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    Marvel Cinematic Universe: Wakanda Forever
    • I made a list of marvel animated movies and shows for my buddy to watch and thought I’d share it here.

      Planet Hulk
      This cartoon is the best animated movie Marvel has created, imo. In Thor, Ragnarok, you will see some connection to the event in Planet Hulk, so it’d be good to brush up on before seeing the movie

      Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme
      An animated movie showing Doctor Strange’s origin story. It’ll get you familiar with the character before you go see the surely epic Doctor Strange movie.

      Hulk vs Wolverine/Thor
      A 2 in 1 dealy with lotsa action. The Wolverine one deals with Weapon X. Also Deadpool.

      Avengers, Earths Mightiest Heroes.
      It aired right after Iron Man 2, and before Captain America and Thor. So you have Tony, Pepper, and Rhodes pulled straight out of the movies. It’s funny cause Cap and Thor’s entrance episodes are fairly close to the movies that came out afterword’s.
      It’s a bit kiddish but overall pretty great. I like Thor better than his MCU counterpart. They stay very true to the comic characters and lore. The Gardians of the Galaxy make an appearance before the movie came out and they give Ms. Marvel’s/Captain Marvel’s origin story. You also get to see how awesome Hank Pym/Ant Man really is.
      They replaced this show with Avengers Assemble which is just so depressing.

      Wolverine and the X Men
      Was great, all around. Hulk makes a cameo, and I think Nick Fury does too.

      Spectacular Spider-Man
      The best animated Spider-Man series perhaps rivaled by the 90s Spider-man cartoon. Venom is great. Black Cat, they did a great job with all the villains. Highly recommended.
    • Bruh

      You skipped the best ones


      Defenders is filming and two fan-favourite characters are on a collision course:

      EDIT EDIT:
      Agents of SHIELD was excellent this week!

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      I wonder which Ghost Rider that was? Blaze or Ketch? And if Blaze, was it the Nic Cage version? Marvel and Sony are in business together now, after all!

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    • Watched Doc Strange! 8D Thoughts:

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      Stuff I wasn't really feeling first:

      Right off the bat, I'mma say the storyline wasn't the hottest thing ever lol, and some of the more, I guess, emotional bits didn't really hit the mark with me. I mean the storyline wasn't BAD. It was okay! had its moments.

      Wish I got to see more of Dormammu!! </3 Not enough!

      Not quite sure how I feel about Baron Mordo in this? I mean I raised my eyebrows when he was intro'd as a good guy, rather than villain, and then was half-expecting him to betray the Ancient One. Didn't happen! But at least got to see post-credits that he had finally turned, though I'd like to see how this turn occurred because going from "broke the laws" to "too many sorcerers" was a bit of a jump, but I am hoping that'll be explained in the next movie or whatever.

      The convenience of our Night Nurse Christine Palmer was a bit lol.


      That's it really because I fucking loved it haha.

      Okay so ... my biggest hope for this movie is that they would reflect the fucking acid-induced visuals and trippiness of the comics, which while I was excited for, was unsure if they would be able to pull it off as well as I was hoping for. And I was hoping for a lot. My wish was granted because JESUS CHRIST was that shit trippy HAHA.

      Which leads me into the visuals. It's not actually often I would recommend a movie to 1) be seen in 3D and 2) say the visuals alone are worth going to see. I do with Doc Strange 100%. Having something pretty is nice these days, but also becoming commonplace? Like... it takes something like Kubo and the Two Strings to make me go o: at visuals. But THIS, Doc Strange, they went all fucking out and it was absolutely fantastic. I was so taken by it that, for me, it totally made up for anything I found lacking lol, and it was fast-paced enough to keep my interest consistent.

      Benedict Counterstrike is a damn good Doctor Strange.


      Music was weird, but also cool! Suited the movie.

      Doc Strange ultimate troll when defeating Dormammu xD

      Eye of Agamotto time-bending has inspired me for the name of a D&D item that I'm about go create xD It's p much a reset button that can reverse time and make any creature restart their turn. Thank you Doctor Strange. If you are able to make it into my D&D heart, then you have a place in my heart forever.

      I like that this was setting him up to become the Sorcerer Supreme and he's still figuring shit out. That's cool.

      Can I also say that I appreciate they changed the part of Strange's origin story that always made me go UGH ie he heard of the Ancient One from random dudes in a bar and based on that shit for knowledge, spent the last of his fortune to go find the Ancient One xD. I liked how it was done in this movie better, with him speaking to someone who had studied under them instead!

      Man, dem visuals though lmao. I know I've said it already, but srsly, THEM VISUALS.

      I've missed magic/mysticism? I didn't really realise that until I watched this.

      Hyyyyyyped for THOR :D :D :D I'm not even the biggest Thor movie fan tbh, but man oh man I'm a fan of Taika Waititi, and knowing Strange is gonna be in there too has got my heart doing all sorts of flips.

      All in all, I LOVED Doctor Strange and I'm so so so so happy I finally got to watch it <3 <3 Eeeeeeee
    • Doc Strange:

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      Yeah the way the Ancient One died was OK but I would've preferred the death from the comics at the hands of... I think it was Shuma-Gorath? In fact I was hoping this movie would introduce Death as a character in advance of Infinity War. Oh well!

      I think Mordo's motivation makes enough sense: he's like a Luddite except instead of being anti-technology he's anti-sorcery. The hypocrisy of using magic himself is probably not lost on him but I'd say he sees it as a means to an end, or else he accepts that SOME magic must be used in order to protect Earth, and balance can be maintained so long as that's kept to a minimum.
    • Somebody brought my attention to something that happened in Doctor Strange!

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      Tina Minoru takes the Staff of One!

      I genuinely didn't catch that at the time because that movie was so visually dense it was hard to process everything that was going on, but this is totally the Staff of One. It's cool because there's no reason to have this in the movie (half the reason I didn't notice is because it doesn't actually impact the plot in any way and is never mentioned again) unless the movie was intentionally setting up Runaways, which will be on Hulu.

      So I guess the movie branch and TV branch are cooperating after all! Awesome!

      Also, RE: Agents of SHIELD...
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      How are people not more excited about Johnny Blaze? We have two Ghost Riders in the MCU now as well as the fact that the Darkhold science stuff evidently ties in with the stuff that happened in Season 2 of Agent Carter (which I will finally see once it comes out on Bluray in December two days after my birthday).

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    • Seems to me this move is a way to indicate to the general public that the iMax release of the first two episodes will be "required viewing" for the movie side of things - i.e. the movies never refer to AoS and whatnot because they don't wanna assume the audience has seen any of the TV stuff (it's a big time investment) but something tells me, given the release timeline, that Inhumans are gonna be featured in Infinity War so they cinematic release is to make sure people see it
    • Hey, I finished Luke Cage finally!

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      I really liked it, for the most part. I think it had the strongest thematic backbone out of any of the Netflix Marvel shows so far, even if it did kind of lose that thread about halfway through when Diamondback shows up and it becomes a kind of sibling rivalry story? I mean, don't get me wrong I was as giddy as anyone when some of the first words out of his mouth were a crowing "CAN YOU DIG IT??" but ultimately the character was a bit too broad and didn't really have anything to do with the themes of community and Harlem that the show started out with. I guess he kind of posed a threat to the wider community but that's not really what the centre of his conflict with Luke was about so it all kinda got muddled at the end there.

      My other main complaint was that while Mike Colter definitely has the presence to play Luke Cage, his acting left a lot of be desired in the scenes that required a lot of emotional heft from him. The one that is most present in my mind is his monologue in the police station in the finale, which is probably because its the most recent example, but there were definitely a few other examples throughout the series. BUT it's a good thing that the series had so many great actors in it to help carry it along - Rosario Dawson has never been better as Clair, Simone Missick's Misty was arguably the most compelling character in the whole show, and both Mahershala Ali and Alfre Woodard were excellent antagonists.

      Direction was great, music was outstanding. Writing was solid, though trended toward being a little corny toward the end...I guess the ending of the series in general was pretty weak. Overall I'd give the series a solid B/light B+