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    • Nitro Indigo wrote:

      "Channelling the power of everyone you've helped to defeat the final boss" has been a favourite theme of mine ever since 2015, when I realised it was in Kirby's Dream Land 3. That made it my favourite video game for a while.

      Also, sorry if I sound pushy, but have you forgotten about the YouTube thread?
      And then there's Kirby Star Allies which is the reverse where you channel the power of everyone who's helped you.

      Does it really count as spoilers when the games been out over a year now.

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    • @PJC

      The fact that there isn't necessarily intent behind something doesn't have to make it less meaningful to you. It was meaningful before, right? There still probably wasn't intent for connection back then, but that doesn't mean it wasn't meaningful to you. Meaningfulness can exist without intent for meaning, and for me that's what's so great about Zelda.

      I really enjoy what you have to contribute on these forums, and I hate seeing you moving away from the community.

      If you ever need to talk, I'm here, ok?

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    • Look, just because the games might not have a coherent story, doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to enjoy these things. Look at the James Bond films. (Films specifically) They don't have any kind of running plot apart from the Daniel Craig movies, and plenty of people watch them and love them. Same with all original video games. It was about gameplay and not story. If you're into a game only for the story, go read a fanfiction.

      Anywhoo, Headcannon: The Zonai were acctually a form of half Lizalfos and Human civilisation.
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    • I play Zelda for the story, but I still enjoyed BotW for the gameplay instead. That said the lack of story and constant emphasis on dungeons makes the 2D games released between HF and OoT pretty dull to me.
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    • There was one NPC in Fable that kept rambling about how, “We’re all just pixels.”
      Weird dialogue was one of my favourite parts of that series.

      I too play Zelda for the story, which why I’m not keen on the retrospective presentation of BotW’s story, and I was a keen critic of fan fiction when time allowed.
      "This is the tale of an ancient land of lush forests and verdant meadows. A land blessed by the Goddesses where the powers of light and shadow exist in perfect balance. This is the story of the kingdom of Hyrule, of a king who sought to control the power of the gods, and of a boy without a fairy. A boy whose struggle against the shadow became a legend, riding upon the Winds of Time..."

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    • Yeah, discovering the absence of intent for all the implications you can draw from the series is pretty disheartening.

      I remember in the Spirit Temple, a few rooms had these little drawings along the bottoms of walls and the like that resembled Oocca. I noticed it when I was maybe 17 or so, after I had played Twilight Princess, and I legitimately believed that the designs were intended back then to be used for the Oocca so we could draw parallels. Same thing with the winged eyes that resembled Vaati, and so many other things. The idea of the developer having some artistic meaning behind design choices made the theorizing community extremely appealing to me. I thought Skyward Sword was ultimate proof that the narrative of the series was highly important to the developers. Dev interviews have obviously revealed the lack of intent though, and to be honest I kind of wish I could bleach those interviews from my brain. I can see how they'd dramatically alter someone's perspective about the series, especially if the story and narrative are highly important to them, like they are to me.

      That said, I've kind of reverted back to seeing the games as a weird sort of self-presenting narrative that exists in spite of whatever the developers intended. It's like they tossed a bunch of puzzle pieces onto a table, but miraculously, a number of the pieces have landed in such a way that you can kind of make out the picture even though it's a mess and a lot of pieces are missing. I think there's something special about that, even if there was no intent in how the pieces ended up landing.

      On topic: I HC that the rest of the world Hyrule resides on is somewhat leery of Hyrule, since there's a sort of instinctual unsettling feeling about the curse that resides there. So it's seen as a bountiful, but deeply cursed and mysterious land.
    • I think I've finally settled on a headcanon for Smash Ultimate Sheik. In Smash 4, I thought of Sheik as OoT Zelda despite the TP concept art design because we already had TP Zelda and I didn't want the same character appearing twice. But having adult Zelda and young Link appear side-by-side is just too weird. I think it's an uncanny valley-like thing; Link can fight Ridley or Villager and it's so obviously noncanon that the absurdity just adds to the experience, but with characters from the same series, especially the same game, it becomes "realistic" enough that the "unrealistic" parts are jarring. Thus, Ultimate Sheik cannot be OoT Zelda.

      Since Sheik's outfit comes from BotW, BotW Zelda is the obvious next choice. Presumably, she comes from not long after the end of that game. Having lost her sealing power and allowed Link to keep the Sheikah Slate so he can use the remote bombs, she decided that the best way to defend herself from monsters and plumbers is to dress up as a ninja and kick them in the face. (Actually, the use of the stealth set implies that she spends more time avoiding monsters, but she's obviously learned how to fight, too.)
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