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    • JP the Neurotic wrote:

      So anyone have any useful tips before I plunge myself into this game ?
      Do not waste the Overdrive Protocols (it's an item that lets you change a blade to a different driver) as there are only 3 or so in the game unless you have the DLC that lets you farm it and even then I think that's a lategame thing. Use them only if you rolled a rare blade on the wrong driver (and even in this case don't ever use one to put a blade on Rex, just don't, you'll thank me later).

      While you're at it try not to feed that many core crystals to Rex, he gets enough blades through the story to sustain himself on those alone.

      Get the affinity chart unlock that lets you cancel an art with another art as soon as you can on every driver you plan to manually control (the AI doesn't use it as far as I know so you can just grab something else on those).

      Doing short steps to reset the first attack on your auto-attack chain is a good way to charge your arts quicker at the beginning of the game, you can also use desserts as pouch items to speed up the process even more.

      Unless you want to faceroll through the entire game (in which case go ahead and ignore this) don't level up on the inn using the bonus exp from the sidequests.

      Speaking of steamrolls, the first big area stinks in the sense that there's a shitload of overpowered enemies roaming around (Level 80 while you're 10 tops, yes I know it's very dumb), expect to die a lot trying to avoid them.

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    • The claim of "30-40 hours" or whatever number a developer throws out likely means for 100% completion, and I sincerely doubt a reviewer is achieving that. They might do most of the sidequests, but they're probably not finding every last collectible or what have you.


      There's also no telling what difficulty setting a reviewer plays a game on unless they specify, and even that just has to be taken at face value.

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    • Anyone who has started on Torna the Golden Country? I am waiting for the physical copy that comes in a week, and it isn't even clear that I will start on it immediately because of reasons. One thing I am curious about, is if they will reuse some music from the basegame (or whatever you want to call it) or if everything is brand new? I will not complain if they do reuse some songs, since Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has an incredible OST both in quantity and quality. I am just curious.

      And yeah, no spoilers please.
    • Mod note: Use the spoiler tags if you feel the need to discuss spoilers.

      Anyway, I'm nearly 5 hours in and I'm enjoying myself quite a bit. This expansion definitely feels a lot more compact than the main game, and the changes made to the battle mechanics are refreshing yet not too drastic that they completely throw off veteran players.

      I have noticed some reused music during cutscenes and battles, but the overworld themes seem to be entirely new from what I can tell. The new battle theme, of course, is also fantastic.
    • Well, that number may not be very off. I'm playing on normal mode and have just now arrived at what I'm almost certain is the endgame, and I'm at almost exactly 12 hours. And this is with me backtracking to do all available sidequests and lingering in areas to complete Blade affinity charts. I can tell that there's still a decent amount of content I haven't done yet, but it's mostly higher-level UMs and such.

      I guess if there was one good thing about good ol' Hurricane Florence, it's that I've had endless freetime to play this game.

      I'm loving the music though, and the changes to the combat are engaging and fun. And Lora is such a better protagonist than Rex, it almost hurts. I like Addam a lot better too. The only character I'm less in love with is Hugo, and that's just because he isn't given much presence.

      All that being said, there are some pacing issues I'm not too fond of. The forcing you to stop advancing to perform annoying sidequests is getting old fast.
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    • Just beginning with the expansion as uni and FFXV PEHD were my focus in the past 2 days. Just in the first mins, but the differences seem noteworty. The changes to the engine are noticeable from the get-go, the QoL improvements are also pretty nice, and the battle system feels refreshed with the such a little change as the vanguard-rear guard system.

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    • Only played a few hours of it, and I am really enjoying it already.

      I don't know if it is familiarity with some of the mechanics as a veteran of 2 or if it's just that GC simply sets the stage a bit better, but I feel a lot less claustrophobic already compared to when I started 2. I guess it's also important to remember they've cleaned up the UI and clunk a bit since then with patches, but things certainly feel a lot cleaner across the board to me. I quite enjoy what they've done with the combat, even though I liked what was done in 2 already, this new take mixes it up enough that I feel engaged to learn something new, but it isn't overly foreign when being thrown into the game almost instantly, and uses the better assets from 2's already strong combat well with the new mechanics.

      I'm definitely not getting the cringe factor with Lora and Jin like I did with Rex and Pyra (most of this cast being adults has much to do with it I think), and always wanted to learn more about Jin in general, so I think I'm going to enjoy this.

      Also, that new battle theme is fantastic.

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    • I just finished this last night (and knocked out all of the sidequests, UMs, and affinity trees this morning; gotta love them hurricanes) and without going into spoilers, I found the ending to be pretty satisfying from a gameplay standpoint.

      However... well, from a story standpoint, the DLC felt underwhelming. There were various things I was expecting to see only to find that they weren't brought up or else just glossed over, which honestly kind of irritates me. It left me feeling like I didn't actually learn anything that I didn't already know, which made the whole point of the DLC feel almost pointless. Like, I won't go into what exactly, because 'spoilers', but... it left a sour taste in my mouth. I feel cheated.

      The only other complaints I have are too many sidequests interrupting the flow of the main story, and it's too short... but I mean, it's DLC, so that's to be expected.

      Negativity aside, the final boss felt much better to me than the one in the actual story, the combat was a blast, the music was phenomenal, and Lora and Addam are both immensely likable characters. They even managed to redeem Jin and Mythra for me, both of whom I was less-than-impressed with in the main game. Jin goes from being yet another emo Sephiroth ripoff to having a relatable emotional bond with Lora, which helps to humanize him, and Mythra gets actual character development. Plus her snark and sarcasm plays off of the rest of the cast in a way that takes her from being the standard Tsundere she was in 2 and makes her into the comedic center of the team. Her post-battle dialogues with Jin, Haze, and Bridgid are pretty great.
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    • So skimming through my game boxes I realized something potentially horrible: my main game Xenoblade 2 is european and the physical Torna expansion I preordered is most definitely american, which means the season pass code may not even work. We'll see tomorrow but I'm pretty much terrified since I even held on from buying the digital season pass.

      EDIT: So I was worrying over nothing, it works no matter the region of the base game.

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    • So... I have now beaten the game, and it was for the most part a good experience.

      *Most characters were good
      *More "mature" atmosphere and less "anime"
      *A bit gloomy and depressing (in a good way)
      *The battle system was nice
      *Better sidequests
      *More compact experience

      Less good/bad:
      *Mandatory "sidequests"
      *A bit too short, but alright

      The "more compact experience"-point was refreshing, for example... I don't need to switch characters back and forth since there are only three playable characters/teams. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. It is good here because the game is short... but at the same time I would have preferred a longer game, and if it was longer I think three characters wouldn't have been enough to be satisfying... or I don't know.

      The only outright bad thing about this game is the mandatory "sidequests" without a doubt. It is so obvious it only existed to extend the main quest. At the same time however, the sidequests in Torna was way more interesting and enjoyable than the typical Xenoblade-sidequest from before. Pretty much the only thing that is missing is VA in the sidequests. But it is still a bad thing regardless that the game forces you to do "sidequests" when you (at least I) just wanted to press the main story forward.

      I think the final boss was better in Torna than in the base game, and I like the ending in Torna. I despise the ending of the base game, so this was nice. I didn't get a bad taste in my mouth after beating Torna, in fact the opposite!

      And I have to say, Lora is the greatest Xenoblade-protagonist so far. I actually liked her! Shulk was okay. I didn't dislike Shulk, but he wasn't any favorite if I put it that way. Rex bothered or annoyed me fairly often. I wouldn't go as far as saying that I disliked him, but it is actually pretty close to that. Lora on the other hand was likeable. I liked Jin as well as expected, and Haze as well I guess. Pretty indifferent to "team Hugo", they were alright I guess. Addam and Minoth were great too. The only character that could bother/annoy me at times was Mythra, as expected since I didn't like her in the base game either.

      Even if I like this game, and even if I think it is superior to the base game in a number of areas... I still regard the base game as a better game. It is simply longer, bigger and way more content which wins in the long run. And since I now have all the DLC thanks to the physical copy of Torna, I will probably get around and replay Xenoblade Chronicles 2 again. But, not in the near future though. I will not do a New Game Plus though since I don't like the changes and the added content. I want to play the game as it is intended.

      All in all, I had a good time, and don't regret the purchase. A very good expansion and something Nintendo should have done with Breath of the Wild with their "new original story"-DLC.

      Btw, the code for the DLC in my physical copy of Torna... where do I type it in? In the E-shop somewhere?

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    • I just beat it for the third time, and I still hate the ending lol, or "strongly dislike" it to be a bit more diplomatic. It still annoy the s**t out of me, since the ending would have been so great and impactful if Pyra/Mythra actually died. Really cheap ending and pretty cowardly of Monolith Soft to be honest. Bleh. It is still a must game for Switch-owners though, especially for people who like JRPGs. The game is really good overall even if it has many flaws (like most games). The music is probably its main strength which few other games can compete with.

      No the first Xenoblade is superior if you ask me with my subjective opinion. If I have understood it correctly, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was "one time thing", so hopefully the third game will be less anime and safe. I really want them to move far away from waifu-design and fan-service. And the latter doesn't only concern "waifus" and sexual content, but also stupid things like making it possible to have Shulk and Fiora as f***ing blades. And the reason plus the cutscene where they meet is sooooo cringey. I don't often use that word, be here it is the perfect description. It taints both the original and the second game. Damn DLC.

      I am so glad that the Zeldateam is smarter by not giving fans this kind of fan-service... where different Links "team up". If two characters from different games ever would meet up it has to be very subtle or "very logical". Shulks voice in the final battle was such an logical connection, and Hero's Shade was subtle enough to actually work in Twilight Princess.

      Just my own thoughts after the third playthrough. Take it for what it's worth.

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    • The ending to me was perfectly fine. It was symbolic of Rex's conflict between choosing between the two because he loved them both. However, it's once they split apart that he accepts that they're actually two separate people and that he does love them both equally and he embraces it. That was foreshadowed prior, so it didn't really feel lazy to me at a symbolic level. Quite frankly, it made perfect sense because everything was resolved other than Rex's feelings for Pyra/Mythra at that point.
    • Cornelius Fudge wrote:

      The ending to me was perfectly fine. It was symbolic of Rex's conflict between choosing between the two because he loved them both. However, it's once they split apart that he accepts that they're actually two separate people and that he does love them both equally and he embraces it. That was foreshadowed prior, so it didn't really feel lazy to me at a symbolic level. Quite frankly, it made perfect sense because everything was resolved other than Rex's feelings for Pyra/Mythra at that point.
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      What bothers me the absolute most, is the around 5 minute emotional scene at the bridge-thing, so damn unnecessary. And why the f**k doesn't Pneuma just say that she MAY survive (or Pyra/Mythra), or anything hopeful. It is just bullshit unnecessary drama for nothing. Sorry, but it just annoy me that badly lol.

      And I don't know if "lazy" is the right word to describe it. More "safe" or "cheap", like a Disney-movie where everything ends happily. And the foreshadowing (if you refer to the name of the chapter) was first of all shown for like 3 seconds in the corner, and secondly it doesn't necessarily refer to Rex and Pyra/Mythra. Would have been a nice twist if it was Rex and Nia or something.

      Then I am not a big fan of "love story happy endings", so that also just adds to my irritation I guess, but this is very minor in the context.

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