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    [Breath of the Wild] Nitpicks and Flaws Thread
    • I have a few small issues with Breath of the Wild. As it's been said by many people, the weapons. It's an interesting feature having breakable weapons, however i'd have preferred it if the only ones that broke were the ones you picked up from enemies.

      With the one(s) you have, perhaps adding crafting to upgrade them to deal more damage/reflect damage would have been a great idea. People compare Skyrim and Breath of the Wild, Skyrim doesn't have breakable weapons and yet it's similar in a way. Both games require better armour, food to regenerate health and more powerful weapons to take on bigger and stronger enemies. Yet Skyrim allows you to craft upgrades to weapons and armour, which is something i'd have loved to see in BotW

      The other little niggle i have is the story and side-quests. It's been mentioned already about it, but i echo the responses from those who have similar issues.

      Other than that, it's a great game. Certainly a 9/10 from me that's for sure. But then, i'm a fan of the series (but then, are we not all to be fair). I finished it on the WiiU, however i feel i'd have had a better experience if i bought a Switch and played it on that machine instead.
    • spoilers for the Champion's Ballad
      These are more problems with this DLC itself, but since it is supposed to retroactively be part of BotW as a whole:

      -So, Zelda apparently knew all about the fifth Divine Beast and all of the trials to get to it? How so, exactly? Were there any notes on it? Legends passed around about it? Kass would have us believe the latter, but he never mentioned it until now either. Why all the secrecy? (This could easily be applied to the Trial of the Sword as well, but it's a mite less egregious there because it's implied that the monks in the Trial are the ones calling out to Link and they, at least in principle, would have cause to wait before calling him over. Ditto the GDT.)

      -In the same vein, why is Kass the one serving as our source of exposition for most of these challenges? Yeah, sure, him writing the literal Champion's Ballad gives him an excuse to be there, but we've already established that Zelda knew about these trials and we have no shortage of Sheikah monks waiting in the wings (not the least of which being Maz Koshia) who could tell us about the different tasks needed to reveal the Shrines to get the Divine Beast Orbs. So... again, why is Kass the one dumping these tasks on us?

      -The One-Hit Obliterator works (mostly) as a game mechanic for the first part of the challenge, but otherwise, it makes absolutely no sense. Admittedly, having the user be one hit from death at all times is a serious drawback that would make effective implementation in combat tricky, but even so, it's a weapon that kills any enemy in a single blow. No one thought to employ this against, oh, Ganon? Even if it's not as potent against him, for some reason, surely it'd at least do some damage, and regardless would be able to carve away huge swathes of any armies he might bring to bear. So... why was this all-powerful superweapon sealed away, then employed as a glorified set of beacons?

      -Why are the Shrines connected to these trials hidden, or rather hidden separately from the other 120? Why do the monks of said previous 120 not give you the Hero's Outfit until you've done them all, when there's still 16 Shrines and a "Divine Beast" you have yet to get through?

      -The Blight rematches are said to embody Link's specific fears, and thus need to be overcome to undo those fears and allow him to access his full potential. So... what fears do they embody, exactly? Why would Link fear them when he's already beaten them, and didn't show much in the way of fear the first time? What does beating them accomplish? Is that what strengthens his Champion abilities, in which case, why was inner fear preventing them from charging faster? And why is mastering old fears necessary to drive a motorcycle?

      -The final dungeon being below the Shrine of Resurrection is admittedly cool as hell, and the dungeon itself is fairly well put together. But at the same time, why did Zelda not write or talk about this whole hidden complex beneath it? We've established that she clearly knew about it already and would have presumably been aware of it from her previous research. And this whole massive dungeon was created specifically to guard... a motorcycle? Really? This thing, a vehicle that can't even be used for a large portion of the map because it doesn't do well with the terrain, is regarded as a "fifth Divine Beast" and was hidden behind this veritable web of busywork, signposting, and a hidden dungeon?

      I know BotW was light on story and played loose with plot logic by design, but come on.
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    • ^

      • From the fact that she's the one who directs Link to the Shrine of Resurrection, telling him he needs to awaken the "hidden power." (The exact term may be different- I'll check later- but the point's the same.) She also talks to him when the final trial is complete.
      "Lust... greed... sloth... gluttony... envy... wrath... pride. These are the seven deadly sins of man. In excess, any one of these will ruin a person- but one must understand all seven, if one is to understand humanity." -Von Hohenheim (FMA: Brotherhood)

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    • Fal'Cie wrote:

      At the end of the DLC. I realise you’re into your bikes Maz, but if I’ve proven myself worthy of all the beasts, and then some, I expect a bike that can climb walls, fly, control sandstorms/thunderstorms/eruptions, fire lasers, provide me limitless water with ice and travel through time.
      It definitely should have been able to climb walls, MK8 style.