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    So about the Gorons, again...
    • I would say it's extremely easy to figure out that folks apply different rules to Gorons because they're treated as an oddity by the game. Many Hylian travellers comment on how odd it is they eat rocks and don't see the value of gems.

      Heck, for older fans this is especially obvious:
      "Oh, let me tell you, friend... It is hard times living in the city, especially for a Goron like me. I go to the castle, and the guards tell me no rocks are allowed inside. Most folks think that I look like a boulder and that I should be treated as one."
      - Twilight Princess

      And before anyone asks if Twilight Princess, with all of its race tensions, would really have any bearing on the much more cheery BotW, remember that at the Hateno gates we were greeted by someone who let us through because we were Hylian and therefore trustworthy.

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    • Chad wrote:

      I don't really know why they don't let men in. Do we know it's so they won't try to bang any women in town, or is it something else? I mean realistically they shouldn't be able to breed with fish or birds either.
      Maybe not breeding, but Zoras do have a habit of falling in love with Hylians, so they probably have potential with Gerudo, too, whereas I don't think we've seen Gorons romantically entangled with anyone at all. That said, they likely don't get many Zora visitors in the middle of the desert anyway. Not sure about Rito, though. If I remember correctly, there's a female Gerudo in town and a male one at Kara Kara Bazaar, so it is quite likely that the rule applies to them, too, but we've never seen a Rito express romantic interest in any non-Rito (unless I'm forgetting something). There may just be some past cases that we don't know about.
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    • In addition to their physique, the diet of Gorons also sets them apart from the Hylian-Zora-Rito category. There's Goron spice in BotW but that's about as far as I can remember of them eating "normal" food. Not saying the Zora or Rito are like dwarves or hobbits, but they're still more like humans/Hylians than Gorons.

      Regarding Gerudo females though, I'd hope they don't suddenly pull out feminine looking Gorons out of nowhere. It'd be clumsy but on the other hand not unheard of for the series. I personally much prefer approaches like 'born from the mountain' or males spitting out a lava ball or a rock or whatever.

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