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The War Room III: Happy May Day!

  • Welcome to the new War Room, now with 24% more Mr T. Its been about 3 years or great posts and debate and with a new crop of SD mods and a new style of managing SD, its time for a new War Room.

    You guys already know about the rules of the War Room, but I'll give you a quick refresher.

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    The War Room: At least we don't resort to murder!

    Now onto elections to come worldwide, Trump or really anything you please :heavy:
  • So my parish in Louisiana declined a half cent sales tax (that excluded food and medicine) that was intended to provide funds to improve our rapidly deteriorating public school facilities.

    I was taught in forty-fifty year old buildings that were established as temporary buildings, without proper AC/heat (which is goddamn AWFUL in metal buildings without insulation), that were tiny (thirty students cannot fit in these rooms) and when it rains the noise hitting the metal roof/walls is so loud that class has to be stopped. Along with this, class is stopped in the threat of bad weather, when winds are too harsh, etc etc.

    These buildings also don't have covered walkways which doesn't seem like a big deal but you have 3rd graders sitting in classes soaked to the bone in 30-40 degree weather in classrooms without heaters. It sucks.

    I can say that being taught in these buildings sucked ass. I learned very little. I was excited at the prospect of them being replaced, because I would like my children to have nice things when I inevitably send them through the school system here (which currently ranks last among all states in the US).

    It truly sucks. The tax lost by around 5000 votes, and most voting against it voted against it because they believe the school system misuses funds without any real proof of them doing so, because they don't like how much of our funds go to support facilities at one of our majority African American schools, and because the older population can't fathom how a better educated populace can benefit them ("my children aren't in school and neither am I, so why should I pay this negligible tax?")

    Eh. I hope I can move away from here one day. It truly sucks.

    Ask me for the clan test!

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    If Trump actually follows through on re-implementing Glass-Steagall and raising the gas tax I would be really glad. Much in the same way that I was glad that he pulled out of TPP. Just because he's causing the US to regress in other aspects doesn't mean that we should ignore the good when it comes.

    That being said, once his wall street friends in cabinet get into his ear he'll likely stop this talk.
  • That actually raises an interesting question: is there anyone on SD who thinks a reintroduction of Glass-Steagall would be a bad move? I could very easily see it as the least partisan issue amongst our demographic here.

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    So apparently our dear president doesn't even understand the basic history of the country he's running.

    Excuse me, my history-buff side is going to cry in a corner now...

    Secondly, he's going to apparently escalate war in Afghanistan?

    "I'm the King of the Seas!" - Said every Orca Whale Ever

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    President Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday that the country needs a "good
    'shutdown,'" as well advocated for changing Senate rules, in a pair of
    tweets where he complained about the congressional negotiating process.

    We all need a good government shutdown once in a while. Those always fix everything, right?

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  • linkthezora wrote:

    So apparently our dear president doesn't even understand the basic history of the country he's running.

    Excuse me, my history-buff side is going to cry in a corner now...

    He's said alot of stupid things (so maybe I'm giving him more credit than he deserves) but I don't understand why people are giving Trump such a hard time over the 20 year gap between Jackson's death and the Civil War.

    The war didn't spring out of nowhere, and the tensions had been simmering for decades. Jackson could have foreseen and been frustrated by the "Civil War" as easily as people from the 2000's could be frustrated by the (sure to be pending) Korean War II.

    This basically sums up what I think about Obama doing the presidential sell out tour that Clinton did after his presidency. And this isn't something that's reserved for presidents, people elected at lower levels in the US and Canada do the same thing. Cashing out after public service reveals who these people really are and it lowers them in my eyes. Public service isn't a fucking money making scheme, as someone who is very interested in getting into politics this just makes me cringe. You're given a very healthy pension after your career is over precisely so you don't do this shit, you can live a very happy life on the pension alone, but no too many elected officials are poisoned by greed. And Trevor Noah trying to make this a race thing and pretending like all the presidents did it and the only reason people care now is because Obama is black was pretty low.

    1. Its factually incorrect, as this article shows.
    2. Remember how people were up in arms over Hillary Clinton's paid speeches? It isn't because he's black, its because the internet exposes the corruption now when in the past it didn't.

    My respect for Truman and Carter just grew significantly, both weren't perfect and had flaws, but at least they never sold out the American people.
  • john_marston wrote:

    gay conversion therapy, lol. How is that even still a thing in the vast majority of the U.S.? The U.S. is so backwards at some fronts.

    This is also my sub :)
    Because our Vice President believes in it.


    Bill wrote:

    It tells me he is smart. It tells me that he understands he needs to get this message out to counterbalance the constantly negative message from the press.
    Really? Because it looks like what he trying to do

    Bill wrote:

    All I heard from the mainstream press this week is that his first 100 days was a failure.

    As an actual Trump voter, I understand this is nothing more than gas-lighting and an attempt to destroy morale. I'm thrilled with his first 100 days and suspect he's only going to do better as he gets more experience on the job. It's not his fault that the judiciary overreached to block his travel bans or his plans to withhold federal funding of Sanctuary Cities (which lack majority support even in liberal places like California)
    Let's look at that, shall we?
    - He vowed to build the Wall and making Mexico pay for he's going to pay it with our tax dollars
    - He promised not to engage in further conflict in the Middle East. Then he bombed Syria.
    - He said he'd be too busy for vacations. But we're footing a bill at Mar-a-Lago which he owns.
    - He okayed the Dakota Access and the Keystone pipelines despite the inevitable impact they will have on the environment and along with the inhumane treatment of the DA protesters.
    - He said they would be constructed with American steel to you know, strengthen our economy...except now it's being made with Russian steel.
    - He campaigned on a platform of draining the he's put former CEO's and lobbyists in positions of power that are convenient for their associated corporations.
    - He made Jeff Sessions the attorney general, the moron who wants to carry on the Drug War.
    - He doesn't even pretend to be concerned with such notions as a conflict of interest. Where most elected presidents usually dissolve the businesses they own as an act of solidarity, he left his in the hands of his family...whom he's also placed in key positions at the White House and abroad.

    But his first 100 days are a huge success because? We've seen a minor growth in employment? You think that will matter as we continue to turn the planet into a wasteland? Cause it really seems like the person who mainly benefited from Donald Trump's presidency is Donald Trump. But who could have predicted that?

    Bill wrote:

    And I'm not an anomaly. The Washington Post came out with a story this week or last that showed the vast, vast majority of Trump voters (I believe it was 96%) would vote for him again. In fact, the proportion was higher than Clinton voters. So the "buyer's remorse/disillusioned Trump voter" narrative is a completely fake one.…o/?utm_term=.a88d410710e9

    This isn't meant to be an endorsement of WaPo generally. They are rabidly anti-Trump, but I cite them because they are considered a "mainstream" source, and I will give credit to them for publishing an honest piece for once.
    Yes feel free to call them honest only when they publish something you like.

    Bill wrote:

    His low approval rating is not surprising either. It's a reflection that the country is incredibly (and dangerously) divided. The people who voted for Trump think he is doing a fine job; those who didn't, don't.
    Usually newly elected presidents enjoy a honey moon period of elevated approval among independents and opposition. Trump has no such (consensual) period. Naturally instead of faulting it with the guy who eats breathes his foot 24/7, one must blame the insidious progressive media...

    Bill wrote:

    The Republican Congress, on the other hand, has been awful. They have a majority in both chambers and no excuses for their failure to pass legislation. Trump is not a dictator and we don't want him to be. Executive Orders have limits. Legislation needs to go through Congress. If they fail to pass tax cuts or fund the wall, Trump voters are going to stay home in 2018. I can tell you that I have far more resentment of Paul Ryan, John McCain et. al. than just about any Democrat.
    The Trumpcare bill failed to pass because for some Republicans, it would kill a lot of lower class American, while for other Republicans, it would not kill enough lower class Americans. The Wall funding will most likely not pass, especially if tax cuts do go through because who the fuck in their right mind would vote to pay for a colossal boondoggle when there are plenty of domestic logistical issues that could be solved for that same amount? Staying home come 2018 would probably be the best thing some Trump voters could do for the might discourage future congressmen from trying to appeal to the KKK and /pol/.

    Bill wrote:

    And maybe that's why Donald Trump is President and you aren't.

    It's very easy to be an armchair QB. I guarantee if Donald Trump had followed conventions and listened to advice (particularly from those seeking to undermine him), there's no way he would have gotten to where he has.

    It is pretty amusing seeing all the armchair experts who aren't billionaires or the President of the USA trying to offer unsolicited "advice" as if it has any real value.

    If Donald Trump is such an incompetent buffoon, what does that say about the rest of us? But please, by all means, continue to believe this.
    I didn't vote for him so I'm not sure what it says about me. What it says about his voters is that they bought a load of shit and now we may all end up paying for it.

    Bill wrote:

    The fact that Donald Trump is a billionaire and won the Presidency after taking up politics as a hobby at 70 indicates that he might just have an idea of what he is doing. But feel free to believe otherwise and that he just stumbled and bumbled to billionaire status and the Presidency.
    Yes how dare we armchair experts criticize this political hobbyist President >_>. That's almost as shitty as ignoring all of the evidence of climate change presented by scientists who dedicated their lives towards pursuit of the truth. But of course Trump didn't bumble his way into billionaire status...he weaseled his way there by doing whatever he could get away with such as not actually paying his employees. Now the Presidency? Yeah, that kind of was stumble and bumble.
  • i find it absolutely hilarious that people are out talking about how people deny the Armenian Genocide but deny that Trump is a rapist out of a "lack of evidence" while also happily turning a blind eye to the fact that proving rape is incredibly difficult and that there are very very many systemic socio cultural factors that prevent women and men from reporting rape.

    love it

    fucking hilarious
    ha ha ha

  • That's what I got, not a surprise to me.

    Dunno if their definition of Libertarian Socialism is the same as the actual definition though. I'm certainly a socialist and when it comes to things like social issues I'm libertarian (ie if you aren't hurting anyone else or infringing on their rights, you should be left alone), but I'm no anarchist and I dunno if I identify explicitly as Libertarian Socialist.