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The Music Exchange Program II
  • Please Understand wrote:

    OK, here goes:

    Album Name: Metropolis Pt 2: Scenes from a Memory
    Artist: Dream Theater

    Genre: Progressive Metal

    Where to Listen:
    Youtube -
    Spotify -
    iTunes -…2-scenes-from/id282694467

    In addition to the generic questions of last time, let's ask the following:
    - Did you find the music difficult to get into at times, perhaps too experimental?
    - Did you think the album was at times too technical, or did you appreciate that aspect?
    - Which tracks were most intriguing to you regarding the above two?

    I would like to give some info and suggestions to maximize the enjoyment of this album.

    1. This is a concept album. This means that the tracks tie into each other and tell a story. I HIGHLY recommend listening to the entire thing in order and in one sitting if possible.
    2. It is progressive music, and as such, tracks can vary a lot in tone and even genre, and can even change motifs within the same song a lot, so even if you don't like a few tracks you might very well love some others. Basically, keep at it, and if you can't stand the current track just skip to the next.

    You can use the following picture if you want:

    Holden wrote:

    ok this was hard lol

    my submission:

    Album Name: Mia Pharaoh
    Artist: Miniature Tigers
    Genre: Indie/Synth-pop
    Where to Listen: Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp
    1. What is your first impression of the album after listening?
    2. Have you listened to this artist/album before? Do you listen to anything similar to this?
    3. What were the standout moments or songs on this album?
    4. Would you listen to this again?
    5. Any other thoughts?

    Lucretia wrote:

    Album Name: Cold Spring Fault Less Youth
    Artist: Mount Kimbie
    Genre: trip-hop, post-dubstep
    Where to Listen:

    1. Have you ever listened to this kind of music before?
    2. What would you characterise it as?
    3. If you listen to the music and think of it as a painting, do you think the abstractions and concepts make more sense?
    4. Anything else you would like to add?

    Comments: This music is highly abstract in my opinion. To get the full experience I recommend keeping an open mind, listening to the album in its full (since it is a concept album) and paying attention to details that may not be so obvious, (what instruments are hidden? are there any conflicting time signatures? how do the chords conflict with the key?) Think of this music with the same lens/frame of reference as you would look at a cubist or abstract expressionist painting.

    Sólsetur wrote:

    Album Name: Hot Thoughts
    Artist: Spoon
    Genre: Indie rock/pop, art pop

    Where to Listen:
    iTunes Spotify


    1. Have you heard anything similar to this? Do you listen to this genre of music at all?
    2. Is this something you would listen to again? Did it vibe with you?
    3. What did you think of the album as a whole? How did it mesh together - what picture/image/mood did it paint for? How did it make you feel?
    4. Any stand out songs? Anything from the album that really just struck a chord with you?
    5. Any other thoughts?

    Here is our music for this next month! Looking forward to checking this out, and thanks everyone for your suggestions!

    We will be going through it in the order you see it above (Please Understand -> Holden -> Lu -> Me). We will be starting tomorrow; you'll find the first album in the OP as well as my post starting things off tomorrow~

    Ask me for the clan test!

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  • @Kae you can sign up now, and listen to music for the next month! So right now you'd have a week to listen to the album in the OP and leave thoughts~

    in the next edition of the Music Exchange Program, you'll be able to suggest something. Since most people who are in here have already suggested (I think only Linkle, Moechacho and Prada haven't?) we should be able to get you with the first batch of people as well!

    Ask me for the clan test!

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  • I don't feel like pulling up the old questions from last time, esp. since everyone seems to have questions that follow along those lines. I'll give my general thoughts for this album along with what Please Understand has asked.

    So, #1, I didn't mind this. I mostly stay away from straight metal, and this wasn't that which I appreciated. The actual musical content had a lot of variety, and variety is something that always resonates with me. A couple things I noticed:

    1. One of the guitar parts sounded *really* familiar and I don't know if it was sampled later or was a sample, but it was nice haha. Kept nagging at my mind though. It appeared nearer to the beginning of the album and then popped up again with a different tone a bit later.

    2. Scene 7 and 8 are byfar my favorite tracks (both from 7, btw). They were cool. I really liked them.

    3. Lyrical content of the entire album confused me. I'd probably have to listen to it two or three more times to *get it* but still. I couldn't see how it tied together. The progression from one song to the next, and the actual vocals were clean and nice sounding, but otherwise I couldn't figure out any deeper meaning or w/e. I also didn't really get the parts at the beginning and the very end; they set a framing device that I didn't feel really applied too well with what the album actually was. If I listened a few more times maybe I'd get it though.

    4. I didn't like the length. I guess i'm just a #millennial but I really find it hard to keep interest in an album longer than 55 mins long - unless it's absolutely fucking *amazing*. This album was good, but not absolutely amazing for me. It kind of dragged towards the middle, picked up around the end again, but the last song I was just waiting for it to end so I'd be done haha. Longer albums can be really tiring unless they're done perfectly. Not really a criticism of the music as a whole, just a general note.

    - Did you find the music difficult to get into at times, perhaps too experimental?

    I thought the beginning was a bit difficult to comprehend, but I listen to a lot of weird shit so nothing in this actually surprised me.

    - Did you think the album was at times too technical, or did you appreciate that aspect?

    I enjoyed the technical aspect of the album. Notes and stuff were on point, the combination of instruments in each song kept things interesting, and at least until Scene 8 or so they had a variety of different styles and melodies that kept it fresh.

    - Which tracks were most intriguing to you regarding the above two?

    Scene 7 (both) was probably what I enjoyed most from a technical aspect, but the thing I mentioned with #1 above was pretty enjoyable as well.
  • @Sólsetur I haven't really studied the lyrics much as it's not my thing, but if you read the concept of the album, I think they make a lot more sense:

    Wikipedia wrote:

    Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory opens to Nicholas, a troubled man going through past life regression therapy. In a hypnotic trance induced by his hypnotherapist, he begins to see a girl named Victoria and a life that feels strangely familiar, despite the fact that he has never been here. ("Regression") He learns that she was murdered, and that he was Victoria in a past life. ("Strange Deja Vu") He begins to believe that Victoria is haunting him to reveal the truth about her murder. ("Through My Words") Nicholas is able to recall that Victoria began distancing herself from her lover Julian because of his drinking and gambling addictions; she sought comfort in Julian's brother Edward and began an affair with him. Nicholas assumes that Julian murdered the two of them out of jealousy, a story backed up by a newspaper article covering the events, which cites a witness' testimony. However, Nicholas begins to doubt this series of events, and converses with an older man who was more familiar with the case. He realizes that he will never be able to get on with his own life until he solves her murder. ("Fatal Tragedy"; "Beyond This Life")
    The second act begins by describing Julian's addictions to cocaine and gambling, which drives Victoria away from him. ("Home") Edward feels guilty about deceiving his brother, but decides that his love for Victoria is greater than his guilt, and he seduces her when she is vulnerable following her breakup. ("The Dance of Eternity") After visiting Edward's old house, Nicholas believes he has solved the mystery: Julian had tried to beg Victoria for forgiveness, and when rebuffed, killed both her and Edward, and positioned himself as the witness in the newspaper article. ("One Last Time") Nicolas comes to terms with what has happened, and bids farewell to Victoria. The hypnotherapist ends the session at this point, despite pleas from Victoria's memories. ("The Spirit Carries On") The narrative then cuts to Edward's perspective, revealing that he wished his romance with Victoria was more than a simple affair. As Victoria begins to reconcile with Julian again, Edward confronts the two of them, murders them, then stages the scene and assumes the role of the witness for the newspaper column. The flashback includes Edward telling Victoria to "open [her] eyes" before killing her, echoing the same choice of words the hypnotherapist used to wake Nicholas from his hypnotic trance. ("Finally Free") In the present, Nicholas arrives home, followed by the Hypnotherapist. Nicholas is startled by another request to "open [his] eyes", before the album cuts to (and concludes on) phonographic static. The band confirmed on the Scenes from New York live DVD that the hypnotherapist is Edward's reincarnation, and has killed Nicholas to complete the cycle yet again.

    Dance of Eternity is probably my favourite track as well, my 2nd favourite might be Fatal Tragedy.
    "Can't post that on a Christian forum."
  • Alrighty-then! Here is my review.

    - Did you find the music difficult to get into at times, perhaps too experimental?
    I've listened to music like this before, so I didn't find it too difficult to get into. It actually reminds me of the band Deer Hunter and their theatrical take on rock as well. (Here is a sample) I can really jam out to it ;)

    - Did you think the album was at times too technical, or did you appreciate that aspect?
    The way they move through emotions and use their music to tell the love story of a man driven mad by desire, and then his plot to murder...and then the gospel-like song where there's a choir - woah woah, definitely technical but not at all "too technical". Rock N' Roll is actually one of the best genres to tell emotional rollercoaster stories like this. Just look at Queen and their infamous Bohemian Rhapsody. I felt like Dream Theater was inspired by a lot of rock and roll artists like this and just put their own metal/theater spin on it. They wanted it to be more than something you just listen to, but something you can also physically experience.

    - Which tracks were most intriguing to you regarding the above two?

    The Spirit Carries On stood out to me because of the choir they added in
    Strange Deja Vu because of the lead singer singing both the male and female parts. Very bi-polar but I felt like it was a nice introduction to the rest of the songs to come, showing the battle between his emotions.

    Overall thoughts: I judge an album by its cover, and I went into this with low expectations, but I was pleasantly suprised. Will I listen to it again? If I get in one of those emotional heavy moods where I'm stuck in traffic and need to bang my hands agaisnt the steering wheel and rock it out a bit, sure. I think it didn't overwhelm me too much too because I dabble in this type of theatrical rock n' roll on the occasion.
  • No point in burying the lede: I do not care for this kind of music in the least.*

    I've seen Dream Theater once or twice in concert through work, and every time I found their show dull. My problem with this type of music is I find the technical/progressive instrumentation to be boring at worst, and cheesy at best. It just doesn't connect or resonate with me in any way. In the case of this album, I found myself getting antsy by the fifth track, checking where I was at in the track list, hoping against home that more time had elapsed in the hour plus run time than actually had. Technical playing for the sake of itself doesn't do anything for me - there needs to be more depth to what it is doing. I could roughly follow the concept of the lyrical themes/story, but found it pretty cliched so it didn't enhance or supplement what was going on with the musicianship in any way.

    Typically with this program I've tried to write a review/critique of the album by touching on what I liked and didn't like about any given album and cite examples, but my reaction to this record was so overwhelmingly negative that even the few flashes of spots that made me perk up ("ooo a sitar!") were quickly overshadowed by the return to the mundane elements that failed to illicit any sort of positive response. And I don't really find it interesting to just bash on an album, so I'll leave it at this: this album may not be bad (my preferences against the overall genre mean I can't speak to its relative quality), but it definitely ain't for me.

    *not to say I don't like progressive rock or technical music - just the bands I tend to like in those spheres tend to have other influences as well beyond straight progressive rock/metal