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    General Card Games Thread
    • Hello everyone and welcome to the....

      ~General Card Games Thread~

      Hey everyone! So I was browsing ZU and I realized there was nowhere for a discussion about other kinds of gaming aside from video games - specifically, card games! From regular 52-card deck games, to fun multiplayer card games, to specific collector card games- this thread is meant to encompass them all!
      So if there's a new expansion out, a new game you've learned or decks you want to discuss- this is the place to do it!

      Starting off - I am a big Magic the Gathering player. I haven't played in true tournaments yet, but I play a lot casually and my card collection is getting a little out of hand, lol. And a new block is coming out soon, so I'm very excited about it. I may go to a game store and participate in a draft! Which would be a great experience. I prefer EDH (commander) play, though recently I've had to switch back to standard magic because my friends at home don't play EDH. I would love to talk about the new decks I've made and get some opinions.

      I have also recently been introduced to Hearthstone! It is a pretty fun game and definitely less expensive. It's also an easy game to transition to from Magic, as they are quite similar and have a lot of the same mechanics. It is online-based, which makes things easier to play with friends who I'm not near. And because it's made by Blizzard and based on Warcraft, it's very familiar to me since I had a bit of a WoW obsession in college. But I'm a beginner! And so getting help with decks to build would be great because they -do- differentiate from Magic and I'm struggling a bit with those differences.

      I've never heard of Gwent but I've heard good things about it, so I'm totally willing to learn more about it too.

      Alrighty! Game on :sparta:

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    • played hs since beta and got rank 7 most recenfly, currently experimenting with a discolock deck when ive got time to play. last expansion i got by with a controlling ended taunt warrior and before that i played a lot of highlander mage. Generally like control decks, both for the deeper strategy and cause im a timmy at heart. Really wanna invest in a frost lich deck cause control mage is super fun when it doesnt boil down to exodia based combos.

      recently tried magic for the first time when sunshine visited and i think i won one game of three which was good, definitely enjoyed myself though im super acclimated to the comfort of digitalising rules so having to turn cards when they get tapped and trying to figure out how cards interact was fun lmao.
    • Oh hey folks!

      Magic is my principle hobby and has been for... quite a long time. I've talked about my history with the game in past threads but long and short I've been playing this stupid game for 20 years at this point :P

      Things have been interesting since I got to Ireland. Thankfully @LeoBravo plays and has been enormously welcoming for some EDH action. I've returned the favour by sharing decks that mana screw him >>

      Moderately excited about Ixalan, and planning to start trying to make it out to regular drafts again once it drops. Whether I transition that into playing paper standard again is up in the air, but I'd like to. It's been over four years, which almost sounds weird to say!

      I'm still sad that the attempt to get ZU playing over Xmage fell through. Maybe it's time for a second try? :waggle:
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    • Lol, @Foo EDH action is best action. I remember you sharing with me some of the decks you were running and I was super interested in them.
      I guess I'll have to scroll down my wall to find that convo, haha.
      Also I'd totally be down for playing over Xmage.

      @Keith you learned quick and played well. Now, you need more cards xD

      SO... I drafted with a group of my friends privately a couple days ago. Opened 2 Kaladesh, 1 Oath of the Gatekeepers and 4 Zendikar decks. Kindof random, but I've been out of the buying-new-cards loop for a while, so I wanted some variety.

      Wasn't the -biggest- fan of the mechanics I found. A lot of devoids and colorless Eldrazi cards, which is fine if I'm looking to make that type of deck, but I'm not. Right now I'm trying to fix the.. 16? Regular decks I have built and the 5 EDH decks. Half of them need a lot of improvement, and also need more cards, since I pulled a lot out of the regular decks for my EDH ones. My friend is super into the energy mechanic, and his deck is really well crafted, but I just don't really like the energy mechanic either.
      There were a lot of Ally cards I got, which I'd be more inclined to make a deck of, since I already have a fair collection of them in my library.

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    • I've been real crazy about Fire Emblem Cipher for much of the past year or so. Every three months, we get a new set with 100 new cards, plus whatever promos come out, and just yesterday we got a whole lot of information on the next two sets. Right now the game has eight colors - red is for Shadow Dragon, Mystery of the Emblem, and Shadows of Valentia, blue is for Awakening, white is for Hoshido, black is for Nohr, green is for Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn, purple is for Binding Blade/Blazing Sword, yellow is for Genealogy of the Holy War. In the next set, we're getting colorless cards, which represent Heroes, and we're getting Thracia 776 for yellow and a variety of new Fates cards - in fact, they're giving us dual color cards for the first time. In this set as well. I'm really hyped.

      I'm almost as hyped for this as I am for set 11. All we really were told about set 11 is that it's covering The Sacred Stones, Shadows of Valentia, and Warriors, but yesterday, we were shown quite a bit of TSS art, and we learned that it's also going to be purple - but with its own unique border designs. Moreover, we learned that set 12 will be green, blue, and yellow.

      Sorry for posting a manuscript here, I've been kinda deprived of the chance to talk about this too often. The game is only published in Japan after all, but it's possible to play it via LackeyCCG, which has all the translations built right in. Works pretty well, too, and it's easy to set up. There are also some mods for Tabletop Simulator that port the game over, but they're quite outdated, one only going up to set 7.

      The game itself is real simple - I'd say it's somewhat of a middle ground between Hearthstone and Magic, but then, I've never played either of those! Most matches seem to take around an hour, and the game is fairly well-balanced. It's not difficult to pick up at all, considering I was able to teach myself the game in the span of a few hours. Nevertheless, if anybody here decides they want to give it a shot, I'd be more than happy to give you pointers.

    • @Valflame

      Cool! I've never played a Fire Emblem game, despite some general cajoling, but I know enough about the market to know that any product which can release 11 expansions must have something going for it, whatever IP it's based on.


      I've only got two EDH decks in Ireland. Derevi twiddle with minor adjustments from the 2013 precon and my trusty ol Teysa list.

      When the next set of precons drop (next week!) I might pick up the Ur-Dragon deck and build Spirit Tribal with Divinity Counter bullshit. Think it'd be a fun addition to our little local meta.

      Gotta work for those wins now that Leo knows what his cards do
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    • Neat thread!

      I used to be pretty big into the Pokemon TCG, but I was more about collecting the cards (I still have them all!) than I was into playing the actual game. I'd occasionally 'battle' friends and family though, it was fun. I also did get some Persona Weiß Schwarz cards while in Japan, though I really have no way to play with them. They're neat though.

      My siblings, however, were all really into Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh! though. I think one of them even entered a Magic tournament once and won, might even still have the old cards too. Haha. I may try to get into Magic one of these days just to have another thing to do with friends.
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    • Cid wrote:

      Triple Triad though.
      No, man, please!

      Anyway, I am a huge TCG fan.

      I used to play YuGiOh for a long time, both with real cards and the games on DS. My first TCG was Magic the Gathering, but I haven't played that in a while now. I recently got into Android: Netrunner and that is a pretty awesome asymmetrical card game that does not break your bank because it does not have random booster packs.

      I have played lots of card games on PC as well, but I don't like most of them. Hearthstone is just too simplistic for me. One that sort of piqued my interest was Hex, it is something between Magic and Hearthstone, and seems really good. I'm just not sure how popular it is.
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    • I have never played that "Commander" format in MTG. From the looks of it, I think I prefer the standard version. What annoys me about MTG, and the reason why I just don't want to ever get addicted to it, is how the sets get rotated out officially. I mean, sure, you can play with old cards for fun, but it's kind of annoying that you *have to* buy the new sets to be competitively relevant. And conversely, that's what I like about YuGiOh; sure, some overpowered cards will be banned or limited, but the vast majority are still usable in tournament play as well. It also feels amazing when an old, forgotten OP card gets unbanned and you can use it again, lol. Also, decks that I built 5 years ago, might not be absolute top tier, but still pretty viable with some small updates. As much as I hate Konami, I cannot deny that they treat their archetypes with respect, and throw a bone or two to people that prefer those playstyles. They don't expect you to replace the entire deck.
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    • Well, magic only has the one rotating format (standard) and officially supports Modern, Legacy, Vintage, Pauper, and as mentioned Commander as non-rotating formats. Add in Frontier, which with second party support is healthier than Vintage and arguably Legacy and you have the option to play constructed with a really wide variety of card pools.

      At the end of the day, the price of the total card pool of a game is pretty tightly fixed to (msrp per pack x number of packs open) which sets up a bunch of unavoidable economic trade-offs for game makers. Accordingly, competitive standard decks in MtG run in at about $250 while YuGiOh and Modern magic format decks run well over twice that. Assuming you're selling off your standard staples at a 50% loss when rotation comes you can play 4 years of competitive standard magic for the same price as however-many-years-it-takes-to-get-bored-of-one-deck in Modern or non-rotating CCGs.
      Although postsocratics like St. Augustine and Judith Butler explored a diverse set of ethical and metaphysical ideas, their unifying feature as a movement was a principled refusal to speculate upon which of the four elements the world was made out of.

      boxes is the best human and I am going to get her a kitten or 2 kittens