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    Suggested changes to the current adoption system
    • Tead wrote:

      You know, this is an excellent Idea.

      Their friend could even remain for the life of their membership here on the board, and they could side with them should said member ever need to during times of trouble, such as if someone was to be warned, or suspended, etc.

      I think it could work.

      Just an idea.
      I was thinking about this more recently today, during my walk home. I still believe that an addition to the current Adoption System already in place here on the board would be a very valuable service to offer. I just feel that not everyone is comfortable in posting on the open forum when asking for some "long-term" help. Though, I believe that not everyone should need to make a request to be adopted. We could have a team, similar to this one (or this one exactly) who would be a Friend to people if they notice that a particular member(s) were having problems using the board or the features. I myself have noticed when Newbies have posted on a thread for help and have not received the best assistance available. Even though, the person who did try to help, meant no harm whatsoever. So, there is my above idea, were this very Adoption System could step in and within a PM could offer to Adopt them/be their Friend.

      Another Idea I had is this: This Adoption System could best serve this board (though they all do great now) if there was a forum set aside for this system, just as The Clans have. That is because my improvement ideas would include current members who partake in adopting Newbies would have a place where they could all get together and discuss new ways to work with and to better improve our current setup now in place. Also, it could serve as a place were even people interested could practice adopting "Newbies" (role-practice), I suppose. Finally, current members could have a place to discuss recruiting members that they felt would be good for The Adoption/Friends Team. This would make for another addition to The Staff Team here on the board, though, I am not certain that such would cause any problems.

      It would also be great if there was a Staff Index, a map pinned in Newbie Central with workable links for the PM system and/or their personal page that would allow new members the chance to quickly find and to talk with our current Staff Members. I have not found such myself, at least. If this is already a feature currently in place on this board, could it please be pointed out to me?

      Well, the above are just some ideas that I had, and I believe that everyone on this board is doing an excellent job.

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