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    • Name: Shadow
      Alias/Nickname: Dark
      Age: unknown, appears to be 18 or 19
      Gender: Male
      Race: Sheikah, Scythe Spirit
      Height: 6'1
      Eye: Right is red and Left is blue
      Hair: Black, styled to cover blue eye
      Skin: Light Tan

      Is somewhat slender with a muscular build. Has several scars on body from some fights. Has markings around right eye to look like the Sheikah symbol. Has a earring on right ear.
      Wears a black chest plate with the sheikah symbol on the right chest. Has a black pauldron on right shoulder with armor going down to elbow. Has dark purple gauntlet with sheikah symbol on it with a gem as the eye. Has a cape over left arm that has black leather covering it up, a faint purple glow coming from it. Has chain mail on legs under leather pants with bandages on them.
      When in spirit mode armor disappears, body is a dark grayish color, the sheikah symbol with a dark purplish crystal as the eye form on chest. Eyes give off a low red and blue glow, gets brighter when angered.
      Scythe is a black pole with a sheikah symbol next to the blade at the top. The blade has unknown marking on it.


      Shadow rod: Can fire shadow blasts, the power of the blasts depends on how much magic was put into it,
      example: putting little magic into it fires smaller blasts that doesn't do much damage but can be rapid fired. putting a lot of magic into it can fire a big blast that can cause lots of damage but will then need a min or two to recharge before the rod can be used again.
      Can form a shadowy sword, a double headed ax, or lance.
      The Shadow rod has a similar appearance to the magical rod, but is a little longer than it, and the orb is black while the rod is a dark grayish color.

      Light rod: Can do light version of what the shadow rod does but can also launch a light beam into the air which will then rain 100 medium light beam blast to attack all enemies in a 20 yard radius but will need to recharge after using it. Is similar to shadow rod but the orb is gold and the rod is sliver. Can also create a barrier to protect self and allies.

      The rods are 5 feet long and have there own magical energy but still require a little bit of Shadow's magic to be used. When there magical energy is drained they will need some time to regain there magic energy. They are also unbreakable.

      Small Light and Shadow blasts: Can fire about 30 small blasts that each pack a punch but will then need about 10 seconds before being able to fire more again. Can travel 25 yards before fading.

      Big Light and Shadow blasts: Can fire 3 big blasts that will cause an explosion when they hit something. Will need a min before it can be used again. Can travel 40 yards before fading. Can be fused into one huge blasts that can cause a bigger explosion dealing more damage and can travel an extra 10 yards.

      Shadow Light beam: This attack will work by having the rods retract leaving only the orbs which will both gain glows, the light rod's orbs being gold and the shadow's orb being black. When the orbs are brought near each other they will fuse into one orb that is gold and black with a gold aura surrounded by a black aura, then will begin to charge up the attack takes about a min or two to charge up. This beam is incredibly strong and will cause massive damage. After this attack is launched will require 30 mins to recharge. If hit while charging up this attack both rods will be drained of all there magic requiring 2 hours to recharge before either of the rods can be used again. Will also drain a lot of Shadow's own magic. Only used as a last resort in battle.

      Sheikah kunais:
      7in long
      Made of steel
      Handle is in the shape of sheikah symbol

      Two Shiekah Katana:
      5-6 feet long
      Made from sliver
      Has sheikah symbol on the blade
      Located on of left side

      Shadow gauntlet: Can create a shadow hand to left things or attack. The shadow arm is stronger then his normal arm. It is at it's strongest at close range gets weaker the farther it reaches. Length and size depend on how much magic is used. The max it can reach is 40 yards, and the max size is as big as a bolder, gets smaller when it goes past 20 feet. He can have this active as long as he wants or until he runs low on magic.


      Scythe: Can transform into scythe form, which is 9 feet long, to strike an enemy. His scythe form is strong enough to cut through stone, wood, and iron in one strike. Can also create a white scythe, which is 7 feet long, that is weaker then scythe form to fight with(can only do this in spirit mode), can cut through wood but takes two strikes. Rarely lets anyone wield his weapon form.

      Shadow walk: Can travel though shadows, the longer he stays in the shadow the more magic he uses up. Others can see him as a shadowy dot when he's hiding in the shadow in a lit area but won't be able to see him when he's hiding in a dark area or someone else's shadow. He can launch attacks from the shadow rods, shadow gauntlet or by tossing his kunais when in the shadow, but will need to emerge to strike with his katanas or scythes, doesn't have to come all the way out of the shadow to strike just enough to strike. He can remain in a shadow in a dark area for about 20 before running low on magic, and 10 mins in a bright area. Can take others into shadows but uses up more magic, 10% more magic each person he takes. Can travel real fast that it's hard to keep him in vision while he's moving in shadows. When he is starting to come out of the shadow, there will be a rippling effect 3 secs before he or his attack comes out. If someone manages to hit the spot he's at in the shadow with an arrow or stabbing the spot with a sword he will receive a minor injury and will be forced out and won't be able to enter for 5 mins. If he's in the shadow while an someone or thing creates a bright light that gets rid of shadows he will be forced out of the shadow he's in but will also be harmed by the light that cause, pain he feels will be a burning type of pain, he will also be dazed for a min if this happens.

      Pocket crystal: Can store things in crystal and summon it in left hand when needed. Has most of his weapons and other items inside. Some items inside all deku nuts and Potions, mostly magic potions.

      Illusions: Can create illusions like a fake wall or door or make things invisible. Only way for someone to figure out if theirs an illusion is to touch it. The Illusions will fade if he is 100 feet away from them or if he cancels them out. The illusions do not require magic to stay up they only require what's needed to create them.

      Spirit mode: When in spirit mode speed and strength is increased. His speed is increased to a point that one will need great reflexes to be able to dodge and block his attacks, can even leave a trail of after images that disappear in 5 secs. His strength is increased to mach a gorons strength. Arms and hands become strong enough to grab or block a blade. It doesn't require magic to enter or stay in spirit mode but, since Shadow doesn't have this mode mastered yet, he can only stay in spirit mode for 15 mins.

      Battle Strengths

      Is really skilled with katanas, can fight with one or both. Is skilled fighting with Scythe but not as skilled as with katanas. Is skilled with the Light and Shadow rods. Can move fast while in shadows to attack enemies multiple times. Still fast out of shadow but not as fast. Great at dodging and blocking attacks.

      Battle Weaknesses

      Can't move as fast when low on magic. Usually runs into situations without thinking it though all the way. When he uses his shadow walk ability in a area that doesn't have much shadows around will waste more magic. Doesn't have much defense since he depends on speed mostly.

      Shadow is a calm and serious person. He doesn't really talk that much to others unless he has to. He lightens up when around friends or other sheikahs. When he's not training he is usually laying down in the shade either sleeping or thinking to himself, usually about everyone he knew before he was sealed in the scythe.


      Lived and trained in a small village for 18 years with several other sheikah. While reading some books about weapons and Items that are believed to be myths, he discovers a map that leads to the light and shadow rods, two of the weapons (only had katanas, gauntlet and kunais) and was surprised to see that it was near the village.
      Deciding to see if it's real or not, Shadow packed supplies and left to check it out. He arrives to the location which is a deep cave east of the village. After exploring the cave, he came across an altar with two orbs on it, one gold and the other black. Curious he picks them up to examine them, only for both give out a bright glow. When glow dims the orbs are both on rods revealing them to be the light and shadow rods.
      When he takes them and is about to head back to village, the altar begins to shake then slides back to reveal a hidden passage under it. Wondering what is down there he goes through the passage and ends up in huge room. At the center is a scythe with chains tied to it. When he takes a step closer to it the chains vanish and a poe he never seen or heard of before appears. It lefts the scythe and charges at Shadow.
      After defeating the poe, with the cost of his left arm Shadow decided to leave and was about to when a chain wraps around his leg and pulls him towards the scythe. He hears a voice saying he wont be leaving and will be sealed in the scythe and trapped there forever. Attempting to escape but can't, due to being to tired from the fight and from the lost of blood from where his arm was, he unintentionally sent magic into the the light rod causing it to send out a bright light when it disappeared only the scythe was there on the ground.
      After unknown period of time, the scythe begins to glow and Shadow comes out of it in spirit mode but turns back to normal but with a new left arm. He leaves the cave, thinking only a short time has past, with the light and shadow rod and the scythe and goes back to his village to discover it in ruins. Shocked at this and wondering how much time actually past he explores the ruined village trying to find anyone or thing to tell him how much time past and what happened. He decides to leave and travel to find how much time past and what happened to his home village.

      My character: Shadow

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    • Alright, we tend to go through these in parts, so I'm going to start at the top and go by section. Once we finish up a section, we move on to the next until it's completed.

      First up, Age. I know that he's been sealed inside a scythe for an unknown period of time, but age tends to be helpful just for other RPers so they can know what age a character looks. For Shadow, even if we don't know how old he really is because of the time skip, you can put it as, for example,

      Age: Looks 24, true age unknown.

      Next up, appearance and armor. The current thing you have up there works pretty well for the armor description, but appearance could be made into a separate section to allow for going into things more specific to his general appearance, like for instance, how fit is he, does he look gaunt and skinny or wide and muscular, the tone of his skin, stuff like that.

      That's all for that section. Once we're through that we'll go over weapons and abilities.
    • Alright, first up will be the Shadow and Light rods, which seem pretty fine, but need more in the way of information. Seeing as they're both pretty similar, I'm presenting the stuff they both need first:

      Both Rods:

      Alright, how long are the two rods, exactly? If it's like the magic rod but a bit longer, I'd presume they're close to five feet or so? Is the black the rod itself and the gray the orb/object at the end, or vice/versa? Are the rods durable or unbreakable, and how tough would something need to be to break them if that's possible?

      For the magical powers themselves, do the magic rods use Shadow's own magical energy, or do they have their own pool of it they draw from? How many small shots can they fire? How many large ones? Is there a range the magic can travel to before fading? And, last general question, what's the effect of getting hit by these bolts like? Like, would a small orb be like being punched really hard and a large blast like getting shot?

      And for the last two, one's specific to the light rod.

      Light Rod Unique attack: What's the range of the light rod's special attack? Would it be comparable to a lot of small blasts, or a lot of big ones?

      And last question, for the combination attack:

      How do the two rods act together? Does he just put them next to each other, do they interlock somehow? How strong is the big blast? If one of the rods is low on power, can he still use it?

      That's it for now. Once we get the rods sorted out, we can go into the other weapons. The rods are just pretty important, and I want to understand them better before approval. If you have any questions or want to discuss the rods, just post it here and I'll get to you asap.
    • Alright, time for the big one: powers, strengths, and weaknesses. I'm going to list the item/power and then my notes after:

      Shadow gauntlet: Is there a length limit? Is the arm just as strong as his normal one, or weaker? Stronger? Does its strength remain the same, or weaken with distance? How long could he have it active at its longest and medium ranges (this doesn't need to be exact.)


      Scythe: How big is the scythe for scythe mode? Is the white scythe the same size or smaller? Is it like an average steel scythe, or does it have a keener edge, like the ability to cut stone? If it does, does the white version lack it?

      Shadow walk: Can others see him in any way as he moves in shadow? Does he need to emerge from the darkness to strike, or can he interact from within in any way (for instance, could he use the Shadow Gauntlet to move things while hiding in the shadows?) How long can he remain in dark, medium, and brightly lit areas by himself? Is this cost doubled if he brings others, or is it a smaller amount added? You say later he's faster in the much faster?

      Illusions: Are the illusions able to be recognized as illusions if looked at? Like, if somebody focused, would they be able to tell the "wall" is false, or would they need to touch it to figure it out? Do the illusions fade after some time, or if he gets out of range? Do they drain magic for as long as they exist, or is it a one-time magic drain for creating it?

      Spirit mode: How much faster and stronger is he in spirit mode? How long can he maintain it? Does it drain magic to use it?

      Battle Strengths: Can't think of anything right now to ask for this one.

      Battle Weaknesses: Just to clarify, his main weaknesses are a lack of armor/defense when not blocking and a tendency to be reckless?
    • It's looking pretty good, just a few more things. For once, I kind of think the length of time for shadow walk is a bit high, considering its effectiveness. He's functionally untouchable, moving really, really quickly, and can attack with a decent chunk of his weaponry as well. That combined with the fact that in the speed of normal combat, you'd only need to be in the shadows for maybe thirty seconds at a time at most? If we presume he has 20 battles a day, at 30 seconds a fight he'd only need ten minutes to be in the shadows for all of them. On that end, I'd have a few potential ways to balance it out. For one, I'd say using the light rod to attack from in the shadows probably wouldn't work at all, considering it's light based. The only other real big issue besides the length (I'd say maybe twenty minutes for dark areas and ten minutes if it's bright) is the ability to partially emerge from the shadows to attack. Maybe there's a bit of a delay, or some kind of sound that would allow an opponent at least a chance to react before he attacks from within them?

      That and a question: what happens if the shadows stop existing while he's in them, like, if there was a bright enough light source there's literally no shadows in the area at all?