desperate to get some more offensive Fairies out make use of a Spellstutter Sprite, and a token from Violet Pall.
      -Dire Undercurrents keeps my opponent on the ropes the whole game. Even with Mulldrifter coming back, her hand was decimated and I accumulated a solid card advantage. I play another Scion in subsequent turns.
      -I wanna cinch this fast- I play Mistbind Clique (removing a Gatewarden) in her draw step and think I have it in the bag. With no mana, my opponent uses Smokebraider to add 2 mana, spends it on Soulstoke who brings out Tyrant of Discord. I can't counter it because it's through an ability. I know that's trouble- I know Shroud won't protect my creatures and I have a ton of non-land cards. This can burn through everything. I lose Glen Elendra Leige and another creature (I think it was mistbind?) before losing a land. Turn ends, and Tyrant of Discord goes into the grave...
      -I draw Wydwyn, cast her, and with remaining mana, I cast my Third Scion. I Attack with everything except those that can't attack and my other Scions. My opponent is down to like 6 life.
      -With all of the hand damage from Dire Undercurrents, my opponent only has one card in her hand-- I have 4: all counters (2 SpellStutters, 2 Faerie Trickery). I have a field full of Faeries and am ready to negate whatever is up her sleeve. Or can I? My opponent taps her lands not for the card in her hand- but rather for Horde of Notions, who brings back Tyrant of Discord. I remove Wydwyn with her effect to save for next turn, and the ability goes off once more: taking out a Scion (I think? it didn't matter.) and a land. My opponent concedes.

      I finally had my dream Lorwyn match! It was a ton of fun from the beginning to end with the ending being particularly exhilarating.
      I think some of the details/ order of things might be a little wrong in my recount- there were a lot of turns!

      Super happy with this.

      Mid match, around the 11th bullet I guess:

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    • While I can't in-good-conscience applaud a victory over my gal Teysa, the second match sounds tiiight. Glad you're finding success ^^
      Although postsocratics like St. Augustine and Judith Butler explored a diverse set of ethical and metaphysical ideas, their unifying feature as a movement was a principled refusal to speculate upon which of the four elements the world was made out of.

      boxes is the best human and I am going to get her a kitten or 2 kittens

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    • So Boomsday spoiler season finished today, here's a collection of every card in the new set. I only just got home so i've watched the stream and am just trying to formulate my thoughts still cause it's fresh.

      Currently Druid is the best class, followed by warlock and then rogue. The second and third place is up for grabs in the new meta, but druid has just gotten a bunch of cards which make their best decks significantly better, while no real counters were provided.

      Namely Druid got Biology Project and Flobbidinous Floop. Biology Project is some of the most absurdly powerful ramp we've ever seen (spend 1 mana gain 2 mana). The 'downside' is that your opponent gets the ramp too, but because you can use it immediately and you built your deck with the card in mind then the downside is irrelevant lmfao. I see this getting nerfed to 2 mana or empty mana crystals (tapped lands) in the near future. Flobbidinous Floop is also a new way of enabling combos for a low cost. Most likely with Malygos for reliable OTKs. Malygos previously worked in OTKs where you refresh your mana crystals, but these could be disrupted. Floop can't be disrupted as far as i see... so the strongest deck in the meta just lost it's only win counter???

      I see Mage climbing the tier list and maaaaybe warrior (I'm crafting Dr Boom, Mad Genius day 1 anyway)

      Foo Quote

      Foo wrote:

      Magnetic is a minion keyword, this minion acts as normal unless you place it on the left side of a friendly mech in play. If you do, they fuse all stats and keywords. This is the example they've given us.
      But, like... if I'm spending two cards I'd muuuuch rather have two 2/2s with independent death triggers than one 4/4 with a single, doubly effective death trigger. The 4/4 is easier for my opponent to deal with efficiently and the combined trigger is easier to play around.

      There are obviously cases where I might want to combine creatures - generally, if one of the two has text that gets better with high attack strength like an evasive ability or "when this deals damage you gain that much life" or whatever - but even then it's only after a rather troubling cost/benefit calculation.

      My gut evaluation is that, fun and interesting or not, the "magnetic" rider isn't worth even half a mana: at the competitive level you're going to play a magnetic minion if and only if you'd play the same minion without magnetic.

      Omega causes minions(?) to be buffed or act differently if you have reached 10 mana, our example was this card.
      Interesting. Shadowverse and TESL have both done this to different extents, and I liked related designs from both games; don't doubt HS will pull it off well. Regardless, I'm gonna predict a subset of people really hating the mechanic. The feel-bad level of occasionally having to play a guy like this on 9 for whatever reason is hiiiiiiigh :P

      Wanted to wait to address this when the expansion came out if it changed my thoughts. Effectively going wide is bad in hearthstone, especially at the moment. Magic has a lot of single target removal but less wide removal especially when you consider the differences between taunt and declaring defenders in mtg. This is even more important rn when single target removal is seen in only a few meta decks(Druid and Mage) - big minions are more efficient right now. Silence is non-present too.

      That said i'm having a hard time evaluating the cards. Minions that usually beat the vanilla test which can conditionally have charge(no summoning sickness) and be used as either a non-spell buff or another body is like, really good? But then i think the biggest weakness of this mechanic is there aren't too many mechs in standard atm. Most are rotated into wild, and the expansion itself doesn't have a whole lot of mechs to play with. Some are really easy to evaluate, like Glow-Tron or Wargear which is just objectively good as a 5 mana 5/5 charge. Others are probably really good if you think of them exclusively as a buff like Bronze Gatekeeper(Curved onto an Upgradeable Framebot).

      The last expansion had trouble shifting the meta nad it wasn't until a month after release that blizzard rebalanced that the meta shifted. Now we have one of the most varied metas we've ever seen, but i once again don't see any of the top dogs shifting. That said, i think there's a lot of potential for exciting new decks. If we have 20 potential decks to build with fresh innovative ideas, it's likely that a couple will be tier 1/2 and effectively counter some high tier decks. Couple examples below~

      An obvious combo is the two new mage legendaries in tandem - play Galaxy on 7 and follow with Luna on low cost cycle minions like novice engineer until you acquire combo pieces like antonidas to win.

      So the idea with this is essentially old Jade Druid - you find a pogo-hopper, two lab recruiters and some cycle in your deck. You cast Myra's so you have nothing left and each turn you're playing progressively bigger and bigger minions. This ends control, and if you hit a point where going infinite won't work you play Mecha'Thun. I don't think mecha'thun is good yet, but will be in later expansions. There's already ways to use it in druid where they can generate mana mid-turn meaning they can cast both mechathun and 1 mana removal as an otk.

      The most well-developed because it's an adaptation of a deck i've already ran in the past a lot - midrange paladin is one of my fav decks to play and it's got no place right now, but the new tools means even if it sucks i'll have fun playing it (and i think this is stronger than 2017 midrange paladin)

      Oh and I forgot to touch on Omega - omega probably sucks imo, the issue with it is that it serves as lategame in decks that don't need more lategame. If a deck looking to the long-term survives til turn 10, it usually wins anyway, so these effectively feel like win-more cards to me. I think the warrior card is the only really strong one, and that's because it's v playable (7/10 in a boom deck) without the omega trait.

      why would trump support the vikings

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