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    Mass Effect: Andromeda (Launches March 21 2017)
    • Can't wait for this game. I actually just finished replaying the entire series just before Christmas - god I love those games.

      I agree with Merc - I hope they give us memorable characters to interact with. I spent so much time in between missions talking to the Normandy crew that I easily tacked hours onto my play time.

      Also, and I'm like the last person to ever mention this stuff, but I can't wait to hear the sound track for this game. The music in the original trilogy is some of my favorite music. I usually don't care that much about music in games, but ME was one game series where it's music just struck me and I loved it.

      Honestly, I'm glad you can alter your class and abilities on the fly now. That was always the hardest part of each playthrough for me in the originals. I wanted to play as each class but could only pick one and it was always such a tough choice.

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    • I've been a bit interested in the new game for a bit. I don't know much about it because I haven't been keeping up to date with it, however I really did enjoy Mass Effect 2 and 3. I never was able to get my hands on 1, which is kind of sad.

      I may get it depending on the system it's on at a later date. I don't think i'm going to be someone that preorders it or anything, though.
    • Seriously can't wait for this game to come out. I have been wanting a new mass effect since the third one ended (btw - I didn't mind the ending at all for the third - come at me).

      I'm going to have to make sure I budget for this game because this series is one of the rare Day 1 purchases I make for games.

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    • Agreed. Each new trailer they've put out just amps up my excitement for this game by infinity.

      I know lots of other people didn't, but in the originally trilogy I read all the lore and descriptions for everything because I was fascinated by it all. I can't wait to delve into the lore of this game as well - learn about all the new races and planets and everythiNG I NEED THIS GAME RIGHT NOW!!

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    • Past week or so there's been a lot of new stuff with gameplay trailers and more cast etc etc but the only thing I've been waiting for the PC specs to drop so I can see what the damage would be if I were to upgrade my PC to run it.


      OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
      PROCESSOR: Intel Core i5 3570 or AMD FX-6350
      MEMORY: 8 GB RAM
      VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB, AMD Radeon 7850 2GB
      HARD DRIVE: At least 55 GB of free space
      DIRECTX: DirectX 11

      OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
      PROCESSOR: Intel Core i7-4790 or AMD FX-8350
      MEMORY: 16 GB RAM
      HARD DRIVE: At least 55 GB of free space
      DIRECTX: DirectX 11

      It is...not looking good. I think I'd definitely need to upgrade my CPU (Intel Pentium G3258) and potentially my GPU (Asus GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB) to get a decent performance. RAM I have the 8GB minimum but RAM is cheap so I wasn't really worried about needing to get more. But upgrading my CPU alone would be like $300 so looks like I may need to bite the bullet and get the PS4 version.
    • Tremjam wrote:

      Very psyched for ME:A. But has anyone else noticed that every major game lately is a n open world action-rpg (including BOTW)?

      Yes, open world is the new shooter.

      In the 7th gen, high definition visuals enabled realistic games so gritty violent shooters resulted.

      Now, that technology has increased further, developers can make massive overworlds much more easily. And visuals have resulted in diminished returns, so stylization and effects (usually best in fantasy) is being conjoined with realism.
    • So my Origin Access trial is done, I'm like 9 hours in! My thoughts so far.

      Summary! (I'm playing on PC)
      • The game looks absolutely fantastic and is quite well optimized! And the new races are super detailed.
      • Animation problems are not nearly as bad as people have made-out. 9 or so hours in and there's some jank but nothing that bad, I've not noticed much. Although my Ryder did load into a conversation once without any hair, lol. Really shiny scalp under her mop, I was amazed.
      • Character creator is decent! I wouldn't call it incredible, it kind of artificially limits you in an interesting way so I'll allow it, but I managed to make a human-looking Ryder relatively easily. Which makes it better than most Bethesda games already!
      • Combat is the best the franchise has produced, easily. It's like a much faster-paced ME3 with more verticality and versatility. Gameplay is definitely the highlight and it makes me more excited to play the multiplayer.
      • Had a Boss Fight against this MASSIVE thing and it was brilliant. I hope this means more Boss Fights!
      • Exploration is much closer to ME1 than 2 or 3. I missed the Mako! But I haven't found a lot of, like, meaningful reasons to do it bar for upgrade materials. But obviously there's loads I haven't explored yet.
      • Quest design is hit & miss. Main stuff is obviously great and some side-quests have narrative and story behind them and are really good, but it still has your typical filler fetch quests which are just checkbox stuff. Disappointing to see in a 2017 game but eh, oh well.
      • I'm surprised lots of reviews call the writing bad because it's good! It's not Witcher 3 but neither was Mass Effect to begin with, it's always been a bit campy! The main story's not pulled me in as much as ME1's did, but it's better than 2 and 3's already. But where 2 and 3 fell down in story, the interactions with crewmates was the real star of the show I thought! So...
      • I like the new crew a lot! But nowhere close to how much I loved the original team. They're quite interesting and getting to know them is the same as it always was! I like running around my ship to chat to my favourites, to see if they have any new dialogue. Vetra is my Garrus! <3 She's the first person I want to talk to. But I guess it's hard to judge 1 new game to an entire trilogy.
      • The main character is fun! She's not like Shephard was; she's more flawed, easily flustered, etc. Rather than being the stoic, unmovable hero that Shephard was. It's a cool change of pace.
      • The new races and worlds are alright! Like, I really empathized for the Krogans in ME3 and cured the genophage and stuff; I've not hit that point yet, but the new races are interesting enough that I love going to a new planet to see them.

      So yeah, I really like it! I don't think it's got any obvious gaping flaws, just I feel like EVERYTHING could have done with a little more polish and a little more work you know? Obviously it has technical problems but like, exploration is super fun and is kind of between 1 and 3's, but just wish there was a bit more worthwhile there. Story is great but I wish I felt like my decisions made a bit more of an impact! etc. etc.

      The only slightly disappointing thing is that where, like, other franchises are trying to propel genres forward and stuff, Andromeda seems quite happy to just be more Mass Effect! Which doesn't make me dislike it, but I'd have liked a bit more adventurous decisions to have been made. So to put it pretty plainly, it's Mass Effect! If you enjoyed ME, you'll like this too! :)
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    • Pretty excited. A friend let me play his trial for a couple of hours and it started off well enough. I do worry about the Dragon Age Inquisition style open world, though, as that was my least favorite part of the game.

      Probably going to do two simultaneous play throughs. One for me, and one so my wife can watch and help control the direction of alien booty.

      Not sure which classes yet, though. The biotics in this game look great. But infiltrators are like... The best.
    • Hype has gone down a lot since this thing was first announced. I can handle the terrible animations, but I'm also hearing a lot of reports that the voice acting and even the writing is absolutely horrible, and how the story is just not as compelling as in the first game of the series.

      Obviously I can't judge for myself before I play it, but I'm going to wait a bit until people have calmed the fuck down to see opinions and stuff before I decide if I really want to do it. The combat seems fine from what I've seen. I don't know what people are smoking when they say it looks worse than before, Mass Effect's combat was never good if you ask me and this one actually looks fun to play... But if this really does have a bad story, I'm just going to be skipping this game. Story is where most of the appeal of the series comes from.

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    • Yeah I recommend waiting till the shit-storm has died down if you want reasonable views on it. It's already gotten a barrage of 0/10 user scores on Metacritic and any positive review is getting massively thumbed down, lol. Although people are thumbing down 7/10 reviews but I have it on good authority a 7/10 means a game is TERRIBLE! :3

      I look forward to playing more at least. I don't think I'm playing a GOTY competitor but it feels like Mass Effect. So I'm happy!
    • wat

      Don't know whether it's true or not either, could be bullshit, but some guy apparently posted on Glassdoor about some stuff which points to Andromeda having a very troubled development. I can definitely see that as having been true, too. The leaked pre-release footage had much better animations than the final game ends up having! It's a shame. Still a fun game, but could have been so much better!

      I wish it'd release already. EA are releasing it at 11pm tomorrow. pls :(
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    • I'm a little worried they took all of the overused tropes of the last and current generation and added them because... Reasons?

      Bring the pacing to a halt so that the player can scan all the things? Check.

      Playing map icon janitor? Check.

      Sorta open world? Check

      Hold button to be forced to look at interesting thing? Check.

      Resource gathering and crafting? Sigh... Check...

      I... I just don't know yet. Bioware don't always hit home runs, but mostly try new things with each game (to mixed results). This doesn't feel like they're trying anything new, at least not from the bits I've seen so far.

      But it is more Mass Effect, so I hope that's enough.

      Anybody else planning on playing the multiplayer? I played the ME3 multiplayer to death, so I'm looking forward to this.
    • Ambient Nomad wrote:

      Anybody else planning on playing the multiplayer? I played the ME3 multiplayer to death, so I'm looking forward to this.
      100%. Andromeda has fanastic combat so I'm super excited for the multiplayer. <3

      I've not really seen it tbh. Like, I'm thinking now and I've got no idea what it is or it'll be like. :3
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