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    Curse of Maelstrom
    • The shores of Nemil were rockier than some other ports and harbors. Most knew that the better place to dock was at the Catal Sea, where there were lighthouses and navy constantly paroling the harbor to ward off any pirates thinking about sneaking in. The less daring of those who lived outside the law tended to dock in Sepik, a little Savalt island to the north. Most tended to dock around the Seven Cities where there were hidden ports where anyone could sneak into. It was the logical thing to do.

      Except Captain - excuse me, former Captain Shinya (or now known as, Shitya) of the Maelstrom decided that he was going to find a secret harbor closer to the Catal Sea.

      The ship had weathered storms, survived naval "battles" with local fisherman and even managed to outrun a kraken (really it was just a bigger than normal squid) once. But sheer dumb luck had to end sometime, and what remained of the boat was now in pieces on the shore. It was a miracle nobody was dead, though there were some injuries - mostly the former navigator's pride. That took a mortal blow which could never be recovered from.

      Sort of like the ship to be honest.

      Luckily, not all was lost and there was a small village nearby of humans, salvats and some sea elves who had come to trade. Unluckily every single one of them saw the shipwreck that was the Maelstrom run ashore after hitting the rather prominent rock. There was an alarm raised, though not because a pirate ship docking but because some idiot had crashed their ship in the treacherous waters that most folks in the village thought no idiot would try to navigate in such a large boat prior.

      Vanya was one such person.

      She had taken the (very) scenic route and a bit of a detour to reach the Seven Cities. Sure, she was heading in the completely opposite direction, but she meant to go this way. She wasn't lost, that was for sure. The wood elf hadn't exactly seen the wreckage, but when she arrived in the town, that's all anyone was talking about. Just going to check out what remained - the villagers were still trying to clean it up despite a couple of desperate crew members insisting it was still seaworthy if they just patched it up a bit - she could feel herself wince. It looked god awful.

      Yet it also looked like a way to make a quick buck and start making a name for herself. Noticing a couple of other people standing nearby, Vanya scoffed loudly as she could.

      "Pitiful. Whoever made this clearly had no mastery of the skill. I could make a better ship in my sleep."

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    • Madea and Arare were making very good time down from the Seven Cities area, having talked themselves into a spot on a caravan heading down to the Catal Sea along a coastline path. They'd left shortly after meeting two weeks prior, and were approaching one of the stops on the caravan's path, a small fishing village, when Arare trilled slightly from her spot sitting near the front of their carriage.

      "Shipwreck!" she said, peering into the carriage itself. Madea was sitting cross-legged in the middle, surrounded by snakes, the gargantuan Puppy resting his head in her lap as she fed him mice. "Somebody hit the rocks!"

      Madea raised a brow, running her fingers through her blueish hair.

      "Really? Winds weren't too bad a mile back...probably got caught in a strong current. Poor fishermen..."

      Arare shook her head, pulling Madea to look.

      "No! It's a big ship, see!"

      Madea stared at the wreckage of the ship, spotting the name in the distance, partially on a piece of what had just recently become driftwood.

      "Maelstrom?" she guessed, seeing the large 'M' and the 'L' and 'O' clearly as her brain filled in what was likely. "Big name for a ship that..."

      She couldn't think of any nice way to describe it as their caravan began to arrive in the actual border of the village, Madea sighing and going to collect all of her serpents, wrapping Puppy precariously around her shoulders like a huge, sentient scarf.

      Arare tilted her head slightly, confused.

      "Hm? I thought we were going to Catal..." she said, Madea just chuckling.

      "We are, promise," Madea said. "But if we're going to be proper pirates...we shouldn't let this prime opportunity to engage in a traditional pastime go past us."

      Arare fidgeted slightly, adjusting her necklaces as they stepped out, Madea heading towards the wreckage.

      "W...what pastime?" Arare said, confused.

      "Scavenging, of course," Madea said, smiling despite herself. The Sea Elves tore apart human wrecks often for anything useful, like her uncle's collection of glass bottles or her great-grandmother's birdcage made of a set of ribs. "This should be fun."

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    • George blinked as the hull of the ship was impaled by the coastal rock, water quickly filling the sea craft as it sunk. He blinked up at the compass grasped in his palm, glancing over to the Captain steering the ship, before what had happened finally clicked.

      The ship is sinking…

      The dumb expression of shock soon passed, instead making way for a deep, leering scowl.

      I am not taking the fall for this … this idiot’s mistake!

      Boots thumped upon the ships deck, George barely able to maintain his footing as he stormed over to the man as the wheel. Navigator or no, it didn’t matter what he said if the Captain didn’t actually listen.

      “Shinya, you moron. When I say ‘West, away from the giant rock’ what exactly does it mean?” He grasped the Captain by the scruff of his shirt, leering behind those triangles shades. “It means not East. IT MEANS TURN AWAY FROM THE GIANT ROCK.”

      The ship was dipping quickly, and George turned about him as he observed the dangerous angle of the vessel. He cursed, letting go of the Captain and stuffing the compass into his pocket, before throwing his hands up into the air (in a rather dramatic fashion).

      There was little other choice but to abandon ship. At the very least they had made it to shore, but now what? A crew without a ship was hardly a crew at all…

      With a breath and a rather graceless hop, he jumped the edge, into the waters and swam ashore, cursing all the while as his mascara and eyeliner ran. By the time he’d made it to shore, his cheeks were trailed in black and his eyes looked as though he’d been on the receiving end of a punch or two.

      And to the people that stared. Those style-less peasant that dared to gawk, George would simply scoff.

      He sharply glared down at a peculiar colour elf, with violet hair and a stupid look on his face.

      “What are you lookin’ at, pipsqueak?”

      The elven boy quickly turned his head, staring down at his feet. And George had to wonder what such a malnourished twig was doing Nemil on his own. Those elves were an odd bunch, but it wasn’t George’s problem. He just walked on by, looking for the nearest tavern or inn.


      Jardahn watched the spectacle unfold as many other onlookers did. It’d been a day since finding himself at port. He’d hoped to find a sea worthy vessel that he could board and perhaps sail to the Seven Cities.

      He hadn’t heard pleasant things of the place, but … maybe he could find something there. Anything… that might help him.

      As it was, however, no fishing ships had come on, only this large ship that many had whispered belonged to a pirate crew. And that one had hit a rock…

      Crew mate after crew mate stumbled to shore, coughing up water. One in particular, dressed as what Jardahn presumed was a Jester, gave him a strange look. Jardahn quickly lowered is head, shuffled his feet, and the man passed right by. All together peculiar he was … but it was only words.
    • Marie wasn’t entirely sure how she’d ended up in the Sunken Squid. She remembered boarding a ship. She remembered the rum. She remembered the beer. She vaguely remembered something about a quest. She certainly remembered the mead.

      There was a bit of an unknown spot after that. Marie assumed it wasn’t that important.

      And now she was here, in a tavern in some godsforsaken little village on the Catal Sea coast. She wasn’t entirely happy about this arrangement, but the mead was good, the wenches were pretty enough, and she had enough gold to keep going, for now.

      The thing about godsforsaken little villages, of course, was that if anything that was vaguely out of the ordinary happened it would soon be known by every man, woman, child, household pet, barnyard animal, and other living being anywhere near the village. And right now, there was a lot of talk about a shipwreck.

      Shipwrecks were relevant to Marie’s interest - depending on who owned the ship, it was an excellent opportunity to either help some unfortunate sailors and convince them to abandon the corrupt establishment in favour of a life of piracy, salvage anything of value and/or high alcohol content, or to simply give The Man a good kicking while they’re down.

      She staggered up from her barstool, dumped a handful of golden coins on the counter in front of a particularly attractive barmaid, winked at her, and exited the building. Even in her drunken state, it didn’t take her long to reach the wreckage - and there was a lot of it. She wasted no time in going to work scavenging.

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    • As Madea got close, she saw another person scavenging around in the wreckage, causing her to angrily huff, starting to march over, the large snake wrapped around her shoulders stirring slightly, flicking its tongue out as the other serpents around on her starting getting aggressive, seeming to sense her annoyance.

      "HEY! GET AWAY FROM OUR SHIP!" she yelled out, stomping and getting closer as Arare looked concerned.

      "Madea, it's not our...can't we share?"

      "Pirates don't share!" Madea responded, holding up the massive snake to the other woman's face. "You have three seconds to leave before my killer snake here bites you!"

      Puppy licked Marie's cheek after a bit, clearly not in the least bit interested in biting her.