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  • Welcome, loyal Prisoner's ZUers! We have been transported to a prison, lead by a powerful caste of rulers who want to stay in power. They have been infiltrated, however, by a group of people sympathetic to the prison-population -- most of which is innocent. Will you lead this prison into a future that is devoid of some sort of tyrannical ruling class, or will you lead into a future filled with fair and equal treatment - or perhaps even freedom? You get to decide.

    In this game, a game called Secret Hitler (which is also a free board/card game if anyone wants to play with friends irl), you get to decide! Or, at the very least, you'll step into a characters shoes and then roleplay as them to decide. Regardless! This is game, and if you want to play, I should probably explain how to play/what the game is.

    First off, this is a game that can support from 5-10 players. In every game you will have two groups of people -- liberals and fascists. There will always be a majority of liberals, however, they will not know who the other liberals are. Conversely, there will be less fascists than liberal -- they will know who the other fascists are, however. There is also a character called Hitler, who is a fascist, and he will not know who the other fascists are -- but they will know who he is.

    Now let's get down into the nitty gritty and explain the rules and such.

    How to Play

    So, this game is going to have two phases:

    --Forming a Government:

    We are going to begin the game by myself randomly picking a president, and then after that the president will pick the first Chancellor. After that, you will have a while to discuss the nomination and vote: Once there is either a unanimous vote, or twenty-four hours pass, we will move on.

    If a Chancellor is elected, we will head to the Legislation phase. If not, then the presidency will pass over to the next person, and this person will pick a new Chancellor.

    If you fail an election three times in a row, the presidency moves on to a random person, and a random policy is enacted.


    I will have 17 numbers linked to either a fascist or liberal policy; this number will go down as the game goes on, but that will be the starting number. At the beginning of each Legislation phase, the president will pick three numbers, and those will represent the policies he is given. Once he sees the policies, he will choose *two* of them and then pass them on to the Chancellor. The Chancellor will then pick one of them to put into policy.

    --Win Conditions:

    Fascists win if:

    --Hitler is elected as chancellor with at least three fascist policies in place
    --Six fascist policies are in place

    Liberals win if:

    --Hitler is assassinated
    --Five liberal policies are in place

    And that's just about the gist of it! There are also some rules you should follow:


    --This isn't a rule, per se, just remember you can lie about just about anything -- the number of liberal versus fascist cards you drew as president, the number of fascists versus liberal cards you were given as a chancellor, the side you are on, etc. etc. IF YOU ARE INVESTIGATED YOU CAN NOT LIE ABOUT YOUR ROLE

    --When you investigate someone, you only find out if they are a fascist or liberal -- not their character.

    --Flaming will not be tolerated whatsoever.

    --Do not talk about the game outside of the game!

    --When cards are drawn, they will not be re-drawn again until every other card has been drawn. When a card is put into play, it can no longer be re-drawn.

    --Do not quote anything I send you via PM.

    --This game *requires* a time commitment -- if you can't devote the time to play, don't play. This probably won't be as intense as, say, mafia, but you'll need to be able to make at least one post during the day cycles and more than one would be preferable.

    So this will have some sort of day/night cycle -- it will start and end at 8PM CST. All votes should be in for the chancellor at this point in time, and if they aren't then they will be counted as "Nay" and the "day" cycle will be extended another 24 hours if the nay's outweight the yay's.

    I'd also like to note that there *is* a term-limit -- you cannot nominate the previous president for chancellor, the previous chancellor for president, and you can't nominate the same chancellor twice in a row in the event that they are declined the first time.

    And that's about it, tbh! I think this could be a really fun thing. If you want to sign up, just say so below, and if you have any questions or anything feel free to ask!


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    This is the hub thread -- so if you have any questions, want to sign up, want to subscribe, or chat amongst your fellow players about random stuff then this is the place to do it. just thought i'd make that clear!

    This Game

    So, this game is going to take place inside of prison instead of Nazi Germany. Hitler will be the leader of a movement that is looking to free the prisoners, or at least tone down the (frankly) unfair treatment of them. The Fascists will be people supportive of his cause, that have infiltrated the prison.

    The President will be "A Warden", while the Chancellor will still be the Chancellor. Hitler will be known as "The Resistance Leader".

    The normal players, i.e. "the good guys", will be the people in charge of the prison and want the status quo. The bad guys will be the resistance. Albeit the roles themselves are a little more in a grey area - for the purpose of saying who's scum or not, though, that's how this will work.

    I will also be introducing two roles into the game that none of you will be aware of - i.e. only those who get the role will know what it is. You will find out either after the game, or during the course of the game.

    There will be very few changes from the original set up though, beyond flavor and those two roles. I do think that this will be a fun game to play through again, especially now that I have been able to go through the last game and mitigate any mistakes that came about because of my GMing.

    That said, this should be fun. Can't wait to see who joins.

    Ask me for the clan test!

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    I've just been trained to disregard the prisoner's life.
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