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The Music Exchange Program II
  • Spoon - Hot Thoughts album

    Have you heard anything similar to this? Do you listen to this genre of music at all?

    I believe I've listened to songs with very similar sounds, yes. I can't recall which they were or name them offhand, but I do know the style of this album is fairly similar overall to some of the songs I listen to.

    As per usual, I can't judge by genre because I'm not good at discerning those things, but in the end, none of that really matters. What does matter is that I recognize the style and sound of this kind of music and have hear similar things before.

    Though the question wasn't asked this time, I would like to add that I haven't ever heard the album or the artist before; this is my absolute first time hearing it and them.

    Is this something you would listen to again? Did it vibe with you?

    I wouldn't be opposed to the idea of hearing it again in the future; I liked it well enough that I wouldn't necessarily mind it. I'm not sure it's something I'd purposely seek out again, but that doesn't mean I wasn't fond of it -- I do genuinely mean I'm not sure. As I said, I enjoyed it, but for some reason, even as I was listening to it and enjoying the songs and tunes, I never really had that thought of, “Oh yeah, I've definitely got to hear this again” that I usually do when I truly enjoy something.

    What did you think of the album as a whole? How did it mesh together - what picture/image/mood did it paint for you? How did it make you feel?

    It was an interesting album. I'm not sure I honestly got a particular single picture, image, or mood from it as a whole other than it felt relaxed and unforced, if that makes any sense. The songs were all too different in subject to really have any particular opinion on it as a whole regarding those things.

    I think what I found to be saddest and the greatest mood killer for me was that I couldn't find many of the songs on YouTube except for live versions since I don't use any paid services or do downloads. “Do I Have to Talk You into It”, “First Caress”, and “Pink Up” I had to listen to all live because I couldn't find the regular versions there. I believe “I Ain't the One” also was live in a way. That was a major problem for me because a lot of those tracks were harder to hear and the crowd interrupting just made it difficult to enjoy overall; I have never liked live versions of songs in general and I don't think I ever will. Something about those versions just lacks soul.

    I couldn't find “Tear It Down”, “Shotgun”, or “Us” whatsoever, so I just had to listen to the sample versions on the Spotify’s sample page.

    Any stand out songs? Anything from the album that really just struck a chord with you?

    I feel that if it weren't for the fact that I could only find a live version on YouTube with really bad sound quality, “First Caress” was a song I could have potentially really gotten into and enjoyed a lot, but I don't think I'll ever really know for sure unless I can find a decent studio-recorded version or at least a live version with better sound quality.

    “I Ain't the One” was wonderful. The sound, the overall tune, the instruments chosen, the lyrics -- everything about this track flowed beautifully and I simply fell in love with it from the start. I will definitely hold onto this one and listen to it again in the future.

    Any other thoughts?

    This isn't necessarily related to the album itself or the artist, but the experience I had trying to listen to it was highly frustrating and unpleasant, so I do want to express my feelings on the matter, because there are those of us who don't wish to use Spotify or iTunes to listen to music, but rather only YouTube. I feel that in the future it would be nice for the folks submitting albums to at least try to pick ones that can be accessed on YouTube in some way for the sake of we who dislike/can't use other sites.

    I feel that this greatly decreased my ability to experience what was otherwise a very nice and enjoyable album and artist, and that is incredibly disheartening. Of course, I understand if that is too much to ask, but it is something I feel was worth mentioning regardless.

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  • I will be setting up round 3 for this in a day or so, most likely. I'm technically on break until the 1st, soo... *shrug*

    Regardless - @Linkle I thought about your suggestion and while I admit being able to utilize Youtube as a platform is awesome, in regards to music, a lot of times it's simply unfeasible and (I think) unfair to ask people to regulate their albums to things found on Youtube. I know that a *lot* of the things I like just simply aren't on Youtube. I will definitely make an effort to encourage people to include Youtube playlists and such with their music, because I think having as many platforms as possible for people to listen on is a good thing, but I don't think it'll really be possible to force everyone to stick to artists/albums that are found on Youtube (I know, for me, most of my favorite music isn't found on Youtube at all lol).

    Regarding the live music thing, though, yeah, I can agree with that. Live music should be listened to live and I never understood releasing songs and such live, since... they aren't live. I'll go to a concert if I wanna hear them live. It's better that way. xD

    But anyways, yeah. I'm gonna shut this down now. Expect Version 3 up in a couple days. Don't forget to tell your friends that this is a thing =)