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    ZU'er of the Month - GuardianFIN
    • Happy June everyone!!

      Congratulations to.....

      ✧༺♥༻∞ G U A R D I A N F I N ∞༺♥༻✧

      for being June's ZU'er of the Month!!

      Guardian is a relatively new Mod, and he's already shown he knows what he's doing. A big contributor to many threads throughout the forums, he is a lot of fun to talk with and always has something interesting to say. He has an open friendly personality, and he's always a joy to interact with. You can find him in all kinds of threads, including General Chit-chat (obviously!), Newbie chat and forum games! As a mod he is diligent in giving logical opinions and staying on top of his board, which is always super active. We are so happy that GuardianFIN has become both an active member and mod, and we hope he sticks around for a long time to come!

      But don't just take my word, see what other members had to say below:

      BackSet wrote:

      I'm having deja vu. Congrats fin.

      Skywing wrote:

      Congratulations Fin! You really deserve this. It seems like hardly any time has passed since you joined the site and became my first adoptee, and now you're a mod and a well established and popular member of the community. They grow up so fast!! You're an awesome guy and a good friend. You really deserve this, enjoy your month!!

      A Link Between Hearts wrote:

      Congrats Fin. Well-deserved.

      Big Daddy Biggles wrote:

      Congrats Fin! Glad to see you getting this as it is much deserved.

      We've begun getting to know each other a bit better lately and for that I am glad. You are a great person, a wonderful husband, and amazing father. You work very hard and that is admirable. I've also come to learn that we basically had the exact same childhood just on opposite sides of the planet so that's pretty neat.

      And you like Creed. That right there makes you member of the year.

      Enjoy your month my man and keep on being super awesome.

      Moriquendi wrote:


      From my encounters with you here and there, you seem like a good man

      Ezlospirit wrote:

      I'd like to get to know you better, GuardianFIN, because you seem really nice! I do appreciate your enthusiasm around here!

      Colu wrote:

      Fingratulations to the fintastic Fin!

      Amber The Gay Fox wrote:

      I was going to say, Congratulations on being fin-tastic Fin. But Colu already beat me to it. So I'll just go with, Congrats! Very fantastic! Much earn! Fin!

      Have a great month!

      TruEdge67 wrote:

      Finally it is Fin's time in the sun. Congrats Fin! I doesn't feel that long that I first welcomed you to the forum in newbie chat. Now look at you. You've become a good friend to many, a mod, and a regular face around here. I feel like a proud parent lol. Have a great month Fin. You deserve it!

      $B-Rod$ wrote:

      Congrats Fin on being ZUer of the Month u deserve it

      Kerest wrote:

      Congrats, Fin! You deserve it.

      And, remember, if it's ever my turn, do me a favor and protest it

      Embalistico wrote:


      I remember when you joined, you PM'd me because you saw my "hölökynkölökyn" post on my wall and checked if I was finnish too. That was in late September!

      Anyways, congratulations! You deserve it.

      .Hog wrote:


      It's a joy to talk to you, and I love hearing your perspective on things. It seems you choose your words carefully, and give things their proper amount of thought.


      Romano-British Medli wrote:

      Fin, I'm so happy for you. You so much deserve this! ZU is a livelier place because of you. Like others have already said, you're an amazing father and husband. Every day I am in awe at how you manage to do all of this.
      You're one of the best and closest friends I've ever had in my entire life. Thank you so much!

      Winnie wrote:

      Congrats on your month Fin, you deserve it! Gosh where to start... Fin is one of my favorite ZUers, ever since he signed up his posts are insightful, thought provoking, funny, and witty! Fin is really cool and it’s always so interesting to learn more about him since he has a really unique background! Because of this it was SO exciting when we became comods and I’m really lucky to comod with someone who is so great! Enjoy your month Fin!

      TingleMakesMeTingle wrote:

      Onneksi olkoon, FIN!

      (Congratulations, FIN!)

      Great taste in books, interesting stories, a unique way of writing posts, doing a great job co-modding General Chit Chat, as well as many other qualities make you truly deserve this.

      Hope work treats you well this month, friend.

      CielBell wrote:

      Congrats Fin!
      You're a kind person, and you bring so much life to the forums.
      Hope you enjoy your month!

      Congratulations @GuardianFIN !!! Have a wonderful month! <3

      "Defense against the dark farts, am I right?" -Pennington
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    • Argh! How could I not see this comming! I had really hectic last week and I somewhen thought there should be ZUer of the month somewhen soon but I forgot.

      Thank you, for all of you. For all your kind words.

      It's been a helluva time here, I've enjoyed the ride and am planning to stay. I kinda found my community here, in times when it's increasingly difficult to make friends offline. I consider you all as a family, some closer, some distant cousins. I wish I had time to get to know you all, learn your stories, hopes and dreams. I try my best and I am always ready to give my 2 (Euro) cents, whosoever wants to listen. I'll take time to answer all of you.

      I am humbled and you made me smile. That's an achievement not everyone can do.
    • @Lady Sunshine thanks for the kind words, I wouldn't be here if the community wouldn't be as amazing as it is. And when it comes to activity, I see more I post. Once a lurker, always lurker :v:
      I def plan to stick around, when the toddler gets older, also participate more, return to Mafia and such.

      @BackSet Have we done this in in another life before? Thanks, and I wish you much inspiration for your Pokemon fanfic

      @Skywing it was an honor to be your adoptee. It's crow calling raven black, you are a fine man yourself and I'm glad I can call you a friend. Keep on plucking those strings and once more congrats for your college entry.

      @A Link Between Hearts thank you very much. I hope you enjoyed the live action Alladin. I guess Will Smith as Genie didn't disappoint?

      @Big Daddy Biggles it's great to get to know you, and def neat to kinda share a childhood worlds away. I guess our greatest difference is the beard. But in Finland one can't affort to have such a beard to defend the country, Russia might get too intimitaded and invade some countries out of fear. When it comes to me as a person and a family member, I always do my best. Creed on, you Weathered, Are you ready to greet the rest of the month With arms wide open?

      @Moriquendi thank you. You are one fine fellow too, interresting and intriguing, sharing your experiences at Viking fairs and events. North remembers! North holds true!

      @EzloSpirit thanks Ezlo! I admire your creativity as I have none at my disposal. Seems I should post more at your realm then too. It might happen that I throw a PM at you at some point. Take a good care of Togepi. You like DW, how did you like Hyrule Warriors? Just asking cos I'm plowing through it on Switch. (I have finished the main strory on WiiU, but there I don't have any DLC, thus Deluxe on Switch)

      @Colu Many thanks Colu, it's fintastic to have you here too and in the team Red too. I hope you can plan and make happen your dream trip in 2 years. Dream big and see where it leads!

      @Amber The Gay Fox thanks Amber! It wouldn't have mattered if Colu was first. There's never too much fintasticness. I'm gay you remembered me and you can expect more interaction from me. You be your gayself, you beautiful you.

      @TruEdge67 Truly it's def not been 9 months I joined. Oh wow. I still remember being greeted by you and you created the base I could build on here. Long live the Newbie Kingdom, Hurray for it's Truler! I proubly accnowlege myseld as Tru's Kids lol

      @$B-rod$ Thanks, see you in AvD. Keep cool and keep couning up :yeppers: Let's see if we could think pf picking up what was left of ZUvengers during the summer.

      @Kerest Thanks a lot! Maybe I nomimate you. If there were such a way... Staff can at least keep a keen eye on you ;)

      @Embalistico Hälpätihämmää häpätihää, Rölli rulez. I didn't expect to find other Finns here, so I had to react. We are small nation, still we seem to be everywhere, from ZU to parlament of Japan to Hollywood. I guess also to space too, Timothy Kopra has some finnish roots.

      @.Hog That's me, def. Sometimes too careful with my words, in that extend that conversation passed before I put my words right.

      @Romano-British Medli vielen Dank mein Freund! I don't do anything out of this world, I just try to live a good life and do my best. You shouldn't compare, I have my road behind me. Just live day by day, do your best and never stop dreaming. Without goals we stay the same and cos time flows mercilessly onward, we can just lose by staying put. That's at least what I've learned. You are one of the few I can call truly friends, nicht Kumpel, sondern Freund.

      @Winnie Co-mod! Thank you so much. It's been an honor to mod with you, you are truly an inspirational character and I def try to follow your example when it comes to leading and decition making. You are one of a kind!

      @TingleMakesMeTingle Tack så mycket! If you say I have good taste in books, you must have one too. Work seem to treat me ok, weather not so. I have short weeks this month and the last week free, so looking good. If you write stuff, great or small, let me know.

      @CielBell thank you for your kind words. I do my best to be kind, just and honest. I'm glad to be part of this community.

      Thank you for everyone who thought of me, those who know my excistance and everyone else too. I'm for real humbled by this positive feedback and proud to be able to call myself ZUer. Makinf the world and the forum a better place, day by day!
    • Ay ay ay, congratulations to you GuardianFin!! That's awesome!! You definitely deserve it!

      I'll be the first to ask you some questions. If that's allowed? I've been gone so long.

      Which game are you most excited for that was announced at E3?

      What is your favorite book series?
      BWAYHA! Don't take me seriously all the time. :derp:

      My characters: Orthane Raker

      <-------This spot is dedicated to Sydney, who brought me, Epic, and B-rod together. Epic then brought me and B-rod to all of you.-------->
    • Thanks @Tri Force and sure you can have the honor of the first question.

      Most excited: I mentioned this in Forum Games. Witcher 3 is what made my E3. I loved the game on PC and was secretly hoping for Switcher 3. I sadly never had Gameboy so LA has no special meaning for me and as happy, amazed and awed I am for BotW sequel, it's still far away and Gerald can ride on my TV already this year.

      Fav book serie is too hard to name one. I'm recently been very addicted to Mistborn from Brandon Sanderson, but The Wheel of Time from late Robert Jordan holds a special place in my heart as is a torch bearer for high fantasy for me, Witcher series from Andrej Sapkowski introduced a bit darker fantasy to me and I've loved it since the first short stories from The Last Wish. But then again The Song of Ice and Fire from George R.R. Martin looms over everything. It's just amazing experience, even getting deeper, more I read it.
      So I guess I name those 4 above everything else.
    • @GuardianFIN hey friend! Often you talk about how most of your time is spent doing things for others, working to provide for your family, helping out at home, doing things for your daughter.

      What’s a perfect day look like to you? Without all the chaos of other things.

      Also if you could go anywhere in the world and if money wasn’t an obstacle, where would you go?

      Favorite moment in gaming?
    • Uh. Perfect day, eh? Right now, peace. Just me, the music I want, all day just simple foods without a husstle to prepare and a comfy chair to read and play in. I'd use the day to read and peek what's available in my back log of missed video games, for once to immerse myself for hours in another worlds.

      One place in the world without financial limitations would be Japan. Everything else that interrest me is arrangeable but to prowl the streets of Tokyo and Kyoto, wander in the forrests and climb the mountains is out of scope right now. Close second would be Lapland in the winter but that's arrangeable still. They have direct flights from Munich to Kittilä these days so it's mostly about syncing wife's and my vacays later, when our daughter would get something out of it too.

      Once again, there is not a one single moment, but plethora of them. Super Mario Bros on NES, Level 1-1, something that started it all. Secret of Mana, especially beating the Fire Temple for the first time. Man that fire troll (Fire Gigas) was a pain in the ass for 7yo me. English was still 404 and didn't know the consept of grinding. Super Mario 64, first time 3D was mind blowing. OoT, that was magical. That was my first game I just couldn't stop. First game I played still after my mom went to bed. I beat the Great Deku tree around 1 am and had already a hunch I'm about to set on an epic journey. Witcher 3, the sheer size of the world, how alive it was, how beautiful just nature can be. Funny enough, W3 was for me THE game that brought magic back to the video games. And it's not one or dozen times that I stopped and watched sun raise and set and just enjoy the view. 110% going to get this for Switch. BotW, the master makes triumphant return, just what I wanted it to be, perfect continuum after Witcher 3.
      I guess that's the synopsis of the short version
    • There's a big lack of questions here and I'm here to fix this. Brace yourself Fin.

      What's your favorite game?

      What's your favorite movie?

      What's your favorite kind of music?

      What's your favorite and least favorite Zelda game?

      What's your favorite snack?

      What's your favorite drink?

      Do you have any pets?

      What kind of job do you have?

      What's your favorite color?

      You've just received 1 million Euros. What do you do with them?

      I think that's good enough for now lol. Hope you've been having a good month Fin!

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    • TruEdge67 wrote:

      There's a big lack of questions here and I'm here to fix this. Brace yourself Fin.
      My body is ready. Thanks Tru

      What's your favorite game?
      Tricky pick. Fav of all time I say Witcher 3 (I'm a heretic not saying MM, I know). But I don't find it fair to neglet all the others, so here's some picks.

      Best game of my childhood (NES/SNES era): Secret of Mana
      Best RTS game:Red Alert 2, so fond memories with this
      Best TBS game: Heroes of Might and Magic 3

      What's your favorite movie?
      I'm not sure if I have one. For me movies tend to be single use. If I have to name something, Ironman or the Dark Knight trilogy from Nolan

      What's your favorite kind of music?
      Ironically, my fav band is Creed but I tend to listen more drum n bass kinda stuff and video game remixes from OC remix. With DnB I have just one artist tho. Rameses B

      What's your favorite and least favorite Zelda game?
      Best: BotW, I grew up with OoT but BotW gives the sense of adventure and brought me back the magic of gaming. I can't name but the CDi Zeldas the worst, tho I haven't olayed any of them.

      What's your favorite snack?
      Chocolate. You have some?

      What's your favorite drink?
      Hot chocolate (does it echo here?) and energy drinks :p

      Do you have any pets?
      I don't. I grew up with my grammas German shephers but had never own pet. Not even Tamagochi

      What kind of job do you have?
      Call center, tech support for merchants having credit card terminals.

      What's your favorite color?
      You've just received 1 million Euros. What do you do with them?
      Quit and start looking a job I could enjoy and have weekends free. And invest some. Maybe buy some flats and rent them on to create steady flow of income.

      I think that's good enough for now lol. Hope you've been having a good month Fin!
    • Giragon wrote:

      You’ve just been given one million bars of your favourite chocolate, how do you control yourself?
      I don't. That's the magic. Million bars. That's enough for... some years? Plus I would be rich cos I wouldn't need to buy chocolate :v:

      Thanks a lot @Tead I'll leep doing my best. All for the community, community for everyone
      Did someone say chocolate?

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