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    Help me out here. WW or TP?
    • TP HD should have been so much more than we got, and Nintendo should have known better. I mean, they FFS gave us that big and glorious TPish tech demo in 2011 when they showed off the Wii U, and of course naturally everyone's imagination goes straight to that beautiful HD-demo by instinct when they are discussing "a potential" TP HD. Nintendo really should have made a true and worthy REMAKE and not a simple remaster with same character models and stuff. A true Twilight Princess remake from 100 % scratch would have been a big seller based on true Wii U-visuals alone. I am convinced that that extra work would had paid off in the end. No doubt.

      I voted for TWW by the way, in case you wondered. It looks better, even the gamecube-version looks better. The music is A LOT better. More memorable characters and story as well. I haven't played the HD-versions since I never owned a Wii U, but from my understanding NIntendo actually improved the gameplay of TWW with their HD-version pretty significantly. But I still like Twilight Princess and it has its moments, but it was a disappointment when I played it for the first time late 2006. But I am a bit grumpy when they sell remasters for full price. Not okay in my book.
    • WW is one of my top favorite Zelda games, though it's tied with MM, so i'm gonna have to go with WW. it's a tough decision though, namely because i just finished playing TP again and i really wanna say TP. but WW has the figurine quest that i love so dearly, the earth temple, which, as annoying as it is sometimes, is a wonderful temple, and just some pretty awesome sidequests and story elements (ghost ship anyone?). their soundtracks are both mint though (and yes, soundtrack is a biiiiig factor for me). plus i actually didn't like twilight princess as much the first playthrough, though it did grow on me quite a bit after a second one lol