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    • Hi folks~

      In this thread, we share our individual headcanons, what might or might not have any actual backing but we like it so we consider canon anyway.

      A few rules here, though, this isn't for deep discussion as to whether or not it would be plausible, nor is it to force our own theories into others; you're free to point out why both your headcanons and those of others would/wouldn't be plausible and gather evidence to back up your claims, but don't turn it into mini-SD pls 'k thanks~

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    • I could probably write several essays on my personal headcanon. :DD In the interests of brevity, I'll just go with the idea that both Demise and the Sheikah originated in Lorule, and the latter are Lorulean equivalents of Hylians who serve the Royal Family with the ulterior motive of making sure they never destroy their Triforce as Lorule's did theirs.
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    • I didn't create this headcanon, but it's one of mine all the same.

      In the backstory of Twilight Princess, Midna is ruling quite happily. Zant, somehow on the council of elders or whatever it is they have back then, is a huge bloody nerd. Like you have no idea. At council meetings, Zant pulls out his Trapper Keeper (seriously look it up if you're young and don't know these things are; these were all the rage when I was in primary school!), props it up on its edge so that it creates this "mini-fort" around his "secret notes" he's writing (we also used to do this) where he would play MASH with himself while trying to sit through the boring parts of council meetings.

      But he's also got this HUGE, bigly crush on Midna.

      And so one day he asks her out or to the prom or whatever. Pretty much, hey, she's the most beautiful Twili he's ever seen (and she's a princess so whoa big time awesome), and he'd love the honour of being her steady. Midna LAUGHS at this because she doesn't date nerds; she has standards after all. So she humiliates him in front of all his (and her) friends, and as a result he gets this huge complex over it. Yup, he's going to get revenge.

      So once he orchestrates his Twili mind serum to take over the kingdom using his playschool chemistry set (okay, actually Ganondorf, but I'm thinking that latter led to the former), Zant confronts Midna and forces her to beg. Midna of course is way too proud, so Zant takes away what he wanted from her all this time: her beauty. "HAHA!" he thinks to himself. "Look what awesome courtiers she's going to get now with her beauty gone!"

      Anyway, Zant knows absolutely zero about running a kingdom. Or an army. So he's trying to keep his cool all the time, but omg he doesn't know how. So Ganondorf is rolling his eyes and trying to coach this idiot how to run his initiative against Hyrule for him. That's why when confronting Princess Zelda and later Link when meeting Lanayru that Zant seems so bloody cool and collected. Ganondorf is in his ear, just giving him lines and constantly coaxing him to "don't lose his crap over this scary Link guy." And thus later, when Ganondorf is away seducing the princess and converting her into Puppet Zelda, Zant completely loses it when confront him in the Palace of Twilight.

      No-one can convince me that this ain't true.
    • Termina has four Triforce pieces. In both OoT and MM, we have the Great Fairy of Power, Courage, and Wisdom. Termina has one more, which is of Kindness. This might correlate with having the additional piece, as well as there being four giants to match.

      This Kindness piece can be what is represented on Fierce Deity's chestplate, rather than that of Link's Courage piece. The Gossip Stone says the Fierce Deity's mask contains the merits of all masks, which took a lot of kindness to get. While the mask has you wielding a two-handed sword, what does the Great Fairy of Kindness gift you with? Also a two-handed sword.
    • The Minish didn't survive the Great Calamity.

      TMC tells us that the Minish are the ones who hide hearts, rupees, etc. in the grass, but that gameplay element isn't present in BotW. They survived the Great Flood, they survived the Imprisoning War, they survived every other catastrophe in the series - but they didn't survive the Great Calamity.
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    • Actually, following up on the above; whenever random drops don't... Drop... It means that the Minish aren't in that area, at least at that time.

      On another one (hurr hurr, made the thread and haven't provided my own headcanons, lol), when we meet other incarnations of characters, they are both the same and different characters at the same time, as in, they are the same in the sense that they share the same fixed core characteristics, but are also different people. So, not necessarily REincarnations, but other incarnations all the same.

      The Triforce pieces individually don't really provide many powers, they depend on the user - the ToC only gives unbreakable bravery and courage, but Link's other characteristics (strenght, agility, weapon skills, magical powers...) are all his own, the ToC does allow him to use them to their fullest extent by preventing fear from crippling him, however. The Triforce of Wisdom only gives, well, wisdom, knowledge - Zelda's/Hilda's magical/psychic powers are her own, but the ToW gives them the knowledge of how to use them more in-depth (like a glorified spellbook/instruction manual), so they can wield them to much better effects. Likewise, the Triforce of Power gives limitless... Power. Magical power, but it's the wielders (Ganondorf/Yuga/Zant) who have the magical skill to use it. The light/darkness coming from each wielder at different points is only the basic ability of the Triforce showing - to reflect the heart of the user.

      Link's "spirit animal" of sorts is the wolf - he should be able to tranform into one at will (like the Hero's Shade does) if he learns how to, differently from unnatural transformations into other beings/things (the Masks, painting...) and having it forced upon him (the Shadow Crystal).

      With different degrees of backing :x

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    • The Sheikah made SS's ancient robots (Timeshift Stone symbol looks similar to theirs) and TWW's Tower of the Gods (Gohdan's room looks kind of like the inside of a Shrine, patterns on the tower's outside look like the Shrines' "constellations" only not glowing orange).
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    • The Dark World in ALttP reflects how Ganondorf would want the world, that's why it got rid of the desert he hated so much.

      Demise took the form of a burly red head for Link as a caricature of what Link feared most in his everyday life: Groose.

      In games where a good person is lost but the Triforce is in the Heroes possession they use it to bring them back. Like with Impa in SS or
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      the champions and just about all of Hyrule in BoTW.

      Hey they did it in ALttP, let me be happy.
    • My headcanon for now is the Goddess of Time's Chrono Clash as opposed to the Elder Scroll's Dragon Break.

      It is a event which occured more than 10.000 years ago in the world of Breath of the Wild.
      In order to fix the mess caused by OoT Zelda and Link, she forcefully merged all the timelines and rearranged the events for to make the new Unified Timeline to work.
    • That the Downfall timeline was caused by young Link trying to fight Ganondorf. My idea is that the run through Ocarina of Time that we are familiar with is actually the second "cycle". In the first one young Link pulled the Master Sword and attempted to fight Ganondorf, but was killed. The goddesses at this point decided to rewind time a bit and put a new rule on the Master Sword, the user must be an adult. This explains why Ocarina is the only time that rule comes up and explains how the Downfall timeline can exist as anything but a "what if".

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    • The Triforce being destroyed is what lead to Lorule's downfall timeline. I'd actually love to see other people's Lorule headcanons, especially pertaining to other games.
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      gamtos wrote:

      The Sheikah are mysterious magic wielders, and this basically makes them a fan-favorite band-aid over any unexplained part of the lore. It's the Zelda equivalent of saying "a wizard did it", but we're always claiming it to be the same wizard.
    • I prefer to think of the "Downfall" timeline as more of the "Abandoned" timeline. In brief, this is a timeline created for custodial purposes (by the "Goddess of Time" or just simply temporal forces doing their own thing, whatever) when Adult Link replace the Master Sword in the pedestal and rewinds back to being Kid Link in the course of playing OoT. Because Link could then potentially stay in the past and never return to the Sacred Realm (and thus never go Back to the Future), he could create a paradox where the future he experienced never happens. Although Link does, of course, return to post-Ganondorf Hyrule, the very possibility of this paradox creates an alternate timeline "just in case." But Link abandons this timeline as he returns to the future he already knows, so the Hero of Time never emerges and saves Hyrule.

      This results in essentially the same circumstances as the "Downfall" timeline with the added benefit that its not just a "what if" timeline and it is created in the normal course of playing the game.

      My second piece of head canon is that the Oracle games contain their own Link and occur a couple of generations (or so) after LoZ and AoL.
    • After the events of BotW, Link and Zelda make their visit to Gerudo Town but Link is denied access because he's a man. Link cross-dresses to get back in town again and meets up with Zelda who doesn't recognize him until Riju reveals the truth. Hilarity ensues.
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    • The "Interloper War" occurred when the Gerudo, already at war with the Royal Family, went to the Sheikah and convinced them, "The Royal Family doesn't care about you, look at how many of your people they've let die for their cause. We should join forces against them." Some of the Sheikah (like Impa) stay true to the Royal Family. Others, similar to the Yiga Clan, joined the Gerudo. So the traitorous Sheikah took one of their old artifacts, the Fused Shadows, and turned it against Hyrule. Eventually, however, the Sheikah and the Gerudo are defeated. Arbiter's Grounds, an old Gerudo Temple, is converted into an execution ground/place of banishment. The Gerudo and Sheikah are banished to the Twilight Realm, where they intermingle with the native Twili race. The Sheikah bring technology, which is why the Twili seem so advanced. However, their banishment is lifted after a few hundred years (why blame the children for the crimes of the parents and all that), so the Sheikah, the Gerudo, and their descendants, with varying degrees of mixed genetics, are allowed to return to Hyrule, explaining their presence in FSA and BotW, but absence from TP. The Zuni are Twili who were mixed with Gerudo and/or Sheikah.

      (Note: All three races mixed, but some appear more Gerudo, or more Sheikah, or more Twili.)
    • Argh, must resist urge to start arguments! :lol:

      Instead, I shall offer my own headcanon. The Light Force is what remains of Hylia's power, uncoupled from her soul to remain accessible between reincarnations.
    • Sounds like a couple here are coming up with complete fanfiction, rather than somewhat sensical headcanon :P But hey, I guess the point is that it's subjective. Anyway

      In terms of timeline, I actually like to take away rather than 'add', as you'd normally do with headcanon. I believe any link between, say, the NES games the 3D ones should be completely disregarded, even though the book says they take place in the same universe and are linked.

      I do LOVE a lot of the MM headcanon/theories, and I like to agree with a lot of them.