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    Paradox Thread

    • End of the 16th century saw some quick growth, but I've stalled since then. I have no way to take that Georgia province in Dulkadir unless the Russians won't help them, and I dunno when that'll be. Mamluks are a pain in the ass but beatable; main problem is I take too much AE from their provinces.

      Looking into Europe, I could probably push into Croatia and maybe even Austria fairly easily, but the whole of Italy that is controlled by the Papal State is a brick wall. Not only does the Papal State have some nice troops, a navy that would beat mine, and an army that could probably put up a decent fight against mine numbers-wise, but they are allied to France AND Spain and I damn well cannot take them both on.

      Gonna have to see where the 17th takes me. Ideally I end it with full control of Egypt and about half of Italy, but we'll see. I really want to get the Theme System but I'm missing that one province controlled by Georgia and then Aq Qoyunlu has the other one I'm missing.

    • I've played just over a hundred years so far in this game of Holy Fury. Started in my old stomping grounds of Ireland as the Duke of Connachta. England feels ... stronger in this game than previously. I don't know if that is just my perception or just because it's been so stable. William conquered it but a giant duchy containing almost all the north and midlands continued on. Eventually that duchy invaded the rest of Wales. It is singularly the strength behind the country and I'm on my second attempt at getting a family member seated there, this time successfully seating my son there. Unfortunately my son died while we crusaded against the Turks for Thrace and so now my infant grandson, and heir, is the ruler there.

      I accidentally inherited the Kingdom of Jerusalem from an aunt who was my beneficiary two decades earlier. She had no children. I'm going to release it under a relative ... I just don't bloody know who. I've not been as prolific as I have in previous games, I've been keeping my family mostly at court because I did not want to hand out too many duchies until my most recent king. After I'm inherited by my grandson, I'll eat England.

      My father became a saint, the first I've seen in the game. I also had him establish a bloodline regarding JUSTICE so now I have two from him. Overall I'm really liking this expansion a lot. I'll play another game as a pagan to view things from that perspective soon.

      “Gandalf put his hand on Pippin's head. "There never was much hope," he answered. "Just a fool's hope, as I have been told.”
      ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King