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    • How have I never heard about this? This is amazing haha, from Wikipedia:

      In a 2005 interview, director Hayao Miyazaki related that Weinstein aggressively sought a large number of edits to Miyazaki's animated film Princess Mononoke for the film's American release. Miyazaki stated that his producer sent Weinstein a samurai sword with the message "No cuts" attached to the blade. According to Miyazaki, the film was released without the edits Weinstein wanted.
    • I should actually write an essay on it at some point, because I'd love to discuss not only how much of an inspiration it was for Zelda games going forward but also the way that it discusses environmental issues in a surprisingly unbiased light.

      For example, slash-and-burn agriculture is a leading cause of deforestation in South America, but outlawing it would only fuel hatred in the hearts of the lower class. Those people don't deserve to have their way of life stomped out because they haven't done anything morally wrong from their perspective. From the perspective of the planet they have, but they were essentially forced into that life style due to capitalism and classism.

      Likewise the people of Irontown have nowhere to go and no other way of providing for themselves. They must have fortification because brigands and samurai rove the land burning villages, and they also must have a way to provide for their families, and Lady Eboshi has provided that way. The cost for these people is conflict with the old gods, gods who have a right to rule their land more than the usurping Irontown residents do but are blinded to their plight by their wrath. The Irontown residents are also not truly free from guilt, however, because what they are doing is morally wrong, and they choose not to find another solution. The situation is difficult and perfectly breeds hatred.

    • So is anyone else into the Lo-Fi music scene emerging on Youtube lately? I stumbled upon it a couple weeks back when looking for some chill shit to study and man I gotta say - I'm kinda digging it. I'm not really sure if they have stuff that's.. not hip-hop/jazz oriented but that's all I've really listened to.

      Lo-Fi (or just lofi) is underproduced//scratchy?? sounding music made that way on purpose. Think like how a really old record player would sound. Mostly beats and instrumentals are put in there, samples, mixes, stuff like that. There are some albums and people churning out music pretty constantly but nothing is really 'mainstream' about this. That said on Youtube they have tons of streams that are just 24/7 acting as radio stations for this lofi music, they have 1 hour, 2 hour long videos of this music just to listen to and I think it's pretty neat.

      For one just the experience of listening to the sound - that old record player feel - is unique in and of itself. Then you have some pretty cool arrangements in terms of beats and instrumentals popping up, and some things that sound genuinely good. And the ability to just kinda sit back and let the music wash over you while you study, or just chill, is.. nice. I'm definitely gonna be having this become my standard for late-night study binges (hell, daytime study binges), chillout music, etc.

      For those who are curious and haven't listened/heard of it before, or for those who have and just want something to listen to, I think that this is pretty good and I've listened to it 3-4 times while studying before. I don't like all the ads sprinkled through the video but that's my only complaint really.

      Anyways if you're into it, I'd love to your hear your thoughts! And any recommendations for channels/streams/vids to check out are appreciated~
    • To the best of my recollection, I haven't been in a movie theater since 2009, or, for that matter, seen a feature film released more recently than 2009.

      I was wondering if anyone could beat that.
      O Gods dethroned and deceased, cast forth, wiped out in a day
      From your wrath is the world released, redeemed from your chains, men say.
      New Gods are crowned in the city; their flowers have broken your rods;
      They are merciful, clothed with pity, the young compassionate Gods.
      But for me their new device is barren, the days are bare;
      Things long past over suffice, and men forgotten that were.

      Algernon Charles Swinburne, "Hymn to Proserpine"
    • Jimin wrote:

      @Ruteslós I'm not sure if it would be considered the same, but I listen to vaporwave pretty often and stumble upon "lo-fi" vaporwave stuff like this.

      I think both are pretty good for studying haha.
      just a response to the actual link itself----

      it wasnt bad but i just wanna say i dont think it's for me?? I like electro stuff (which is what vaporwave kinda reminds me of) but I prefer my electro stuff to be a bit more upbeat? whereas with lofi there's a lot more jazz influence that i can definitely pick up on and nod my head to

      <--- like this opens up with some pretty fuckin killer brass and i just love it, but im a huge slut for brass lmao
    • I binged Cobra Kai this weekend. Overall, it's a pretty good story and doesn't take away from the original Karate Kid movies. The production is pretty damn good for a Youtube program and acting way above par relative to their next big productions. William Zabka and Ralph Macchio don't feel like they've been out of the big league games at all.

      No story content
      The focus is more on William Zabka's character, but Ralph Macchio comes more and more into the spotlight as a co-star. There's quite a few interesting character relationships going on and their evolution as the story progresses keeps you intrigued. There's quite a few lulzy moments and the show doesn't take itself too seriously except when it needs to. Throw in some training montages to 80s rock, decently choreographed fights, very little filler, and it's entertaining.

      More spoily than the previous spoiler with actual scenes discussed
      There's some decent bits where William Zabka explains his point of view of the Karate Kid scenes which is pretty cool and expected. I really love how the cult theories from the internet and shows like How I Met Your Mother influence this. It doesn't completely rip off what the internet says, but it's still fun to see fan ideas being considered

      Overall, it's a good original to burn your Youtube Red 30 day trial on. I didn't see any other Red content worth watching which is unfortunate. I cancelled immediately after I finished the season, but I'll probably buy it when Season 2 comes out.
      "Constantly talking about what you've done is a long winded way of saying you don't do s*** anymore." - Ross Enamait


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    • For Youtube Red I've only watched Good Game (which was v enjoyable, i figured out before it finished that Dan Harmon wrote the show which says smth about his writing) but i really enjoyed it. My only quarrel is Red isn't available in the uk, so we have to buy each episode for like £2 which is annoying lol
      Good Game was a once a week release so wasn't as big a deal, but annoying to buy a tv show in bulk for the average monthly subscription of netflix or w/e

      EDIT: i forgot to say - this is the reason im not sure i'll be watching cobra kai. the trailer was exciting but the platform's lack of availability in my region is frustrating :P

      why would trump support the vikings

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    • It's that time of year when old shows are scarified to the Old Gods of Traditional Broadcast Television to make way for the new.

      Fox just had a Red Wedding-like massacre, cancelling Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Last Man on Earth and The Mick - essentially all three of their strongest single-cam comedy. While Brooklyn Nine-Nine stings, it had a great run (and has the most potential of being picked up elsewhere); it's The Last Man on Earth that bums me out the most and not just cause it ended on a cliffhanger - I loved that weird show.

      In Memoriam

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    • I was a lil bummed to see last man on earth cancelled, but i never got around to watching much past the first season. Now i don't know if i ever will 8)

      Brooklyn nine-nine tho, i'm genuinely surprised that didn't reach syndication. It felt like a good combination of accessible/affable and good sitcom production.