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    • If Rauru tights his sleeves, it's to flap his arms like a Bird when controlling Kaepora Gaepora.

      Rauru and Gaepora Kaepora are two entities who share the same Soul.

      Gaepora Kaepora is Rauru's Loftwing.

      Rauru is a member of the Wind Tribe, those who stay in the Sky and kept the Soul Bond with the Loftwing established by Hylia

      Loftwing's and Wind Folk's became closer and closer with the years, until the two merged together and become the Oocca, imperfect beings that will later become Ritos.

      Zora Ritos are fake Ritos, artifical one created by Valoo's Scale.

      The Ancient Sages were the Sages depicted in the Temple of Time in Twilight Princess, they built the Temple of Time with the Wind people before becoming Spirits of Light with the power of the Light Spirits and placed as the guardians of the Mirror of Twilight by the Golden Goddesses themself.
      They were seven, six of them become Ancient Sages, the 7th was Rauru and retrograded as the Sage of Light.
      They were all Wind Folk.

      Rauru was the original Messenger of the Sky and the Wielder of the Dominion Rod.

      Rauru trained the Hero of Time after Majora's Mask, he wore the Golden Bird Armor as a proof of this.

      Wind people are superior in all ways to Hylians, better magicians and better Swordmen, they stay neutral in conflicts, as they obey the orders of Gods, but Hylian are used to ask them help.

      The King of Hyrule from OOT is Nohansen Hyrule and he exiled to the Sky Palace when Ganondorf took over Hyrule.
    • The Smash Bros. discussion reminds me of a fun thread on r/truezelda which I might have linked to before. My contribution involved Metroid. The part about phazon being malice gave me a headcanon that Dark Link is made of malice.

      (I've been thinking about Metroid a lot recently, which is probably a sign that I want to get into it, but I'm too nervous to.)
      I have a YouTube channel!

      What can you say that hasn't already been said?

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    • @Evran_Speer Aren't you, like, 17 years late for that? Young Link vs adult Zelda has been a thing since Melee. What makes Ultimate so special?
    • This isn't my idea, but I thought it was a rather neat interpretation of the Downfall Timeline I saw on Reddit by SvenHudson.…or_the_downfall_timeline/

      In Skyward Sword, Hero Mode, the a new line of dialogue was added to the retrieval of the Goddess Sword. "Memories of violent battles" bolster the strength of the blade in Hero Mode, violent battles being in reference to the history of the original save file. However SvenHudson interpreted this as the Goddess Sword peering into the future and drawing power from conflicts yet to come.

      Fast-forward to Ocarina of Time, and during the battle with Ganon, the Master Sword suddenly glows in a way it hadn't before in the game. Link is even surprised by this! The theory goes that the Master Sword, in that moment, peered into the distant future. It drew on memories of violent battles yet to come (Link to the Past and beyond), and bolstered the power of the blade once more. In doing so, the Hero of Time was able to overcome the overwhelming might of Ganon and survive a battle in what should have killed him. This leads into the canon Ocarina of Time as we know it, the split timeline, and so on...

      I don't know if I adopt it as my own headcanon, especially given the dubious evidence behind it, but it sure is an interesting idea! It also retains the idea that time travel was somehow involved in overcoming the Defeat Timeline.

      I also really like the idea that the wish to undo Ganon's evil from Link to the Past reverberated back through time to allow the HoT to win, as well as the idea that Zelda/Link's prophetic dreams in OoT were glimpses into the Downfall Timeline itself.
    • The Link you provided had other users talk about the Navi Theory.

      The Theory suggests that, After Link is defeated, Zelda sends Navi back in time to assist Link and because she knows what happens to him, She is able to help prevent it the 2nd time around by giving him clues on what to do and where to go.

      I can't get behind this theory. Navi has shown on multiple occasions to be genuinely surprised at everything that happens in OoT. Especially when it comes to Link waking up 7 years later and being an adult. Also why would she still hit the same fence rushing to Link's house as she did the first time? She should know it's there right?

      I don't know, I feel like the evidence is not strong enough to support or deny the theory.


      The sword peering into the future is interesting. I would argue that it would only gain the ability AFTER Fi becomes a part of it though. Giving it the sentience to consider such a thing. But then it would beg the question. If the sword could see that Ganon is eventually defeated anyway, Why even bother attempting to change the outcome to a pathway that had not been explored yet? (Short of just simply having a soft spot for Link as Fi most likely would.)

      Assuming the split does not occur until Link survives then we can say the sword cannot see the other two paths because they did not exist before the divergence. I don't think Fi would risk creating an even worse timeline just to save her friend. (Especially if she knows he will be reincarnated anyway.)

      And if we were to say the Sword could predict every possible outcome, then Link should be running around like Nicholas Cage and dodging and blocking everything. We may as well go with the "gameover = infinite universes" theory at that point and I don't think anyone wants to do that.


      I don't know what to think of the reverb theory just yet. May have to look into it some more.


      My fave and to me the most believable is certainly the Zelda/Dream/Prophet theory. To me it makes the most sense.
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      I never bought the Navi theory either, though to be quite honest I'd never thought too hard about it. It seemed just too out there for my tastes, but your explanation all but sealed it for me.


      I also really enjoy the prophet theory, but it's always been odd to me for one major reason. Were the Sages not awoken in the DT to seal away Ganondorf anyhow? If Link had been slain or defeated as a child, I just don't see how that could sync up well. I also have to wonder where these dreams came from?


      Really, mostly any theory stating the DT is the "original" sequence of events. Theories where it's a predestined future, one that's already happened and time travelers interfered with the past, the Triforce with reverberating through time, etc... I'm rather fond of those. They seem so much cleaner to me than headcanons stating the DT is just some bizarre alt. reality born from quantum ohysics, false legend, or whatever...
    • Chateau Romania - Lite wrote:

      I also really enjoy the prophet theory, but it's always been odd to me for one major reason. Were the Sages not awoken in the DT to seal away Ganondorf anyhow? If Link had been slain or defeated as a child, I just don't see how that could sync up well. I also have to wonder where these dreams came from?

      It really depends on when the split occurred I suppose. If you say that Link died as a child then the 7 wise men (All being Hylian) Would have been the 7 sages prior to the ones we awaken in OoT. That would explain the 7 maidens in Alttp. AOL having towns named after the more well known Sages of Oot is fine this way too since Darunia, Ruto, and the others were already prominent royal and political figures worthy of towns named after them by the time Link meets them.

      If we say that Link died as an adult, then we can say the sages were awakened, and despite the fact that the previous sages had perished, their off spring and legacy would still have lived on.

      As far as the dreams go, I always felt it had something to do with Zelda playing the Ocarina. She has displayed the ability to leave messages within the Ocarina on at least two occasions, Link is able to communicate in real time with Saria with an Ocarina as well. With Zelda simply playing a tune on it and sending Link back in time, It would seem reasonable that a future version of herself, or a later incarnation would have sent a message to her younger self and couple that with the fact that on several occasions, Zelda has also known to be psychically connected to Link, (Alttp). Then it would make sense that Zelda's nightmare somehow connected to Link in his sleep as well.

      Both the messages and the dreams appear to the viewer as a vision. So there's that too.

      At any rate, Zelda's warning through the Ocarina requires less explanation than her warning through Navi does.
      Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to overcome it.

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    • The Downfall Timeline is the Original Futur.
      The Prophecy of the Hero of Time was created to prevent this futur from happening.
      The Prophecy of Time is as old as the Temple of Time.
      It was delivred by the Oracles after the Era of Chaos, that the Hero of Time will create a better futur.

      After the Era of Chaos, the Golden Goddess delivered instructions to the Oracles and to the Light Spirits.
      The seven Sages of this Time were told to build the Temple of Time on the location of the Temple of Hylia.

      Six of the Seven sages were turned into Spirits of Light by the Light Spirits and tasked to guard the Mirror of Twilight, as well as executing the Demon Thief, they were tasked with the Light Sword to do so.

      The Seventh Sages was Rauru, he become the Sage of Light and was tasked to fufill the Prophecy.
      With the Temple of Light, six Temples were established on particular Places connected to the Sacred Realm. When the Hero of Time will appear, six chosen sages will be called to the Temple.

      The Prophecy says that a Hero will travel through Time to fight the Demon Thief, the Demon King's reborn.

      The Legend was passed down in the Royal Familly and protected by the Sheikah, they were tasked to protect the secret of the Triforce.

      But, things didn't worked propely, the Sheikah were wiped out and the Demon Thief acquired the Triforce and defeated the Hero of Time, the Sages sealed the Demon King, we are in the Downfall.
      So, the defeated Hero returned in the past and changed it.

      The Adult Timeline was created, this Timeline was succesful in defeating Ganon, but the Kingdom was destroyed.
      zelda sent Link back in Time.

      The Child Timeline was the True Steins Gate, even if something went wrong, the execution of the Demon Thief failed ....
      The Triforce of Power was still in his possesion ...

      The Rage of the Demon Thief caused the Birth of Calamity Ganon and the demise of Hyrule ...

      But the Goddess Hylia had a back-up plan ... her loyal Sheikah Tribe ...

      I like the idea that Hylia and Demise, even technically dead, still continue the battle through Time and Space ...
    • My guess, Ghirahim was created by Demise as a response to the creation of Fi and the Goddess Sword, or vice versa.

      Ghirahim takes on the shape of a twisted Master Sword as an artistic matter of spite.
      Would fit his character. Unlike Fi, Ghirahim changes his forms on his own whim, and rather than popping in and out of a sword, Ghirahim actively becomes the sword.
    • That was basically my guess as well. And my guess is the upside down Triforce is a mockery of the three goddesses, much like how in our world, an upside down cross is since as a mockery of the Holy Trinity.

      Of course, Lorule also has an upside down Triforce but I think that's coincidental. Same thing for the Outset Island doors having one.
    • Demise was technically the first to had a "Master Sword" my headcanon on this is a little complex.

      It's about Demise's Origin, Fi said that he took other forms before, so it's not the first Demise.

      "his eternal being has conquered time itself. It is the source of all monsters.According to tales passed down through generations, it appears differently in each epoch and to each person who lays eyes on it. "- Fi

      You see the statue in the Ancient Cistern ? I believe he was the first Sheikah and established the Seven Sages, he was the first 7th Sage.
      These Sages were all Sheikahs and they crafted the Goddess Sword (Sages, like the ALTTP lore told us.)

      This man purified himself from the Darkness in his heart and they took the form of a Demon.
      The Seven Sages have the power to banish evil into the Dark Realm, that's what he done.

      It's like in Buddhism, Demise correspond to Mara and his "daughters" are the three darksides of the Triforce, the Darkness, as he is triyng to corrupt him. Buddha sealed Mara away in the Ground too after obtaining enlightenment, with the bhûmisparshamudra.

      This Demon became the new Avatar of Darkness, Demise.
      Demise share the memories of this wise man, the plan of the Master Sword, and he made his Dark Master Sword the first.
      With the Three Cursed Flames we saw in the Oracle Game.

      So, Ghirahim is the Dark Counterpart of Fi.

      The Triforce Mark isn't inverted, the Sword is.
      Skyward Sword ? For Demise, it's Hellward Sword.
      He want to bring the Triforce to the Darkness, to his Demons. Not to the Gods.
    • Looking at SS though, it seems that Ghirahim came first. See, he was with Demise at the start of his incursion from beneath the Earth.

      While Zelda tells Link that Fi was created as part of the plan to guide her hero. While Hylia did wield the Goddess Sword (could be the Master Sword given the length of the blade and the hilt) against Demise.

      Add to the parallels. They both have a similar style. Cloaks, diamonds and diamond patterns on cloths, Master Sword and evil Master Sword, servant of the goddess and demon lord.


      Someone is copying someone here

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    • Well there's always the "Bluebird" canon of them both being the Goddess's creations, with one simply being corrupted, but that's kinda dumb.
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