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    • Where once there were many, now there is one.

      Started watching a new tv series? Hyped by a new movie trailer? Just saw an amazing concert? This is a thread for any and everything related to film, television, books, anime and pop culture in general.

      While this thread is for casual and general conversation, the Golden Rule for Entertainment still applies - you can be critical of a piece of media, a band, etc but don't be critical of those who enjoy it. You can blast the art, but not its fans.

      If there's already a thread for the subject you want to discuss here, it may be best to put it within that thread, though it's fine if something with its own thread comes up in conversation here - thought if things get too in-depth on any given subject, comment chains can and likely will be split off on their own.

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    • The new trailer for Blade Runner 2049 came out today.

      I haven't seen the original, but I'm a big fan of Denis Villeneuve's other films, and knowing that the original is a classic, I'm wondering if I should see this. I'll probably watch the original at some point, if I decide to. However, I really don't like Jared Leto as a person so I hope his role in the movie is auxiliary.

      Somewhat related: I told my cousin that I thought Ryan Gosling was kind of bland the other day and she nearly bit my head off lol. I ended up doubling back because that was not a hill I was willing to die on. Gosling is great with the right direction and writing though. Drive and The Nice Guys are some of my favorite movies.

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    • Aside from Lars and the Real Girl and The Nice Guys, Ryan Gosling has never been my favourite part of any movie I've ever seen him in.

      I watched the American Gods pilot last night. I enjoyed it at the time, but I was mostly focused on gauging my co-viewer's reaction because they hadn't read the book and I have, and it's a weird story being adapted by a guy with a penchant for weird stuff. But in the light of the next day, I can't stop thinking about it. So much interesting stuff visually and thematically going on, more than I was really expecting. If it continues along that path I'm very excited for where it could go.
    • With upfronts next week (that's when all the broadcasters show off the new shows they'll be premiering in the coming fall/winter to advertisers) it means this week is when all the final series cancellations/renewals will be coming down. I'll be updating this post as shows get axed, with most behind the spoiler but a few of note (ie ones I like or have been keeping an eye on) I'll highlight.

      Training Day (CBS) - cancelled after 1 season - Not a big surprise, considering Bill Paxton died. Suppose they could have recast, but this show looked terrible anyway, so no great loss (aside from Bill Paxton).

      The Great Indoors (CBS) - cancelled after 1 season - That's the last of the Community cast-starring network shows gone. I'm not really upset because this show looked awful, but hope Joel McHale finds more work soon.

      2 Broke Girls (CBS) - cancelled after 6 seasons - For a show that I never watched aside from the first couple episodes, I always hated that 2 Broke Girls did well. It epitomized lowest common denominator multi-cam sitcom formula to me, and peddled its jokes on a foundation of racism and sexism. Maybe it got better as it went on, but the clip I've seen of it over the years make me doubtful. Good riddance.

      Dr. Ken (ABC) - cancelled after 2 seasons - Ken Jeong's multicam sitcom being cancelled means that Joel McHale's (awful-looking) The Great Indoors is the last network show with a Community cast member in the lead. Will it survive? Only time will tell!

      Last Man Standing (ABC) - cancelled after 6 seasons - If you had told me that out of the two shows on television that start with "Last Man" that this would be the one to get cancelled, I would be shocked. But shocked I am, because Tim Allen's multi-cam sitcom got canned, but Will Forte's oddball comedy Last Man on Earth got picked up. Shocked, but very very happy.

      Pitch (Fox) - cancelled after 1 season - I really liked Pitch even though I don't really like baseball. Mark-Paul Gosselaar had a really great beard in it. Maybe he'll keep it.

      Shows Eaten by the Cancel Bear

      American Crime (ABC) - cancelled after 3 seasons
      The Odd Couple (CBS) - cancelled after 3 seasons
      Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (CBS) - cancelled after 2 seasons
      Rosewood (Fox) - cancelled after 2 seasons
      Scream Queens (Fox) - cancelled after 2 seasons
      Secrets and Lies (ABC) - cancelled after 2 seasons
      APB (Fox) - cancelled after 1 season
      The Blacklist: Redemption (NBC) - cancelled after 1 season
      Chicago Justice (NBC) - cancelled after 1 season
      Emerald City (NBC) - cancelled after 1 season
      Frequency (CW) - cancelled after 1 season
      Imaginary Mary (ABC) - cancelled after 1 season
      Making History (Fox) - cancelled after 1 season
      No Tomorrow (CW) - cancelled after 1 season
      Ransom (CBS) - cancelled after 1 season
      Son of Zorn (Fox) - cancelled after 1 season
      Powerless (NBC) - cancelled after 9 episodes

      Shows Spared by the Cancel Bear

      Law & Order: SVU (NBC) - renewed for a 19th season
      Modern Family (ABC) - renewed through season 10
      New Girl (Fox) - renewed for a 7th (and final) season
      Once Upon a Time (ABC) - renewed for a 7th season
      Elementary (CBS) - renewed for a 6th season
      The Goldbergs (ABC) - renewed through season 6
      Chicago Fire (NBC) - renewed for a 6th season
      Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC) - renewed for a 5th season
      Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox) - renewed for a 5th season
      The Blacklist (NBC) - renewed for a 5th season
      Chicago PD (NBC) - renewed for a 5th season
      The Originals (CW) - renewed for a 5th season
      Black-ish (ABC) - renewed for a 4th season
      Fresh Off the Boat (ABC) - renewed for a 4th season
      Gotham (Fox) - renewed for a 4th season
      iZombie (CW) - renewed for a 4th season
      Last Man on Earth (Fox) - renewed for a 4th season
      Blindspot (NBC) - renewed for a 3rd season
      Chicago Med (NBC) - renewed for a 3rd season
      Code Black (CBS) - renewed for a 3rd season
      Quantico (ABC) - renewed for a 3rd season (shortened)
      American Housewife (ABC) - renewed for a 2nd season
      Designated Survivor (ABC) - renewed for a 2nd season
      The Exorcist (Fox) - renewed for a 2nd season
      Great News (NBC) - renewed for a 2nd season
      Speechless (ABC) - renewed for a 2nd season
      Taken (NBC) - renewed for a 2nd season
      Timeless (NBC) - renewed for a 2nd season (TWIST!)
      Trial & Error (NBC) - renewed for a 2nd season

      Shows Already Renewed

      The Simpsons (Fox) - renewed through season 30

      NCIS (CBS) - renewed through season 15
      Grey's Anatomy (ABC) - renewed for a 14th season
      Supernatural (CW) - renewed for a 13th season
      The Big Bang Theory (CBS) - renewed through season 12

      The Middle (ABC) - renewed for a 9th season
      NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) - renewed for a 9th season
      Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) - renewed for an 8th season
      Blue Bloods (CBS) - renewed for an 8th season
      Scandal (ABC) - renewed for a 7th season
      Arrow (CW) - renewed for a 6th season

      The 100 (CW) - renewed for a 5th season
      Mom (CBS) - renewed for a 5th season
      Empire (Fox) - renewed for a 4th season
      The Flash (CW) - renewed for a 4th season
      How to Get Away with Murder (ABC) - renewed for a 4th season
      Jane the Virgin (CW) - renewed for a 4th season
      Madam Secretary (CBS) - renewed for a 4th season
      NCIS: New Orleans (CBS) - renewed for a 4th season
      Scorpion (CBS) - renewed for a 4th season
      Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW) - renewed for a 3rd season
      Legends of Tomorrows (CW) - renewed for a 3rd season
      Life in Pieces (CBS) - renewed for a 3rd season
      Lucifer (Fox) - renewed for a 3rd season
      Shades of Blue (NBC) - renewed for a 3rd season
      Supergirl (CW) - renewed for a 3rd season
      Suprestore (NBC) - renewed for a 3rd season
      This Is Us (NBC) - renewed through season 3
      Bull (CBS) - renewed for a 2nd season
      The Good Fight (CBS) - renewed for a 2nd season
      The Good Place (NBC) - renewed for a 2nd season
      Kevin Can Wait (CBS) - renewed for a 2nd season
      Lethal Weapon (Fox) - renewed for a 2nd season
      MacGyver (CBS) - renewed for a 2nd season
      Man With a Plan (CBS) - renewed for a 2nd season
      The Mick (Fox) - renewed for a 2nd season
      Riverdale (CW) - renewed for a 2nd season
      Star (Fox) - renewed for a 2nd season
      Superior Donuts (CBS) - renewed for a 2nd season

      Shows Already Cancelled

      Time After Time (ABC) - cancelled after five episodes
      Doubt (CBS) - cancelled after two episodes

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    • Jimmy Kimmel will return to host the 90th Annual Academy Awards next year.

      Variety wrote:

      “Hosting the Oscars was a highlight of my career and I am grateful to Cheryl [Boone Isaacs], Dawn [Hudson] and the Academy for asking me to return to work with two of my favorite people, Mike De Luca and Jennifer Todd,” said Kimmel. “If you think we screwed up the ending this year, wait until you see what we have planned for the 90th anniversary show!”
      I thought he did a great job. Think his brand of humour really suits the show.

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    • It's different. The Globes are a lot more laid back, because it's more of a party atmosphere.

      But Kimmel has this style of humour that I guess could be called "earnest cruelty." He always sounds earnest whether he's actually complimenting someone or saying something nice, or completely cutting down Matt Damon. He's not necessarily the funniest host, but his style is a good fit for it. I thought this year's awards were the best in years.

      His monologue from this year's ceremony might give you a better idea:

    • He was one of my favourite singers. Wasn't a huge Soundgarden or Audioslave fan. I liked them but I mostly just liked his voice.

      Some reports (tmz) are saying he hung himself. But I don't really buy that. A least, not until something legitimately substantial comes out. But if they're just making that shit up, that's disgusting.
    • American Gods is some next-level shit.

      I just watched the most recent episode, which focused entirely on Laura. It pulled it off exceptionally well, not only because it was the the first time the series had to rely on a part of the book that isn't particularly well fleshed out, but because they took a character that would be easy to villainize, and gave her a lot of depth and shading and nuance to the point where even if I don't necessarily feel sorry for her, I feel like I understand her and the choices she made.

      Also, got to see her kick a dude in the groin so hard his spine popped out of his body. Which just ruled.
    • Both Manchester Orchestra and Arcade Fire announced new projects today.

      I'm excited for the MO record despite not really liking their last album. Honestly, I'd probably be more excited for Bad Books III more than anything (even though the last Kevin Devine album was nothing to write home about either). Arcade Fire though, I'm not sure how excited I am? I listened to Reflektor like, twice I think? Can anyone who actually listened to it share their thoughts?

      Edit: New Arcade Fire single attached. First single from MO's fifth album should be released next week.

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    • I liked Reflektor a lot the year it came out - well enough to put it as my album of the year at the time. Don't think I would say the same thing today, though, based purely on the fact that I return to it far less than any other Arcade Fire album. I don't think I've listened to it in full more than once or twice since 2014 or so.

      Thinking back on it, I think there's a lot of solid tracks on it, and it's got a cohesive sound and theme to it, but maybe the parts aren't strong enough on their own to add up to an excellent whole the way their other albums have. I dunno, I'm having a hard time putting my finger on it - I'm looking at the track list and mentally checking off - "yup, that's a fun song," "yup, they did something interesting there," "yeah, that's a cool sequence" - but am I going to put this record on today to revisit it? Nah, probably not. So maybe it's just that, while it's a good album, it just doesn't have enough staying power or doesn't have that X factor that makes me want to return to it again and again.

      That said, I'm still excited for their new album. They've earned enough good will with their first three albums that I'll always get hyped for a new release (and this is after that awful "I Give You Power" track they dropped a few months back). This new track is pretty great - I was worried they were sticking too closely to the disco-influenced sound of Reflektor but I was really digging it by the end.

      I'm also just really happy with how much music I'm getting to check out this year from bands that I have history with. It's about that time to go back and look at the first half of the year and I don't know if I've had one this dense in the past 5 years - and the second half is looking just as packed.
    • Manchester Orchestra announced the details of their new album and released a new song!

      1. The Maze
      2. The Gold
      3. The Moth
      4. Lead, SD
      5. The Alien
      6. The Sunshine
      7. The Grocery
      8. The Wolf
      9. The Mistake
      10. The Parts
      11. The Silence

      Press Release wrote:

      “We’re a band that loves to use heavy, crunchy guitars,” says Hull. “We wondered how we could limit the use of that, so that when the guitars come in they can be creative and impactful. For Swiss Army Man we had to make seventy minutes of music with our hands tied behind our backs. When you’re creating all the sounds you need just from the human voice, it allows you to rethink what is possible, and determine what is really needed. We wanted to make an album in a ‘non-Manchester’ way if there is such a thing.”

      ( @Holden @Keith)

      Didn't occur to me until now that Andy Hull's experience working on the score for Swiss Army Man would impact the sound of the new album.

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