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    Secret Hitler Three: Player Sign-ups and Information
    • If we want to cut down on time, we could have a hammer system, which Mafia players here might not be familiar with but is how the standard forum mafia rules work outside of ZU. Basically when one side of the vote hits a majority in Mafia, the day ends.

      Doesn't necessarily have to be a majority, we can pick what the threshold is. For example let's say 7 out of 10 voters voting the same way means the vote is decided.

      Waiting for the day to end when people were already decided really was probably the main timesink this game. It's worth keeping it open the full 24 hours for split votes but if the thread knows what it wants just end the day.
    • So I'm thinking we are going to take a break from Secret Hitler for a bit; the next alternative-Mafia Community game will *most likely* be Avalon 2, which I am looking into running right now.

      Also I'll probably be setting up a Land Wars reboot(x2) again sometime soon.

      SH4 will probably be at least a month out, at least =) until then, if you guys come up with any ideas, criticisms, things you'd like to see, WHATEVER, then leave it in here! So far, if I ended up running SH4, I would play around with

      A) naming the policies for flavor purposes
      B) different flavor... tried this with the prison system, it was okay, i got bored and stopped doing it halfway through
      C) change up voting. I am in between a hammer system and the 12 hour cycles

      If anyone has anything else to add (or if anyone else wants to run 4!), this thread will serve as a good hub for things until the next hub thread is alive~