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    Marvel Cinematic Universe: Wakanda Forever
    • Do we need a new Captain America when we have like 100 heroes that haven't made it to the movies yet?

      Was it posted here that The Eternals will apparently be one of the new Marvel movies? I had to look them up, they seem very spacey and far-fetched, but I bet Marvel will make it work.
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    • I figure the CA title will pass onto one of the others like Bucky after 4. Though I think he should have been in more of the movies before now in order to make it more believable. Don't want it to be "Oh you're his best friend, we're going to ignore everything you did since you clearly deserve to take up his mantle."
    • Daredevil S3 E4
      The buildup to the fucking hallway fight felt like a video game and i LOVE IT. Idc that hallway fights are repeated constantly they're always brilliant.

      But on a diff note Luke Cage and Iron Fist got cancelled in a week. It seems no coincidence that Disney are now making their own streaming platform and Netflix are losing disney properties. I just wonder if Disney is cancelling them because they aren't appropriate for the new platform, or Netflix are cancelling them to spite Disney for breaking the deal they had.
      Regardless I'm bummed. Luke Cage and Iron Fist had the two most original storylines of the defenders so to see that get lost is unfortunate. I think it's likely JJ will see cancellation by the end of the year and DD probably once enough time has passed from the season 3 release.

      (or we get heroes for hire in some strange turn of events one time please?)


      why would trump support the vikings

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    • Keith wrote:

      Daredevil S3 E4
      The buildup to the fucking hallway fight felt like a video game and i LOVE IT. Idc that hallway fights are repeated constantly they're always brilliant.
      Daredevil S3.4
      Yes! I absolutely loved that Hallway fight. It made me think of all the "prison break" type scenes I've seen in video games. The camera angle makes you feel like you're right there with them stumbling through the hallways

      On Episode 5 now. I've been questioning Bullseye's buildup, but I'm starting to like what they're doing with his OCD and how it affects his career and personal life in a contrasting fashion.

      Edit: Just finished S3 Daredevil and I'm satisfied.

      Major Climax Spoilers
      The Karen back story felt a bit out of sequence, though decent for the story. I know it was supposed to build things up like she might die, but I felt it would've been better if it was shown after her dad refused a homecoming or if there was more emphasis for her during the various redemption speeches. I didn't feel a satisfying pay off so I felt like it was 30 minutes of wasted time.

      The Ray Nadeen character was legit. I was a little afraid he would suicide himself, but he went out like a boss even if it's considered an assisted suicide.

      Bullseye starting to come full circle. The last episode where he flips on Fisk is exactly what I wanted. It makes sense that Dexter is a violent lone wolf and wouldn't be controlled for too long once he decided to let loose. Julie's death served as a great, believable trigger and I love how psychotic he got with it in the end. Even as a pyscho, the writing still makes you empathize with him some, similar to what they did with Fisk, so you wanted him to get some punches in on Fisk before the full turn.

      That final fight was absolutely great. Fisk annihilated Matt when he didn't wear a suit, so having Bullseye inflict damage too made the win for Matt more believable. The 3 way dynamic made it interesting.

      Overall, good action, story, and exciting dynamics that keep your attention.

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    • Stan Lee has passed away. He was 95.

      It's a shame that his last years (since the passing of his wife, Joan) with us were plagued with controversy and strife among his business and family. But at the end of the day Stan's legacy is going to be damn near eternal, or as close to it as one can get. He created so many of our modern mythical figures, people will talk about Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, and Black Panther the way we talk about Zeus and Apollo and Athena.

      Sad day for comics and pop culture. But there'll be no shortage of celebrating Stan's work, even decades from now.
    • Ahead of it's sixth season premier, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been renewed for a seventh season.

      Was not expecting this, I assumed that the shortened order for season six meant it would almost certainly be ending. Also interesting that Clark Gregg isn't listed among the seventh season cast, so likely he won't be returning after the current season. Which isn't surprising given where season five left him.
    • Maybe they can make Maria Hill a part of the main cast. In fact, Maria Hill finally rebuilding SHIELD after its fall from grace would be roughly in line with the comics, meaning it could be something they start in the movies (Hill leaves and says the world needs SHIELD back), continue in the show (Hill is the new director and is a total hardass, tolerating no deviation from protocol, basically a Captain Holt-type character) and it allows them to finally introduce the Agents of SHIELD to the movies (Hill introduces the team to the Avengers as "my team", at which point the presence of a hitherto unseen-in-the-movies superhero needs no explanation due to it being SHIELD and liaising with superheroes being their entire jam, but with no need to explain Coulson's presence because apparently he won't be there anyway). Also, I think it's now a common thing that TV shows aim for "six seasons and a movie". Well, they're gonna easily clear the six seasons part, so a "Nick Fury and the Agents of SHIELD" movie doesn't seem unreasonable.

      As for Season Six being a short order: Season Five ends just as Thanos attacks Earth, so they have to wait until the Thanos storyline concludes in the movies before continuing with Season Six.
    • I wouldn't expect to see much crossover from the movies to the series in terms of characters or plot points anymore. Statistically speaking the Thanos snap would wipe out almost half the team as-is, and that's just not going to happen. They acknowledged the events of Infinity War essentially by saying "big attack in New York again!" and going about their business.

      Though I'd love to have Cobie Smulders on TV regularly again. So I won't complain if Hill joins the cast, but I doubt it'll happen.
    • I’m not really big into the Marvel stuff. But I have been watching Daredevil. The news that the show is being cancelled saddens me greatly.

      I haven’t watched Pubisher or Jessica Jones [was going to take a daredevil break and do them after DD season 2]. But man, Daredevil really grabbed me in a way I didn’t expect. Fantastic casting helps.
    • I finally got around watching Antman & The Wasp. It was fun. Nothing great. No real villain, even less than in Black Panther.
      All in all it was enjoyable, but it didn't feel like I was watching anything important.

      The end credits scene was cool though.
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