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    Hello !
    • Hello guys this is just a short introduction to tell you a little about me so here I go xD
      How did I get here ? Well my boyfriend introduced me to Zelda Wiki. He thought I had enough Photoshop skills so he suggested that I work on images and that's what I started to do ! Then with this came the creation of my account here on Zelda Universe ! So as I said I'm kind of a Photoshop freak xD I can spend hours editing many pictures without ever getting tired and I like it even more when I learn how to do new stuff ^^ Aside from Photoshop, I like anime, manga and gaming and with that pack comes cosplay :3 I started cosplaying a couple of years ago and never stopped ! As years pass by my skills become better and this year it'll be my first time trying to create amor parts and designing my cosplay from head to toes ! Two big challenges also one of them will be Link genderbend so I'm really excited ;) If you're interested I don't have that much pictures but you can see my cosplay on my Instagram : AzelleAx !
      Oh and by the way I speak English and French but since Zelda Universe is in English I won't write a French version XD

      Well I don't really know what else I am supposed to say so I'll stop here xD
    • Welcome, AzelleAx!

      I'm guessing you may know your way around the forums a bit already, but if you ever need a refresher, this little guide is very helpful:

      The Ultimate Guide to Zelda Universe!

      I have a feeling this thread might also interest you. :)

      Animé/Manga Chit-Chat I: The age of 5-minute shows has dawned upon us

      If you ever need anything, I co-mod Newbie Central with Orion, so don't hesitate to send us a message!

      Hope to see you around!

      'Always believe in yourself. Do this and no matter where you are, you will have nothing to fear.' - Baron Humbert von Gikkingen from 'The Cat Returns'

    • "Thus he arrived, summoned by those close to him, and in his hands there were nothing but majestic baguettes and glorious croissants. And all chanted around their wine : He is my Lord and I can do this through my croissant, which gives me strength" --- French 42:17-1 --- (from the French Bible you ignorant 'murican)


      To be fair, I am realllllly bored...

      Let's assume this never happened...

      Bonjouuuur ! :D
      Bienvenue parmis nous ^^

      I actually tried photoshop for a while... And then realized I sucked... So yeah, I stopped :/

      Hope I'll see you around some time ;)

      ... yeah, that's better ...

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