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  • Welcome, loyal Germans ZUers! We have been transported to the 1930s, where political strife is real, our economy is crumbling, and we need to rebuild. But what is the best way to do that? Many people have differing ideas -- fights break out, extremists come into power, and maybe even war starts. But does that have to happen? Maybe not.

    In this game, a game called Secret Hitler (which is also a free board/card game if anyone wants to play with friends irl), you get to decide! Or, at the very least, you'll step into a characters shoes and then roleplay as them to decide. Regardless! This is game, and if you want to play, I should probably explain how to play/what the game is.

    First off, this is a game that can support from 5-10 players. In every game you will have two groups of people -- liberals and fascists. There will always be a majority of liberals, however, they will not know who the other liberals are. Conversely, there will be less fascists than liberal -- they will know who the other fascists are, however. There is also a character called Hitler, who is a fascist, and he will not know who the other fascists are -- but they will know who he is.

    Now let's get down into the nitty gritty and explain the rules and such.

    How to Play

    So, this game is going to have multiple phases. We are going to go through them one by one:

    --The Presidential Phase P.1:

    In this phase, you will have just gotten your role (fascist, liberal, hitler) and the president will be picked randomly by myself. From here, the president must pick a *chancellor*. The chancellor is the person who will enact policies (more on these later) and that's pretty much it. But what are policies?

    Well, policies are things you enact to move the game forward. There are 6 liberal policies and 11 fascist policies. Every "turn", I will assign these policies a random number ranging from 1-17 (or however many policies are still in play). The president will PM me three numbers, and I will pick these out and tell them what type of policies they are. From there, he will take one of them, discard it, and give two of the policies to the chancellor. The chancellor will then enact a policy.

    What do these policies do, though? Well:

    Liberal Policies:

    You don't really get any benefits from these -- they aren't focused on making the government more powerful. If five of these are enacted, however, the liberals win.

    Fascist Policies:

    These are focused on making the government stronger (and if you get six of them enacted the fascists win automatically). There benefits are as follows:

    First Policy: The president must investigate one person

    Second Policy: The president must investigate an additional person

    Third Policy: The president must choose the next president

    Fourth Policy: The president must assassinate one person

    Fifth Policy: The president must assassinate one person, and can now refuse to enact a policy provided the chancellor also agrees with them.

    Sixth policy: Fascists win.

    And that's pretty much it.

    --The Discussion:

    After a policy is enacted (and when the game first begins), the presidency will shift over to a new player. This will be done either in order of your signups, or, if the third fascist policy is in effect the president will be chosen by a previous president. Then, you all will get a 24-hour period to talk among one another, and during this period the president will choose a new chancellor. Everyone will vote on him, with a yes or no vote, and if he is declined a new one will be brought forth to be voted on.

    If three chancellors are declined in a row, the government will go into chaos, a new president will be picked, who will then elect a new chancellor, and the president will pick a number randomly and the corresponding policy will immediately be enacted regardless of what it is.

    --The Presidential Phase P.2:

    The president will choose three policies, discard one, and then give two of them to chancellor to enact. This will be done over a 24 hour period as well, via PM, while the thread is locked. After this is over, the discussion phase will start up again. The president will use their actions during this phase as well, if they have any.

    --Win Conditions:

    Fascists win if:

    --Hitler is elected as chancellor with at least three fascist policies in place
    --Six fascist policies are in place

    Liberals win if:

    --Hitler is assassinated
    --Five liberal policies are in place

    And that's just about the gist of it! There are also some rules you should follow:


    --This isn't a rule, per se, just remember you can lie about just about anything -- the number of liberal versus fascist cards you drew as president, the number of fascists versus liberal cards you were given as a chancellor, the side you are on, etc. etc. IF YOU ARE INVESTIGATED YOU CAN NOT LIE ABOUT YOUR ROLE

    --When you investigate someone, you only find out if they are a fascist or liberal -- not their character.

    --Flaming will not be tolerated whatsoever.

    --Do not talk about the game outside of the game!

    --When cards are drawn, they will not be re-drawn again until every other card has been drawn. When a card is put into play, it can no longer be re-drawn.

    --Do not quote anything I send you via PM.

    --This game *requires* a time commitment -- if you can't devote the time to play, don't play. This probably won't be as intense as, say, mafia, but you'll need to be able to make at least one post during the day cycles and more than one would be preferable.

    So this will have some sort of day/night cycle -- it will start and end at 8PM CST. All votes should be in for the chancellor at this point in time, and if they aren't then they will be counted as "Nay" and the "day" cycle will be extended another 24 hours if the nay's outweight the yay's.

    I'd also like to note that there *is* a term-limit -- you cannot nominate the previous president for chancellor, the previous chancellor for president, and you can't nominate the same chancellor twice in a row in the event that they are declined the first time.

    And that's about it, tbh! I think this could be a really fun thing. If you want to sign up, just say so below, and if you have any questions or anything feel free to ask!


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    2. Orion
    3. Haagar
    4. Z-Wolf
    5. Castigear
    6. FrozenDragon
    7. Kay Faraday
    8. Foo
    9. english
    10. knight hawk



    This is the hub thread -- so if you have any questions, want to sign up, want to subscribe, or chat amongst your fellow players about random stuff then this is the place to do it. just thought i'd make that clear!

    Chaos Mechanic



    So, without going into whether or not epicstar is telling the truth -- this is NOT an indication one way or the other, so do not take it that way -- I am adding something in as a check to being able to throw away hands.

    So, I mentioned that every time you get Chaos, you need to fail a vote three times in a row, and then a random policy is enacted and a random president is picked and term limits go out the window (so someone can be chancellor twice in a row/nominated twice in a row for that term).

    Instead of doing it straight three times in a row, we will have a Chaos Counter. Every time you fail a vote you will get +1 to the counter. If you hit +3 the counter will reset to 0, Chaos will be enacted for that Term, and we will continue from there.

    So yeh. If you have questions, ask away. Have fun!

    Ask me for the clan test!

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