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    • hewwo everyone, I launched my nuzlocke comic today!
      Currently there's two pages up, and I'll post a new page next week and we'll see from there. I'm not too sure what update schedule I'm going to go with to be honest! I'll be posting pages as I finish them on Patreon also if you want to read things early ^w^

      I'm very nervous about it but I'm going to do my best to make the best comic I can

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    • hewwo im still on that splatoon train , minor spoilers for the dlc in this postie

      i love that the first thing pearl does is show marina judd

      2 years ago... young, dumb, and heavily brainwashed by society

      i jus think its rly cute if agent 8 goes from cocky n sure of herself, spending hours thinking of the best sick taunt she can say to 3 that will make them think shes The Coolest Octoling Ever when she sees them again, because she obviously just Hates Them So Much, n then going to sappy gay poetry who gushes abt her gf to agent 4. thanks

      "You face away, thinking me blind,
      Like I don't know what you won't show.
      Your love is still clear from behind."

      those r all my cephalopods thanks for coming 2 my ted talk bye now

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    • Whats Up Im Still Drawing Splatoon this'un's a long post whoops . lets break this up into parts



      she likes to feel tall

      rocktopus! :^)

      if rocktopus is agent 8 then agent 3 is a really edgy animecore idol who presents the inkopolis stage news with rocktopus and has the vibe that they could destroy you with a look but generally doesnt say anything during the stage presentations

      but when they do talk, they just say really sweet things like

      rocktopus standing next to her gf who looks like they came from an anime convention: i love my trashy wife

      also made a little model of rocktopus for funsies!!

      fantastic tweet by junie

      another fantastic tweet by junie


      callie i have decided to raise my own small sassy child

      marinas face during the now or never concert performances is always so cute

      it's the anniversary of their debut tomorrow !


      okay thats everything also here's a bonus poppin'

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    • hey whats up my dudes

      so i got a few more splat things

      Display Spoiler
      I've been doing ko-fi requests where i draw people's splat kids for 3 coffees:

      so stuffs like

      also some fun lil splatfest comics

      splatfest law...

      BUT!!! from the 14th-28th, I made a video game!!

      It's a simple little game and has a few bugs, but you can find my posts about it in my other thread ^w^

      I also gots a bunch oc stuff,
      Display Spoiler

      I reworked tempest's old sprite

      also made a lil portrait for her

      big chungy!!!

      hes a big boy

      momby (mom squarby)

      edel cant wink

      [edel voice] my wife

      greta: will you. put some clothes on

      maybe she can wink we'll never know

      i redesigned callisto a little

      also some tutorials and tips ive posted recently:
      outfit design

      Laz was looking for some help with designing outfits for her ocs so I shared some of what i was thinking while designing callie n tempest, & they also asked me about my fashion folder so I caved in and made a pinterest board to collect fashion pictures ( & also shoes ( Real life fashion influences the designs of my fantasy characters, it's through looking at real life clothes that i can find interesting ways to layer clothes & interesting shapes that you can create with clothing.

      also a small tip following on from that:

      "oh yeah small thing smn pointed out once yrs ago while criticising the sinnoh character art, when yr drawing clothes to make sure your character doesnt look like theyre naked with clothes painted on make sure 2 include the material thickness. its gonna stick out a little"

      "they were criticising crasher wake specifically, he looks like a naked old man bc theres no thickness to his clothes at all"

      umbrella tutorial 2.0
      Its exactly the same thing i just made it clearer and more concise:

      Measuring Distance & Scale In Perspective

      gif example for the first 3:

      another example of applying measuring:

      I know poppin’ to be roughly 5 feet tall. I also know that, on average, the height of a room is at least 8 foot tall.
      I also know that the pokémon centre has two levels to its base floor room, so I’m thinking it’s a bigger room than average but still a little less than two storeys tall. I decide to make it 12 feet tall, thats one and a half rooms. Considering the average size of pokemon is like, huge, it sounds about right to me.
      So I measure that out:

      then I add another floor on top, and that gives me the height of the building!
      this is the same as measuring out the cubes, I just applied a number this time! the pokémon centre is about four poppin’s tall, or four cubes if you will
      there’s all kinds of things you can do by using just a few lines to measure things out. I wanted to make sure hugh was taller so I measured that out too!

      so when you’re drawing things like architecture instead of thinking of it as a big complex shape, break it down and think about the size and position of things - especially the edges - relative to each other, and you’ll find it much easier to draw.
      It’s very time consuming, but if you’re patient you can draw anything no matter how complex :^)

      anyway that's quite a lot of stuff huh!! i think i'll close this with - i dont post about my nuzcomic updates here but I aim to have at least one fully fleshed out background per page since I'm updating weekly & I need to ground the characters somehow, here's one that I'm working on atm that I'm pretty proud of :^)

      & a couple from the previous pages

      anyway thats all for now!! i gotta finish this page and do more ko-fi kids

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    • Wrote another post about perspective!!


      What ARE vanishing points?

      So I feel like a lot of confusion with drawing in perspective is because people are not taught the absolute basics properly? So let’s do that.
      Let’s say we have a cube.

      Now, a cube we know is made out of 6 squares or rectangles, and every edge is at a 90 degree angle.

      so every opposite edge of a cube is exactly parallel, right?

      but let’s say we draw a cube using only parallel lines:

      this looks a little weird, you know? Like if i try think of this as an object in 3d space and i look at it for too long, the faces start to look really warped - with like the back looking bigger than the front as if its been made out of weird wonky trapeziums

      so what’s going on here? if all those edges are exactly parallel, why does it look weird?

      lets take a look at this photo of a railway track

      Now we know that the rails on a track are always going to be parallel, they have to be the same distance apart so the train can stay on the track yeah?
      But we can very clearly see that these tracks are converging to a single point in the photo.

      So what does this tell us, exactly? That our view of the world is naturally warped, and that lines that are physically parallel when drawn in perspective will converge to a single point.
      Now, I could call this image “one point perspective” - but that’s not really true,

      if these lines are also parallel, then they must also converge to a single point in perspective, right? so lets add another point

      clip studio paint automatically adjusts the horizon line to fit the new points you add to your perspective…. notice how the horizon line actually fits the photo better now?

      our new point is a very very long way away, so we don’t notice a lot of difference in the angle between lines, but the point that i’m trying to make here is:

      Drawing with perspective guides is not about choosing one, two, three point perspective etc. those are just quick ways to set up a certain viewing angle
      What you are doing when you use these guides is making your parallel lines converge to a point.

      So, if you want to draw a big ol’ cube that’s aligned to be parallel with these railroad tracks, then you can do that with the same point as the tracks - because it’s parallel. It’s on the same axis!

      but what if you want to draw a cube that’s rotated, and isn’t parallel to the tracks?

      well that’s not too difficult to do if you know that every point represents one set of parallel lines.

      If these lines aren’t parallel to the ones you already have, then clearly you just need new points.

      We’re not planning to tilt this cube up into the air, or rotate it onto its side, so we’re going to leave the vertical axis alone, and just move our horizontal points to a different place on the horizon line

      But speaking of the vertical axis - the only points that will be on your horizon line are the ones that are flat on the ground. But you can still have points that are not on the horizon line!

      This is important to remember because if you’re trying to draw something like a slope or stairs, something that has an incline, it’s not going to be level with your horizon.
      Let’s draw some stairs as an example.

      This is actually pretty simple - first draw where your slope starts and ends by drawing a big L shape.
      this will give you some parallel corners, which you can then connect to make a new point for your slope

      And with this you can then find the centre and divide that up into equal parts to make your stairs (see measuring distance & scale in the previous post)

      So lets go back to our original cube, with the knowledge that our parallel lines should all converge to a point and draw it again

      well, doesn’t that look better!

      but also, now you know how to make a cube lean against its buddy like this

      because we just make new points for the new parallel lines

      Anyway I hope that clears some things up, and makes perspective easier to understand!

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    • gamtos wrote:

      Last pic is me leaning on Harrie for art support.

      Not pictured: puddle of happy tears and an autograph book
      DBGFDGBHGFDNHGFHJN AW!!! im happy to hear it helps <333

      RealmWings wrote:

      Harrie! You've inspired me to try out pixel art!

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