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    • happy new year yall!!

      real quick here are some other places u can find me
      tumblr: art blog | tutorial blog | oc blog (new!! also mostly empty but hopefully not for long?)
      twitter: @captainharrie
      deviantart: @captainharrie

      i actually post most frequently on my personal twitter but i literally Never Shut Up Ever so if its my art ur after id stick w my art twitter alkflkhbf

      anyway i was planning 2 make a new thread , sooner than like one week in but I have been sick

      but im here now and thats what matters. heres sum draws i did before new years!

      they all play dungeons & dragons bc yuri got his WoW account banned (again) and viktor wont pay for a new one, but viktor is a Terrible DM and wont stop flirting with yuuri

      everyone saw and they’ll never forget

      i also did sum studies using


      now This Year !

      its not quite done i want 2 like... unify all the descriptions n all that so its more consistent but Hey turns out i have a lot more ocs than i thought i did , BUT. i've made a blog for my ocs, in particular this page for them u can see here: ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀs
      i think it's pretty slick

      & heres sum draws!

      also doin som enviroment design

      its so borin tho..... so heres som law kids in cosplay


      she sing

      anyway god can i just say every time i go to make a new post im always like 'mayb i shouldnt.... i dont have much to post..' thats part of why i held off on making a new thread for a week

      but. then i end up with like 20 images in every post , every time. i draw stuff then forget i ever drew it gOd im gonna try just posting things when i do them for this thread even when its jsut a sketch slkghkfh
      so! w that. See You Sooner Rather Than Later ✌✌✌✌✌

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    • aw gosh thank you so much i might be changing courses to game design if/when i go back to university, so it's a possibility !! 3d modelling is a very strange world for me tho im a lot more familiar with animating (& even then im more comfortable with 2d lmAO)
      BUT!!! i wanna at least make One model just so i can say thats A Thing That I Did ʕงòᴥóʔง

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    • I mean, if what you like doing is art, you can stick with that, you don't need to actually do game design, studios are constantly in the lookout for artists. It's one of the harder positions to fill, from my experience, right after programmers that actually know good low level coding.

      If you want to do your own indie game or something, I suppose you could even start on your own. In my opinion, because of how simple the tools are these days (at least Unity), it's much easier for an artist to make a game from scratch, rather than a programmer. You don't really need to be good at coding, as long as the game does what you want it to do, it's not like you sell the code, lol. You do sell the art, though!

      Anyway, if you need any help with the more professional side of things, you can send me a pm at any point and I'll try to give you some pointers.
      "Can't post that on a Christian forum."

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    • THAMK U.....

      heres sum doodles i did b4 i went to sleep last night. tgey get lower in quality the closer i get to falling asleep alkfghkf

      bear of symmetry (playing w the symmetry ruler alkflhkfgh)

      very impotamt.... animal crossing au.....

      2 moods

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    • hEY so. status update for y'all: my tablet broke on thursday, heres some doodles i did right before that happened fdhfhb

      anyway its All Good, i took a bunch of commissions n i have a new tablet coming on sunday but thats largely why i forgot to update here cause i was busy tryna solve that hfhbgh.
      (commissions r still open but i have like 10 in my queue so it'll b a while until i can get to you if you're interested im afraid!)

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    • hfghbdfh i havent updated for a couple days because mostly the only nonpaid stuff ive drawn is , jsut, gay art of my ocs which is just Embarrassig. LMAO. theyre on my oc blog

      i posted sum draws in our dnd thread tho !

      Captain Harrie wrote:

      aeryn has , like , A Tonne Of Clothing lmAO i finally got around 2 designing them all (also sum diff hairstyles !! she switches it up a lot particularly if shes gonna perform)
      i wanted 2 draw them out all nice like but tfw hand pain , so , paperdolls for 2day

      Display Spoiler

      sry abt the off hair colour in spots on these id'a fixed it but tfw... hand pain...........

      also bonus

      other than thAT, i am considering a new oc whos a half-orc noble ??

      & some doods timeskip kay faraday if she became an attorney (i wanted her to look a little like her dad!)


      anyway ive Banned Myself From Tumblr bc its just so distracting at all times and now im like , but where do i post. i cant infodump about art on my resource blog or make dumb posts about swords. its tragic

      so i ended up making a really long thread about clothing the other day on twitter which is kinda relevant since i made a bunch of clothes for aeryn up there so u can see what i was thinking when designing those?

      but i actually just saw a really ugly video game screenshot and was like Oh My God , This Is Awful , For So Many Reasons hfghlkfgj

      anyawy if u want to read thAt ill just paste all those tweets here:

      Display Spoiler
      hey im just gonna Ramble About Character Design in this thread for a bit?? focusing on clothing. a mix of tips n my thought processes u dig

      my biggest tip, n how in depth this goes is up to you and it doesnt need to be historically accurate or anything but like (especially if ur designing a cast of characters):

      you'll want to consider where the textiles and metalworking industries are at in your setting.

      like this influences the fabrics available, like wool vs cotton vs nylon, and also influences stuff like fastenings - e.g. zippers were invented in 1890 and looked different to how they do now. how clothing is fastened has a pretty big impact on how it looks! clasps look very different to draw strings.

      also, what sort of colours are available? colours like purple are historically hard to make. ((catch me crying when im drawing aeryn bc its the only colour that suits her LOL))

      it's easier to be thematically consistent if you've decided what options are available, you feel me?


      next consider the overall fashion in the country, this is influenced by the above!

      fashion trends will help you keep your setting cohesive - maybe cotton and cloaks are Big And In, or maybe it's leather and fur?

      among the rich, what's in fashion will be what's the newest and most novel. cotton doesnt grow in cold climates, so while cotton clothing was common in india for example, it was rare and considered a novelty in northern europe, only the rich could afford it.

      on the flipside, amongst the poor it'll be whats most cost effective & practical! you're unlikely to see a poor person wearing expensive silks as a day to day outfit.


      next Super Important, you want to consider what your individual character has access to and is comfortable wearing.

      skirts y/n? how many layers? low or high necklines? sleeves? how much skin are they comfortable showing? what about colours? richer people will have a wider array of options, and follow trends more closely.
      e.g. Bear doesnt like to show skin, it makes them feel naked - Edel on the other hand would willingly walk out in her underwear LOL.

      clothing (or there lack of) also draws and pushes away attention, how much does(n't) your character want to be noticed?


      also if you decide what sort of clothing you character will and will not wear, you'll be able to maintain recognisability whilst being able to give them several different outfits.

      for some examples, i keep various fashion folders for most of my ocs (altho i need to make some for my newer ocs alkflkhbh) to get a feel for their fashion sense:
      priscillas favourite clothing is off the shoulder summer dresses. she likes light colours and reds & pinks

      jill likes light, loose shirts and shorts and wont wear skirts

      cecelia likes wide brim hats & the colours white, beige, peach, cream, and grey. she doesn't wear hoodies jumpers or scarves

      one more!! nathalie loves dark green and black, big jumpers, beanies, and leather jackets

      - LASTLY, silhouette & shapes!!!!

      super important tip is that you should be able to easily identify a character from their silhouette alone, and clothing has a big impact on shape. stuff like cloaks and hoods completely change a silhouette!

      this is where we get Big Subjective Opinions because maybe shapes arent something that resonate with you i dunno. but, shapes are a Big Thing to me!! its what makes art nice to look at.

      that being said, it's hard to be like 'This Is What Makes A Good Shape' cause its legit just what i like to look at lmAO. but its largely about creating Contrast, like straights vs curves:

      [the rest is here: Helpful Harrie]

      for applying this to clothing, heres sum exemples. when i was drawing this edel, the big circle from her arms was Importante to me,

      and i wanted to make a nice contrast btwn the big fluffy arms vs the legs.

      i also repeated the circle w her shades for consistency! repeated shapes help unify things and keep them coherent. (also relates to the previous point about deciding on particular clothes, deciding on a shape motif is also useful)

      another example is Tacky Boy.

      i wanted that contrast btwn his hat n his neckline, i just think its a nice shape alkflhkfgfh. also i imagine taako is absolutely the kind to have a low neckline and lots of leg
      the main shape motif i gave him is triangles.

      anyway!!! idk if any of this makes Sense i just wanted to talk about cohesive fashion in a setting & nice shapes because that screenshot earlier was so ugly lmAO. might persnaps give yall something to think abt when u do the draw thing, im Constantly thinking about shapes[/spoilers]

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    • thank you!! ;a;


      i've not really drawn much interesting stuff lately im afraID..

      this is gonna be a longer post tho hrNGHNFH
      step one: dont make image heavy posts
      step two: failed step one

      anyway taz stuff first:

      i've drawn some killian & carey

      & a julia burnsides (i lov u)

      also. gonna b a long time before i get to it i have like a bunch of other stuff to do & im not very experienced w storyboards, but i want to do an animatic for taz?? done some design stuff for that

      mask designs!

      ruff heights! hurley should rly be smaller (y r halflings so small cries these shots r gonna b hard) n i'll probably make magnus a tad taller

      (speaking of taz that last episode lads . boy HOWdY)

      & oc stuff i posted in the dnd thread:

      Captain Harrie wrote:

      i joined my second campaign and we had our first session on sunday !!

      i'm playing as a human fighter called felicity, n im aiming 2 be an eldritch knight. her parents are Fancy Bakers, but she wants to go adventurin' so she bought a donkey and high tailed it outta there

      but! stinko wasn't allowed on the coach so currently he's disguised as her grandmother "matilda"

      my fav bit is one of our party members is a drow whos on vacation from the underdark and they 'dont know enough about donkeys or humans to be sure either way' when making an insight roll
      i added her 2 my characters page! added sum small new things there also: ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀs

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