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    Steal the Tri-Force Shard
    • Hello fellow Zelda fans! I come to you with a game that I acually had made up on another forum (A Pokemon related one that is). Here is how it works:

      Poster 1 (me): I find a Tri-force shard and decided to take it to Hyrule Castle.
      Poster 2: rams into you and takes the shard
      Poster 3: taes the shard from poster 2

      Here are the rules:
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      1: All forum rules apply
      2: keep it relevant to Legend of Zelda
      3: no being over powered.
      4: Have fun

      That is all. I shall star:
      I am walking along when I see something shining in the bushes. Investigatin, I find a Tri-Force shard. "Nice." I say. I pocket it and continue walking.

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    • I had seen a lump in Linkser's pocket, and decided it was worth stealing. I jumped off a tree onto his head and took the shard and put it in a zipper pocket in my vest . I then ran into a crowded street and blended with the crowd.
      BWAYHA! Don't take me seriously all the time. :derp:

      My characters: Orthane Raker

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