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    [Poll & Discussion] Favorite Zelda Game

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    • I suppose my list hasn't changed that much with the release of BotW. Then again to this list change that much at all with each release? Lol

      Top 10:

      1 Breath of the Wild
      2 The Wind Waker
      3 Skyward Sword
      4 The Minish Cap
      5 Adventure of Link
      6 Phantom Hourglass
      7Tri Force Heroes
      8 A Link Between Worlds
      9 A Link to the Past
      10 Four Sword Adventures


      11 Spirit Tracks
      12 The Legend of Zelda I
      13 Ocarina of Time
      14 Oracle of Seasons
      15 Oracle of Ages

      Bottom 4:

      16 Twilight Princess
      17 Link's Awakening
      18 Majora's Mask
      19 The Four Sword

      I think the series will continue to foster growth if it continues to implement new ideas like the original Zelda, TWW, & BotW while taking a page from each of these 3 as they stand as Zelda's most ambitious titles. If sales trends are any indication, one could say they already are! If that's the case, I may have a new favourite all over again! :tingle: ï
    • If I were to rank the ones I've put at least a few hours into:

      1. Majora's Mask
      2. Ocarina of Time
      3. Twilight Princess
      4. Oracle of Seasons
      5. Oracle of Ages

      6. Wind Waker
      7. Phantom Hourglass
      8. Hyrule Warriors
      9. A Link to the Past

      10. Spirit Tracks
      11. Skyward Sword
      12. Four Swords

      I've played around on hour of BOTW on my mate's Switch. It would probably sneak into my top five if I had more time with it.
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    • Always hard to pick but I go with nostalgia... and WW was my first Zelda and the one I've played the most by far. After that prolly MM mainly because its just way intense and emotional.

      I was fairly into LADX version and I'll always love OOT as a classic.

      I don't dislike any. Definitely some that were harder to get through but there were always enjoyable elements.

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    • Breath of the Wild is the only game I've been criticizing recently as I want the series to get even better
      • to not be so vast without making quality > before quantity first, every time. Everything that's hidden and findable is something deep in the game instead of repetitive
      • to have deeper story-gameplay interaction in all the exploring
      • a good gameplay-story marriage should be about involved story-puzzles, ie. quests that require creative thinking to progress, investigating characters and their agendas, having to use your arsenal of items in really creative ways, then along these adventures, fighting terrible monsters and progressing dungeons
      • instead of a world so big, have more tight-knit iconic areas, deeper character gameplay scenarios and schedules, and elaborate dungeons (maybe some part of the overworld itself)
      • I think Zelda will benefit from keeping a lot of open exploration as a core feature
      • however, trade us size for more diverse and thoughtful gameplay parts
      • a world doesn't need to be so big without first giving us more side gameplay mechanics and great story-puzzles, mysteries and "games"
      • I would rather explore through time, change and interaction with areas and people, than keep exploring distance after distance. I think the former is a much deeper way to create gameplay and story, as characters and environments evolve through your investment in them, rather than copypastaing fields, mountains, and enemies for miles and miles. That's not what makes good gameplay imo
      • it goes back to what I said, quality > before quantity, always. Even the items in the game, it doesn't need to be an RPG. Nintendo used to put a lot of thought into making each item, making sure its really cool with a unique feature
      • I think the next Zelda can learn a lot from the quests and gameplay of MM + classic Adventure games: you offer plenty of gameplay variety, but that doesn't mean gameplay quantity. Simply: make sure each individual part is quite different but good, don't repeat things so much, and you'll earn my favor
      • I think people praise BoTW for some wrong reasons imo. With that being said, my personal favorite Zelda games are as follows:
      1. A Link to the Past
      2. Breath of the Wild
      3. Ocarina of Time
      4. Majora's Mask
      5. Oracle of Seasons/Link's Awakening
      6. Twilight Princess
      7. The Wind Waker

      8+ The others, unspecified

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    • Alright, so I broke the list into two smaller lists - the first list is my Top 10 and the second list is literally just the remainder (haven't played most of them so can't really rank them):

      1. Majora's Mask
      2. Breath of the Wild
      3. Ocarina of Time
      4. The Wind Waker
      5. Twilight Princess
      6. A Link to the Past
      7. The Minish Cap
      8. The Legend of Zelda
      9. Skyward Sword
      10. A Link Between World's

      1. Other/Spin-Off (Hyrule Warriors)
      2. Four Swords Adventures
      3. Phantom Hourglass
      4. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
      5. Tri Force Heroes
      6. Link's Awakening
      7. Four Swords
      8. Oracle of Seasons
      9. Oracle of Ages
      10. Spirit Tracks
      While I absolutely love BotW, Majora's Mask still holds a special place in my heart. I have so many memories from that game that it will be awhile before a game dethrones it as my favorite. BotW is an incredibly close second and my still be able to top my list, but MM has sentimental value over BotW for the time being.

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    • 1. Majora's Mask
      2. Breathe of the Wild
      3. Ocarina of Time
      4. A Link to the Past
      5. The Wind Waker
      6. Link's Awakening
      7. Twilight Princess
      8. The Minish Cap
      9. Link's Awakening
      10. Skyward Sword

      I am personally deeply attached to Majora's Mask so it'll always remain as my fav. Zelda game. I pick Breathe of the Wild my second best because of the open world setting plus it doesn't feel like you're being forced on the story much like the recent ones (TP, SS)

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    • Majora's Mask is still my favorite even after playing BotW perhaps for longer than I've played MM in my life. Admittedly, BotW is a game I would recommend easier to a new player in the series, and it is going to create new fans no doubt, but it simply isn't as good in the sidequest department. Moreover, I would like if it had some twist to it like ALttP had the Dark World and OoT had the timeskip. Then it would be perfect.
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    • Well, I haven't had a chance to play and beat BotW, but I have this sneaking suspicion it'll become my number 1 favorite Zelda very fast.
      As of right now though, its Wind Waker. I'd list my 2nd and 3rd choices but I have so many of those...I feel like it'd get confusing.
      Not gonna vote on the poll just yet, though.

      Also, I don't really hate any Zelda games, minus like...AoL maybe. There's just some I like more than others.
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    • Zelda's so hard to compare to itself that I just broke my rankings into tiers.

      • A Link to the Past
      • Ocarina of Time
      • Majora's Mask
      • Breath of the Wild
      Very Good
      • Wind Waker
      • A Link Between Worlds
      • Minish Cap
      • Oracle of [X]
      • Link's Awakening
      • Skyward Sword
      • Phantom Hourglass
      • Twilight Princess
      • The Legend of Zelda
      • Adventure of Link
      Haven't Played
      • Tri-force Heroes
      • Spirit Tracks
      • Four Swords Adventures
    • Well these are my rankings:

      1) A link to the past - Fantastical, creative and enchanting
      2) Ocarina of time - So brilliantly made its legacy will never die
      3) Minish cap - A lovely gem that's underrated
      4) Phantom Hourglass - Challenging and cute
      5) Wind Waker - Different and despite this it still worked its way into the hearts of Zelda fans
      6) Twilight Princess - Well developed and Spellbinding
      7) Skyward sword - Visually impressive and original
      8 ) Majoras Mask - Strange and remarkable with a juicy and original plot
      9) Spirit Tracks - Nice addition to the cartoon Link games
      10) Adventure of link - Oh my... I hated this game, sorry!!
      11) Legend of Zelda - A bit too old fashioned for my liking. I do respect it because without it, there'd be no Zelda!

      Those are the only ones I know and played. Breath of the wild looks amazingly spectacular and I'd love to play it one day. :DD

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    • 1. A Link Between Worlds (why'd no one else chose this?)

      2. Ocarina of Time

      3. Wind Waker

      4. Skyward Sword

      5. Majora's Mask

      6. Twilight Princess

      7. The CDI games

      8. Triforce Heroes

      I haven't even played the CDI games, but Triforce Heroes is one of the absolute worst abominations I've ever seen. And I've played Bloodborne.
      Likes Zelda. Nuf' said.

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    • I never liked ALBW, it was cheap and safe. It felt like a remake of ALTTP and that's it. And yes even remakes are allowed to change up stuff like dungeons in Zelda's case... or else they are just remasters. Lorule felt just like the Dark World, do you know why? Because it used the same iconic Dark World-theme, C H E A P. Not only did it ruin the Lorule's identity, it also to some extent ruined the Dark World's identity since it was prior to ALBW exclusively the Dark World's theme for crying out loud. Identical map yay very exciting. The only good thing that stood out somewhat was the end. I just sold it as soon as I finished it. At least Breath of the Wild was totally different from the original... which it had to be since that was on the NES and BotW on Nintendo's latest consoles (Wii U and Switch). I was much more disappointed in ALBW than I was with TP or SS.

      And to go on topic, I guess it is a battle between TWW and BotW, which probably BotW wins. But I don't know what my answer will be in a couple of years...

      Edit: Wow, I actually wrote SS instead of TWW there. Luckily I noticed it now and changed it lol.

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    • Favorites
      1. Majora's Mask
      2. The Wind Waker
      3. Twilight Princess
      4. Ocarina of Time
      5. Spirit Tracks (Fight me)
      1. A Link Between Worlds
      2. Skyward Sword
      3. The Legend of Zelda
      4. A Link to the Past
      1. Phantom Hourglass (but God bless Linebeck)
      2. Four Swords/Adventures
      3. Link's Crossbow Training (yeah, I didn't forget you)
      Don't like
      1. Adventure of Link
      1. The CDi games, I guess? Nah, they're funny.
      Never Played
      1. Oracles
      2. Minish Cap (for the love of Nayru, put it in the blasted 3DS shop again)
      3. Link's Awakening
      4. Triforce Heroes (does it even count?)
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    • This is my list:
      1. Wind Waker
      2. Breath of the Wild
      3. Majora's Mask
      4. Ocarina of Time
      5. A Link to the Past
      6. Spirit Tracks
      7. Skyward Sword
      8. Link's Awakening
      9. Legend of Zelda
      10. Four Swords Adventures

      I don't really have a ranking for the other games. My least favorite game is Zelda's Adventure, because the animated cutscenes in the other CD-i games were so pathetic that they were funny, but this game didn't have any. As for canon Zelda games, my least favorite is the original Four Swords, and I don't even dislike it.
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    • BotW is my favorite actually but that's not an option so I went with skyward sword. It had a good storyline. In my opinion at least.
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      The thing that Lizalfols and Deku Scrubs had in common was that they were both very flammable. When Simon escaped the alley by walking through one woman's house without her noticing. Simon didn't know what the guards were worried about, he was only cleaning up the city. about, he was only cleaning up the city.
    • Hmm... If I had to give my top ten...

      1. Twilight Princess
      2. Breath of the Wild
      3. Wind Waker
      4. Majora's Mask
      5. Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon
      6. Phantom Hourglass
      7. A Link Between Worlds
      8. Link: The Faces of Evil
      9. Oracle of Seasons/Ages (cheating a little here to put two in the slot)
      10. Ocarina of Time

      Now I know what you're all thinking... Why on earth would I put Wand of Gamelon before The Faces of Evil? Well, I liked the cutscenes in WoG better than TFoE, but I won't argue that TFoE's story and gameplay is a little better... In the end, the cutscenes seal the deal for me though. :)
    • Actually I'm thinking "why would you mention wand of gamelon or faces of evil at all?" Those games were horrible. There's a reason that together with the third cdi game they're called the unholy triforce.
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      Epicstar wrote:

      The thing that Lizalfols and Deku Scrubs had in common was that they were both very flammable. When Simon escaped the alley by walking through one woman's house without her noticing. Simon didn't know what the guards were worried about, he was only cleaning up the city. about, he was only cleaning up the city.