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    • Yes, this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe thread. Or, MCU for short. Obviously you guys know this, I dunno why i'm saying it. Haha.
      But yeah no bats allowed. Unless there's a marvel bat hero that i'm unaware of!

      Anyways, with Doctor Strange on it's way, we thought now might be a good time to give this thread a little reboot. The old one was getting a little bit bloated.

      I'm not huge into Comic movies, but man, Doctor Strange and Logan sure have my interest. At least one of these two movies will be out soon! Haha

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    • Replying to get the sub and point out there's also a very lonely thread for the DC TV verse which far outshines their movie verse. Just sayin'. ;)
      Honestly I like I'm the one person who just isn't hyped for Dr. Strange. Yes it looks like it'll be great but I'm not dying to see it. I had the same feeling going into Ant-Man and that really surprised me. So here's hoping I'll see the error of my ways.
    • Posting to subscribe cause I can't keep up with anything. Aside from SHIELD and that's I guess.

      I'll see Doctor Strange at some point. Whether I go see it in theatres or wait til it shows up on Netflix (like I did with Ant Man) is up in the air. I'm pretty burned out on the whole superhero movie thing in the sense that I still enjoy them but I don't really anticipate them anymore. Cause there's five or six of them a year.
    • DoLeo wrote:

      What I find funny is that the DCEU, which so far ONLY covers movies because the TV shows are separate (with even a different Superman!), is "Extended", while the MCU, which seems to cover movies, shorts, TV shows, Netflix series, and prequel comics, is "Cinematic".

      I dun geddit.
      Griped about it in the other thrrad, they might as well consider them separate universes since the movies seem bound and determined to ignore what's going on in the Tv shows. AoSHIELD has gotten good at tying each season into the next movie that comes out that year. Meanwhile the Avengers seemingly don't care about the several near world ending catastrophes that have gone on.
    • Isn't that because the movies are complicated enough as they are? The next one is going to have what, 40+ heroes of Marvel movies? How are the TV heroes going to fit in? And the same with stories... they're big and complicated enough already. Add TV story lines and it might be too much.

      The best they could do is reference some details from the shows... At least this is how I see it, as somebody who doesn't watch the TV shows.
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    • That's the problem when Whedon had said everything's connected and then proceeds to ignore when big things happen in one that should be acknowledged in the other. Yeah I know the movies are insanely complicated on their own it just doesn't make sense in-story. Especially since there's some things going on atm in AoSHIELD that makes no sense if it's ignored in the movie.
      I'm all for at least cameos from the tv shows in a movie though.
    • Captain America
      Winter Soldier
      Iron Man
      War Machine
      Black Widow
      Nick Fury
      Maria Hill
      Scarlet Witch
      Drax the Destroyer
      Rocket Raccoon
      Black Panther
      Doctor Strange
      The Ancient One
      Agent 13

      ^All the already-established heroes, not counting those outside the movies (e.g. Quake, Ghost Rider, The Defenders) or those who have not become their hero selves (e.g. Leonard Samson, Jane Foster, Betty Ross), or villains that sometimes play nice (e.g. Loki, Nebula, General Ross).

      So yeah, there's a lot.

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    • They should at least at some point acknowledge Coulson is alive. His "death" was such an important part of the series that the fact none of the Avengers have found still baffles me. Especially since at one point he was publicly labeled as a terrorist trying to kill a head of state. Storywise it makes no sense that none of the Avengers heard about it.
    • It seems pretty obvious that AoS has done certain things that screw up continuity as far as the planned Inhumans movie is concerned and Feige is still trying to figure out whether it's fixable or they have to treat AoS as non-canon. Hence why the Netflix series and even Agent Carter have never done anything to acknowledge AoS: because if they do they might become non-canon too.

      It makes sense, too: if bringing people back to life was as simple as getting your hands on a Kree, death would become meaningless.

      Plus the whole "where are the Avengers" question: The president's abduction happened quickly enough that Tony and Rhodes probably didn't have time to wait for the team to show up, Steve didn't know who to trust during the Hydra Insurrection so kept the team small, the incident in London happened so quickly that Thor solved it by the time anyone would have reached London, and Pym specifically didn't want the Avengers to help get his tech back.

      However the Hive situation went on long enough that the Avengers should have been called in on it. The films can't possibly explain plot holes like that while telling their own stories.
    • Fair points. Explains a lot I hadn't thought about. I think AoSHIELD was fine as being the stories that the movies couldn't tell. Especially since most of AoSHIELD's big events happen over a couple days and really didn't escalate to "Lets call Tony". But yes, the Hive plot made no sense being ignored.
      And haven't they all but said the Inhuman movie was cancelled?
    • I mean, one of the biggest complaints a lot of writers (and probably some fans) have with working for Marvel Comics, especially in the last 10-15 years, is how tied up and convoluted everything gets when it comes to trying to keep up with all the universe-expansive changes and repercussions these big "events" have on the total universe continuity (House of M, Secret Invasion, Civil War, etc etc etc). It's pretty damn difficult to tell an interesting stand-alone story when you have to constantly be keeping track of who is a live and who is dead, who has actually be a Skrull for the past ten years, who's a villain now, who's on what team, all that crap. Introducing those same kind of hurdles to the MCU is probably insanely frustrating as it is, and exacerbating it by having to constantly keep up with what is happening on some mid-level, network TV show that is constantly on the verge of cancellation would be a nightmare not worth having.

      I think the balance they've struck where SHIELD and the Netflix shows acknowledge that they are part of a larger universe but not having the larger (and more profitable/far reaching) films necessarily need to tie into everything that happens on the "small screen" is the best case scenario for keeping things relatively clean and simple as far as continuity goes. The amount of awkward exposition that would be needed if they went for a really closely-knit continuity would be awful, not to mention they'd probably lose all but the most passionate of audience members once things got too bogged down in needing to keep up with so many different plots across multiple platforms.

      It's also worth mentioning that while the shows and movies operate within the same universe, they still function under different creative and corporate leadership. Kevin Feige is the gatekeeper of all things Marvel Movies, whereas Jeph Loeb oversees all the television/netflix stuff. It's not like Feige is reading all the SHIELD episodes and giving notes on how their stories should be tying into the movies or not.
    • Ok so some thoughts about Strange:

      Display Spoiler

      • It was fun but kinda unsurprising in terms of plot structure.
      • The movie's even more psychedelic than the trailers let on
      • Dormammu repeatedly killing Strange in various ways was cool
      • Kaecilius revealing that the Ancient One was actually using Dormammu's power to avoid aging, and Mordo's disillusionment at this betrayal, was probably the only thing I didn't see coming.
      • "The bill comes due" is a pretty cool catchphrase I imagine Mordo will be using a lot.
      • Pretty sure the Zealots get turned into Mindless Ones at the end.
      • The movie does an excellent job of showing Strange as an asshole. Everything from refusing to spend his precious time operating on people, to how absolutely horrible he was to Christine at his lowest ebb, really sold it.
      • So at this point there's only one Infinity Stone left: Soul. A friend pointed out that Heimdall may have it. It's a good theory.
      • Who was the patient whose case Strange was going over just after the experimental pilot's but before his accident? The one that got struck by lightning? That'll almost certainly come up later.
      • LMFAO at the "don't text and drive" PSA at the end of the movie
      • Evidently Loki's deception has been discovered? And Strange will be in Ragnarok? Maybe?
      • It really would've been awesome to have a post credits scene about Ghost Rider and the Darkhold - or Janet and the Quantum Realm.
      • So apparently one of the background characters was credited as Tina Minoru; that's kind of a big deal

      To anyone yet to watch the movie: there are two credits scenes. The second is at the very end of the credits. So don't leave early

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