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    • Globes are pretty anti-Indie this year. Part of why I don't think they'll jive with a lot of the other awards this season.

      Sorry to Bother You has 2 indie spirit award noms and has a pretty good shot of winning Best First Feature and a dark horse chance at Best Screenplay at those. I'm betting they submitted for Original Screenplay at the Oscars and have a decent chance at getting a nomination.
    • Woo! Been a while. Here's my spoiler-free reviews for a few good movies! Yeah...

      Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle - Ok. Let me start this off with a HOLY SHIT THIS MOVIE WAS GOOD WTF! It BETTER win best movie of 2018. I never, ever, EVER thought The Jungle Book would go to the extremes like this movie did. Wow. Check out this film. The action and dialogue is FANTASTIC.

      Christopher Robin - Ok. WTF is up with these old Disney movies getting awesome remakes?! Once again I was taken by surprise. I haven't seen anything from Winne the Pooh since Kingdom Hearts 2 and just... whoa. This movie blew my mind! I suck at reviews but I know good shit when I see it. This movie is great.

      Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny - THERE WAS A SEQUEL AND I DIDN'T GET THE MEMO?! ARGH!!! As far as the first one goes... this is kinda watered-down with a bunch of anime-esque BS... but in a good way. I'm a sucker for good dialogue and this movie delivered, right along-side the epic fight scenes. IMO... the first one is better, but... this was in no way bad. I say give it a go.

      Slender Man - Trash. Don't watch it. Ugh. Haha.