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    • ZUer of the Month

      Welcome, one and all, to the phenomenon known as ZUer of the Month. (I.e., ZUer of the Week but this time you get AN ENTIRE MONTH TO BE CELEBRATED.)

      What is ZUer of the Month, you ask? Well, it is/was a sensation that swept the nation of ZU way back when. It was cool! Every month we (that is, staff members) will pick a member that seems worthy of some recognition and do a little thing for them in this here thread -- they'll get an entire month to celebrate their awesomeness. When the next month comes around, we rinse and repeat.

      Also you'll get your name in a little "hall of fame" thing in the spoiler below. So yay.

      What warrants a pick for this? Well, I'll just use @Bombchu’s words because she's a much better orator than I am.

      Well, anyone that is an active and positive part of ZU, someone not afraid to post and make cool new threads, and bestow upon us the blessing of their awesome personalities!

      Also, if you want to recognize someone who is made of pure awesomesauce but you aren't a staff member, feel free to send a PM to a CC mod!

      --Do not complain about not being picked in here!
      --Do not complain about anyone else that was picked in here!

      All of u are awesome!

      ZU Hall of Fame

      ZUer of the Week winners!

      @Kaylin -- March 2017
      @HollowmanOfEoL -- April 2017
      @epicstorm -- May 2017
      @Ty. -- June 2017
      @Please Understand -- August 2017
      @gamtos -- September 2017
      @Chloroform -- October 2017
      @kodachrome -- November 2017
      @Dark Link Reigns -- December 2017
      @Takanuva -- January 2018
      @Cody -- February 2018
      @Skywing - March 2018
      @Chel - May 2018
      @Scarly Crow - June 2018
      @GregariousTree - July 2018
      @EzloSpirit - August 2018
      @Hoju - September 2018
      @Colu - November 2018
      @Winnie - December 2018
      @Romano-British Medli - January 2019
      @Ruki - February 2019
      @TruEdge67 - March 2019
      @Rambo - April 2019
      @RealmWings - May 2019

      Ask me for the clan test!

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    • *drum roll*



      Congratulations to @Kaylin, for being picked for ZUer of the Month!

      Kaylin is a wonderful person who's full of energy and nice to pretty much everyone she meets. She posts a lot all around the forums, and her energy can really be felt every since she decided to make an account one fateful day. Just from a personal perspective, she randomly messaged me (which is great random messages are awesome!) and since then I've considered her a friend. She's always been kind, from what I've seen, and as a conversationalist I think she's up there with the best of 'em. I enjoy her presence on ZU very much, and hope she's around for years to come.

      Here's what some others had to say about her:

      Derpylink wrote:

      She's a sweet little cinnamon roll :3nod

      FrozenDragon wrote:

      Ah, she's cool, nice and smart :>

      epicstar wrote:

      I met Kaylin in the main Nayru chat thread, and she was one of the people that welcomed me from the first time I showed my face on ZU. These people kind of helped me find my way around ZU, so thanks!

      Dark Link Reigns wrote:

      I don't know a lots about Kaylin, but I certainly know she is a great person! Whenever I see her around the forums she always seems so bright and cheery. Not to say she can't get serious when the time comes, but her general outlook is very up lifting.

      Congrats Kaylin - you totally deserve to be recognized!

      Lord Vain wrote:

      Not entirely sure how long I've known her now, but Kaylin is a pretty, kind and smart young woman from what I know, has good taste in video games and is quite the conversationalist. Really am glad that she could get in on some of the Breath of the Wild stuff she wanted too, since she was worried about being too late for it, I hope that her future will be a bright one. Oh, and less hot, since I know she's not a fan of the intense heat over there in Australia...don't imagine many people are really. lol

      Linkle wrote:

      Oh gosh, there's so much to say, but I'll try to keep it short.

      Kaylin is a wonderful, sweet, beautiful person in every way. We've talked often, and she's helped me through some difficult things in the past, too. She's a fun person to hang around, too -- I've been in many a Mafia game with her, and she's always a great player. Lots of fun to play those games with. She's also an Ace Attorney fan like me, which only makes things better. lol
      She's like a sister to me, really. Really, I can't think of a more deserving girl than this one.

      Ahhh, Kaylee ~ ! Congratulations on winning this! I hope you have the most wonderful month ever!

      DatRavenTho wrote:

      I may not know her on a very intimate and personnal level but I know for a fact that she's an amazing, kind and fun girl :3

      I feel like this award is really deserved ^^

      Stay awesome Kaylin, we love you ;)

      Arizora wrote:

      Awesome person who is a good forum friend and always holding good arguments. :)

      Mimiku wrote:

      I know we've only talked a few times. But congratulations! And I hope your month and days are good ones!

      JP the Neurotic wrote:

      I actually don't know Kaylin that well but I totally support her getting this. She's a really active member of the Zelda Section and a pretty chill person.

      Pavlova_73 wrote:

      Yay, Kaylin!! :3

      She's awesome, caring, and also from Western Australia! ;P


      TheMorriganZW wrote:

      I don't really know her all that well lol. I dunno, from my interactions with her though, she seems to be calm, intelligent, well spoken, eloquent, and kind. All in all, she's a pretty awesome person. :)

      SacredSturgeon wrote:

      Kaylin is pretty awesome. She's a fun member of Nayru and an excellent mafia scumbuddy. :3

      Also, her birdies are highly adorable. :3

      So yeah, congrats on winning ZU'er of the month, and I hope she'll stick around for a long time to come!

      You can find her hanging out in the Zelda section, Community Central and Nayru -- where her posts are a joy to read.

      Congrats Kaylin, hope you enjoy your month :heart:

      now say nice things about her anyone who has stuff to say!

      Ask me for the clan test!

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    • Congrats, @Kaylin! I may not know you well, but I am certain that this is a much deserved honor for you!

      That's why I love the idea of the ZUer of the Week/Month. This is a huge community, so even if you're a regular, you don't always have the opportunity to get to know every last member--there's just so darn many. For someone like me, then, who isn't quite as active as they used to be, and is prone to an occasional hiatus, it's difficult to become familiar with a lot of members.

      These threads that highlight and honor members of the community are great ways to get to know our fellow ZUers. You learn so much about what the recipient has contributed to this place, and I feel like you even get a sense of who they are as a person from reading what others are fond about them for. These are almost like mini-biopics of our members.

      Good stuff!

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    • @Kaylin Ya did it, kid! Ya made it to the ZUer of the Month Leagues and got your name put up there with the growing list of legendary ZUers due to all the great things you've done, I'm proud of ya.


      That's all the extra input I have. lol Have a great month and I'll see you around.

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    • Ok so, I’m home now and can actually respond to this properly.

      First of all can I just say, holy shit. I was not expecting this at all, and I’m really touched by all the nice things you guys have said about me. <3

      Like, I actually can’t tell you how happy this makes me. I remember seeing these kinds of things awarded to people back in the day, but I never once thought that it’d be ME up there getting one. I’m truly honoured!

      Back then, I considered the people who received these to be kind of role models, and I’ve always aspired to be more active around the forums so that I may follow in their footsteps. In that sense, it’s really exciting to think I’ve come this far! :)

      This has just really made my day. Thank you so much guys! <3

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    • Question Time!

      So just a preface: We're gonna be a doing a new thing every month with questions where, if the person who is getting highlighted agrees, we will open a period of questioning where people can ask questions and the ZUoMo can answer them. So, without further ado, we are going to question Kaylin. Woo!

      So, @Kaylin to start things off:

      • What is your favorite video game?
      • Do you have any stuffed animals (and if so, what is your favorite)?
      • What are your hobbies?

      just a couple to get things started. everyone else should also ask questions!

    • Sólsetur wrote:

      What is your favorite video game?
      Twilight Princess, hands down. If not because it's a great game, then for its personal nostalgic value as my first Zelda game, and for introducing me to such an amazing series. <3

      Sólsetur wrote:

      Do you have any stuffed animals (and if so, what is your favorite)?
      I do! Last minute gifts from lazy friends mostly, but I have a Mega Absol plush, two Toon Links and for some bizarre, unknown reason, a Baby Peach plush as well. Though, probably the most sentimental of the lot would have to be the stuffed bear my parents bought for me as a kid.

      Sólsetur wrote:

      What are your hobbies?
      I like drawing, playing the piano and gaming. :)

      At the moment, Breath of the Wild is probably taking up around 90% of my free time, and is high-key enabling my bad procrastination habits.

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    • Ty. wrote:

      What kinda stuff do you play on the piano? I've always wanted to learn it. I've dabbled with some Coldplay, but that's about it. Haha
      Mostly just video game themes and personal compositions, haha. I've also learnt a few anime/tv show openings for friends in the past. Anything that means something to me, really.

      ⋆ Make your predictions about BotW 2's mummified remains here! ⋆
    • Congratulation @HollowmanOfEoL!

      This month we bring attention to one of our lovely Zmods -- Hollow. He's always spreading good vibes and doing the best he can to make the forums a better place, and it's much appreciated that he's played such a large part in the continued cool-ness of the Z-boards =]

      Just from a personal standpoint, I've always thought Hollow was a cool guy. He has a great sense of humor, he makes thoughtful posts, and he's just a joy to have around the site. He was also one of the first person to welcome me to the team when I became a mod and made my transition hella easy into the team, haha. I enjoy having him in Din (and I am glad I got him to join!) and he's one of the many bright spots on the forum for me. I hope I can see him around for years to come, and when I go ahead and give him trouble in the Z-boards I hope he takes it easy on me =P

      Here's what other people had to say about him!

      JP the Neurotic wrote:


      He's really chill and has done al ot for the zelda section. He's one of the nicest members on here and is always pleasant to talk to. And he hasa funny picture.

      FrozenDragon wrote:

      Hollow <3 fellow Z-mod, akskakisia he's cool and awesome, and puts up with me which means he's patient as hell, too :3 You deserve this, dude.

      Castigear wrote:

      Hollowman has always been there to listen to me rant, for me to pick his brain when it comes to learning my position, and just to chat in general. He always strives to do the right thing, and always has a kind word to say to someone. One of the good ones.

      Winnie wrote:

      Hollowman is witty, funny, and has a great taste in food! He also has a boundless love for animals (esp his cats) and with each of his posts we learn something new and different about him! Hollowman, having you here on ZU has been a real treat, I hope you enjoy your month because you deserve it!

      ich Will wrote:

      Hollowman is one of the kindest people I've talked to on ZU. He's offered me support and advice, has a sense of humour, and is a good moderator. Congrats Hollow!

      Malia wrote:

      Hollowman is a sweetheart :) He's funny and easy to talk to. Congrats on ZotM!

      A Link Between Hearts wrote:

      I've only talked to him a handful of times, but every time has been really interesting and I'd really like to get to know him better. Congrats on this - you deserve it!

      Mimiku wrote:

      We haven't really talked before in depth. But I know he's a great Z-mod! So congratulations on winning!

      Xenovent wrote:

      He was a fellow Mafioso in my first Mafia game. That makes him family :3

      Dark Link Reigns wrote:

      Congrats Hollowman! You are a real asset to our mod team. You are firm and fair, yet I don't think I've ever seen you get upset or irrational which is more then I can say about myself! Outside of the mod scene you make whatever thread you post in a treat to read and always seem to make people happy with your posts. That alone is worth you earning this honor. Keep on being awesome man, we all love ya for it!

      Rambo wrote:

      Hollow's coo. He's a funny dude and I wouldn't mind taking over the world with him

      boxes wrote:

      It is great to see Hollowman’s name here – he definitely deserves to be ZUer of the Month!!

      Hollowman was one of the first people to welcome me to ZU and was one of the folks that got me to stick around. He’s incredibly generous and easy to talk to – I love playing Mafia with him and chatting around the forums! I look forward to his Scrapbook posts (particularly the cat photos), too.

      ONE DAY I will get to taste gelehallon! In the mean time I will have to settle for this:

      Bombchu wrote:

      Hollowman is a cutie pie whose double entendre pun game is stronk. On top of that he's got great taste in food and is a top notch Z-mod! You deserve this Hollow, congratulations!!

      Linkle wrote:

      I haven't spent a lot of time with him except in Mafia games, but Hollow's still a cool and awesome person. We love ya, Hollow! Enjoy your month!

      Takanuva wrote:

      Hollowman is a real bro. Every theory or post I've seen him comment on, he always has something constructive or funny to add, and he's a darn good moderator as well. And he loves animals.

      Feranel wrote:

      Congrats Hollowman!
      Your awesome and super funny!
      Really kind and intelligent as well. Your posts are the evidence.


      Thanks for my great forum title!
      Good times ;)

      You can all find Hollow hanging out in Din, the Z-boards, and a myriad of other sections on the site -- cause let's be honest, he's everywhere haha.

      Congrats on being awesome Hollow!

      (everyone say nice things to him now! go!)
    • Holy fuck you guys suck!
      Im not crying! You are!

      The gf actually asked me if I was becoming sick again, cause I was sniffling...

      I was completely taken by surprise by this.

      I obviously thank you all from the bottom of my heart, actually I think i am legaly bound to do so? Even if I wasnt, I would still thank you all. <3

      @boxes, I dont have any gelehallon this evening, im settling for this:
      Display Spoiler

      Yoghurt covered dried fruit.

      To the rest of you, I have screenshotted this conversation and thus have proof that you like me. It will hold up in court! :D

      Thank you all again.