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    How have you dressed Link?
    • I remember first finding the hylian pants and later climber's cap, so before Kakariko Link would run around with those, as well as the warm dublet.

      I often wear the shiekah and climbing set, as stealth and climbing are two things I do a lot of. I like wearing the barbarian's set in combat, but honestly I find myself preferring the hylian soldier's set. I guess I like being super durable more than being able to hit harder. Sometimes I'll use the champion's tunic instead of the soldier's chest gear.

      As a traditional Zelda player, I couldn't play the game without having some sort of green tunic, so I dyed the other hylian set green. Now BotW Link can rock out in his hood, and hylian gear. Though I've moved away from that a bit over time.

      Other sets are good, given the different situations I'm in, but the sets listed above are my favorites.

    • While we're on the subject of clothing, in the next Zelda would everyone rather see a return to the traditional tunic/hat or ditch them as the main outfit and go with an item system like BoTW? I ask because while a lot of people have their own clothing combos they like to wear, go with the actual traditional getup either through the shrine rewards/amiibos/similar-dyed clothing. I love how they ditched the old uniform (which imo looks kinda silly now) but still leave it open for those who still wanted it in this game, but I'm worried they'll go back for the next one.
    • I'd like to keep an item system, but with one of the following modifications in regards to the tunic:
      Make it easier to get without amiibos, make it the strongest armor in the game, or have the option to make any armor look like it, for those who really like the classic Zelda feel. Option 1 and 3 would be good as an option for those who think the tunic is an essential part of Link. Option 2 would just make it more worth it to put all that effort into getting the tunic.

      I'm not too bothered which of these would happen, but I think it would be neat of one was an option. In WW I almost never play through wearing the green tunic since I beat it the first time and I rather liked the starting clothes in SS and sort of wished I could stick with them. But when it suddenly wasn't an option early on in BotW, I sort of missed it. So, ueah, I'd like it to either be more accessible or have more of a reward for getting it, rather than it taking approximately forever and still not quite being the strongest armor.
    • I could be wrong, but isn't the wild set actually the strongest in the game?

      At least, in terms of defense. I suppose in terms of attack it's outdone by the ancient set / barbarian set / phantom set.
      Plus, no elemental resistance.

      Would be pretty cool if each piece of the tunic of the wild had an elemental resistance, just as you need parts of all dragons to upgrade it.

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    • I don't know if the guardian resist even works on the lasers. I tested max ancient armor and max soldier armor, and the damage taken was the same.

    • It should work on every guardian attack. The reason you dont see any difference is probably because both the max ancient armor set and max soldier armor give you overcapped defence against guardians and the minimum dmg you get from the laser is 3 hearts iirc (or 3,5 ?).

      Logically if you compared lvl 2 ancient armor set vs lvl 2 soldier set you should see a difference in damage.

      On topic: I would like my standard Links outfit to be the of the wild set and do a playthrough with it but there are 3 problems:
      1) You get it so late in the game that you pretty much have played most it. And sadly it doesnt carry over to your next playthrough or Hero mode.
      2) Its kidna an easter egg and doesnt give me the justification to use it cause its the legendary tunic appart that "its a gift from the monks". The only "cool" factor is that it amplifies the master sword so it gives you a sence of a legendary item, because it shares a connection with the legendary sword.
      3)There is no real practical reason to use it. The beam upgrade is meh and the bonus armor while nice, for the 99% of the enemies is overcap anyway (meaning you can get same dmg reduction with other outfits too).

      For all these reasons I settled for the "canon" outfit in this game: champions tunic, hylian pants, and amber earrings (because they are subtle) with the slow 4-3-3 horse with traveler's saddle and bridle.

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    • In my first playthrough (main file), I found myself wearing what I wore in the early game for pretty much the entire game. Hateno Village was my first village that I visited, so I dyed a Hylian Tunic that I bought while I was there. I wanted to dye it black but didn't have enough materials that early on, so I dyed it white instead. Was gonna do a redye, but never did. My Hylian Trousers that I found by the Temple of Time I dyed grey, and later dyed them black. I went to Gerudo Town pretty early on as well, and my established look became the white hylian tunic, black trousers, and topaz earrings. Picked topaz for multiple reasons--I had ran into Sidon already and he said I needed electricity resistance, but hadn't headed to Zora's Domain yet--but particularly because topaz adornments were sort of always associated with the Gerudo. [x]

      I have an alternate set that I wear occasionally in my main file and that is the undyed Snowquill Tunic with the sandboots dyed black and the Desert Voe Headband dyed crimson. The design of the sandboots surprisingly coordinates with the Snowquill tunic really well, and the level 1 cold/heat resistance combo is great for traversing the desert, especially. [x]

      For my second playthrough, I tried to mix things up a little bit. Since the entire purpose of this file was taking a lynel to Calamity Ganon, I based my color scheme off the blue-maned lynel I took to Fireblight Ganon in my first file. I wore the Hylian Tunic dyed navy with sandboots dyed brown, and the climbers bandana dyed purple. [x]

      My alternate set for that file was devised while I was coordinating my trip to Hyrule Castle from the Coliseum Ruins. Kept the navy Hylian tunic, but matched it with undyed Ancient Greaves and the Hylian hood dyed white. The contrast looked pretty badass actually. [x]

      In Master Mode, I've just been wearing the Hylian tunic dyed black like I had originally planned in my first file, and then the trousers dyed crimson to match the sash of the tunic. Been wearing the Barbarian Helm dyed light yellow along with that. Doesn't really match, but I like the dark skull with the light yellow paint. [x]

      I like sticking with the Hylian tunic. For some reason it bothers people, so that's all the more reason to do it.

      ...But until you're broken, you don't know what you're made of.