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    Santa Cam! [Ȫ]

    • In the weeks before Christmas, Santa arrived

      His purpose? To help you take holiday pictures with pride

      Tagging along a flamboyant elf man in green

      If he helps out with pictures, well that is yet to be seen.

      So be sure to grab the closest camera in sight

      Because Santa and Tingle make your Christmas season tight.

      Click the pictures of Santa and Tingle above to save them to your computer. Then print and cut them out.

      Take pics with them as much as you want and post them in this thread for the month of December.

      Complete any one of the optional weekly challenges for a one of of the kind Santa photo badge!

      Complete all three special Tingle challenges for the coveted Tingle photo badge!

      Don't take pictures that would get you on the naughty list mmkay?

      The Present Production Predicament

      by @boxes

      Only two weeks to Christmas, and everything is … Not going to plan. Santa needs to manufacture 3 million more gifts, but there is only time to manufacture another million! How does Santa meet his production quota?

      Helpful Hints: A way you could solve this challenge is maybe to take a picture of your Santa cut out with an energy drink, or maybe he's watching 'Back To The Past' in order to learn how to build a flux capacitor so he can time travel back and tell his elves not to slack off so much! How would you fix Santa's problem? The possibilities and creativity is endless! Figure it out and take a pic with Santa and his solution! Don't forget to comment the story behind what it is Santa is doing just in case the picture is a little vague!