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    How did you first find ZU?
    • Same as you Cody. Wind Waker blew me away in 2003 and is what got me really into Zelda at age 11, and I think we'd only just recently got our family computer. Naturally, Zelda was one of the first things I searched on Google, and I've been visiting ZU ever since.

      I never did join the forums until I became staff in 2012 though, I just used to read the news and lurk in the forums. That was probably for the best, though. No one would have wanted me unleashing my Nintendo fanboy-fuelled rants.
    • If this isn't all a fever induced hallucination, as many of my childhood memories seem to be, when I was ~11 I was looking up enemy info for OoT and reading information about Majora's Mask, which I had never beat and just played on my dad's profile. I was invovled with the GameFAQs forums already at that point, so I understood how forums worked on a basic sense. After a while I migrated out of the Z-Section and begun posting more social stuff, and I guess I just never left.
    • Around 3 years ago, my friend @Zelda Paradox invited me to join a Super Smash Bros. Brawl group he had created that he called the Smash Dojo or something. I made a double post in the group, added a few pictures to my account, talked to my friend on his wall, and then a few days later, the forum was shut down to be switched over to Burning Boards.
      Even though I had only used the forum as a form of communication with Zelda Paradox, I felt oddly compelled to check every week to see if the forums were back up and running. Within the week it was back up, I made myself a new account and begun talking with ZP again.
      After a bit, I started to branch out a bit. I checked out the Forum Games, namely the Count to 100, and was somewhat active in them. I soon found something that would change the way I viewed the forums forever, the sign-ups for Animal Double Crossing, my first mafia game. I ended up stumbling my way through the game, not only winning with the town against two separate mafias, but also ending the game WITHOUT DYING (I have only stayed alive on the winning team twice). I fell in love with mafia and I ended up trying to play as many games as possible.
      After being on the forums for a few months at this point, I finally came across the Clan Placement thread. I picked Din and I have stayed there ever since, not once ever thinking about switching clans.

      My activity in the forums became erratic after a while, only showing up every once in a while to talk to Zelda Paradox. At one point, I was away from ZU for over a few months. Then in the winter of 2015, I started to have more time on my hands, despite being in high school. I joined Mafia game after Mafia game, I started talking more in Din, and I started talking to new people that I had never met before. Zelda Paradox had stopped coming to the forums, but I then considered ZU a second home. There wasn't a day I wasn't on the forums throughout almost the entirety of 2016. I joined in on the Game Nights that Din had and I continued to play mafia games (even though I tended to die before day 3).

      I hope to be a part of these forums for as long as I possibly can, as it's the only place that has accepted me for what I am, a weird and loud fan of video games.
    • oops

      i actually can't remember how i found ZU, I think i was probably looking for walkthroughs or something? I know I found the forums through the theory section tho, which I found via google images lmAO

      it took me like a whole year until i signed up though and the reason I signed up is cause someone called tatl 'navi' and i was just, really offended and told them the names of every individual fairy in the series

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    • I actually only came to ZU after seeing @Cody promote it on Beauty and the Geek Australia a few years back.

      At first I only really used it as a news/information site, but after a while I became really interested in Zelda theorising. I wanted to find a place where I could share my ideas with other fans, which brought me to the theorising section of the forums, where I didn't leave for three years because I'm a scrub.

      Last year I started getting more involved with the community side of the forums, as well as some of the future Zelda stuff. Honestly I was missing out, you guys are awesome. <3
    • Lol, well.

      Last year (yes, I joined last year, lmao) I was under severe BotW hype and, like, I started digging through the Wiki just to reread stuff for the millionth time. During that, I think I saw an announcement about the forum or something, don't remember too well.

      Then I thought "Oh, lol, there's a Zelda forum". And since I was hype and in the middle of going through lots of games, I joined. To be completely honest, in such cases, I generally leave communities once my hype subsides, like their function has ceased, but it was different here. I first joined Farore at Lucretia's suggestion (both of us finding out we were from the same country by sheer chance helped start conversation, lol, that's something I normally suck at) and from there I think I started getting more into the community - with conspicuous derpings along the way lmao - outside the Zelda boards, and then started coming here every single day nonstop, lol.

      Then I got offered to be mod in November and here we are. Just the day before I had even said that being mod didn't sound too appealing so :x and like, I had started thinking about the possibility and what it would entail, before dismissing it in my head as something outside the realm of possibility, lol, then bam. So, that further increased my activity, and also got me active in staff (pity the poor folks who have to deal with me :look: ).

      So, there's that. Not a particularly epic nor well-told story (it's almost 6 AM, okay?), lmao, but, that's quite good for someone like me, and a few million levels above my experience with other communities and even many real life interactions, I've met people I never want to forget here, and grown a bit as a person as well :3 akskajsjs love u ZU <3 (and yes, I know this was just supposed to be about how I first found ZU, don't think about it too much, lmao)
    • Remember that first trailer of Zelda U?
      It made me come here.
      Posted a thread about the cloak Link was wearing, that he threw off to battle the big mecha creature.
      That was my very first step.
      I kinda got stuck in the Zelda section, reading other peoples theories, tried to help a few times even...
      Then there was an official thread for the crazy people waiting for the next tidbit of information of the game, I hung around in it reading every damn post.
      There was a lot of crazy in it....

      Then @Malia asked me to a Mafia game.
      Gateway drug I tell you!
      Don't think I've missed a single game since then?

      I got picked up as a mod in the Zelda section last year.
      Also joined Din last year because @Sólsetur never stops nagging.

      A good bunch of people there, disregarding Sol that is...

      I stick around cause I like it here.
    • I have a couple of friends who have absolutely zero chill about any of their fandoms. They post a ton of stuff of Facebook (fanart, screenshots, etsy stuff, etc). A noticeable portion comes from ZU, so that's how I knew the site existed.

      Then the ad came out for the Twilight Princess dub. A friend shared it with me because I enjoyed doing that stuff with my YouTube channel and participating in Team Four Star's #TIBA event. So I liked the ZU Facebook page so I could jump to the info quickly. Ironically, I never actually submitted any audition files.

      But because I got ZU on my Facebook feed, I got the ad calling for Features writers, which is almost exactly what my YouTube channel is. So...ta da! Here I am.
    • A while back I was going through a massive Zelda phase, and everyone on the forum I was using at the time knew it. I had fun talking about the series with one of my friends, but I craved more so I looked for a Zelda forum and this was the first place I found.

      Ironically my interest in Zelda almost immediately became much less obnoxious so I almost never talk about it these days but *shrugs*
      When I could join a clan, my hope was for Nayru (because that was my name on said other forum) and that's what I got from the clan test, hooray! (and then I requested it again after the BB transfer). I also checked the Animal Crossing mafia once or twice but I found it too late to actually join. But since I had a lot of fun playing mafia in other places I waited for the next game and joined in (with... uh, great success). These days I hang out in Nayru and mafia and refuse to leave either.
    • My first encounter with ZU was when I was playing through Majora's Mask for a friend to show him all the awesome emotionally rending scenes (in particular Pamela and her father and the Couple's Mask quest). I was doing searches for info to hype it for him, and I ran across a couple of Hyrulian Dan's features here which I loved so I bookmarked them. Eventually that led FB to suggest and I started following ZU there. I didn't get involved, however, until I saw the advertisement for new Feature Writer's. I saw that and said, "I must be part of this!" and that's when I actually met all you wonderful people :D

      Favorite moment to date: My overdramatic "about to get lynched as the godfather" Mafia post. I had way too much fun writing that.
    • Well, a quick look at my history shows that I first signed up in August of 2014, and had a grand total of two days of activity. I can only assume it was in response to the E3 2014 trailer. Around that time I had a job change, so that most likely had a hand in my activity being short lived.

      Flash forward to June 2016 and I came back (oddly coinciding with the E3 2016 trailer...noticing a pattern here?). This time, I stayed long enough to realize I liked it a lot and wanted to stay. I took the clan test from @Silver, @Sólsetur and @Winnie made sure I felt welcome in Din, and I proceeded to spend the next seven months hanging out so much in the Zelda section that they finally asked me to help keep it tidy.
      My philosophy on the timeline now is the same as Winston Churchill’s:

      “It is a mistake to look too far ahead. The chain of destiny can only be grasped one Link at a time.”