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    Announcing Triforce Tributes: A special 30th anniversary of Zelda celebration for the fans
    • We've just launched a special celebration called Triforce Tributes to round out the 30th anniversary of Zelda. It's a fan-focused one, and we'd love to see all of you guys getting involved because these forums house one of the biggest communities of Zelda fans online!

      Over the next six weeks we’re going to celebrate many different facets of Zelda fandom. Each week will focus on a specific aspect of the fandom, and we want you to contribute! So start digging out those treasured old drawings of Link you made when you were 10 and thinking about your best memories of playing the series. At the end of each week, we’re going to choose some of our favorites and send them a very special reward thanks to Nintendo Australia.

      This isn’t a traditional competition, and the rewards won’t necessarily be going to the best or most technical submissions. What we’re looking for is anything that conveys your passion for the series and reminds us of why we came to love the Zelda series so much in the first place. Basically, we want you all to share how much of a Zelda fan you are so that other Zelda fans smile when they see your work. And what better way to pass the time waiting for Breath of the Wild than to reminisce on all of our favorite memories from the past 30 years?

      Each Monday, starting tomorrow, we’ll open up submissions for that week’s theme, which will run for the entire week. At the beginning of the third week, we’ll announce our favorites from week one, and so on. The schedule will take us right up until the end of the 30th anniversary year in February:

      Week 1 (Jan 9 – 15): Collections
      Week 2 (Jan 16 – 22): Artwork
      Week 3 (Jan 23 – 29): Memories of Zelda
      Week 4 (Jan 30 – Feb 5): Music
      Week 5 (Feb 6 – 12): Crafts and Cosplay
      Week 6 (Feb 13 – 19): Videos (we’ll post the requirements for this during week 2 so you’ll have time work on it)

      This celebration is open worldwide; however, these days will go by Australian time zones, so weeks may run Sunday to Sunday depending upon where you live.

      Nintendo Australia has very generously offered to help us out by offering a really special reward for our favorite entries. Some iconic Zelda artwork is being turned into special prints with the 30th anniversary logo, embossed in gold foil. Our 10 favorites each week will receive three pictures from the collection.

      The post announcing the campaign is here:…-for-the-legend-of-zelda/

      Stay tuned for tomorrow's announcement about the first week: Zelda collections. We'd love to see tons of submissions from you guys and look forward to seeing what you have to share!
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