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    How much pre-game info is too much?
    • I hit the point about two months ago where I did not want to see anymore actual "Breath of the Wild" footage or information. This is obviously completely impossible to do in our day and age, but I feel like we get far too much info about upcoming games these days, especially the ones we are excited about. Pokemon released nearly all of its new species before the game came out, and in a way I felt it kind of took away from what makes Pokemon so fun.

      So, how much information do you want about a game before it comes out? A little, all of it, or maybe some particular aspects?
    • Eh, I'm more of a special case, but I generally like getting all sorts of story details, I like them, lol. Mostly since it helps me understand smaller stuff, and see the build up towards plot twists and such.

      But, solutions to gameplay sections, not that. I'd like to figure stuff like that out myself. General gameplay is fine though, as are extra skills/equipment/powers.

      So, basically, I love being "spoiled" on the story, but not so much on the gameplay, it's something I'd rather experience myself.
    • Of course too much story is annoying, but I actually don't like when they show off too much gameplay. Like there's a limit. Part of the fun of a game is discovering how it actually plays and all the unique quirks. Too much demo gameplay can really spoil the surprise for me. I definitely think Nintendo do this a lot. Like I basically knew the first few hours of Skyward Sword from all the demos that came out.
    • I love getting spoiled as well lol. In fact, I was hella mad that we knew NOTHING about Breath of the Wild. It was driving me crazy!

      I do also feel that there should also be some room left to explore and discover things on your own though. Whether it is gameplay or story-wise. I don't mind seeing the whole beginning of a game, but it shouldn't go further than that for me (I would not mind that much though :waggle: )

      I'm really happy that Nintendo decided to show some extra footage and screenshots instead of nothing. It's not much, but it is at least something! I am a just a very curious and nosey person to begin with lol
    • I saw the E3 trailer. Then, when an hour of actualy gameplay footage was released by Nintendo to publications, I skipped around here and there and watched 15 minutes of it.

      I haven't watched any other footage of the game since and I will not watch any. I got enough spoilers to wet my appetite and give me some idea of the direction the game is going in, but I don't want to spoil too many surprises.

      Also, as big of a Zelda fan as I am, I'm largely keeping this game out of my mind until it comes out so I can play it fresh - and not build too many expectations.
    • I hate when they show off many bosses in trailers, very annoying. These things should be a bit of a surprise when you first encounter them. I'm okay with it if it's just the first boss or so, but NOT the third, fourth or fifth boss. This time it will be different since the open world-concept, but still. To me the limit is very greyish, let's say that I just don't want too much of it, which doesn't say that much. For example, I would be happy if I don't get to see how Zelda looks like in Breath of the Wild, but the chances are huge that we will see Zelda 12/13 january, and good luck to me trying to avoid that event, I really want to see the Switch and the other games. BUT on the other hand, I will miss the event no matter what, so maybe I am going to search for everything after except the new BotW-trailer/demo... but even that will be really hard.
    • I feel like if you give away your game's entire story, final boss, and really anything the game has to offer you're really overdoing it with the information you put out about your game. Usually, I'd be fine with just some gameplay footage showing it runs and has decent graphics, and perhaps a sort of paragraph of information about the base of the plot without spoilers. If it does show any enemies I don't want to be told who or what they are, because it's more fun to find things out on my own.

      I don't really know what else to say, but it just seems like if you know too much about the game beforehand it really takes out of the sort of fun of figuring out things on your own, ultimately making the game a more lacking and not so fun experience. That's my opinion.
    • I'm fine with learning basic plot details. Basically, anything you find out within the first 5 minutes of gameplay is fair IMO.

      I've liked how Nintendo has held off story information for BoTW so far, but I saw another few aticles floating around that advertise new plot details for the game beyond what we've seen in the trailers. At this point I've cut myself off from these things because I already got the gist of how the game starts and the main basic plot points, and I kinda feel I went too far on some things with the analysis videos.
    • In terms of BotW, I'm so glad that Nintendo has held off as much as they have, and the trailers have given just enough to promise everything we could have hoped for. We know how the game will play, and given the basic premise (which is AMAZING!!!).

      I'm also not surprised that people have found out even more information, but so glad that it hasn't been openly broadcasted all over the internet.