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    • Hello everyone!

      As you may or may have noticed, Breath of the Wild is almost here!
      But people play at different rates and some won't get the game the same time.

      Spoilers are fine in threads, but please use spoiler boxes
      Display Spoiler
      Like this one

      Or use the black spoiler text
      Like just here

      But absolutely not in thread titles.

      This will in fact result in infraction points for general tomfoolery.

      // The mod team
    • To be fair, people are really being babies this time around when it comes to what they consider a spoiler like the number of shrines (a simple selling point that is comparable to Mario 64 having 120 stars--not a spoiler). The term "spoiler" has lost all meaning, and I had some actual story bits spoiled for me because I figured it was something stupid and not actually spoiler-y, like how you receive a heart-container. Nope, this time it was an actual spoiler! Again, I blame the those who cry "spoiler" over anything.

      I hope ya'll get a major cutscene spoiled for you!

      Naw, I'm just playing. You guys are cool. I understand why you want to experience everything for the first time when you play the game yourselves, but come on, you are being babies, and you're ruining my life.
    • Hmm, maybe I should have explained a bit further what we would consider spoiler but I hope we all know what a true spoiler is.

      We have been antsy about "spoilers" for quite a while now, but this sticky generally is towards story spoilers.
      But anything big (the existence of shrines or their numbers are not such a thing) are still to be considered.

      The following are to be considered spoilers (Don't worry, they are all made up by me. If I'm correct about any of these, I am a prophet sent from the future and you should all kneel before me):
      Ganon is really Links shield and it is only revealed at a great plot twist halfway through the game!
      Or Zeldas eyes holds the Triforce of power, that's why she can shoot lazorz out of her eyes!
      That starting sword, you can temper it in the jaws of that one boss and it will be the best weapon in game gg!
      The flowers, you can pick those up and travel to that mountain in the distance and thus win the game!

      But I hope you get the point.

      If you are unsure, spoilerbox it!

      If you are still unsure, ask a friend!
      (Or a mod! Cause we are kinda like friends, especially @FrozenDragon.)