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[Poll & Discussion] Favorite Zelda Game
  • 1. 10/10 A Link to the Past (perfect blend of nostalgia, challenge, and overall gaming experience)
    2. 10/10 Ocarina of Time (probably one of the objectively greatest games of all time)
    3. 10/10 Breath of the Wild (already in my top three and I haven't even beaten it. I've only played about 30 hours. Hugely likely it will go up.)
    4. 10/10 The Legend of Zelda
    5. 9/10 Wind Waker
    6. 9/10 Majora's Mask
    7. 9/10 The Minish Cap
    8. 8/10 Twilight Princess
    9. 8/10 Link's Awakening
    10. 8/10 Adventure of Link
    11. 7/10 Phantom Hourglass (not even a particularly enjoyable game. sorta disappointing.)

    Haven't played enough of the rest to judge. Looking to do some catching up this year!

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  • For a series I've known for most of my life, I don't really have any strong attachments to any one title these days. Guess nothing is really fresh in my memory. Last one I played was The Minish Cap maybe 2 years ago so I'd honestly just have to go with that. Not the most groundbreaking thing and some weird pacing all around, but its tone, characters and overall detachment to everything else is appealing.

    Other than that I guess I'd just default to A Link to the Past. I don't really have a favourite 3D entry because it always feels way more divisive.

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  • My favorite is Majora's Mask (which I secretly hope to be usurped by Breath of the Wild in the near future). It was a great successor to Ocarina of Time, and was the game that shaped my eternal love for not only the series, but for psychology (my career path). It has so many elements of eternal conflict.

    Sentimental favorite would be Link's Awakening, as it was the first Zelda I played.

    I go back and forth on the order, but this is more or less my top 5:

    1. Majora's Mask
    2. Link's Awakening
    3. Ocarina of Time
    4. Wind Waker
    5. A Link to the Past

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  • BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW !

    Edit: unless it does something very crazy. I've played maybe 25 hours and I'm already in love with the game, more than ALttP and OoT.
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  • Majora's Mask has been the forum favorite for years, the top of the polls! Will it be dethroned? or is it a temporary set-back? Anyway, seeing if my predictions are right, I decided to write a little ode to Majora's Mask:

    gladefinder wrote:

    The reason I think the game (MM) has been the most favorited Zelda on the forums for many years is because it really offers a little bit of everything, and so many people are drawn to that. Freedom to many gameplay options, but equally a main story direction. It has for instance, just a couple great dungeons, a couple great characters to play as with their own moves, many great stories, great side-quests, a fun time mechanic, extra challenges to find optional cool items, an equal balance of freedom and progression. MM is one of the only Zelda games (along with TWW and BoTW) that you can really keep going and going with that list of what it offers, because it's not too over-aimed on just one thing, but spread out with many outlets. That's the kind of game I personally love, that's me, but it seems that a lot of people really like that style for a Zelda game. It has something for everyone, and everything for some.

    To me that almost seems like it's it. BoTW, TWW, MM, have not just quality, but great diversity. Everything in a game of course should be of great quality. But it seems like, the more variety, the more praise too. Everyone finds something they love in a such game, and then they can't complain it's repetitive when there are lots of other things to do, they're bound to attach themselves to something. Some people don't love MM, but they love TWW or BoTW for the same reasons: they found in all the variety some things they really enjoy. I personally really enjoy all of MM because each thing in that game feels fresh and different to me; that's the variety in these games.

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  • I don't think its at all too early to say Breath of the Wild has become my new favourite. And what isn't to like?

    I can certainly see why BotW turnt out so great. The development team used WWHD as a template for gameplay using the Wii U. A lot of ideas from TWW have come back, like stealth mechanics, overworld bosses, the most sidequesting, open exploration, and much more. But even though a lot of ideas in BotW came from TWW, it also introduced new ideas much like TWW did in its time. And that is what is going to "save" the series from itself. The Zelda series picking up where TWW left of and stepping forward and out of OoT's shadow, so to speak

    It took me time to get used to the controls which is a new thing for me when playing Zelda. It was almost like a completely different game. I'd say this was a welcome feature that should stay. It opens up many possibilities for attacking, defending, and other functions. Where TWW & SS respectively offered a greater variety in gameplay in their time, BotW has done the same here. I'm glad to see the development team continue to work on improving gameplay experience despite much of the western fanbase's protest to such ideas.
    I also really liked the item/weapon system. The way they implemented this system fostered a great need in each player to strategise and plan ahead on the fly. With a level of durability in all of the items and weapons, the player must think about whether or not its necessary to be fighting or they'll have to go without from there. I've never seen so much improvisation gameplay in a Zelda game since TWW. And with how aggressive the enemies are, and how tough some others are, this has added several new levels of challenge to 3D Zelda the likes we've never seen.

    Horses seem kind of useless, particularly after you get to all the towers. Its a shame because they've expanded on horseback gameplay by a lot and improved the horse's AI. I do like the warping system, though. All the shrines being warp points might be a bit much but some of them like the ones near towns and other important locations like fairy fountains are much appreciated. Paragliding as a main function is also very useful. It does remind me of riding around with the Deku Leaf in TWW lol - But I think one of the best abilities, and the most useful, is the climbing and how the player can climb anything. Reintroducing stamina is yet another great way they challenge the player to strategise and think about what they're doing. It would be too easy if you could climb without limit. Besides, with all the little ridges they sprinkled on most mountains I think its alright.
    I really like the concept of perfect input, such as perfect defend or perfect dodge, rewarding the player for timing many actions in combat. Once again, it encourages skill and strategy (Seems to be a bit of a theme here). Its a grand expansion on TWW's parray system which was also based on timing, something that hadn't been done before 2002 and hasn't been done within the series until BotW. I don't usually use flurry rush much, but I do like to save on ancient arrows and use my perfect defend to knock back guardians' beams.

    The enemy AI is the best in all of Zelda. As far as 3D Zelda goes, its leagues above and beyond anything done before in the series. They are more aggressive, they deal more damage, and they are wiser to the player's attacks and even the player's very presence. I talked more about the enemy AI in this thread [ ] We've certainly come a long way from lesser Zelda games like MM or TP where enemies dance around you and only deal 1/4 - 1/2 heart damage commonly. Enemy AI was one are in BotW I feel like they've outdone themselves on. May future Zelda titles be as advanced as this one!

    The Baton of the Wind wrote:

    Enemies can/will:- hear the player approach
    - use fire to light wooden weapons / arrows
    - pick up rocks and other things to throw/use when they're without a weapon
    - not fall for obvious traps / various tricks the players attempts
    - attack more aggressively
    - do up to 26 hearts damage

    The Baton of the Wind wrote:

    If there is one thing the Zelda team has struggled with it is making the enemy AI fast and aggressive. Now I can't be sure if technical limitation has all that much to do with it, it might I don't know. But I do know that compared to the 2D games, particularly the first three, it is much easier to survive and not get hit by enemies. A lot of the time they stand around waiting for you to attack. In the 2D games, they run into you and charge at you most times. Many of them don't wait for you to attack to do so. And no matter how much enemy AI has been improved during the 3D games, they still aren't quite as aggressive as they generally are in the 2D games. And while it looks like with BotW they've improved on it even more than they ever have before in a 3D game, there's still a chance that it may not be still as hard as most of the 2D games to not get hit. They have done a lot though, making them more intelligent and aware which shows that they are making an effort to improve enemy AI.

    I love that the main quest boss battles were not the only boss battles. Another reintroduction from the gameplay of TWW is the concept of overworld bosses, and its been expanded on to new levels. There isn't just one set of overworld bosses, they're scatted all throughout the overworld and each boss has a different form and difficulty level depending on the region and depending on other outliers. The "blight" Ganon bosses were really good, as well. They all had unique attacks, and they have a lot of speed, reach, and deal a lot of damage. I would say the Hinox are the easiest bosses in the game overall, but they all have lots of pros and little cons. A peak in the Zelda series for sure.
    The final boss I think is the best in Zelda yet. In the first phase, Ganon has a variety of attacks and deals heavy damage per hit. And he's quick with many of these attacks. I will admit, however, the 2nd phase left a little to be desired. Much of the game seems centered around archery, and so this was pretty much a final test of those skills. But Ganon did seem slow and had one beam attack. I personally took no damage in the 2nd phase. But I guess that's the way final battles go in 3D Zelda. OoT had the repeat of Phantom Ganon's fight only without Z targeting, Majora's Mask had the first two phases of its final boss, TWW's final boss 2nd phase Ganon could have been more aggressive, TP's final boss lol, and SS had its 4th phase (1st phase vs Demise). BotW's first phase was enough to convince me anyways. Overall, its a great boss fight.

    One of the most innovative parts of BotW is the physics engine. And that's one of my favourite parts of the game. There are now environmental elements that you must survive under which adds a challenge to surviving as well as strategy in travel and combat. At first, I thought the food/cooking system might make it all too easy to survive, especially since you can eat while the game is paused. However, even though it does come down to how you prepare a lot of these areas are very large with little shelter and while facing against numerous enemies even the most prepared of adventurers can find that there supplies have run scarce before they know it, miles away from any relief or materials to restock on. Though, with all of the stables and towns around Hyrule I suppose it isn't too hard to prepare on the way somewhere. But I wouldn't say its too easy either. I do like all the different clothing options, too. And I feel like clothing upgrades were done well, too. It always gives me such a sense of accomplishment to bring a set up to 4 stars. Much like in TWW, wind plays a factor only you can't control it this time. Using updrafts to gain an advantage is a new way to use wind. The existence of lightning forces the player to reconsider their current equipment. There are so many things that can affect the player to force a sense of strategy.

    I'd say that a main feature of BotW is its return to Zelda I's style of gameplay: Non-linear exploration and non-linear progression. TWW had the non-linear exploration part down, but the main quest was quite linear like all the other 3D titles before BotW. There are virtually no limitation on where the player can go (except for Lost Woods and the edges of the map, all the expected spots for limitation lol). The limitations are in the abilities of the player like stamina, strength, etc. Which is what some like to call "natural barriers." The Zelda series was getting to be too linear, lots of little fields and towns connected by thin corridors. And all they needed to do was quit worrying so much about the story. lol
    One of the best things about BotW is that a lot of the main quest takes place in the overworld and isn't organised by a linear town-dungeon-town-dungeon format. TWW pioneered this style for 3D Zelda in its time but the focus on dungeons had taken over the progression of Zelda games since then, even Aonuma himself acknowledged this fact so it was obviously a big problem with the series. The divine beasts can hardly be counted as dungeons, but rather as an endgame to its respective main quest. The main quest was about what you'd expect from a Zelda game. Much of the main quest had to do with exploration, tracking, and fighting... a lot lol

    Speaking of exploration, it is highly encouraged in this game and oft rewarded as well. TWW had the most side questage in 3D Zelda, but now BotW has blown that out of the water. The shrines sprinkled all over Hyrule are a great example. I had 13 hearts when I went to pull the Master Sword for the first time and I had just 1/4 heart left before I actually got the sword out of the pedestal. So I would say 24 shrines are required, but only the 4 on the plateau are absolutely required; from there you can do any other 20 shrines and choose where to go. So that makes for 96 optional shrines - many of them obtained through shrine quests, 900 korok seeds, and 76 sidequests. That's without mentioning all of the enemy camps and overworld bosses out in the world. One of my favourite things about the shrines is that a number of them aren't even puzzles but rather an endgame to a greater overworld challenge like Eventide Island or Lomei Labyrinth, etc. Zelda really needs more of these overworld challenges.

    I think it makes it far too easy to have a quest tracker. I always have it turnt off. But I do like that there's an option there. That's one thing that gives this game such a wide appeal, all the options. At first I didn't like the concept of the OP powers given to you by each of the other four champions, particularly Mipha's prayer, but when you think about it they don't get in the way at all if you're good at the game. Don't die if you don't want that kind of help, if you perform a perfect shield correctly Daruk's power doesn't step in for you, you can still perform a spin/charged attack without using Urubosa's power, and I never hated Revali's little updraft ability and is actually quite useful without being too OP. Other than that, I've had literally no qualms with this game at any point. Which is much less than I have for TMC, SS, or even TWW.

    Breath of the Wild is objectively the best Zelda game yet. The gameplay, the controls and mechanics, the physics, the combat, everything is far superior than anything before it. I do wonder if they can outdo this one. After all, it took them around 15 years to outdo TWW's step forward in Zelda gameplay. I can't wait to see what the hard mode has in store! :DD
  • Wind Waker HD was used as a starting point of sorts for Zelda’s first original outing on Wii U. Series producer Eiji Aonuma has previously spoken about how the updated GameCube release was a way for the development team to get its feet wet in terms of creating Zelda games for Nintendo’s latest console. Additionally, the two are connected in the sense that elements used in Wind Waker HD will be brought over to the brand new Wii U title.
    Aonuma discussed this further with GamesTM this month. While speaking with the magazine, he said Wind Waker HD’s GamePad interface and motion control aiming will be included in Zelda Wii U. He also mentioned a desire “to bring the experience of being able to explore the Great Sea however you want to locations other than the sea.”

    Aonuma wrote:

    We are planning on using things like the Wii U GamePad user interface, how you can use the map like a GPS and the intuitive aiming using motion controls in the next Zelda game too. I’d also like to be able to bring the experience of being able to explore the Great Sea however you want to locations other than the sea.
  • Let me guess, that was an interview from around the time TWWHD was released? It's the same old PR talk.
    Remember how BotW was going to be linked to TPHD in such a way that after BotW, you had to replay TPHD?

    It also goes into everything we know about TWWHD's and BotW's development. Most TWWHD was supposedly made by 3 people (or even 1?). Only in the later stages did a bigger team help out. And a recent interview says they started out BotW with a demo where you could climb everything. Then there's this interview that said they set out to make an area as big as TP's world... and let it be just 1 area of the game. And then a recent interview says that they looked back at all the previous Zeldas and decided what was good and needed to return.

    Last point: most of the things mentioned there weren't even brought over to BotW. They had to remove the Upad features, apart from motion controls.
    So sorry, I know you love TWW, but I'm not seeing it.
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  • It's true that they went back and looked at other titles as well, but it all started with the development of WWHD. At E3 2014 Aonuma talked about their ideas to make an open world and mentioned not only the original but specifically TWW, a game for which Aonuma was producer. And lots of things were carried over, as outlined in my post earlier and another thread in greater detail. But you can just go back and read that since you clearly didn't read it the first time. But honestly, it goes without saying because it shows in game.

    I find it odd that so many of you here at Zelda universe have such a hard time admitting positive points of TWW. Many of you will say you like the game so that you're not called a blind hater, but all you can do is talk about what you hate about the game and in the same breath talk about OoT and MM like they have no flaws. Going around claiming people don't talk about TWW's flaws. Because all of the games have flaws. We've talked about it in a thread all about flaws.

    Just admit TWW had an influence on BotW. After all, you yourself said they looked back at all the other titles. That includes TWW, no? And as I said, I agree. Stamina bar and the idea for durability came from Skyward Sword. Z targeting is in the game from OoT.
    All I did in my post was talk about the things in BotW that were inspired by my previous favorite game. I don't see how that has you so triggered. You're more than welcome to talk about all the things in BotW that come from or remind you of OoT, or even MM. No one is stopping you.
  • I'll gladly admit TWW had an influence on BotW. I loved TWW for all those things that it did right.

    But you brought it as if it's the biggest inspiration for BotW, the game concept that saved the future of Zelda or something. And I don't agree about that. :) When we're talking about open worlds for example, TLoZ did it before TWW. Having a map on a second screen: OoT3D did it before TWWHD.

    The Zelda series has many revolutionary games; we're seeing the best of these elements combined in 1 epic open world game.

    And I also admit that I didn't read your whole post. The first paragraph triggered me. ;) I hope to get back to that once I beat the best Zelda ever.
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