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    ZU'er of the Month - TruEdge67
    • I've been in many a mafia game with him, and he's always been fun to play against/alongside. Even in his more serious posts, he seems less-competitive and more like he's having a good ol' time. And we can always use more of that around the community. :thumbsup:

      I also commend him on being one of the only mods online at odd-peak times, making for multiple conversations between us about those pesky trolls. :argh:

      Congrats Hollow! This was well deserved. :)
    • Question Time!

      Surprise! That’s right, I’m totally giving Sol a hand around Community Central hijacking this thread for all eternity, mwahaha! Ahem- but back on topic. :look:

      Now that we’re halfway though the month, I’d like to invite you all to throw some questions to our current ZUer of the Month! Not only is it a great way to get to know him a little better, but it’s also really neat to be on the receiving end of some thoughtful questions (as I should know, heh).

      So let’s kick things off, shall we?


      • What was your first Zelda game? Is it your favourite?
      • Do you have any pets? (If not, are you looking to get any in the future?)
      • What is your most memorable Mafia moment?

      Just a reminder that questions are now open to everyone, so ask away! We hope you enjoy the rest of your month, Hollowman!
    • Kaylin wrote:


      • What was your first Zelda game? Is it your favourite?
      • Do you have any pets? (If not, are you looking to get any in the future?)
      • What is your most memorable Mafia moment?

      The first question: Answer free or question hard
      My first Zelda game was TLoZ. During those days it was very common (at least in Sweden :s) to rent the games. And we rented TLoZ for 4 weeks and then decided we should just buy it, cause it took us too long to complete it. But no it is not my favorite Zelda game.
      The favorite Zelda game is ALttP. (This is due to it being superior to all games ever plus the sentimental reasons where the whole family was gathered around the tv when one played at a time.)

      The second question: First question, part II:
      Technically, no. It's my gf that owns the two cats at our home. But they are my babies. :3
      le petit catz

      The little one (actually named Zelda but only listens to "little one"). She is a scaredy cat-cat? The only time she likes to snuggle is during the night. This is also the time when she feels that us humans needs to sniff her butt.... O.O

      And Kenzi. She is the one that likes to be close and be with us during the days. She usually hangs with me, rather than the gf, but I suspect it's cause I'm superior as a human being.
      (Also, the gf is not here on ZU...... :D)

      The third question: The last quiz:
      All mafia moments I'm in is memorable. ;)
      My favorite moment was in the bishie mafia, where I played mafia roleblocker. The moment where everyone just threw pretty much everything away and just went for the beauty pageant points at the end hah. I was already dead by that point, but it was so fun to watch the rest just go all out with their totally unbishie attitudes.
      Sesshomaru for life!
      Signature made by Sólsetur

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    • boxes wrote:

      Continuing along the lines of Mafia... what has been your favorite role to play in Mafia? Why? Are there any roles you're hoping to get in the future?
      Absorber in the Mario Mafia was very interesting to play and in my opinion I was successful with it too! :3
      Got English to use his power on me the night he died so that I could carry on his legacy of truth teller, well at least for one night.

      I hope to get to be something really odd, like a townie godfather? :D
      But I'll settle for cop, as I've been a doctor and I've had to try my luck at protecting people of interest. Would be fun to try to hunt for peoples alignments or roles, it feels like it would be similar to doctor but the opposite... ? :p
    • Sólsetur wrote:

      What IS your avatar? :3
      ZU was the first forum that I've been on that had avatars or avatars that you got to pick yourself (some had a set of like 10-20 set avatars that you could pick from, lol). So I wanted something cool and awesome and thought about all the series or games that I loved and found that most had either a copyright sticker or bad quality really, so I temporarily made one myself. :s
      Then it kinda stuck and I've updated it I think twice now?
      Same theme all of them lol.

      There has been numerous people that have asked me if it Has been inspired by Jackson Pollock, but I didn't have any clue of who that was. Apparently it's a famous abstract painter. :s
    • ich Will wrote:

      How much of your country have you explored?
      Not very much to be honest. :s
      Never been much for travel like at all.
      Been to the islands, the capital and the "bästkusten" and a couple locations up in the north... other than that it's just driving through areas with a car or train.
      But as I'm getting older I think I want to change that, not sure yet tho. :)
    • Congratulations to @epicstar!

      epicstar is a fun and enthusiastic member who creates positivity wherever he goes. While he’s only been with us for a little under a year, his presence is already felt significantly by many around the forums (as you’d hope it would be, with a post count of 1,000 and counting ;D). epicstar excels in making others feel welcome and included, and is particularly admired for his attitude towards both newbies and veterans alike.

      I’ve personally known epicstar from the moment he joined us late last year, and ever since then he’s been nothing but a gem. It’s also been really nice to see that he’s so willing to apply himself in new situations, such as the mafia game a few months back (and possibly the scrapbook thread sometime in the near future - still waiting on those horsies *fingers crossed*). All you other clans be missing out yo, because epicstar is a pure joy to have around. :heart:

      Here’s what some other users had to say about him:

      Froyo wrote:

      Hahaha, I'm really happy epic got this this month. He's been super active lately in lots of boards, is very friendly and energetic x3 Keep it up buddy!

      Lord Vain wrote:

      Epicstar is the next one in line, eh?

      Good on ya, you seems like a good kid anyways, certainly have good taste in Clans and Forum Games too. :3nod

      Keep doing what you can to make this digital realm a more enjoyable place for others and have a good month.

      Adriscrub wrote:

      Congrats dude, you deserve it :3nod

      Dragon_Lord wrote:

      Epic has been a good friend of mine everywhere online. He is fun to be around and always energetic. He loves to be apart of things and always has something to say. When he has something to say, he says it. So, Congrats Epic!! You deserve this more than anyone. I am still having trouble when I think about when you were a Deku scrub. You have come a long way and I hope to see you post more. :DD :3nod :fabulous:

      LadySunshine wrote:

      I don't know Epicstar super well, but he seems like an energetic and friendly member of both Nayru and ZU in general. I especially have fun talking to him over in the Angels and Demons forum game. Congratulations Epic! You deserve the honor, and I can't wait to get to know you more during the month!

      Chloroform wrote:

      Congratulations Epic! You totally deserve this one! I enjoyed talking to you on forums and your energy never seems to wither down. I can't wait to get to know you more in ZU! :>

      Zelene wrote:

      He's such a friendly and lively face to see 'round the forum games. Witty and interesting, he truly deserves the honor. Yay for you, Epic~!

      Axius27 wrote:

      I don't know epicstar that well :P . He seems interested in my stories though, so he's all right :thumbup:

      Congrats, epicstar :D

      Dr.Gazooks wrote:

      Yo, Epicstar, it's always a joy to talk to you. You're pretty cool, dude!

      Dark Link Reigns wrote:

      Didn't really know much about epicstar before I joined in the Demons/Angels thread. We have had a lively battle and spent many hours back and forth trying to bring victory to our team.

      I'm glad I've started to get to know him as he is super cool and a really great member of this already fantastic community. As other's have already said, I really look forward to (continuing) getting to know you better!

      You can find him hanging around in Nayru, Forum Games, and even General Zelda every once in a while, where his posts are both frequent and engaging~

      Congrats little buddy, I hope you enjoy your month! :DD

      :cheers: Cheers, Zelda Universe! :cheers:

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