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    The Zelda Universe Community Announcement Thread
    • Welcome, one and all, to the final monthly edition of the the Din Newsletter! Why is this the last one, you ask? Well, it's going to be quarterly, released once every three months in conjunction with the other clans on the site. Along with this, you'll be seeing newsletters for other parts of the site pop up. It would be too much clutter to have them all release at the same time, so we are going to be turning this monthly newsletter into a quarterly one. What does that mean for you? Well, there will probably be more individual announcements in Din now, but the newsletters will be packed with more information than before. Anyways. Let's get started!

      Din Community Hall:

      Let's preface this with: Winter break ended. College has resumed for many of us in the Din Clan. Please, please pray for us :negative:

      @Dr.Gazooks hates 90s nostalgia. How horrible (I kinda agree, although cartoons from the 90s are still the greatest and better than stuff today).

      @Dolce Miku is almost 100% completed with Skyrim!

      @Hazel also, at some point, had a horrible sleep schedule. Actual quote: "JESUS CHRIST WHY AM I AWAKE RIGHT NOW". Fun times.

      So, that's all cool and all. What exactly did we talk about, though? Some of the conversations that really stick out to me are:

      --We tried to get Bombchu to join Din. Did not work.

      --We discussed the hexadecimal system and why the world should use it. I do not agree. It is far too complicated. Go away hexadecimal.

      --We are currently discussing games! @Xenovent has pointed out a great sale on PS+ for Sword Coast Legends, Dolce is playing Majora's Mask, and Sol is playing Tales of Berseria while pressuring @Castigear to get a PS4 already (seriously, do it already >:3)

      @sahrrie and @Jodd also came and shared some cool RL stuff with us, as did @thumiza! And that's really what the best thing about the Community Hall is -- we can talk to each other about our lives freely, get advice, rant, or just get to read experiences from other people. It's awesome! And hopefully this continues for a long time to come~

      Din Game Night:

      We played Jackbox! It was a fun time, one rife with many jokes at @'JP the Neurotics' expense (luv u), and one with @Ty. poking fun at Sol quite a bit. Good times. We played for a good three hours, and there is a video @Orion posted in the thread that you should check it out if you're interested in seeing how much fun we had. In the next month, we will likely play Jackbox again, as well as Town of Salem. So if you want to play, make sure to be there!

      Din's Dankness:

      @Prada made this thread and dear God, sometimes I question why it exists. It's pretty much just a thread filled with memes. Like, that is literally the entire thread. It is glorious. Glorious. Here's some gems:


      by @Prada

      @HarmonicalHero thought the thread was "Din's Darkness" and that we were joining the dark side

      @Dr.Gazooks (foolishly) supports pineapple pizza (and apparently he is Sol's father)

      @zoraluigi is apparently... both of our lovers...

      @FrozenDragon Invaded our thread because he wishes Farore was half as cool as Din

      @Takanuva posted... this...

      and we had fun times abound, disturbing @Ty. in the process. ^_^

      The Din Video Entertainment Center:

      This is our new TV/anime/movie/youtube video thread! It's cool! There is a link further down under the "Upcoming Events" tab for all interested in participating in the thread.

      What did we talk about this month? Well, we only just opened the thread, so not much. @Orion is watching Futarama (for the first time o.o), @Prada wants to fight FrozenDragon for having never seen One Punch Man, Solsetur is recommending My Hero Academia to everyone and @JP the Neurotic is watching Sunny in Philadelphia. Drop by and talk visual media with us!

      zoraluigi wrote:

      Winnie wrote:

      When did you come to ZU and what brought you here--what brought you to Din specifically?
      God that's nine years ago I can't even remember. I remember being interested in forums at the time and trying to find a good one, which coincided with my being interested in Zelda fansites. I guess I just liked how active ZU was. As for Din, Aeffles put me here after I took the clan test. Pretty sure I picked Aeffles as my test administrator just because I liked the name lol. I've never looked back.

      Winnie wrote:

      Why the username Zoraluigi?
      It was 2008. I'd been using the username "zoralink32" for a while. I'd never played Majora's Mask, but I loved the Zoras in OoT and the idea of Link turning into one was fricken sweet. So I tried to join (my first online community) under the name zoralink, which was of course taken. One of the options they gave me was zoralink32 which I liked so I went for it.* So that worked for 4 years or whatever but eventually I changed it. I don't remember why exactly--if it was because I wanted a change or because "zoralink32" was taken--but I remember that I first used "zoraluigi" when I signed up for GameSpot. A combination of the Zora, my favorite Zelda race (at the time at least; dunno what my favorite is now), and Luigi, my preferred Mario brother. Probably because I'm a little brother myself.*Funny aside, it took me a while to set up my account. My parent's knew what I was doing but I was too stubborn to ask for their help. So when it said "passwords must be 8-whatever characters long," I said, "okay, sure. I know the names of eight characters from Nick shows." Imagine my surprise when I was told my password was too long. I eventually remembered that I'd heard that letters are sometimes called characters.

      Winnie wrote:

      Tell us something we don't know about you!
      I hate questions like these lol they're SO open-ended. Let me think... I've never been on a date or even had a kiss. I'm nearly 22. It doesn't bother me, because I recognize that it's entirely my fault for not even trying, and also because I'm fairly insular anyway, but it is something I don't mention often.

      Winnie wrote:

      If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?
      My default answer to this is Spain, just because I think it's a beautiful country and I'd love to explore it. Honorable mentions go to Mont St. Michel, the French abbey you can only walk to during low tide, and of course Japan, because I'm a weeb or something.

      Winnie wrote:

      When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
      An astronaut. Still do kinda lol. I've always loved space.

      Man, have we got some stuff for you this time! There's been a lot going behind the scenes, and a lot to announce. But first let's start with birthdays! (if you're not on the birthday list go ahead and click the link and tell us when your birthday is!)

      January Chilren


      Well that was awkward. If you're birthday isn't on here, well then -- happy birthday! And another reminder to go let us know when it is, so next time you aren't skipped in our birthday announcements ;)

      Anyways, time for announcements:

      Din Game Night: Yo! This is still a thing, and it's going to be getting better and better as the year goes on. What's in the works right now? Well, @Prada mentioned Town of Salem, and a couple of you showed some interest in it. So that's the current plan! That'll be the next big thing we play. Along with that, some sort of Civilization 6 is in the works, EU4 is a possibility, and CAH and Jackbox will be an ever-present part of our game nights. So tune in next time if you want to play/watch!

      Din History Month: I mentioned this in the last newsletter, and welp, it's getting pushed back. The reason will be explained in my next little bullet-point. It's still going to be happening though -- mark your calendars for March 1st, people, because it's coming. And it'll be awesome. (and our history thread will finally have fixed code lolol)

      The Big One: SO I mentioned like two lines above this that the Din History Month is getting pushed back -- this is why. Din has been thriving of late, but it appears that the Din Community Hall and Game Night are really the only two threads that get any regular activity. We are looking to change that. How is this? Well, the way you post in Din is going to be altered -- or, at least, your options will be. How, you ask? Well...

      The Din Community Hall is our ever-present chat thread, that gets most of our activity, and this is not a problem! However, as the month goes on, things tend to get a bit sillier/spammier in there, and it tends to detract from whatever conversation we are having. The solution? Give you guys more places to post, so that it *doesn't* get stale. A revolutionary idea, I assure you. We will be creating some new threads (actually just one, the rest will be renovated) that will allow you to focus on specific topics. What will the posting breakdown be? Well, let me tell you:


      The Din Community Hall -- This will remain our chat room, and you can talk about whatever you want in here provided it doesn't get too spammy, even if it overlaps with another thread. Want to talk about life? Do it. Want to talk about games? Do it. Music? Do it. TV? Do it. You can! The downside to this is that other people have stuff the want to talk about as well, and topics tend to change quickly -- so while you can talk about whatever you want, there will be high turnover, and you may not always get as detailed a conversation as you want for stuff (outside of RL things, which tend to take priority over other topics I find).

      The Din Family Dinner Table -- This thread will also remain un-altered -- you can use this thread to talk about heavy subjects, real life issues you may be dealing with, etc. etc.

      Music Thread -- This is already pretty much a thing, you can post in here whenever you wanna talk about music. So this isn't changing, haha.

      Din's Dankness -- To address the issue of silly stuff, it's understandable that people want to let out. So now you have an avenue to do so. Din's Dankess will be Din's official meme thread, where you can post memes, joke around, and talk about nothing all you want (as long as it stays within the confines of the rules of course). Check it out!

      The Din Video Entertainment Center -- This will be for all watch-able media you want to talk about. TV shows? Movies? Youtube videos? You name it, you can talk about it here. While it's expected this will overlap some with the Community Hall, you can have more detailed discussions here, and can pop in about an anime or something without having to worry about ruining the conversation Sol, @Orion, @Wildstag, @Don Saltine and others are having about how much college sucks ;) The thread is already up, too, so head on over there and discuss!

      The Din Gaming Thread -- Games are an important facet of ZU, as it is a gaming site. With BotW releasing along with the Switch, the PS4 becoming RPG-city the next couple months, and there already being thousands of worthwhile games floating around out there, you might want to talk about all of it. This will, again, have some overlap with the Community Hall -- but no longer with you have to worry about interrupting an ongoing conversation with talk about VVVVV. It's not up yet, but will be soon, so pop in when it's a thing :deadpool:

      And that's about it! Hopefully we can get some more discussions going on, and Din can thrive like it never has before~

      Small-Fry: There are two smaller things that just popped in the clan that you might be interested in:

      Orion Plays Games For Other's Entertainment -- Orion is doing a Let's Play! He's playing Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door right now, and it's a pretty interesting series. As of me writing this he has three vids up. So go check it out!

      The Music Exchange Program -- Music is awesome, and a lot of people (myself included) have a tough time finding avenues to really find stuff that I like, and actually broaden my horizons while doing so. So this is your chance to do it! We'll be sharing albums with one another and then given opinions after listening to all of them. Wanna participate? Just go ahead and pop in and say so!

      And that's pretty much it~ Hopefully you enjoy everything that's coming to ya!

      So back in the day when people actually made thread in Din *cries* @Silver came across a quiz about the Daily Mail. Apparently, the Daily Mail hates him. Who would have guessed it?! Anyways, he posted the quiz and there were some laughs as people went through the quiz and found out how much the Daily Mail hated them. Fun times. I'm not sure if the quiz still works, but if you're interested in seeing the lulz check it out!

      And with that, our journey comes to an end my friends. Not quite literally -- I just mean the whole every month thing, global announcement, ah, yes, that was grand. The next edition of the Din Newsletter will be published on May 1st. It's been fun doing this, it's been fun cultivating our little community within the Din Clan, and we're gonna have a fun three months to recap come next newsletter. See you then! :heart: