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    What do you want to do in 2017?
    • Fight against the oppression that is evident and impending in my nation. Oh yes, i will be like i was in 1996, out doing footwork for a cause. Online activism isnt enough, especially now.

      *whispers* REVOLUTION

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    • - I was planning on taking the exam to officially become a shoemaker. (Few are, and the whole education thing has pretty much been on a basis of "wing it", so we shall see :p)
      - Continuing with the fitness plan. I've seen progress over the last year and want to continue with that. I feel good :)
      - Getting some nevi (apparently the English word) checked/removed.

      I guess those are the plans in particular. I'd also like to try to save more money to buy a house one day.
      It goes without saying, but also to spend as much time with my wife as possible. And try to get hiking more. I really love doing that, but it didn't happen as much last year as I'd like.

      May your deeds live on in song

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    • I always like making New Year resolutions, even though I always end up doing literally none of them lol. I didn't really think of any this year for whatever reason, so I kind of came up with these right now.

      1. Graduate lol

      Yet I had a two week long break, but did nothing other than sleeping the whole day and play videogames. I'm really up to a good start...

      2. Learn my ''native'' language

      I can only understand bits, but I would love to at least understand more sranan tongo.

      3. Learn to drive

      But this one doesn't have to happen this year though

      4. Visit a foreign country

      5. Be more involved with my family

      6. Finally play Breath of the Wild ò_ó
    • Manya wrote:

      Awesome! I absolutely love it when people want to learn more about my culture! People don't really know much about Suriname and the origin of Sranan, so this makes me really happy ^^
      I'm not ashamed to admit that I only know of it because I had to look up some time ago where this really good footballer Diego Biseswar was from. He's technically Dutch, but both his parents are from Suriname. I find somewhat obscure (to us westerners) languages and cultures very exciting, and counter to that, western culture and monuments rather boring. Maybe it shows that I've visited quite a few western countries.

      As for me, my new year resolutions, which are not really a thing in my culture, are to continue studying Japanese, as I have gotten quite rusty and either visit Japan again, or even migrate there for a bit. I'm actually seriously considering accepting an offer for a job in Kyoto. Money is not as good, but rent is FAR less than what I'm currently paying, so it evens out, and obviously living in Kyoto would be fantastic. Also, I would like to attend a rakugo performance while I'm there, and try playing the shamisen, which will be easier to do there than here - it's a rather obscure instrument for UK and it's expensive as hell to find one here, but I love the sound and I already play guitar so I'm thinking I can do it!
      "Can't post that on a Christian forum."
    • 1.) Heal my shoulder impingement. Seriously, this is the worst injury I've ever had. I'd say it's worse than breaking my arm. Sure, a break is more painful in the moment and more debilitating in the short term, but at least there is an end-game. I've had my shoulder impingement for months, and it never seems to improve no matter what I do. And now my other shoulder is impinged as well. Ugh.

      2.) Go on a camping trip / other kind of physical adventure. Something I've had a vague yearning to do, but never seem to get around to. Since running a couple of half-marathons and riding my bike from Milwaukee to Madison many years ago, I haven't had proper adventure.
    • Introducing...

      Mercedes' Plan for Elevating Nothing Into Something. Rule #1 is never abbreviate! It's my plan of action for making 2017 a great year!
      1. Find a way to de-stress better! Spent too much of 2016 stressed out and running around and not being able to relax, even when in my flat. And this year's going to be even busier I think! Lot more responsibility. So a new hobby or something! Might start my knitting again.
      2. Find a boyfriend who isn't a total dick. This one MIGHT be tricky but I'll hack away at it. Going to try dating guys who I wouldn't really call 'my type', because it seems like 'my type' are arseholes. That MIGHT be where I've been going wrong.
      3. Buy a car! I'm sick of not having the freedom to go wherever I want and so I want to get one. :3 And a nice, hip one too so I can toot around town. I hate travelling sooooo so so much, I don't do it if I can at all avoid it (I go on holiday with gritted teeth at the thought of the travelling there and back, but the holiday makes it okay <3), and maybe a car will help with that too! Having more control and stuff.
      4. Save my money! I'm guilty of spending too much money on shoes and clothes I really don't need. So I'm going to try and save around £1000 a month, IF AT ALL POSSIBLE. And then that'll go towards hopefully looking into buying a house in the next few years.
      5. Go on more interviews! The job I'm at right now is an amazing opportunity... but it's not what I want to do all my life. I kind of haven't looked for other jobs just because this one's paid so good and obviously looks great on my CV. But not in 2017! Will actively be looking and applying for jobs in my sector. And I want my car quickly so I can drive to interviews rather than needing someone to drive me (I hate travelling, as I said)
      So that's me. :3 Fingers crossed.

      My last year resolutions were simple and I did them! One of them was keep up at the gym, so I spent time making a little gym in my flat so I workout everyday now that I just need to go into the other room to do it. And eat less chocolate... yeah, 100% did that...
    • 1. This is the most important. Have more sex.

      2. I just got a new job and I will be starting that in the next few weeks. I'm super stoked about it because it's working in mental health with Veterans. I'm very passionate about it and as a Vet I can relate. So enjoy the new job.

      3. I'm building a new house so I am doing everything I can to make that go smoothly. I need to get my ass in gear and start getting my current house ready to put on the market.

      4. Now that I'm finished with my undergrad, I need to figure out what the hell I want to get my post-grad in. I was thinking of PA school but now I'm not so sure.

      5. Buy a new car. My current DD is a Chevy Cruze which I fucking hate! I also have a Ford Raptor which is fun but gets terrible gas mileage. Before the Raptor I have always had sports cars. My last 2 were Z06 Corvettes. I really want to replace my Cruze with something that's a manual and fun to drive.

      6. Have more sex. See step 1 for more details.

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